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  1. Yes, I actually am.
  2. WOW. It would be like some bizarre, psychological self-harm inducing hallucinogenic drug trip. I don't want to do it.
  3. Tineye. Cool!
  4. 1. A-Bendalloy/F-Chromium 2. A-Tin/F-Bronze 3. A-Copper/F-Electrum EDIT: 1. A-Tin/F-Bronze 2. A-Bendalloy/F-Chromium 3. A-Bronze/F-Bronze 4. A-Pewter/F-Gold 5. A-Copper/F-Electrum
  5. I personally... don't know. I'm personally not looking foreword to a Mistborn film, considering how other books have been treated by the film executives lately, especially novels classified as "Young Adult" fiction, such as Mistborn (though I personally think it's more of an epic fantasy story than YA myself). A miniseries would be better. Just my opinion.
  6. Can't wait to listen to Oathbringer. The Mistborn Adventure Game is cool, but it has very weird rules. It's really fun to utterly butcher canon with an army of mind-controlled koloss.
  7. @Yata Pretty cool.
  8. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU'VE READ FINISHED THE MISTBORN 1ST AGE TRILOGY Well, let's start off with what we know about Lerasium: Lerasium is the metal that Eland burned and gained mistborn powers with after getting gutted at the climax of the Well of Ascension, which allowed him to burn pewter and survive the otherwise fatal wound. Lerasium is the god metal of the shard of Preservation, and is named after Preservation's original (post-shattering) holder, Leras. The coppermind wiki states that if you alloy it with another allomantic metal, it makes people who burn the metal into mistings of the metal it is alloyed with, though how they learned this I have yet to determine. Due to being a pure metal instead of an alloy, it is a pulling metal. Now that we've established what we know about Lerasium, it's theory time: First, let's ask some questions: Does Lerasium have an allomantic alloy pairing, or does the misting-making alloy property eliminate a need for an allomantic pushing/pulling pairing? If so, what would said alloy do? What are Lerasium's Feruchemical/Hemalurgic properties? Is there still Lerasium out there in the 2nd age, waiting to be discovered? Well, personally, here are my theories as relating to the questions: For the first question, I think that the answer is most definitely yes. It does have a pushing/pulling pairing, weird other alloys or no weird other alloys. For the second question, I think it is very probable (unfortunately), that its paired alloy removes the powers of allomancers that burn it (think of it like permanent aluminum). However it could be one of those weird pairings (like tin/pewter) that does something completely different. Like grant feruchemical abilities, for example (that would be really, really cool). As for the third question, I'm stumped. I'm not even going to try to guess until I've thought this over a whole lot more. I'll probably just have to RAFO. As for the fourth, this is a tossup. On one hand, there were boatloads of Atium (Ruin's god metal), but on the other hand, Preservation stole Ruin's body (or something similar), but Preservation's body was never stolen (or anything similar). HOWEVER, Preservation spent most of his time barely holding together, not to mention dying and being inherited by a keeper who was less than Ideal (I'm not talking about Vin. Listen to Mistborn: Secret History if you want to know who.) and could barely hold together. I personally think it's very likely, though not nearly as likely as my Lerasium Alloy theory. Feel free to discuss and thell me what you guys think!
  9. Really cool, but I doubt it.
  10. Hello Foxx, and welcome to the 17th shard! Have you read Mistborn 2nd Age (Alloy of Law etc) or just the 1st age? I haven't read any of Brandon's works. I was lazy and listened to the audiobooks. I'd also like to ask if you've heard of the Mistborn Adventure Game.
  11. The koloss-related references will never end (*maniacal laughter*).
  12. @Shqueeves I've added more to the list.
  13. Screwing up things I'd go work for Kim Jong Un's nuclear project in North Korea
  14. @Elenion @Manukos Sounds like a funny story.
  15. @Shqueeves I know. The GM... disagreed. Thanks. I'll post some more when I get around to it. My inspiration (part 1) can be found here.