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  1. @Calderis @Extesian @Steeldancer Thank you guys. (I mainly posted this because I thought it was funny you all posted at the same time) I'll probably be on for about 10-15 more minutes before I'll really disappear. I just wanted to get that initial goodbye post in before I have to go.
  2. This is awesome.
  3. Whelp, some of you already know this from the Sanderson Elimination Discord server or through @BrightnessRadiant, but I've been grounded from the Shard indefinitely. I don't know if I'll ever get it back before I graduate high school (though I'd probably be able to sneak on like this every now and then, I won't because I need to get in the good graces of my parents again), but it's been a nice year with you guys. Worst case scenario, I'll be back in a year and a half, after I've graduated. Thank you, @Calderis @Extesian @The One Who Connects, for being my mentors when it came to the Cosmere. Without you guys and your WoBfu, I wouldn't know half as much about the Cosmere as I do now. And thanks to all of the many people who have made me feel like I was at home here, that this was a special community where people care about me. I'm just gonna tag everyone who's had an impact on my life through this website: BR (already tagged her) @Steeldancer @Ecthelion III @Amanuensis @Chaos @Arraenae @Droughtbringer Again, thank you guys so much for an amazing year, and I'll miss you all, even those I didn't mention. See ya later.
  4. @Calderis Hey, I just wanted to say congrats to a year on the Shard, it's been an awesome one for the both of us (since we both joined on the same day). You and several others were definitely huge insirations to me to learn more about the Cosmere and start to theorize about it (though you were always better at WoB-hunting than me). I can't believe it's already been a year. Or maybe it's crazier that we both joined on the same day. Either way, congrats to the both of us again, and here's to several more.
  5. Well, I doubt that Braize is even more destroyed than Ashyn. In fact according to the Rosharan essay in Arcanum Unbounded, it's anything but destroyed. It's actually a frozen wasteland of a planet.
  6. Everyone else, especially @Seize, already described how I felt about Evi's death pretty well. I would like to add that I basically knew that Evi was gonna die the entire book. That wasn't really the point though. The point was I was constantly anticipating her death, so the suspense was built up over most of the book. Right when I least expected it, she died. And I felt like this death was far worse than anything else that could've happened to her. It shows just how truly dangerous and bloodthirsty Dalinar was. I can't even imagine what it must've been like in that jail for Evi, watch the fire spread towards her. For me, I didn't really care too much how about the exact details of her death (though I do think they were very impactful); what really mattered was the build-up to her death. It was all about getting us to sympathize with Evi, who we had never seen before in this book, and, even though we knew she was gonna die, it made it all the more painful when she died. As Brandon says, Journey Before Destination.
  7. Have you finished Oathbringer? If not, then you should not be reading this topic. If so, then I don't know why you're confused. I'm gonna wait to explain until after you tell me if you've finished OB or not.
  8. theory

    Oh, I just remembered something that I wanted to talk about awhile ago and forgot about. (Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, I can't remember which thread I wanted to post this in) I don't think the Fused are a combination of a spren and the Cognitive Shadow of a Singer. I think they are only the CS of a Singer with Investiture from Odium granting them powers and Investing their soul so that they persist after death. The reason some would call them spren is the same reason Brandon has said Kelsier is technically a spren-they're beings that have been kept alive because their souls are permeated with Investiture, and all Rosharans call Investiture beings/things spren basically. Heck, Brandon has said they would call Adonalsium a spren.
  9. Oh, whoops, I guess I was unclear. I was trying to say that I think we haven't seen voidbinding except with Renarin. That probably clears up things. (EDIT: I reread my post, and I think the confusion stems from my wording. Prior to OB, Brandon had told us that we hadn't seen voidbinding at all. Now, after OB, I think the only case of voidbinding we've seen is with Renarin) @dvoraen Hmm...I don't think the Unmade are really using voidbinding. I think it's more likely that they're just doing random Splinter-level stuff. I'm still hesitant to call the surges the focus of the Rosharan system's magic systems. On Scadrial the focus is metal and on Nalthis it's commands. I don't think we have any other confirmed foci. For Roshar a very popular theory has been that bonds are the focus. It would make sense, because so much of the planet's natural Investiture-based phenomena rely on bonds. Of course, with the revelation that Ashyn's magic also used the surges-albeit differently-and what I believe to be the voidbinding version of Illumination with Renarin's futuresight, I think it's more likely that focus is the surges. I still would be hesitant to claim that the Rosharan magics could be called the surge arts, however.
  10. I think the connection between the honorspren and windspren is just that they're the connected. It's highly likely that the reason they're connected is that when Adonalsium was shattered, most of their Investiture was both assigned to Honor, and they're made up of similar amounts of different Shards' Investiture. Honestly, I don't know why they're so connected. That'd be a good question to ask Brandon: Why are windspren the lesser spren to honorspren? And what connects lesser spren to the true spren? Ah, okay, that makes sense. I can definitely see that now. Also, I can't believe I forgot about Timbre. Timbre is definitely my favorite spren at this point. The Venli Interludes were some of my favorite parts of the book, and Timbre was a huge part of that. I'm so excited to see more of her since the next book is Eshonai's flashbook book, which probably means Venli will be the focus for the book.
  11. theory

