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  1. Okay, so awhile ago @Unlicensed Hemalurgist had a thread about needing help with a Sandersonian magic system for a mystery novel (click here to view it), and that got me thinking. I need help with a magic system I'm currently working on, too, so why not post a similar thread (yes, I am admitting that I'm a copycat). Anyways, my story isn't exactly a detective story. It's an Alternate History / Cyberpunk / Urban Fantasy story set in the year 2134 in a really, really crappy alternate version of earth. Here are some ideas for the magic system I already have: There are four branches of it: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Digital. You can specialize in one or two branches, or generalize in all four. Some specialists have minor-moderate skill in their non-specialized branches, but not to the extent of a complete generalist. You have to be born with the talent to use it, but you choose whether you're a one-specialist, two-specialist, or generalist. Whether you have any skill in your non-specialized branches depends on how skilled you are at magic in general. It's sort of a combination of Allomancy and AonDor. It also might have tattoos as part of it, but I might not. It cannot be used to "enchant" objects. Also, for those of you who are curious, although the magic system has been common knowledge and was commonly practiced for centuries, the main point of divergence from our history was in World War 2.
  2. Okay, so this is part two of the Wishblooded Speculative Fiction Thread, so let's start off with what I promised: Major geographic regions, how the world has changed, and other such goodness .Once we're done with that, I'll move on to the feedback section, where I reply to your questions, comments, and concerns. What's Changed About the World in General: It would be impossible to summarize everything that has changed in the world since the wishgiver came, however, here are some of the more noticeable, common, and/or large-scale changes. Major Geographic Regions and How They've Changed: It would be impossible to list, in minute detail, the major geographic regions of the world and how they've changed, however, I'm just going to list the continents (and a few other areas) and how they've changed, as well as a more detailed look at how the world in general has changed. Feedback/Q & A: I only got one reply so far, but one is enough. As always, I welcome any feedback, questions, comments, and concerns on my posts. Thank you. I think this is a good idea, but it wouldn't work. I'll explain why: I know that the government would definitely try to restrict access to the Wishgiver, so that's why I had him move around every 2 days or so for about two years (long after the world started to collapse due to millions of contradicting wishes and stuff) before settling down. I was originally going to have him just be in one place, but then I thought of the access problems (and not just the "He's holed up in a valley, let's block the valley off and only let certain people in" problems, but also the "Aw, hell, I gotta buy a plane ticket to Scotland!" problems). Even then accessing the Wishgiver is still a problem, but a lot less of one. Especially since, even though he's still in a certain area, he can move around within that area if someone's trying to block/limit access to him, and even the government would have a hard time keeping a semicorporeal energy being in one place when it doesn't want to stay in one place. Why is physical access such a priority? Why have people with powers they probably didn't earn? Well, mostly, it's because it's the reason the world is so weird and messed up. You see, if only the people who earned wishes got wishes, there'd not only be less people making wishes, but the wishes would also probably be a lot less likely to be frivolous, crazy, dangerous, or likely to contradict other peoples' wishes in messy or meaningful ways. You may disagree with me on this point, but, well, so far as I see, earning a wish usually entails character development and deep contemplation of your wish, which make the wishpocalypse much less likely. Prejudice against those with hereditary wishes (the working title for them is the wishblooded)? Probably likely. However, we must remember that in almost every major (and most minor) country in the entire world, the wishblooded are nobility, and thus are pretty much in charge of almost everything. Another thing: are the people on Scadrial (second age, at least) prejudiced against allomancers and feruchemists, who also have powers they didn't earn? Not that we see. And sure, as I said, the wishblooded are nobility wheras everyone else are commoners, which definitely leads to some resentment, however, in most countries on the same end of the spectrum as, say, North Korea, the Soviet Union, Iran, or Nazi Germany, expressing resentment towards the wishblooded would probably end about as well as a skaa expressing resentment towards a nobleman or a normal person expressing resentment towards an epic; and in most countries on the same end of the spectrum as the USA, Britain, etc., resentment levels are probably pretty low (though still present) due to the fact that the common people are pretty much equal except for having less political power and being less likely to be as wealthy, However, despite not working in my story, those are all very good ideas, and I really appreciate you sharing them! Anyways, that's it for now, folks. In a change of plans my next post on this thread will talk about new flora and fauna (both confirmed and non-confirmed) that have emerged after the apocalyps. After that, we'll get onto talking about the kingdom where the main story takes place and the noble houses there. After that, I'm not really sure, but, as always, I'm willing to answer questions.
