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  1. That would go down even worse...
  2. Granted, but Odium loves pork roast, so he moves out of Roshar and makes a desolation on Earth before you can eat your pork roast. You are cornered by Fused warriors, and told to give up the pork roast or die. What a choice, eh? I wish I had the powers of all of the magical traditions in Desolation but would only get 1/10 of the burn.
  3. Granted, but the only candies that come from the rain are those disgusting sugarfree gummy bears. I wish that I was extremely hard to kill, regarded physical pain with mild apathy, and could heal from almost any wound (albeit with the healing rate of a normal human) without even a scar.
  4. Granted. You immediately get lost in it. I wish someone would write a really good fanfic about a world that was like earth until people started developing allomantic and feruchemical abilities in the 1930s and became superheroes.
  5. Okay. You get your cupcake spren. Your curse is that it can become tangible at will and will eat all of your cupcakes. It also talks way too much and has an annoyingly cutesy voice. I ask the Nightwatcher to grant the human race the technology to map and traverse alternate realities throughout the multiverse. And maybe find an alternate reality where everything is the same except that they spell "Nuclear" as "Nuklear". That last bit was just for fun.
  6. A broken beer bottle. Made of the glass of Rashid.
  7. The Vision Bleak - A Curse of the Grandest Kind, a truly epic and bitter song. "When the moon is on the wave and the glow-worm in the grass, and the meteor on the grave and the wisp on the morass. When the falling stars are shooting and the answer'd owls are hooting, and the silent leaves are still in the shadow of the hill. Shall my soul be upon thine, with a power and with a sign. Though thy slumber may be deep, yet thy spirit shall not sleep. There are shades which will not vanish, there are thoughts thou canst not banish. By a power to thee unknown, thou canst never be alone. Thou art wrapt as with a shroud, thou art gather'd in a cloud, and forever shalt thou dwell in the spirit of this spell. Though thou seest me not pass by, thou shalt feel me with thine eye. As a thing that, though unseen, must be near thee and hath been. And when in that secret dread, thou hast turn'd around thy head. Thou shalt marvel I am not, as thy shadow on the spot. And the power which thou dost feel, shall be what thou must conceal, And a magic voice and verse, hath baptized thee with a curse. And a spirit of the air, hath begirt thee with a snare. In the wind there is a voice, shall forbid thee to rejoice. And to thee shall night deny, all the quiet of her sky, and the day shall have a sun which shall make thee wish it done. From thy false tears I did distil an essence which hath strength to kill. From thy own heart I then did wring, the black blood in its blackest spring. From thy own smile I snatch'd the snake, for there it coil'd as in a brake. From thy own lip I drew the charm which gave all these their chiefest harm. In proving every poison known, I found the strongest was thine own. By thy cold breast and serpent smile, by thy unfathom'd gulfs of guile, by that most seeming virtuous eye, by thy shut soul's hypocrisy. By the perfection of thine art which pass'd for human thine own heart. By thy delight in others' pain and by thy brotherhood of Cain. I call upon thee and compel thyself to be thy proper Hell! And on thy head I pour the vial which doth devote thee to this trial. Nor to slumber, nor to die, shall be in thy destiny. Though thy death shall still seem near, to thy wish, but as a fear. Lo, the spell now works around thee and the clankless chain hath bound thee. O'er thy heart and brain together, hath the word been pass'd, now wither!" Such an epic song... it never fails to give me goosebumps. Of course, it's by The Vision Bleak, so that's to be expected...
  8. Got it in the mail the day before yesterday.
  9. oh. ok
  10. Wilkommen! (No, I'm not German, I just like the language). Which Brandon Sanderson books have you read? Which ones are your favorites? Which magic system(s) is/are your favorite(s)? I haven't read any, but I have audible and listened to all of his works that are on there (except for the foreign language translations). My favorites are Mistborn (All of them), Stormlight Archive (of course), The Reckoners, and Elantris. My favorite magic systems are Allomancy, Feruchemy, Forgery, and Awakening. Oh, by the way, have you ever heard of the Mistborn Adventure Game?
  11. You could be a twinborn. We were talking about allomantic gold and feruchemical aluminum.
  12. Scadrians don't actually speak English, so far as I'm concerned, I call it "fantasy book translation", where the characters' language is "translated" to English (or French, or German, or maybe even Finnish) by the author. For all we know, the word for "vindication" is pronounced in a way that the pun would make sense.