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  1. @Hischier I think the mountains surrounding it are at least as tall as the tower. So from a distance, people would only see a normal mountain range. Think of a single mountain in the center of the Himalayas being carved into a pyramid-like structure. No one would know it was there unless they flew over the mountain range or happened upon it by foot, which seems pretty difficult since it contains sheer cliffs and peaks above cloud level.
  2. Ah, thanks for the info. That makes it more difficult to keep safe. I still think one of the radiants should bond/dismiss it to keep it hidden, and only summon it or give it to someone else in extreme cases of need. Anyone could find it if it is physically hidden in Urithiru, and pulling it out to open oathgates puts it and its bearer at risk. At the very least people will think it's a shardblade and may try to fight for it. After what Szeth did with it, I'm concerned with it falling into the wrong hands and giving a bad guy too much power, without the oaths to balance it out.
  3. Does someone need to be bonded to an honorblade have access to it's surges? If not, I think the safest place for it is to have someone strong and trustworthy bond it without telling anyone (or telling a trusted few like Dalinar and Kaladin), then lend it out to whoever needs it. This will allow them to summon it back if it ever falls into the wrong hands or if the person using it dies. I think this should be a radiant since they are extremely hard to kill. I am assuming the radiant spren would not mind this bond since an honor blade is not a dead spren. I also noticed this in the wiki: "if the Herald holding the blade dies, the weapon itself vanishes too." I'm curious to know what would happen to the Windrunner blade if someone were bonded to it and Jezrien dies.
  4. Maybe the 1000 escaped non-stormform Parshendi can help with this. Hopefully they survived Everstorm/Highstorm clash. It would be a waste of an interesting alliance between Parshendi and Humans if they died or were transformed by the storm. I am also holding out hope that Eshonai survived the fall into the chasm and can somehow overcome the voidspren. Maybe she came so close to death that the voidspren left her, and the good Parshendi find her and help her transform back to warform.
  5. I hope someone tries to find a way to prevent the transformation. Slave-form parshmen are innocent, child-like beings who have been enslaved by humans for generations. They are not seeking to become agents of Odium intentionally. Killing them without trying to prevent the transformation would be horrific in my opinion. It would be like mass killing people who are susceptible to catching or spreading a contagious disease rather than trying to find a cure or vaccination for the disease. At the very least, I think the armies should try to gather the untransformed parshmen together and quarantine them away from the everstorm until a better solution can be found. This would be a tough job, but it would be better than mindless mass genocide.
  6. @ccstat Thank you for this post! I am fascinated by the Urithiru architecture, and have been thinking about it's design and layout. I have collected all the references to it with the intent to attempt a drawing when I get time. Fortunately, I think we'll have a drawing in Oathbringer. I'm pretty sure I saw it confirmed somewhere recently, perhaps via WOB or WOP on reddit. I am guessing the tower itself is a natural mountain with a sheer cliff face on the eastern side, sitting within a ring of taller mountains. The mountain has been carved into a semi-circle stepped pyramid shape. I would guess that each floor + ceiling is taller than you suggest, and the base and terraces for each level are wider than your drawing. I imagine it like a giant wedding cake, where each 18-level tier has a wide terrace with gardens. I believe it is much bigger than any man-made structure we have on Earth. If you think of a standard size mountain sitting within a mountain range high enough to be hundreds of feet above the cloud line.... it's pretty darn big. I also love the descriptions of the stripes and swirls of multi-colored strata on the interior. And the open central shaft with the balcony lifts and gigantic single-paned window. Hopefully we'll also get some drawings of the inside. I look forward to expanding on your post as we get more chapters released!
  7. Per this quote in chapter 8, it seems sprenblade is required to operate the oathgate: "Plus, there wasn’t much of her to go around. Only an active, full Knight Radiant could work the control buildings at the center of each platform, initiating the swap. For now, that meant only Shallan.
  8. It's an interesting thought, but I doubt it would happen in Renarin's case. Most of the Bridge Four guys all went through hell together when they ran bridges, sat by Kaladin when he nearly died from the highstorm, helped him when he was exploring his surgebinding abilities, and they all chose to give up their escape plans and risk their lives to help save Dalinar and his army. I think this all bonded them together and displayed traits in alignment with the Windrunner ideals. Renarin and some of the more recent additions to Bridge Four (Lopens cousins) weren't present for any of that, and I believe Kaladin kept his abilities hidden from them until the fight with Szeth, when he came out to everyone. That being said, it doesn't rule out the possibility for one radiant to become the squire of another if they are closely bonded in some way. It will be interesting to see if it ever happens and how their abilities are affected.
