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  1. Self Introduction

    Look up Oh My by George Takei
  2. Self Introduction

    If George Takei read this he would definitely do "OH MY"
  3. Samurai Jack VS The Cosmere

    I escalated it too soon so oops
  4. Nightwatcher Boon/Bane (Game)

    Granted, your dinner was made by my lord Numuhukumakiaki'aialunamor and includes large chunks of chull shell and dung. Some of the dung is human. i wish for multiple boons without any banes. I wish for my first boon to be infinite knowledge and power yet still with infinite compassion and still with the ability to use my power
  5. Samurai Jack VS The Cosmere

    Odium would crush Jack so therefore Odium is the new Samurai
  6. Nightwatcher Boon/Bane (Game)

    Granted, you have become god, however your bane is that your sheer power evaporates your power and mind so you become pure aimless investiture without the influence of any intent. i wish for perfect knowledge of how investiture works as I am sure I have no idea.
  7. Nightwatcher Boon/Bane (Game)

    Granted however it can only be used once a year. i wish for my brain to be transplanted back into my body
  8. Hello everyone!

  9. Nightwatcher Boon/Bane (Game)

    Granted, The statue is 1 millimeter tall and appeared in someone's toilet as they were dumping some chull dung in it. i wish for all the knowledge in the world and the ability to act upon it flawlessly
  10. Nightwatcher Boon/Bane (Game)

    Wish granted but you can only wear them from the time of 11:00 am to 11:05 am i wish for the ability to be a natural mist born on the level of 5 lord rulers combined without any drawbacks.
  11. Cosmere Jokes

    I'm sorry but those were just bad
  12. Oathbringer Draft at 100%

    It would be sad if he died such an early death but I am sure he has extensive notes on where his series is going so someone he trust will finish and hopefully be able to give it the ending it deserves
  13. What happens to metal after it is Burned?

    Turned into investiture maybe. I know investiture works slightly different from normal energy
  14. The Knights Radiant Quiz

    I got edge dancer,mwah kinda hoping for wind runner but I got 0% in that
  15. Greetings

    Hellllllllllllllllloooiooooooooo don't eat the cookies. The "chocolate" chips are hemalurgic spikes