  3. Cool.
  4. I have lots of worlds, but I'm currently working on Geddan, the setting for a book titled Judgement for the Dead, which is basically medieval European fantasy with The Walking Dead-style zombies. What elements of the Cosmere have I taken into my own world? Well, I actually didn't put that much Cosmere influence into Geddan, except for essencewielding, Geddan's magic system (click here and scroll down for a bit to read more about Geddan in general, including essencewielding), which is very Sandersonian in my estimation. Another thing was that I decided that Geddan, as a planet, would be slightly farther away from its sun than Earth (although they're both about the same size), thus meaning that it is slightly colder and the years are slightly longer. Most fantasy authors wouldn't include stuff about the planet itself. How did I twist them and change them so that they aren't as similar? Pretty easy, actually. The elements of the Cosmere included on Geddan are just about the mechanics and some of the details included. The three essences are sort of like a mashup of Breath, Stormlight, and the One Power, but I mostly built them from the ground up, lettingthem resemble each of those a bit but also be their own thing. What elements did I add or remove at different stages? Essencewielding originally was much more like a mashup of AonDor and the One Power than what it is right now. Holding was something I only recently decided to add to it. Also, I added in the possibility of discovering new regions (much like the Southern /Scadrians) after the initial-concept stage, when I actually decided to start working on adding new regions and their borders. What elements of the Cosmere did I actively try not to copy, and what alternatives did I come up with? Investiture. I did not want to copy investiture. Instead of a single magical energy that is diluted and messed with to make different powers, there are three different magical energies that are held and manipulated in their pure forms by those born with the ability to do so. Also, so far as the story is concerned, Geddan is the only inhabited world in the 'verse, even though there is a possibility of life beyond Geddan, it is one never explored by the books. Also, it is left ambiguous as to whether there are any actual gods. Spoiler Alert: We never meet a god or any entity more godlike than a pissed-off grey essencewielder with a huge amount of grey essence at his disposal.
  5. Well, I'm currently working on a working on a writing project (yeah, I know, I have a lot of them), and the basic premise is this: It is the year 314 N.E. (New Era). About 400-500 years ago (around present day), a being known to most English-speakers as the Wishgiver appeared and offered quite literal wish fulfillment to anyone that asked so long as they made the trip to where the being currently was. It started in New York City and moved around for two or so years before settling in an extremely isolated and hard-to reach valley in Scotland. Each person was only granted one wish, but if they were willing to make the journey again they could undo said wish and ask for another instead.Some things it either cannot or will not grant, but it can make you immune to aging, rich, or able to shapeshift (among many, many other things). Anyways, millions upon millions of contradicting wishes mixed in bizarre and alarming ways, and it was not very good for civilization, people's sanity, or the world in general. The world fell into utter chaos for 100-200 years (nobody's really sure. Time was weird for awhile) before people were finally able to rebuild civilization with anachronistic technology. Flash back to about a generation after the Wishgiver first appeared. It is discovered that certain wishes have a chance of being passed down from generation to generation so long as they meet certain requirements. Wishes that do get passed down from generation to generation are called "Hereditary Wishes", and have a 100% chance of being passed on from parent to child so long as they don't mess with other hereditary wishes (then stuff gets weird). I decided not to list said requirements above because it's complicated and takes up space. I'll put them in the spoiler below. The new world is a bizarre jumble of anachronistic technology and styles (architecture, fashion, etc;) and those with hereditary wishes are nobility while those without hereditary wishes are commoners who usually have very little political power. Despite the inequality and anachronistic stuff (and the general craziness of a post-wispocalypse world), it's actually a surprisingly good place to live in, and rarely ever boring (for outsiders, at least). That's it for now, folks. My next post on this thread will talk about major geographic regions and other such goodness. After that, we'll talk about the kingdom where the main story takes place and the noble houses there. After that, I'm not really sure, but I'm willing to answer questions. Oh, and I'll probably have to think of a better name than "wishblooded".
