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  1. Words of Radiance > The Way of Kings > Oathbringer WoR had the best scenes of SA, my favourites being the 4v3 duel, the chasm scene and Kaladin saving Dalinar.
  2. I really loved the movie. It was marvellous to behold, the characters endearing, and fresh without sacrificing too much of the familiar in my opinion. Kylo and Rey were the main stars for me, and though the ending feels resolute in terms of Kylo turning to the darkness, I can't help but hope that he will find redemption. I've been lurking on the Jedi Council forums since I watched it, and am largely unsurprised by the intensity of backlash it's received. The main issues seem to be the following; 1) Rey being a nobody - I actually loved this development. And it's hard for me to understand why so many fans insist that she be a Skywalker/Solo/Kenobi, and I don't think her worth as a protagonist is tied to her lineage. The extent of anger over this makes me wonder if JJ Abrams will pander to the fans and reverse the decision in E9, as it was left in a way that would allow for this. I really hope not though! I hate when fans have that much sway over the progression of a story. 2) Leia flying through space like superman - To be fair, I didn't particularly enjoy this either. 3) Luke Skywalker's end - I was okay with this, if a little sad. I'm fine with the fact that the OT characters are slowly being phased out to make way for the new generation. I think the general consensus on the JC forums is that people expected him to have greater involvement in episodes 8 and 9. They felt that his death wasn't befitting of a jedi (Yoda anyone?) and indeed that many of his actions were out of character (refusing to help Rey, considering killing Kylo Ren in the hut etc). But i'm actually glad that he didn't stay the same for 30 years, and that he's become a more jaded person. It makes sense given everything he's been through. All in all, I do believe that the SW fandom can be toxic at times and it made me glad to be a part of one as civilised as this. But it also highlighted the way that fans can raise their expectations sky high through theorising between movies, only to lash out when their fantasies aren't realised. I hope RJ doesn't get too much crap from fans, as I think he did a great job.
  3. Having read the final draft, I see what you mean about the missing paragraphs! It's a great piece of feedback.
  4. Giving feedback on all of the points of dissatisfaction is a great idea! However, I have to comment on your wording for some of the points. We have to remember that BS is the author and we can't purport to know more than him. This is absolutely not criticism of your content (I agree with all of it), it's just that the feedback is more likely to be well received if it's relatively neutral and reads less like a critique of his writing, and more like a consensus for the way the fanbase feels. (1) 'Lack of promise fulfillment' might sound a bit accusatory and read to him as a sense of entitlement, as he explicitly made no promises, and may argue that we were simply reading too deeply in to his text. I understand why you would write this though, because it perfectly encompasses the way we all feel. Perhaps something along the lines of 'absence of follow-through on heavily foreshadowed events highly anticipated by a large proportion of the fandom' or something like that. (2) There's nothing really wrong with this one, just that he may outright dismiss it. As a fantasy writer, he doesn't have to stick with real life depictions of illnesses. This was difficult to get my head around too, as I'm a doctor working in Emergency Medicine so my immediate and natural thought process is always to seek out diagnoses. (3) For these points, it may be better to make it sound less as though we are explaining BS's own text to him. I just thought it may be better to say 'this made it appear that he is enabling her' and '...idea of him seeing the “real” Shallan did not feel realistic in light of the paralells to dissociative disorders. Her arranged marriage to Adolin without true resolution of her mental health issues can be read as erroneous in this context'. (4) If you include these points in your feedback, just ensure that they sound less instructive and more like suggestions. You absolutely don't have to take on board any of the above, just thought I'd put in my two pennies worth!
  5. When all of your passwords contain something to do with Brandon Sanderson/the cosmere because that's the only way that you can remember them.
  6. 'A stitch in time saves nine' Learned this the hard way back in my uni days, when I noticed that the floor of my bathroom had a small dip which I ignored because, well, DIY. Nine months later, the entire floor of my bathroom started collapsing in to the vacant flat beneath me, with £1000s in cost for water damage. Thank the lord for home insurance.
  7. Wow, congratulations! Had to do a quick google search on SATs and what constitutes a good score since I'm from the UK. That's an outstanding achievement! Happy gaming! Lots of good games coming out soon (FF7 remake anyone?), what a time to be alive!
  8. I called one of the senior doctors on my ward 'babe' today. It was literally out of my mouth before I knew it, I said 'babe, would you mind reviewing this chest x-ray...'. Then I awkwardly proceeded to explain that I call my husband 'babe', so it just sort of slipped out. Luckily, my colleague is a pretty sound and funny guy...he'll probably just tease me about it for the rest of my work life.
