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  1. Exactly, I was actually quite disapointed with Taravangian's request from Odium. It is the least ambitious request I coule think of save for the requwst to save his own skin only. At first I thought King T was going to be able to have the capacity to save the world as he asked feom the night watcher, however, it is quite clear that his definition of "the world" has become a lot smaller, and it feels like such a dissapointment to me as I viewed King T as being somewhat in control... however, I just remembered that Odium came to King T during one of his dumber days and that Taravangian himself thinks something along the lines of: of course, Odium wouldn't come on King T's days of brilliance, where King T would have been much less pliable and in a position of power to bargain with Odium, rather than become subservient to him. Also thanks to the person who started this thread, I was wonderinf myself who the traitor was!
  2. Watch out for cookies to come, I took a cookie and it was laced with a hemalurgic spike. And now, although I have feruchemical healing from my golden cookie spike, I can't heal myself of this corrupted investiture. Oh Harmony! So choose your cookies carefully friend. Light eyes or no, the bakeries have no discrimination. Welcome to the cosmere fandom, officially, but realize that, although wonderful, it can be a rather dangerous place... tata for now, I have to go elsewhere to find something that will hear my oaths, maybe one day I shall be rid of this terrible spike!
  3. Hi. Millie!
  4. Thank you, I was told this IRL but I did not know that the Wax and Wayne novels were set after first 5 of SA and before Back 5 SA... if the faceless immortal is Odium's then I really do fear for the ending of Stormlight Archive after book 5. Odium goes all "Empire Strikes Back" and likely released, (perhaps forcing the worldhoppers to get into the game a bit more and stop being so storming mysterious and non-confrontational.
  5. Oh for sure, they are so similar and the characters are very similar but I think the main and important difference between these two magic systems is that where Shallan makes lies that can devieve others and even herself, there is no reality/experience tied to this. They are great works of creation but they are not like the re-writing of a persons soul or history like what Shai does eith soulstamping her own essence marks. But what if, as Shallan progresses through lightweaving AND, let's not forget, Soulcasting... what do you think that the result of this shall be? My guess is that as Shallan progresses through her oaths and becomes a full radiant saying all 5 of her truths... her lies will also become truth, and the histories she writes for herself (and possibly others) and there experiences will actually rewrite her soul (while infused with stormlight, to truly be that other person and have their experiences! This would give us something very like Shais Forging but powered by stormlight instead of soulstamps. Good questions my friend. I guess we will all just have to RAFO
  6. @Julio and @Ookla the oathgate If red signifies one shard corrupting or co-opting another shards power then my main theory now is that when Suit says that the Set has "faceless immortals" of their own, this simply means that the Set literally has faceless immortals, Kandra, of their own, but that these faceless immortals are corrupted or have been co-opted by Bavadin/Autonomy (or Rayse/Odium if mistbron era 2 takes place after SA and Odium was released from his prison on Roshar)
  7. @Ookla the Noble you have abandoned me to the darkness... my mind is taken... oh Harmony!
  8. Delicious!
  9. But do they "spike" their cookies with a hemalurgic spike? If so, that sounds like a cookie I would like to bite into! And they also gave me an upvote I take their invested cookie with glee!
  10. Okay, this is my take on things after listening to shardcast and peicing together my own thoughts. Lets look first at Lessie/Paalm from Shadows of Self. She is a Kandra who goes insane after releasing her bond from Harmony by removing a spike to be out of his control. She is then found with a hemalurgic spike that doesn't seem to be a metal of Scadrial, and cannot be sensed or pushed on by Wax (if I remember correctly).This spike is widely speculated to be another God metal, which I believe belongs to the shard who is in the guise of the god Trell. I also think that this spike that seems to influence her to "break free" from the influence of other and especially Harmony, sound a lot like the definition of autonomy "freedom from external control or influences" and "the right or condition of self government." Would it not make sense that this spike of a separate "god metal" would bring the intent of that god metal with it? And that the cause of the "madness" of lessie/palmm would be the influence of this spike? She was a Kandra who loyally served the Lord Ruler and Harmony for literally thousands of years with fervor before developing her idea of "being free of external control" which seems like such a drastic shift and message from what she has lived with her entire life up until this point. Now we don't know much about Autonomy yet, but I believe it is highly speculated (or possibly even confirmed) that the vessel of Autonomy is Bavadin. Bavadin is mentioned in "the letter" that is assumed to be written by Hoid and is lumped in with Rayse (Odium's vessel) and is indicated the Hoid/Cephandrius etc. has a grudge against both of these vessels/shardholders. Now this does not mean that Rayse and Bavadin are necessarily in alignment, but I can assume that if Rayse was " among the most loathsome, crafty, and dangerous individuals" even before he took up the shard Odium, and that Hoid lumps the likes of him in with Bavadin in this quote, than we can infer Bavadin's character as probably being fairly nefarious as well, pre-ascension. With this in mind here is what Brandon has said in regards to Bavadin: "This won't be relevant for a long while, but as a service to the community, let me say this: try not to get too hung up on gender, race, or even human appearance where Bavadin is concerned. There are some peoples who worship entire pantheons where every