  6. comic

    http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots1109.html Always count on the villains to be predictable, even if they have access to Durkon's memories, and thus should know that they're being predictable.
  7. Okay, but all the grumpy old men are genocided by your bane, the 1st American Reich/4th Reich (needless to say, they're a coalition of neo-nazis that took control of the entire united states somehow). They then proceed to be overthrown by a communist regime that turns out to be just as bad, the anarcho-capitalists overthrow them, then the world is nuked by two wealthy businessmen with lots of uranium and child slaves, then the anarcho capitalists are overthrown by the anarcho-primitivists and we spend the rest of our lives in caves because to create mud huts for the homeless would be to invent civilization. You see, without blogs like /pol/, Stormfront, /r/Communism for loonies to meet up online, occupy their time, and vent their frustration, they actually have the time and motivation to actually do some really serious sh*t in real life (it may have helped that that was your bane, too, thus meaning that they have even more time, motivation, and means to get some stuff done), thus meaning a massive insurgence of neo-nazis, homophobes, communists, anarchists of all sorts of varieties, religious nuts, and conspiracy theorists. Enjoy the rest of your life in your cave/with your mandatory tinfoil helmet/in the concentration camp for speaking against your new führer/in gulag for being a capitalist pig/whatever. I wish I had a (non-sunburned) albino girlfriend (that was mostly a joke. make of it what you will).
  8. Cool
  9. Okay, you never fall while sick or hungry. You still fall as normal and get sick and hungry as normal, just never fall while sick or hungry. Your bane is that you're now related to Girard Draketooth. Read The Order of the Stick if you want to find out why that's a very, very, very bad thing. I wish I had the combined powers of Obliteration, Mitosis, and Nightwielder.
  10. I have really slow internet and my parents are always lecturing me about spending too much time on the computer instead of spending all of my time outside freezing/burning to death, hurting my recently-surgeried back, and getting a decent sunburn, but so far I have a few webcomics I like. The Order of the Stick (of course). WARNING: I am not up-to-date, so no spoilers. xkcd Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Scandinavia and the World, oddly enough. It's actually really funny and usually educational EDIT: I am now fully caught up on the current OOTS story.
  11. Thanks! My family says that all the time, although I find that I'm much better at worldbuilding than creating a plot... Anyways, I think the only thing in the way of me becoming a published author (other than writer's block and my age, of course) is my short attention span. I hope my attention span is one of those things that gets better with age.
  12. Granted. Your bane is that everyone now mocks everything you say. I wish I had an awesome magical eyepatch (I currently have both of my eyes, but eyepathces are awesome).
  13. I never said I dodn't like vampires, just that I didn't like vampire fetishism, but that doesn't matter. The nightwatcher grants your wish. ...right after you win a $10,000 apple gift card. I wish that global warming was negated.
  14. I choose death. Humanity deserves a book of grandeur made by three of the greatest authors in human history, even if I may never read it. Your bane is that, when you die, your afterlife is just a barroom that's empty (and devoid of booze) except for me, and I know that you are the reason I was never allowed to read a work of such grandeur. Better prepare some halfway decent apologies or spend the rest of eternity getting clubbed over the head with a bar stool. I wish that vampire fetishists would storm off. There's nothing sexy about a freezing cold walking corpse that rips your neck open and gorges on your blood, and it's technically necrophilia, even if they consent. And that's not even getting into the fact that they sleep in a storming coffin and can't enjoy a sunrise with you or go on a lunch date or anything like that....
  15. Okay, you will never lose your wallet again because, while visiting a girl you met on an online dating site in Iowa, some jerk falls from the Mesosphere and crushes you. I wish that J.R.R. Tolkien and H.P. Lovecraft were temporarily resurrected to write a epic 13-book (each being about as long as Oathbringer) series with Brandon Sanderson and all of the books were extremely awesome (please make the curse effect me personally instead of the series please please please).