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  1. Nice work! That makes sense with the Yolen one and I like the Shardpool one! Perhaps Odium?
  2. Why Nahel Bonds result in 2 Surges

    Nicely put together. I like it. I'm curious to see whether there are reasons it's a problem, or if it's been proposed before, but on first glance it's intriguing, makes some sense and is prime material for reasoned pattern-based speculation
  3. Kelsier worldhopper

    We got a WoB on this late last year So yeah its not a thing they can naturally do but obviously there are workarounds.
  4. I don't know if Adolin will revive his blade. But if he does my money is on the spren being named Maxal.
  5. Puns Puns Puns and More Puns

    I know right, this (di-)ode to circuitry won't even get past the first gate. We ought to semi-conduct ourselves better or this will get amplified to the point that it has serious (field-)effects.
  6. The desolations

    This one is not verbatim but helps
  7. Puns Puns Puns and More Puns

    Transistors are nothing but a silly con.
  8. This one And this one Both from the WoB treasure trove that was the December 6 Washington signing!
  9. Thanks, I've updated the settings for anyone to edit, hopefully that works? Let me know if not! I haven't had the chance to finish it yet so there may be a few missing WoBs amongst the signing lines I missed. And yeah I would be very surprised if there were no non-humans at the Shattering. If that were certain the only explanation would be that a non-human picked up a Shard after the Shattering either by one being left behind or by picking it up once an original Shardholder died. We've definitely been told there's at least one non-human Vessel. Interesting.
  10. Hoid and the Element

    It is possible but Brandon would really be doing some Aes Sedai-style trolling. It sounds pretty clear he's saying that's it's limits generally otherwise Hoid surely could have just done that. But I've seen more misleading WoBs before, bless him
  11. Why don't Daysiders have dark skin?

    I should say that my theory has been debunked in two ways now. 1. We know that skin tone is basically luck. 2. We now know for certain that it is the sun itself that gives the investiture, not my idea about the atmosphere absorbing the sunlight and converting it. So thanks to @strumienpola and @swieczq for having the wisdom to ask questions that knocked that off
  12. Here's a brand new WoB from yesterday. I guess it really would have made it too powerful...
  13. Hoid and the Element

    I liked this idea @PallonianFire but there's a WoB from yesterday's signing on this (maybe it was asked in response to your theory). So it looks like a firm no on getting other powers. Interestingly it even sounds like it can't give feruchemical powers.
  14. The end of cosmere Hoax

    For the next signing we'll have to do the recording by Direct Metal Mastering, with trusty copper.
  15. I believe @Oversleep is coordinating them? I'm happy to help out but haven't seen an audio (though I may have missed it). I just did this one coz @swieczq sent it through to me and I'm pretty fast when I have the time. I'll update the OP once the Warsaw ones are posted.