member is actually her." This is the main reason I believe that Trell, the god worshipped or acknowledged by Miles, the Vanishers, and also the Set, is actually Bavadin/Autonomy appearing as a different persona or Avatar (if you haven't read oathbringer yet, you should read it as I think one of the letters in particular there shall strengthen this theory even more). I would also point people to the star chart provided in Arcanum unbounded front and end pages... look at that cluster of RED stars/planets on the top right of the chart where "The Scar" is labelled... this seems ominous and the closest planet to this swath of red is Scadrial... Now this could be indicative of Odium, as you have pointed out. The red eyes do seem suspicious, but in order for Odium to be encroaching on Scadrial he would have had to escape his prison on Roshar (where he has seemingly been stuck for a long time). This would mean that the events of the fight on Roshar in the Stormlight Archive would ultimately lead to Odium escaping his prison and being able to travel to scadrial during mistborn era 2. Now I admit this is possible, and I don't know the timeline so far, whether era 2 mistborn is happening before or after or concurrently with the current Stormlight Archive novels. But if era 2 mistborn and SA are happening at the same time, then we can probably say for sure that the menacing and invading force, the other God, that Sazed/Harmony sees and is protecting Scadrial against, cannot be Odium. So even if this red eyed messenger that blows Suit away with him so that he can "serve in another realm" is a parshendi or odium influenced individual, then we would have to say that he is not related to this other god that the set has been working with, but if so then why does this new "faceless immortal" talk to Suit about accelerating the timeline etc? unless he is also a part of this god threatening scadrial... the acceleration that has begun... All of this is still speculative obviously, but I believe that this faceless immortal with the red eyes is actually a servant of autonomy, who we know from the Arcanum Unbounded Essays, has engaged in "interference with other planets." I need to think on this more but hopefully my reasons are clear enough to follow for why I think Autonomy, and not Odium, is the master behind this faceless immortal, Trell, and the Set. I also do not believe that Odium and Autonomy are working together. For Bavadin/Autonomy to work with another shard seems contradictory to her intent. And for Rayse/Odium, who has been shattering every shard he has come into contact with thus far to suddenly align with another shard, especially one that could be such a threat to Rayse himself, seems similarly out of character.
  11. It is I, a man of mystery a man of many names, time-filled with timelessness, worldhopper, denier of deity, theif of air, light, metal and so much more and if you are looking for me closely I may already be there. Hello cosmere friends! Ever since reading Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" and Brandon's amazing concluding 3 novels in that series (of which the first 3 and the last 3 books are my favourite) I delved into Brandon's world first and foremost with Warbreaker. Vasher, Vivenna, nightblood and lightsong (my favourite character, the lazy deity with a crisis of faith in... himself) drew me in to the cosmere grinning and hungry for more. From there I went to Elantris, and then mistborn (how epic!) and then finally the Way of Kings (which absolutely floored me in its brilliance and worldbuilding and characters). I recently joined 17th shard to follow all the awesome theories and reactions post Oathbringer. Thank you for allowing me to nerd out wit you lovely people! Sincerely, Joseph AR (Cephandrius Everstorm)
  12. There was speculation by the shard cast that the "seek these waters in person and overcome the tests we have created" quote could reference autonomies' (or possibly Trell if your theory holds) possible influence or presence on First of the Sun, even though silver light has specifically stated that there is NOT a shard residing on this planet there is clearly investiture permeating the planet andthe creatures who live amongst the "pantheon" (notice the name and possible significance there). This investiture creates a cognitive connection of creatures on these various islands. Allowing predators to hunt via reading the brain waves or thought waves of their prey (could be characteristic of a hive mind or at least connectedness of minds). There is also a stable perpendicularity there which we know is a pooling of a shards power. Why is there a stable perpendicularity in place where no shard currently resides? From WoB there is at least one shard who manifests in many different individuals to the extent that there are worlds where people worship various different gods and goddesses that are all one shard, Bavadin who I believe is Autonomy. So it is possible that one individual who is autonomy or perhaps multiple individuals who are autonomy (the pantheon) are actually dwelling on first of the sun and there presence there has caused the stable perpendicularity to form. I forget if creatures from different islands (The Avian? Or birds which I forget the name for) actually manifest different abilities based on the island of their birth or the ones they are brought to. This could suggest the individual nature (or autonomy) of the different hosts of Autonomy in the way that ther investiture manifests differently from one another's from island to island or individual to individual. But I could be wrong and it could be the interaction of a single source of investiture in reaction to the autonomy of the individual bird or individual species of bird or even more so if this extends to other creatures. We know on Roshar that Spren bond with different creatures and this symbiosis of investiture and organic being results in different abilities or capabilities of that animal that would otherwise go against the normal rules of physics (skyeels flight, and chasmfiends ability to not get crushed beneath their own weight). The symbiotic relationship of investiture from autonomy (or trell or whomever) on the creaturesand people of First of the Sun may manifest similarly.