  9. The point is, the 'arranged marriage working out' thing is an overused trope because BS himself keeps using it. And I do think the 'trope' argument is a stale one, because it's so dependent on individual exposure. It always comes down to 'my trope is less tropey than yours'. I personally am ridiculously tired of seeing the 'playboy/womaniser suddenly changes because he finds the right girl' trope. In TV/novels/manga/anime, you name it. Makes my eyes roll to the back of my skull.
  10. I'm actually partial to this ship, except for the fact that I just can't get past the fact that Syl acts like such a child. It makes it feel plain wrong. And I'm not even sure I would want that to change because I love that about her. If she ever matured (and it would have to be a gradual change), then I'd warm to the ship more. As for Tarah, I agree with you guys and think that she'll likely make an appearance in the next couple of books. I personally hope she doesn't become Kaladin's love interest again though, simply because I found her boring. Plus it would go along with BS's well worn trope of characters ending up with their first love.
  11. I love audiobooks. I started listening when I was studying for med school finals and I felt too tired to read fiction after studying for most of the day. Since starting work I still struggle to read after long days. I listen before I go to sleep or on journeys, and it's just so wonderfully relaxing. But a narrator can make or break a story, so it does limit your options to a degree. For example, Michael Kramer is fantastic, so SA is a pleasure to listen to. However, I hate the way the narrators for Warbreaker and Elantris sound, to the point where I couldn't stand listening to either.
  12. I watched it yesterday too. I absolutely loved it! Best superhero movie I've seen in a very long time. The humour was just so perfect and self deprecating! Can't wait for the next Thor movie, and I hope it lives up to the lofty standards that this one has set.
  13. Because he's already done the Navani and Dalinar pairing, I can't see him going through the exact same themes again with Shallan and Kaladin. Not to mention Adolin would have to die to make it happen, and whilst that would make for an interesting turn of events it's bound to mess Shallan up a lot more then she already is. Lord knows the girl is already a hot mess! That being said, the idea of Shallan having to kill Adolin is really interesting @Discofrish. I wonder what circumstances would lead to having to take such drastic measures against one you supposedly love? I like the drama of it
  14. I'm not so sure that shalladin is a possibility anymore. I remember BS saying in an interview that he wants his books to be the sort that he would be proud of his children reading. And whilst that can be interpreted as excluding scenes of a sexual nature, I think it may also mean that he is likely to intergrate his mormon beliefs into the book more readily. And it's my understanding that the sanctity of marriage is important in his religion, and therefore he is unlikely to break shadolin apart now that they've wed. And adultery is most certainly a grave sin, and I can't see BS debasing his characters like that. Regardless of OBs outcome, I'm still a shalladin shipper. That doesn't mean that I think that they'll end up together, or that they'll even have any more meaningful scenes together. But I'll always ship them for the way they made me feel when I was reading about them during the chasm scene. I honestly have never become so quickly attached to a ship as I did then. When I reread the chasm scene, it will almost certainly be slightly tinged in sadness, but I don't mind so much because I've always enjoyed bittersweet romance too.
  15. I'm trying to remember the last time I was so disappointed by the outcome of a love triangle, yet unsurprised. I went in to this book knowing that shadolin was the likely outcome so I mentally prepared myself for it. Mostly because that fandom is by far the largest/most vocal, so the cynic in me considered that BS may pander to it, but also because it fits with his trope of arranged marriages working out as many on this thread have stated. But I hoped to have one of two main outcomes in OB. That Shallan and Kaladin have a meaningful interaction the way they did in the chasms in WoR (even if they didn't end up together) or that BS would start forming a deeper connection for Adolin and Shallan, such that I would feel accepting of the progression of the story in their direction. And neither of these things happened. Shallan and Adolin stayed as superficial and cheesy as they always have been. Whilst in WoR all I had felt towards them was varying degrees of boredom, I found myself actively cringing at the things they said to each other in OB. It felt as though some of the sweet nothings they would say to each other were over the top romantic for the place their relationship is actually at (which is early on), and I found this jarring to read and more than a little embarrassing. What I may have disliked the most was the downplaying of Shallan's feelings towards Kaladin as meerly leching by Veil. What then was the chasm scene - one of the most beautiful and subtle romantic scenes that BS has ever written? If BS is capable of writing a scene as rich with nuanced emotion as that one, why has he not done so for adolin and shallan? I haven't gathered all my thoughts completely as I've just finished reading it, but I think I'll have to have a reread of certain sections before I go in to more depth on the topic.