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  1. You're... alive?

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    2. Extesian


      I also owe you amazing arcanists several dozen hours of work when I do re-emerge in force. Bless you people 

    3. Oversleep


      Well, I have been in self-imposed exile for almost two months now, too. Cal said he misses us :)

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      The hivemind has been operating through only one avatar? The burdens of three become Cal's!

      (Totally avatar. Not aspect. :ph34r:)

  2. We don't know much about terken, other than Ryu shouting warnings about it each time he releases a fireball.(Streetfighter 2 spoilers)
  3. This is probably the subject I've spent the most time thinking about. Not researching, just... thinking. I initially also came from the allomantic breakdown of pushing/pulling and internal/external but also had issues with it. Then i tried more of Matt's approach, except with basic breakdown for output/outcome (my terminology but a similar idea) with further division by emotional and cognitive. That's also a struggle but I quite like your categories Matt, better developed than where I got. My last idea which I don't believe for a second but I'm fond of is some wacky idea that some form of energy was applied to adonalsium that, kind of like fission, split it into two, then the two into four, then to 8, then to 16 before no more division could happen. Also being why some are opposites but not all. I've played around with the first division being emotional/ cognitive, or physical/ cognitive or all sorts of others but could never reconcile it into the shards we know. So I'm not much help. But there's at least some concepts. Either way I'm very happy to see this being discussed again and ill try to stay in touch with this.
  4. I just want to thank you guys for doing these. Since I've had to become an almost inactive Sharder, an hour a week is a great way to stay in touch with new WoBs, hear good discussions of specific subjects and feel like a member of the community again as I yell at my phone (typically in support of Ian or Evgeni and against Eric or Ben :D). So thanks for all the effort you take (especially you Eric), I'm seriously glad you have kept up the weekly episodes for so long.
  5. I'm not gonna sleep much tonight
  6. Or the American spelling, Odumum.
  7. The floating cities are upside down, looking up at the ground and down at the sky. That's how i imagine the CR. The ground is up, with basically sky everywhere as the ground, and little Islands of solid ground where the floating cities are.
  8. The main issue with this has always been the annotations.
  9. When you get a notification at work that the latest Shardcast is Nightblood 2: Electric Boogaloo, and laugh so hard Red Bull comes out your nose.
  10. @ccstat I finally got around to reading your tale. I really enjoyed it dude. The story was fascinating, the PoV writing spot on and you have a lovely way with prose, some lovely language in there. I enjoyed the Rothfuss-style symmetry explaining the different types off thieves. And I had a good laugh at Gerund's nickname being Ing I hope we'll see more of your stuff in the future! Congratulations again. To any other Sharders, I haven't read the other stories in the anthology but Chris' story is great and well worth supporting him.
  11. Not much can get me back from my temporary self-enforced Shard hiatus (real life remains a shocker) but I've eagerly awaited these. Great stuff hoidit! Cal and I have wanted that Breath answer for a long time I miss you guys
  12. Sweet cc! This sounds cool, and I see you're the first story! And seeing your real name suddenly makes your nick makes more sense I've preordered man, looking forward to reading your work. And congratulations again dude!
  13. ...but most importantly...timeliness Thank you very much my man
  14. I fart in your general direction
  15. For those not in Discord I'll summarise (well, paste) my views. I'm not a very good forumer any more. I think the shard is unchangeable. Its intent limits actions. But the right interpretation within the nature of the shard can remove or alter those limitations to an extent. Certainly must be 'reasonable ' though. Strongest will in the world won't let preservation be used to destroy the cosmere. I don't believe there's a pure objective intent per se. I think there is a natural personality, to use that word, and that the scope for interpreting and filtering that is wider than people think. So you can't make it be an antonym. But you have flexibility within the intent Generally I don't think the nature box is necessary. But because people have firm views on what the word intent actually means i like that you have a word to make it broader. I think its a good guide for discussion but yeah i think nature is just intent. But that intent is broader and more flexible than commonly believed. But what i like about nature is it separates the pure natural intent (nature) from the intent manifested by a vessel. A theory i do would not separate nature and intent. But for discussing it in the confines of charged ideas about intent, your framing is useful. I think the vessel has to believe their interpretation is within the intent, and it has to truly be so,but they can change that interpretation. For example i think bavadin has adapted her interpretation of autonomy to fit what she wants it to do. I don't think her interpretation at the time of the shattering fixed that intent. She can will it to change as long as she believes its compatible and its factually compatible. So basically I think that the intent of the Shard is really quite broad but that a vessel with strong will can use it in a relatively flexible way as long as they have supremely strong will and their interpretation, which they can consciously manipulate, is within the confines of that pure intent. That can be done for potentially thousands of years, as I believe bavadin is doing. But once the Vessel's will fails the pure broad natural intent of the Shard takes over, as happened with Ati. Oh and I don't think Honor is Order. I have long thought its voluntary limitation as I do now with that WoB. Its basically the Skybreakers final oath. You choose to limit yourself according to rules you yourself set. Following rules you agree to set yourself is honorable but its wider than honor. Its self limitation according to principles and rules you set yourself. Fundamentally, its Discipline.