    @hoiditthroughthegrapevine Oh, I guess I was wrong about the Voidbinding chart in that case. I think we'll just have to disagree about what those colors mean. I just don't think there are specific relationships to Shards for any of the natural Investiture-based phenomena on Roshar (i.e. gemhearts, spren bonding, Singers). As for Scadrial, yes, that was a Shard-created planet and is a bit of a specialist case. But when Shards Invest in a planet, their magic is shaped by the planet itself. So, when Honor and Cultivation (and possibly Odium) Invested in Roshar, their magic(s) took on qualities of the planet (surges and spren). As for the Fused and voidlight, they were fueled directly by Odium even before BAM figured out how to fuel the Singers during the False Desolation. It would be interesting if the Fused can convert their gemhearts into voidlight (which might explain why Chiri-Chiri was able to drain that one Fused), but I think it's more likely that they only get directly fueled with voidlight. What would be the point in having an extra reserve if Odium/BAM can directly fuel them anywhere? And you're welcome. I'm not totally against your theories (though it may come off that way sometimes-whoops ), I just like arguing against theories in the hope that everyone will be able to reach a common theory. Oftentimes, I end up arguing myself to the other side of the argument or just confuse myself to the point I can't argue anymore lol.
  12. First, I would like to say that Brandon had said before OB came out that we had never seen voidbinding before. So that means that stormform can't be a voidbinding form. I believe that we've only seen it so far with Renarin. I believe that he has then normal surge of Progression and the voidbinding surge of Illumination, which allows him to see the future. As for the Fused, their powers feel too fundamentally similar to that of surgebinding to be voidbinding to me. I find it much more likely they are just hacking surgebinding with voidlight. Also, as for Shardplate @Wit Beyond Measure, that is a very popular theory. I don't think I believe it anymore, because Shardplate is able to be regrown and no one ever mentions spren flying around when it's regrown. Also, I would think that if it were made of spren then Radiants would hear the lesser spren's screams. I think it's more likely that the lesser spren are involved in the creation of the Plate, but are not the Plate itself. How else would you explain dead Plate's ability to be regrown?
  13. theory

    I think it's highly likely that the Radiants only said that Sja-Anat couldn't corrupt True Spren, but they actually thought she could the entire time, but weren't sure because they hadn't seen her do it. Of course, it's also possible not even she knew she could until she tried, but the Radiants weren't gonna risk that, hence the warnings to leave cities with corrupted spren-you don't want your true spren, the very source ornate your power, being corrupted. Also, I think that the futuresight that Renarin has is definitely not a normal Truthwatcher ability. It's involuntary and unwanted, which is not how we've seen every other Radiant use their Surges so far. Plus, I don't know how Progression and Illumination could be used to see the future. I think it's more likely that Renarin is a combination of a surgebinder and a voidbinder. He has the surgebinding Progression surge and the voidbinding Illumination surge, which allows him to see the future. In addition, I don't think anything that the Fused are doing is voidbinding. From what we've seen, it appears that the Fused use the Surges exactly the same way as the Radiants, plus they only appear to have one each. I, along with several others, think that what the Fused are doing is just surgebinding hacked with voidlight.
  14. Hmm, I'd be curious to know why you think it was a plot twist for the sake of a plot twist. For me, the confirmation of Eshonai's death was a good thing, and I loved Venli's arc. Don't get me wrong, I was still secretly holding out hope that she had survived the fall, but I think it was better that she died for two main reasons. The first is that Brandon has "revived" far too many characters in his books (in my opinion), so he needed to let some characters die for good. The other reason that it was good for Eshonai to die is that it helps remind people that no one in Stormlight is safe, not even people we like, love, or even main characters. Also, I'm so excited for book 4 because Brandon has confirmed in a WoB that it is indeed Eshonai's flashback book. It'll be interesting to see how he uses Eshonai's perspective in the flashbacks to flesh out Venli's character more.
  15. @The Night Watcher First, I would like to say could you please add [OB] to the title of this thread? You can do this by editing the first post. Even though this is in the OB spoilers section of the forum, the forum rules require you to put [OB] in the title. 1-Syl's awesome. Not much else to say. Though I am curious what about the honorspren/windspren thing confuses you. Windspren are the subspren of honorspren, so it's not that surprising she can act like one. 2-Pattern's amazing. 'Nuff said. 3-Ivory's okay. We haven't seen enough of him for me to really get a good opinion of him. 4-Same for Glys. 5-I'm not sure if you mean that Wyndle is dry as in he's boring to read or just dry in general, but if you mean the former then I have to strongly disagree. I feel like Wyndle is kind of like the C3PO or Sazed for Lift. They're someone serious to counteract the foolishness/silliness of the PoV character, and in turn seem funny because of the way they are portrayed. I probably wouldn't like Wyndle if I saw him irl, but he's hilarious to read. 6-I'm not sure what you meant to say about the Stormfather. Did you mean he's a prick? If not, what is a priss? 7-I can't wait to see more of Spark. It'll be nice to finally see what some other spren besides those of main characters think. Plus, it's always cool to see the perspective of the "villains." 8-I can't wait to see tons of other spren. I just really want to see what the Stoneward spren are like. I also want to know whether the mistspren from the honorspren ship are Truthwatcherspren or not (I don't think they are, but I don't know why else they would seem so sapient).