  9. I'm a little concerned about the thousands of people waiting at the Narak oathgate. It sounds like they'll be stuck there until they get some more stormlight to open the gate. Do all of these people have to wait on top of the plateaus or can they stay inside the old ruins of the city? What happens when the next everstorm or highstorm rolls through? Also, it seems like Shallan's brothers should have made it to the oathgate by now, but there is no mention of them. It seems ominous that spanreeds to the queen are going unanswered. It makes me think she and her scribes are no longer in the palace. Is she dead and/or in hiding? Why didn't she take her spanreed with her, at least one to Navani or Elhokar? I hope Kaladin makes his way there quickly so we can see what's happening. (And speaking of spanreeds, it is confirmed they do require stormlight. Now we know!) Interesting that Renarin is still wearing his Bridge Four uniform. He gets more and more mysterious by the chapter. I am holding out hope that there is nothing nefarious going on with him, and that what others interpret as "creepy" is just him being quiet and confused about how to interact with the world and his new abilities. Can't wait to be inside his head. It is strange to hear people calling Kaladin brightlord! He didn't seem to blink an eye. I love that's he's embracing his destiny so quickly. I know some folks think that two books of moping and reluctance is too long, but just coming off a Wheel of Time reread, I impressed that it took him fewer to 12 books to become his awesome powerful self. And the scene with baby Oroden was too sweet for words. It sounds like Kaladin flew Shallan up to one of the mountain peaks at some point. It's awesome that he's able to carry people around. I hope he can take some of the bridge four guys with him in the future, it's no fun having them split apart. Most importantly, I really want to see Shallan’s surrealistic architectural drawings.
  10. The recent discussion of spanreeds has made me ponder the lifts in Urithiru. I assume they also used paired gemstones, like the archer lifts that Navani developed in WOR. They must be super powerful to move multiple people 180 floors. What happens if they run out of stormlight in the weeping? Hopefully there are stairs in the tower, and everyone will be getting plenty of exercise. Also, from now on I will think of Einstein's "spooky action at a distance" when considering how these paired fabrials work.
  11. I assumed that all fabrials need stormlight to function, including spanreeds. I read the spanreed coppermind article, and it doesn't say one way or the other. If there is no infused spheres in Hearthstone, they might be completely out of communication with the outside world, and Kaladin can't surgebind. It will probably take him weeks to travel to Kholinar by foot. Hopefully the highstorms start back up soon so he's not trapped there for long.
  12. I think Kaladin has the advantage with Syl in spear form. He's as good a spear fighter as Szeth is a sword fighter. Kal can move out of Szeth's sword reach and throw the spear in a killing blow to the chest/spine. Even if Szeth deflects the spear, Syl can instantly appear in Kaladin's hands as a spear again, and he can throw again and again until he hits the right spot. I think distance would give anyone with a throwing weapon the advantage over someone with a sword, no matter how good the sword fighter is.
  13. In addition to things others have mentioned, I am looking forward to: Shallan reuniting with her brothers, and how they react to her new status as a KR. Someone opening the other oathgates so people can travel freely around Roshar. The battle on the Oathbringer cover.
  14. theory

    As I mentioned in my last post, I don’t see Kaladin’s tendency to help injured people having anything to do with additional radiant abilities, Edgedancer or otherwise. I’m saying that it’s his natural human instinct to to go into surgeon mode to help people around him who are wounded. I also don’t think it has anything to do with Tien, since it happened both before and after before Tien died. Remember the girl in Hearthstone he tried to save and couldn’t. He was devastated by that, just as he is devastated on the battlefield when he can’t save someone. Since becoming Captain of Dalinar’s guard, he hasn’t had the time or opportunity to practice his surgeon skills. He's been insanely busy trying to tend all of his duties. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t help a wounded person if the need presents itself. I don’t see him leaving someone bleeding on the ground to die out of “hatred." This instinct to heal requires a certain amount of selflessness and compassion for others, and I think he has it.
  15. theory

    I don't agree with this. Think of all the injured bridgemen he helped on bridge runs, even those of other teams who had ridiculed bridge four. He risked getting into serious trouble to strap injured men to the top of bridges so they didn't die on the field. He also organized the knobweed collection to help the injured men. Not to mention he chose to give up bridge four's escape plan to go and help (lighteyed) Dalinar's army in what looked like a lost cause. He did all of this to help others, at great risk to himself. I think all of these actions indicate compassion and empathy. I have a feeling that if Kaladin returns to Hearthstone and finds people injured from the Everstorm, he will not hesitate to go into surgeon mode to help them, whether his father is there or not. I don't see this being related to any of the other radiant orders as the OP theorizes, I think it is his natural tendency to help people in need.