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  1. I never need to include the last part but always will
  2. I agree with you though the question is how Invested something can be before Nightblood is unable to affect it. I expect, unsheathed, he can destroy a Shardblade. But I think a 'dead' one more easily than a live one because dead ones are closer to the Physical Realm. If Nightblood can't destroy them in the Physical Realm, because they're so highly invested, it may make it easier if you take Nightblood into the Cognitive Realm. WoB below is about hemalurgy but same principle could apply (and yeah he cuts on all three Realms so maybe it makes no difference anyway).
  3. That makes sense. I'm not a visual reader, I don't actually imagine anything visual when I read, not even setting out characters, so I tend to miss that side of things. Same with Mistborn where I never really pictured the grimness of the world. I only really focus on plot, character (through dialog and 3rd person limited) and, certainly as you say, hard magic. I'm never as taken by soft magic systems. I could see Threnody being amazing on-screen.
  4. I wonder if this happens to anyone restored to life by a healing fabrial, or if it's specific to Szeth. Note that even sufficiently invested will do it but the connection to the Cognitive Realm helps. So that will be a huge weakness for Szeth fighting any Surgebinder or, say, 8 Shin with Honorblades.
  5. After nominating myself I'd better do this 1. Provide a picture (if you are comfortable with that). Sorry that's ridiculous Here's one with my lady 2. Provide your real name (if you are comfortable with that). David! Dave usually. 3. Which book is your favorite and why? For most of my adult life it was The Silmarillion. Such glory, tragedy, history, subtlety of language and epic scale for something so short. And the most beautiful creation myth I've ever read. That was until The Name of the Wind. For me, it is perfection. The most compelling fictional character I've read. Beauty of prose that captures my emotions the way Kvothe describes music as doing (not as perfect prose as Book of the New Sun, but BEAUTIFUL). A story where my heart breaks, in a way no Red Wedding could make it do, over (Name of the Wind spoilers) Brandon is my favorite author because of the world he's created, his characters and his narrative structure. But nothing can touch Rothfuss for me for a single story. Favorite Brandon? Stormlight, no contest. I love Warbreaker, and Mistborn has an extraordinary story. But Stormlight is utterly glorious. 4. What have been your main contributions to the community? What are you known for? Probably known for nominating myself for this thread now... No I think my main contribution has been WoB-hunting. With the absence of some very obscure old sources, or certain WoBs that are only posted on this forum and can't be searched, I can find most of them quickly. I probably used to be known as the most prolific daily contributor until Calderis accelerated his efforts. Now that I post less I'm probably most known for banter with Calderis Or just my rep:post ratio as someone who's been on here only 7 months. But if I can be known as a good resource for others, and maybe one day a decent theorist, that will be all I want 5. What made you join the forum? I started reading Brandon two years ago, found this site pretty quickly but, once I realized what it was, avoided it diligently until I'd read every Brandon book for spoiler reasons. That took about 6 months, then I started lurking, learning everything I could. I started an account 7 months ago to be able to respond to interesting threads but then everything changed. By posting it made me research. I'm an evidence - based person. I have to see a textual reference or WoB before I'll accept an idea as established. That meant researching before I posted. And very quickly getting far more detailed understanding of the Cosmere through that process. Then I read all the books again, and now my knowledge is pretty good (but still nothing on many of the long - time Sharders). 6. How many hours do you spend on the shard on a given day? Wow. Less than I did 3 months ago. I still read almost every Cosmere thread, though the last few weeks I've dropped off. But yeah the window is always open (I only use my mobile) and it's the first and last thing I check on my phone each day. So addiction level, but not yet problematic. Perhaps..... 7. Describe your fondest Forum experience. As an ongoing thing, the interplay between me, @Calderis and @The One Who Connects, as we're the three most prolific Cosmere posters (Connects a fair bit less but he's a WoB master). Particular post, I guess the one on the mechanics of Elantris with the AonDor, which may not be right but was the best and most supported one I've done. But I love this place generally. The welcoming culture, the diversity of people with one common niche love linking them. The level of academic rigor and scientific method applied to theories. The incredible job the admins and mods have done, and keep doing, to make this site so enjoyable and actually truly meaningful to a lot of people. I love it 8. What is one thing that Brandon does really well? Reversals of standard narrative, perfectly foreshadowed shocks, perfect pacing of character development. Basically, the things that make the Brandon Avalanche successful. And characters. His characters are so varied, compelling and relatable for a genre that is often plot-driven. 9. What is one thing that he could work on? Prose. I'm not saying he should, he knows his strengths and plays to them, and his writing pace would suffer if he tried to be Rothfuss. But he has some outstanding lines and passages of intense beauty, and if he could be like that consistently he would be unrivalled. I hope he never tries to. 10. Which fictional character is the best representation of yourself? I've answered this elsewhere but there are facets to this. My id wants me to be Kelsier. My ego wants me to be Kaladin. My superego wants me to be Hoid. My friends would think I'm Lightsong. My colleagues would think I'm Sazed. My family would think I'm Khriss. My girlfriend would think I'm Adolin. I think I'm most like Lightsong, if Lightsong didn't have everything he wanted at his fingertips 11. Any additional comments, whether it be about your life outside of the forum, favorite food, your website, or...anything! I'm a traveler (35 countries or so) and I lived in Prague 2015-2016. I'm Australian and live in Canberra. My partner is Czech. I have a big black fluffy cat named Toast (he thinks his name is Kitty). And I'm a Sanderholic.
  6. It's assumed (confirmed?) to be Nazh, Khriss' secret agent man. The weapon seems to be some sort of Shade- based weapon from Threnody but I think that's speculation. I'm fascinated by it. Edit - This WoB doesn't prove it but that was pretty Nazhish stuff. A map. Being a sullen space-ninja.
  7. Breathtakingly good and cheaper than water
  8. I have been summoned!
  9. Now remember, if anyone's body starts breaking off cremlings, we gettahelloutta here.
  10. Whatever you end up calling it, I'm going to attend just to recruit new members for my Fight Club. Not that I'm saying I'm Calderis' Tyler Durden and I'm just Calderis' other personality logging on with an Australian VPN each night...
  11. His real name is Nazgul.
  12. worked for me with my crazy Roshar post
  13. This is the best. Definitely my favorite thing since @Roadwalker's genius of telling depressed people "Fleet kept running".
  14. I seem to have escaped this spiral, you're on your own @Calderis Think I'll start citing WoCs. Word of Calderis
  15. when I started on here 6 months ago so many older members were really active. I'm looking for it happening again with Oathbringer