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    Australia, Land of the Sanga
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    Reading, obviously, and I also like writing. I might post some (or the premises) on here for some feedback, maybe...perhaps...

    I play the classical guitar, which has no chords and no singing accompaniment, just to clarify. Classical guitar involves really complex fingering, though. I also play piano, but not as well. I'm bad at reading bass clef (and alto, too, but luckily I don't really need to know it).

    I like cooking, especially making pastry. Figgins are probably my favourite thing to make.

    I also like doing circus stuff. I can do stilts, and also poi.

    Finally, I like doing longstich tapestry. Yes, that's right, I sit there sewing like some medievil princess.

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  1. ...you mean legally blind? Or is his voice so amazing/magical that only deaf people can hear it?
  2. I'm glad you can do something about it, then! Good luck, and I hope you can find something that helps.
  3. @Sunchicken that sounds really bad. Get better soon!
  4. I listen to a fair amount of audiobooks on the train, and I've been getting into podcasts lately too. Yeah, some stories don't work so well in the audio format, but when done well they can be excellent. There's a version of Murder On the Orient Express that's absolutely lovely, for example, and I keep coming back to it.
  5. Lemon juice, at least it would be thin and easy to wash off. Would you rather be stuck in the role of protagonist in a teenage romance, or in a thriller where you might actually die?
  6. @Sunchicken those are some quality birbs.
  7. @Pestis the Spider That is cool. I think we watched one of his other videos, and it was quite fun too.
  8. @Claincy good to hear there's nothing seriously wrong with you. Everything else though...I'm sorry you can't get anything to help with the pain and symptoms, and I hope they do improve soon.
  9. Wait, so, profile pics change as well? ...I was literally just going to be Ookla Budgie...but now I am tempted to do more...
  10. I now have the best role. ...hm, maybe I should head over to the Introduce Yourself threads and insult everyone who comes along...
  11. @Mestiv woah, that sounds difficult. I hope everything works out, your cats are happy, and your fiancee gets better soon. @Steeldancer Nice job on the solo! Unfortunately, I also didn't get into the choir I wanted for next year, so...I know it sucks. I hope you feel better about it soon.
  12. @Steeldancer *hug* Sure sounds like you've been going through a whole lotta crem. I really hope everything goes okay.
  13. @Draginon sounds like a pain :/ Nice job you managed to do it, though. @PlanetReelo that must be tough. I hope everything goes well.
  14. *hug* Good luck!