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  1. Well well well. Those chapters were nowhere near as intriguing to me as the previous ones. Aside from the minor voidbringer reveals, mostly character development. But oh, the characters! So here goes After 2600 pages you've finally won me with your banter Shally OH REALLY MR CHAMPION Oh Shallan, I always loved you. Don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. RIP Shalladin. Did...we know she was Herdazian? What the storms Shallan. You get pain from sweet food? You really are a masochist young lady. Pattern, I love you. I love you during the Weeping. I love you during moonrise. I'll love you until the world crumbles. Get out of my chapters you red herring. So that settles it, the Everstorm changed them all back to regular Listener form, not all voidform, and they remember being parshmen. They...remember. oh those poor, poor people. Ummmmmmm. What? A spren? A Nahel spren with the Voidbringers? An unevil-sounding voidspren? What is this? Oh what a deliciously ironic line. The feminist racist. Oh Pattern, you beautiful, sad little voidbringer. Though good to know they would just send another. That could be handy... Wow, she really can transform, even herself. Shalladin may be dead but I smell the Radiadin ship sailing! Kaladiant? Add that to Mrail (Veize?) and looks like Shallan Leeds will be a playa! Kaladin, you're a beautiful man. HA! Dividing by zero. DIVIDING BY ZERO.
  2. How is there 15 comments after 27 minutes Anyway I'm interrupting my normal process because I LOVE YOU FOREVER PATTERN I...love you
  3. Congratulations on making it guys!!!! We're all very excited
  4. This fun little quest Not sure about solved it but I suspect we're pretty close:) Arclo says that they used to fight with Radiants so I wouldn't be shocked if they can somehow surgebind but I suspect the mechanics would be changed. But there is also some ambiguity in the use of 'we' in previous back covers so they could be talking about Roshar rather than Aimians, or Dysian Aimians, specifically.
  5. Yes, nice, that was the main one I wasn't sure of, but that does look more like completion.
  6. Metal from any source, mined elsewhere or soulcast, is allomantically viable. It's the molecular structure of metals that provide the focus for the metallic arts, not Scadrian metal being invested. With alloys though it needs to be the right composition
  7. Yes, the shepherd bit i like. Nice.
  8. Thanks mate, I've put that in, I agree
  9. So i played with color and i think this is more legible. What i have, building on feather, is this. Obviously happy for corrections. A new storm has come. Ash and red lightning sweep the land, awakening our ancient enemies. The Unmade—shadows of the Enemy's mind—stir, while the eyes of men open. This war is not, and never was, what they thought it to be. We may soon hold Surges again. For the Radiance has resurfaced in some and [illegible] others. The Captain, broken by loss, seeks reconciliation. The Spy, broken by cruelty, seeks vindication. The Stonewalker, broken by oaths, seeks truth. The traitor, broken by ambition, seeks freedom. And finally the King, broken by war, he seeks the past. That which was abandoned. That which he must not learn. For those secrets will crush him as they did the Knights which came before.
  10. We do not know that. We know there are 3 Bondsmith spren but not that the Nightwatcher is one, unless I missed something. I think the Bondsmith spren are probably Adonalsium spren and that cognitive shadows have nothing to do with it, as the Stormfather was not merged with Tanavast's cognitive shadow at the time he was previously bonded to a Radiant. If the Nightwatcher is one I think it's because she's an Adonalsium spren that later became associated with, or influenced by Cultivation. I think the third one will be something similar epic - Highstorms, Nature and...... something else significant to Roshar. My blind guess - stone.
  11. Heh Tarachin Superstar crept up on me. I think my favorite remaining of Chaos' ridiculous ranks. #theseradiculousranks
  12. At the end of the preview chapter season imma see what topic each week's thread finished on. I'm being 40% morality, 30% Adolin, 20% technical/engineering and 10% realmatics n theories n Roshar n stuff. It's a fascinating study in group behavior. N stuff.
  13. Remarkable effort guys! The turnaround for these things will be less than three signing lengths once this beta-irl-busyness calms down
  14. @Lurcher, you're an absolute legend.
  15. Sounds like Cultivation to me. (Where's Joe's thinking emoji when I need it)