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  1. I'm signing up as Raljeen, an experienced thief who came to the city of Laesire after being to kicked out of his last city of residence for several probably false crimes.
  2. What if this aspect is just using the Royal We? Anyway, I'm not gonna hop in this argument because I agree with everything that has been said for both sides. I still like the idea that Autonomy is the author, but I'm kinda convinced that Ambition is the more likely the true author.
  3. I'd probably be a Lightweaver. I can lie to myself a lot of the time, and I'm very artistic because I love to make music. I'd prefer to be a Stoneward or Edgedancer based on powers alone, but I'd probably fit the Lightweavers better.
  4. Why are these so good?
  5. I'm actually really sorry about disappearing. I just wasn't super invested into this game, but that's no fault on your part, Wyrm. It was partly because school has been busy lately and partly because I have just been feeling really down and unmotivated lately. I tend to go inactive about halfway through most games for some reason, and I don't know why. I want to play the next couple games...but I dunno, I'm not in a very good place right now both mentally and in school. And I made All-Area and I really want to advance to All-State, so I don't really need very many distractions. We'll see if I can handle anymore games for awhile. Sorry for the tangent, but again, I feel bad for going inactive near the end. I wish there was some way we could make the games more enjoyable for everyone throughout the entire game, not just the beginning or the end.
  6. This is amazing. Absolutely amazing. I wish it was possible for you to make more pieces like this 100X faster.
  7. Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding then. It's hard to read sarcasm online.
  8. The Oathbringer spoiler policy at the stop of the screen, below the tabs for the news, forums, etc. specifies that [OB] needs to be on all of the topics in the Oathbringer spoiler board. Yes, that does happen occasionally, but there's a difference between that and encouraging it.
  9. @ZenBossanova First, could you please add [OB] to the front of the topic title? Also, the reason Voidbinding and Surgebinding are so similar is because of the same reason that Allomancy is similar to the rest of the Metallic Arts. It's a combination of the Shard(s)'s Investiture and the planet interacting, and in the case of Roshar, that manifests itself as the surges (but we know that the Surgebinding and Voidbinding abilities/orders do not match up perfectly). Also, a very popular theory is that the Fused are not using Voidbinding but are using Stormlight but hacked to be fueled with Voidlight. The Surges the Fused use feel too similar to the Surgebinding Surges to be Voidbinding.
  10. Hey, I know that Aethers are mentioned in OB, but any specifics from unpublished books shouldn't be discussed in this forum without spoilers around them. Please edit your post to put the stuff in spoilers.
  11. @[email protected] I feel like I should tag you guys to make sure you see this. EDIT: Whoops, you beat me to it.
  12. I chose OB, but I almost chose WoR. My reasoning behind this is that, while there were definitely some parts of the book I didn't like (e.g. Shallan's multiple personalities, not enough conflict with Sadeas's murder, felt rushed in some parts), I felt like there were definitely far more amazing parts of the book and there were definitely a lot more impactful moments (of course, the scene where Tien dies will still be the most impactful for me because that's the first time in a very long time I've ever cried while reading a book). Plus, this revealed so much about the world and it was just awesome to read, not to mention all of the Realmatic parts which I'm a huge fan of. Also, I loved the arcs with Adolin/Maya and Venli/Timbre. Both are absolutely beautiful (though I could've used more of both). Overall, there were definitely some things that needed to be fixed in my opinion, but overall it was much better than either WoK or WoR. EDIT: @ICanDream Can you please add [OB] to the front of the topic? And this thread is not gonna have a flame war, that is not what this forum is about.
  13. Someone could, but unpublished books are not too be discussed in the main boards, sorry.
  14. Hmm...as much as I like this idea, from the little of Resonances that we've seen, they seem mostly unrelated to the two abilities that make them up. The Lightweaver Resonance of mnemonic devices doesn't really seem related to their two surges, though I guess that not all Resonances have to be like that.
  15. theory

    I just want to say that Kal's use of Adhesion (aka The Surge of Pressure and Vaccum) with the windspren was actually very physical. All he was doing was changin the air pressure around himself so that the storm's winds couldn't affect him.