  13. I believe it was 8 heartbeats, but nonetheless awesome! I remember coming to the end of Words of Radiance and being disappointed that everyone was starting to get magic powers (as well as conveniently coming back to life, but I mean Szeth and Jasnah are two of the most awesome and powerful killing machines on Roshar so I am glad they are back with us in the physical realm). However, in regards to Adolin, I was happy that we still had an amazing non-radiant character to ground the story for us uninvested folk. But I mean come on... The relationship between Maya and Adolin is almost as good if not as good as the relationship between Adolin and Shallan. Let him become radiant!
  14. Jasnah is almost always right, but she is not infallible and she recognizes this as we get her viewpoint. On the points of her treatement of kaladin and shallan, she is also right. Kaladin is still growing and although I think he is much more competent then he has ever been he dtill has growing to do as evidence by him knowing the words of the 4th idealbut not being able to commit to them just yet, he is grown a lot but compared to Jasnah Kholin? Well, we all saw her with her soulcasting abilities, we know of her immaculate scholarship and she seems very self-aware and is truly human, capable of compassion when she deems it is needed, if anything I believe Oathbringer solidifies her humanity. As to her treatment of Shallan and not releasing her from her warship, I believethis to be wholly justified, but I am pretty sure Jasnah struggles with this as well in one of her viewpoints (I'll have to reread). Shallan is the least self aware of all the characters and has difficulty knowing who her true self is at all amongst her aspects. She grows a lot by the end of the book but is still seems to be the one most damaged and grappliny for stability and something solid to grab onto. I loved Jasnah Kolin from book 1, so I clearlyhold a bias and of course some things are subjective. I love that she is a nearly unstoppable, soulcasting, killing machine and we got a taste of that with her slaughtering the would be theives in book 1 but in OB she goes full on!(Asha'man... Kill! #wheeloftimeanyone) Her and Szeth equipped with sword-nimi would be my choice of ay agaisnt all others! All hail the Queen!
  15. DESTROY, DESTROY, DESTROY... "you are impatient with killing the evil, sword-nimi!" DESTROY EVIL!!! Oh man I feel nightblood's frustration, I was sitting there reading like YESSSS NIGHTBLOOD! DESTROY THAT EVIL!!! (as he sees it anyways) (And Lift and nightblood sidequest? Yes, please! They have such a lovely and common understanding for the need of consumption! In other notes. "I am Unity." That line, that storming line! And Dalinar temporarily uniting the three realms made my jaw drop. Was I the only one who thought that "Unity" was a new shard and that gloryspren was this shards investiture (realized after that they were just drawn to the glorious act of ascension but still I was freaking out here. I also thought that "Unity" may turn to be the united shards of Honor and Cultivation, and even perhaps, a three-in-one unity of Honor, Cultivation, and ma'boy Odium! I have always looked at Dalinar's quest to "Unite them" as much broader in scope than merely the people of Roshar, and perhaps even more than simply, the shards of Roshar "Unite THEM"... all of them... all 16! On that note, how about my namesake, Cephandrius, bonding that cryptic. This highly-invested world hopper is an awakened, a mistborn, and on his way to be a lightweaver and likely is working his way, and is well on his way, to being invested by the rest of the shards. After all when you can worldhop and go under the eye of 2/16ths of God unnoticed (here's looking at you Sazed, my OG hero of ages! *possible need for redaction*) then why couldn't you gather all the investiture you need to say, I don't know, UNITE THEM! (Though I figure the eventual unity of Adonalsium will be brought together not by any one individual, but nevertheless this witty worldhopper will have a willful weighing in on this worldbreaking wonder! (and I do think this is an eventuality, God isn't going to stay broken forever is he?) Moving on to Scadrialin things. The "Evi is Vivenna" theories I heard was already making me look for Vivenna so Azure was fantastic and satisfying, but not totally unexpected as I have been looking for her since my reread of WoK and realizing Zahel's true identity. All in all it speaks of awesomeness to me... and speaking of awesomeness... who else absolutely loved Lift popping up in Dalinar's visions? And how the heck did she do this by the way? Her connection to cultivation? The fact that she exists partly in the cognitive/spiritual realm (i forget which but there is some reason she can grab hold of wyndle/her spren in the physical realm)? As always, Brandon Sanderson leaves us with many questions but definitely had such a satisfying conclusion to this third book of awesomeness and I for one and Stormin starvin for more!