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  1. I fart in your general direction
  2. For those not in Discord I'll summarise (well, paste) my views. I'm not a very good forumer any more. I think the shard is unchangeable. Its intent limits actions. But the right interpretation within the nature of the shard can remove or alter those limitations to an extent. Certainly must be 'reasonable ' though. Strongest will in the world won't let preservation be used to destroy the cosmere. I don't believe there's a pure objective intent per se. I think there is a natural personality, to use that word, and that the scope for interpreting and filtering that is wider than people think. So you can't make it be an antonym. But you have flexibility within the intent Generally I don't think the nature box is necessary. But because people have firm views on what the word intent actually means i like that you have a word to make it broader. I think its a good guide for discussion but yeah i think nature is just intent. But that intent is broader and more flexible than commonly believed. But what i like about nature is it separates the pure natural intent (nature) from the intent manifested by a vessel. A theory i do would not separate nature and intent. But for discussing it in the confines of charged ideas about intent, your framing is useful. I think the vessel has to believe their interpretation is within the intent, and it has to truly be so,but they can change that interpretation. For example i think bavadin has adapted her interpretation of autonomy to fit what she wants it to do. I don't think her interpretation at the time of the shattering fixed that intent. She can will it to change as long as she believes its compatible and its factually compatible. So basically I think that the intent of the Shard is really quite broad but that a vessel with strong will can use it in a relatively flexible way as long as they have supremely strong will and their interpretation, which they can consciously manipulate, is within the confines of that pure intent. That can be done for potentially thousands of years, as I believe bavadin is doing. But once the Vessel's will fails the pure broad natural intent of the Shard takes over, as happened with Ati. Oh and I don't think Honor is Order. I have long thought its voluntary limitation as I do now with that WoB. Its basically the Skybreakers final oath. You choose to limit yourself according to rules you yourself set. Following rules you agree to set yourself is honorable but its wider than honor. Its self limitation according to principles and rules you set yourself. Fundamentally, its Discipline.
  3. Good analysis. I have long believed its case 2 but that the vessel cannot permanently shape or alter that intent or 'nature' but that with strong will they can filter it for a long time. I believe bavadin does that. I like the distinction between intent and nature, it may not be quite right but for discussion purposes ots a useful way to say intent can be filtered withoutbeing changed. Some WoBs
  4. I was so glad after our debates that you asked Jebus to ask this. My hesitation is that Brandon sounds like he's thinking of a mutually severed bond, he refers to having chosen on both sides. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see it as a thing of mutual consent. But my doubts were whether the spren could unilaterally break it. Willingly is a broader thing that could include mutual consent. If so it doesn't bear as much on the argument that the spren could've terminated the bonds if they didn't agree with the Recreance, or withheld surgebinding.
  5. When the 17th Shard is the first public forum on which you announce your engagement
  6. My friends, I now have a fiancée
  7. That's fantastic ccstat, I'm super excited for you. Given the contributions to the community you've made I'll certainly be looking to support you and look forward to seeing your work!
  8. Theoretically damage but not destroy or splinter one. The issue to me is that Nightblood attacks the spiritual through the physical and the question is how exactly you attack the physical aspect of a shard. Through a perpendicularity? We don't really know. Here are the relevant Words of Brandon.
  9. I'll just address this briefly as I used that word, and thank you Mestiv for privately contacting me about it to give me the chance to remove it. I did just want to emphasise that I never meant anything offensive by it, its a word we use to refer to the polarizing nature of politics or sports, and I didn't realize it would be taken in a strong way. So as I said in my edit, I sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended and I certainly didn't mean it in the way it was taken, and I completely understand that anyone, not just internationals, would take it that way. I will be very careful with wording like that in future. I don't want to add to the emotions in this thread, even if I felt the need to defend the staff. Thanks for your patience guys, and thanks to the person or people who reported my post or I never would've realized I'd said something offensive! That's exactly what makes the report button so useful.
  10. Huh really? I should know that, I've been so busy for so long I've been a very poor Arcanists. I'm happy to edit them once they're up to have the appropriate marking. Thanks for the contributions, in this time of very few signings, new WoBs are worth their weight in aluminum.
  11. I've edited it to have the proper paraphrased marking Tesh. There's a box you can tick to paraphrase it though forgive me, I'm not sure if that shows up for non-Arcanists? Interesting question btw, never occurred to me to ask that. Curious to know what your other is. Thanks for asking.
  12. Ok time for me to contribute because I'm on an island in the Great Barrier Reef and this is occupying my mind. First, some qualifying information. I am not a moderator or an admin. I have a pretty title for helping out a little with getting Arcanum set up. But my opinions mean no more than any other user. Secondly, I have been around longer than the post-OB entrants,sure, but still only 15 months. So I'm still relatively new. Thirdly, I do not care one iota about shipping conversations. I therefore do not contribute to them. My input here is regarding the comments on the staff. And I have to emphasise that this is not aimed at any one person or any one 'side' of the argument. It's a plea, not an attack. All I want to ask is that people be nice, pleasant and civilized. The staff here are not paid. They're not in it for popularity. They're not in it for reputation. They're not kids looking for power. They're people who love Brandon's works and spend a lot of their free time in service to the community. This is not some pop-up chatroom where people name their mates admin. This is the official Brandon Sanderson fansite where most of the staff have been serving this community for the better part of a decade. They're people with jobs, family and limited time to spend, and they spend much of that time building a place that is supposed to be welcoming and devoted to making the Sanderson experience more enjoyable. This thread is about commenting on the administration of this site. That is a worthwhile thing. I understand that no moderation action can please everyone. But please remember that not one staff member is on here for some petty power trip. They are wonderful, devoted people who are doing their best to deal with a level of tension here i haven't seen before. So please, be passionate about Brandon's stories, whether you're into realmatics and lore like me, or character development like the shippers. Both are equally legitimate ways to engage with this world. But don't let your passion turn into tribalism, judgement, anger or aggression. There is no us and them. We're all here for the same reason, to enjoy the worlds Brandon has created and forensically analyze them. But please, most of all, don't be cruel to the people that work hard to make this place happen. They need your feedback to help this place work. They don't need you to be aggressive, accuse them of bias and be cruel about the job they do without credit or benefit. They are good people, each and every one, and they deserve better. And please, they are moderators because of their experience and love of Brandon. Don't ask them not to contribute. Yes they must have a higher standard, but they have the right to contribute and express opinions as private Sharders. Having a moderator title doesn't mean everything they say they say as a mod. They have every right to contribute to discussions. If they don't then why would anyone ever choose to be one!
  13. I'll quote myself from a different thread on the same topic Even though its nowhere near as fun as the idea of a tradie founding interplanetary religion
  14. My theory since the prose was that trell has a linguistic root, for example in the word mastrell, perhaps a meaning like artisan or master, and that is both why a man has the name (like some surrnames in real life come from the occupation of an ancestor) and that the Trell that appears to be an avatar of Autonomy has that name because it is actually a noun. The fact that the character Trell has now not only vein included but given more screen time makes me wonder if its more than that. But I'm still slightly fond of my theory
  15. Interesting idea. That saidwe know from Brandon that seeing the future is dangerous and Hoid emphasises never to trust somebody that does it. So there's clearly something damaging and unwise in the cosmere to futuresight (at least for a non-shard) and the tradition may be rooted in that. But it could well be the Odium promotes that further for his own purposes.