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  1. Seeing as the UK edition of 10th anniversary has arrived, I am wondering if we will soon be expecting the leather bound? Hoping it arrives in time for christmas
  2. @Toaster Retribution It isn't in the original copies, but it can be found, I believe in the 10th aniversary and Leatherbound, after the deleted scenes I think.
  3. I like this theory, but what about shards? We know that ruin, a God and thus a LOT of investiture, could influence multiple ares of Scardrial at once, suggesting multiple trains of thought, which is pretty damnation smart. I think that the whole shard thing agrees with your overall theory, but less so with the human intelligence cap.
  4. You know when your a fan when you have Aon Sao tatooed on you
  5. I think people have been suggesting that whilst they could bw use'd as surrogates, the babies might inherit the Kandra's spiritual DNA, so that could make any baby a bit weird EDIT- didn't see the second page with the original reply, sorry if repetitive
  6. So if they get Kandra spuritual DNA... it might be one really messed up rabit?
  7. You might be missing something people, if the Kandra can copy DNA, who said that they have to make a human baby? That might take out the issue with spiritual DNA, unless preservation gave away some of himself to rabits.
  8. I'm hesitant to believe this as of the moment, but certaintly love the idea and work the amount of work gone into it
  9. In a turn of events I accidentally spend all night reading and finished it, and it is in fact explained. Treledees says that the God King cannot reproduce, but as the original king, who is the start of the original royal line could, there must be a way, but they are unsure of it. I think maybe I spend too much time on here reading theories...
  10. yeah Yata, I was re-reading and got to the conversation where Susebron asked Siri how long she could hide her pregnancy for, and I mistook that for her being pregnant, just finished that chapter however and realised she wasn't.
  11. Just saying, I haven't done a full search to see if this has been posted, so someone please direct me if it has been. So during Warbreaker, we know that Siri is a "vessel" for the Gods King children, furthermore, it is revealed by none other than Hoid, that a previous God King only died after a male heir was produced, as his first child was a female, from this I can gather that the God Kings must be fertile (or the priests lied about the previous God King having a female child,and this child was from elsewhere but that seems unlikely). Now, this is a slight problem, as we also know that the other Returned in the Pantheon of the Gods are infertile. My thoughts on this were maybe they were being fed something to make them infertile by the priests, they seem up to that kinda thing, however the Returned can't even get drunk, so it seems unlikely they could be poisoned like this, so I want to know what this discrepancy is. This said however, when Vivenna first arrives, we see Lemex die to what we eventually know to be poison, so perhaps the Returned could be poisned. EDIT- remembered that Siri does in fact become pregnant.
  12. Thanks for all the posts guys, got a lot of food for thought
  13. I agree that with whilst kaladin is a great soldier with great potential, in a universe of people like compounders and others, he is far from the most powerful
  14. First of all, I suspect this has already had a thread done, if so could someone please direct me to it. So, as I was re-reading edgedancer, in chapter 10 where Lift breaks into Nin's building, we see him drop a pretty big reveal What comes next is Szeth telling Nin that the listeners have now become voidbringers, and Nin disagreeing, but what I wanted to focus on is, where do the Voidbringers from previous desolatioms come from? In Khriss' essay, we get confirmed that ashyn and Braize are habitable worlds in the rosharan sysem, however Braize is populated by and for Ashyn Seeing as voidbringers are not splinters (unless this refers to the Voidspren), and I doubt Voidbringers could come from Ashyn or would be considered people, it seems apparent to me that Voidbringers did not come from any of the habitaple planets in Roshar, or atleast cannot anymore, so I appeal to anyone with a theory, where did they come from?
  15. When I first started reading Warbreaker I really wasn't enjoying it, untill the first plot twist, and as I am a plot twist junkey, I really enjoyed it more after that. Leading to Well of Acension probably being my least (haven't read White Sand however) mainly due to Vin's arc with Zane