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  1. The mechanics of this are interesting. He gets nauseous just thinking about physically hurting people. Personally I think it was imposed on him when he refused to join the others in taking a Shard.
  2. Great first theory thread. Add to that list this I think the lack of a vessel for Honor will have huge implications as well. Ishar may be insane but I fear there's truth in that statement and surgebinders will become far stronger than they should.
  3. Saving the best for last. It is one of the Cosmere's greatest bromances!
  4. This is wonderful. Bless you.
  5. I found that way more interesting than i thought! Turns out that even for someone uninterested in the romance, there can be some great character analysis when the triangle is discussed in a calm, mature, non-circular way. You guys made the least appealing aspect of SA worth listening to. Something I am unable to read about on the forums due to the aggression and tribalism. So thank you. and yeah more matt please
  6. Welcome, nice post. So, we know that scadrial is one of the easiest planets for a worldhopper to get to We know scadrial had an interplanetary trading system at the time of The Final Empire The problem is that aluminium was incredibly hard to get then, basically only the Lord Ruler generally had access to it But they could've seen an Inquisitor use it. All in all, I like the thinking and there's plenty of evidence supporting the possibility. There's probably aluminum on nalthis but i suppose they may not be aware that its resistant to investiture as they'd hardly have tried to awaken it. So yeah, I think there are other possibilities, but this seems like a good one.
  7. If e'er a man didn't need rep more, it's 5000 post Cal, he cares no more. But Limericks he adores, lack of them he abhors. I'm paying you out, like so often before. And yes. I find limericks so much more elegant without line spaces. I think, in your heart, you do too.
  8. A sharder, a friend, called Cal, seems to be in some kind of lull. He's repeating his thread. To get some more cred. So I'll repost, and sound like a chull. Adolin Adolin Adolin. Kaladin, Kaladin. Kaladin! Shallan! Shallan! Shallan? Shallan! Shadolin? Shaladin? Kadolin!!
  9. excellent! I'm glad for any speculation on the iriali. They're so very cool
  10. Nice wrap-up Cal. You know i agree with this generally as we've had dozens of conversations about intent. I don't believe its quite as malleable as you seem to think, particularly from the Vin example. I think Preservation will always resist change of any sort, for example. I also think Ati and Leras were good people who cooperated to limit the damage of ruin. I like the idea that Ati had Ruin become what he feared but again I'm not at all convinced that any vessel could've filtered the intent enough for Ruin to be about anything other than decay, the inevitable breaking down of things. But i agree with the basic principles and its a good summary of why we think that.
  11. As I said on Discord, I think it's a great explanation for the missing shardblades. It waa a great brainwave As i also said there (but i understand arguments against it, such as the WoB about syl if kal broke his oaths) i think more simple than someone transporting the blades to shadesmar is that the spren that hadn't been summoned as shardblades at the time the bond was severed simply never manifested in the physical realm as shardblades, and that the bulk of radiants (unlike the ones at feverstone) hadn't summoned their blades when breaking the oaths. But I'm very happy to be proven wrong on that, i just couldn't think of evidence against it and it makes your theory simpler of it works. Yeah you still have to account for the ones just at feverstone, and wherever else it happened with the spren already summoned. But it makes the numbers easier if many or most of the spren never manifested as shardblades in the first place.
  12. Lol I'm sorry man, I gotta remember this - you're a magical hybrid you'll always be the Flash to me though
  13. As I told you privately, i really like this. I was pretty firmly on the side of autonomy but you've made me rethink that. I still struggle with splinters becoming a collective mind but investiture does seek or develop sapience and those sapient pieces of investiture would be connected to each other. I did always struggle with the idea that hoid would reach out to bavadin though he may in desperation or he may have been attempting to contact one of her avatars if it is her, hoping they had an independent mind. Nicely pulled together. I'll read steelrunner's competing theory and reflect.
  14. When you're camping, have no mobile reception, finally get to the top of a mountain with this view... ...and spend it happily looking at a Sharder's (very good) theory while your girlfriend shakes her head
  15. Are there womens on Scadrial? Probably, yeah. Seriously though, people with good headphones or good ears, also get on you the recent OB San Diego one if you will, there's some potentially great WoBs there that are incomprehensible. Good work, again, Mestiv!