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  1. Double nicrosil would be pretty boss as you could glow like a star and be super fancy
  2. Not sure bout 1. 2. Lerasium separated ruin from a portion of his power which started to manifest as atium 3. There was a much smaller amount of lerasium so I can only assume that it was a more concentrated form of preservationists power then atium was to ruin. 4. The shard pool was the prison so in giving the power away you got rid of the prison. If you used the power then it would be able to just reform over a 1024 year period. 5. When you use lerasium if makes you a over powered mistborn. The holder of the shard of preservation could make more if they want but Sazed hasn't. 6. I think he would absorb it in someway and it would give him back a lot of power. With that power he could kill all humans and regain the little pieces of his investiture that is within all humans That are on Scaadrial and descended from the humans preservation and ruin made together. im probably wrong on a lot of these but this is how I interpreted it from reading the books. with number one he might not have been able to use the pool due to its innate effects, whatever those are.
  3. I want the cuddles....
  4. If I was going for pure combat skill I would prob go for double iron as a 500 pound punch would do quite a bit of damage. As you throw the punch start tapping a lot of that compounded weight and you could easily take down someone like miles by clean knocking his head off. Plus with allomantic iron I could also pull people towards me. With heavy armor plating I could pull in all non aluminum bullets
  5. Paradox logic inserted. Website breaks i wish for a cuddly pet fox kenod posted as soon as I mentioned a fox so I guess my boon was granted
  6. I think it's most likely that it's the physical manifestation of a shard but I don't think it's metal so that does kind of rule out the bleeder spike thing. One thing that's kind of unlikely but the only thing that would make your theory work is that soul stone is an ore but doesn't really match up with other god metals or substances.
  7. I'm just a seeker
  8. And I am a puny obligator who doesn't know what the job entails. Seriously tho I just sit behind a desk and look at people.
  9. Surprised that I could have won the day in any regard

  10. Will people inspect her past with a Kholinoscopy?
  11. I'm sure this has been pointed out somewhere but I am bad at searching for specific things like this but was Ati's name based on Ate- the Greek god of mischief and ruin? Probably and I am stupid for asking this question when it seems pretty obvious that it is true.
  12. Granted however the catquisitor kills you in retaliation for impaling it's head with spikes. I wish for nothing.
  13. Granted however at midnight each night yourfox gains the intent of Odium for one minute. I wish for a random beneficial thing to occur
  14. Look up Oh My by George Takei
  15. If George Takei read this he would definitely do "OH MY"