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  1. This wasn't my understanding. Oathbringer prologue spoiler... But yes there are some wonderful bits of info generally in that reading! Noting it's not canon til published.
  2. Excellent. I'm only one spike away from being a compounder. Be vewy vewy quiet. I'm hunting mistings.
  3. These WoBs you got have long been some of my faves Blightsong! But Spool had previously quoted that second half which was why I was just adding the first half
  4. There are a few WoBs I think there is an Annotation somewhere but I can't find it. But it seems he basically lowered the snapping threshold so people can become allomancers with mildly traumatic things rather than needing to be beaten almost to death.
  5. @Spoolofwhool has this right. It's Connection that keeps you around. The Connection comes from using the Investiture, from burning metals, but that just creates the Connections, an allomancer is only specifically invested while burning.
  6. I don't have any solid theories on the red. But we know specific colors can be related to certain Shards.
  7. Yeah that's why I wanted to check, because the rules would make it ok to be spoiler free on theories and q&a. I think if it can be discussed openly there should at least be a standing spoiler box rule for any discussion of it no matter what board it's on, at least until it's been a few months from general availability? I'm not against it being discussed with spoilers, and if a thread gets too WS prosey it can be moved to the prose thread? I'm looking forward to discussing it more widely but people should get the chance to read it without being worried about going to theories or q&a.
  8. Does the de-passwording of the Prose board mean people can discuss it in other topics (Cosmere theories etc)?
  9. This one? I had always been under the same impression Calderis, that that WoB was referring to powers of the Heralds that they came with before being Heralds (ie magic users from another planet). But @Djarskublar if you know of one referring to the blades themselves having extra powers I'd like to see it - but otherwise I agree with everything you've said, the only question is those extra powers. Without that, I'm not sure we can be sure that Honorblades must be more invested. If they do grant other powers, I'm completely on board.
  10. There was this nice one from the Boskone signing confirming this. So not just made by Honor but a piece of Honor. A Splinter. As for the amount of Investiture, I wander for this reason if Honorblades aren't more invested than Shardblades, precisely because they were drawing their power directly from Honor. As @Djarskublar said, that access to enormous investiture means they don't need to be efficient (and we know they require more Stormlight to surgebind). If so, they don't need to be more invested, they just need to be invested in a way that gives access to endless investiture. The same way a piece of metal isn't that invested itself, but it accesses large amounts of investiture. And now Honor is splintered that investiture pipeline is cut off. It's not decisive, if both Honorblades and Shardblades are splinters, the Honorblades could certainly be bigger ones. I just think the power of Honorblades doesn't prove that, their power came from a connection with Honor, not from their own inbuilt investiture. Like the mists.
  11. It's a good thought, I wondered the same thing after finding this WoB.
  12. theory

    Hm I didn't expect that part of it to be controversial though I didn't define it properly. What I meant is we know we can have people who manipulate 'surges' and not be Radiants. Voidbinders. The difference is that they bond with voidspren, rather than Honor/Cultivation spren. Here we're talking about a Bondsmith bonding with an Odium superspren. I don't see why that wouldn't be a Voidbinder rather than a member of an order of Radiants. There could then be a corresponding order of Voidbinders that bond with Odium superspren but I don't see how one would be a Knight Radiant. Does that make sense? I thought the stronger argument anyway was the one about Bondsmiths being around before Honor's splintering. But as always in happy to be corrected if there are known flaws with either idea!
  13. theory

    This is a popular theory and fits with the numbers, but I've always doubted it. Firstly, Bondsmiths predate Tanavast's death so one would have bonded with the Stromfather which at the time was not merged with Honor's cognitive shadow. Secondly, you can have surgebinderd that aren't Radiants, so having three that are Radiants says the order itself deliberately has three - in that case why would one be bonded to the bad guy? Why would you have someone bonded to Odium's spren as a member of the order? So I think the three Bondsmiths are bonded to three super spren of certain natural or invested phenomena inherent to Roshar. One is of the Highstorms. I have no idea what the other two could be, which is why I've never posted a theory on it. But I just feel it's unlikely to be based on the three Shards.
  14. I feel like it's simply that spren can't really lie, so they find it fascinating - but in the case of Cryptics they take it seriously, in the case of the flippant Honorspren (or maybe just Syl) it's a thing of amusement, like an adult giggling at a child's lie. Though maybe you've seen more in it than that?
  15. Yeah this has been discussed a lot in the past, enough for @WeiryWriter writer to class it as being discussed to death see Here (including the threads Weiry links to) That said I still haven't seen an actual WoB, just references to unquoted conversations. The main evidence seems to be the different pronunciation and the fact the story was written for one Matisse and Ati is simply derived from that. If anyone can find a WoB or annotation, or even communication between Sharders and Team Sanderson, it would be nice for my closure at least.