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  1. This is slightly off-topic, but I'm curious: why does it bug you?
  2. Why would cultivationspren be different from all the others though? That doesn't really make any sense. Plus, Lift implies that she only started to bond Wyndle recently before her first interlude, while she says that she visited the Nightwatcher about three years prior.
  3. I play regular clarinet during marching season and bass clarinet during concert season.
  4. I've been listening to the recording of the most recent runthrough of my marching band's opener to our show this year over and over again. It's soooooo good. It's got some of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring and also Bjork's The Firebird. I'm so excited for our show this year.
  5. I'm a little behind, but yes! I loved that book and it's sequel. The series is weird at first, but pretty easy to get into once you get past the "unconventional" storytelling method.
  6. So the marching band I'm in finally found out the show theme this year about a week ago. It's gonna be so cool. Everyone is so hyped up this year, the show sounds like it's gonna be pretty awesome, and we have storming amazing music this year. I think if we keep the energy going until state finals we have a pretty damnation good chance of winning this year. Also, I got an audio recording of the opener from our most recent full-band runthrough...I've listened to it way too many times to count now.
  7. @dnavenom This seems like an interesting theory, but what would you think of soulcaster fabrials that can soulcast more than one essence?
  8. I'm definitely no religious scholar or anything, but I think I might be able to add something interesting to this conversation as an atheist/agnostic. I LOOOOOVE how Brandon writes the religions in his books. They feel so real, for fantasy worlds at least, and it's not like Brandon is trying to say "this is absolutely true" or "this is absolutely false." He shows how religions can be based on actual facts while also obscuring the truth or being mostly false. He also does a good job of not being very preachy in his books, and represents many different religious ideas in his books. I especially enjoy his representation of atheism through Jasnah. She doesn't feel like she's worse of a person for being atheist. She's just who she is and also happens to be an atheist. Brandon has helped me become a better person through his portrayal of religions. He's awknowleded the fact that religions can be and have been used for evil purposes, but also reminds us of the good things that religion can accomplish. Even if I don't believe in a religion, he's helped me to remember that other people do and have the right to believe what they want to. I only hope that I might be able to write religions as well as he does someday.
  9. I don't even understand most of this, so I don't know how to answer your question.
  10. I can understand your point about Navani being a little careless when it came to considering if Shallan wanted to do the marriage. I would like to point out, however, that Jasnah repeatedly told Shallan that she was sorry (indirectly, but that's kind of Jasnah's way) for setting up the marriage. It wasn't so much that she tried to arrange the marriage without Shallan's permission either, it just kind of happened since Navani was so excited at the prospect. As for your opinions on arranged marriages, I'll just say I agree and disagree, but I don't want to start an argument.
  11. I think @MountainKing meant when Ico used that weird machine to make the water for the Kaladin and co when they were in Shadesmar. Of course, I don't know if that process would be able to make something new, or if that's what MountainKing was even referencing.
  12. I could totally see something like this happening. This is very poorly written, but you get the idea.
  13. I know it's been several months, but we kind of know the answers to one of these questions. In regards to the humans destroying their original homeworld, we have this WoB: And, if you were unaware, Ashyn has a disease magic system; when you get a disease, you get a magical ability of some kind. The relationship to the surges is similar, but with different rules: We don't know if Odium was involved or not, but with how powerful the surges are and without the Ideals to restrict their usage, plus whatever the dawnshards are, since they were apparently involved in the cataclysm on Ashyn, I can totally imagine a scenario where the Ashynites just got out of hand and caused the cataclysm themselves. Also, sorry this is so late lol.
  14. Gavilar's plan wasn't supposed to bring about the everstorm. It was just supposed to bring the next Desolation, or some threat, to help unite the world.
  15. I never would've guessed him (I actually forgot who he was and had to go look him up lol).