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    Reading, obviously, and I also like writing. I might post some (or the premises) on here for some feedback, maybe...perhaps...

    I play the classical guitar, which has no chords and no singing accompaniment, just to clarify. Classical guitar involves really complex fingering, though. I also play piano, but not as well. I'm bad at reading bass clef (and alto, too, but luckily I don't really need to know it).

    I like cooking, especially making pastry. Figgins are probably my favourite thing to make.

    I also like doing circus stuff. I can do stilts, and also poi.

    Finally, I like doing longstich tapestry. Yes, that's right, I sit there sewing like some medievil princess.

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  1. More shots!
  2. Fun fact: The original nick-name of the piccolo was 'the screaming twig.'
  3. Woah. So, I still doubt a little that the killings are 100% random...but nice catching that. I think we should do as @Lemonelon suggested- can the Magistrate do that, however, or is their power one-off?
  4. *hug* I'm sorry. Can you resit it because of this? *bigger hug* I'm sorry. But listen, if you're taking an exam on quantum mechanics, you are not stupid.
  5. Gosh. This is...not going so well. We really shouldn't have killed off our only allignment scanner. On a related note, does anyone know who has the doll now?
  6. Yeah I read it- I meant that I had read that, but not Castle. I should probably read it again sometime.
  7. Funnily enough, regarding Howl's Moving Castle and Castle in the Sky, the two books they are based on (Same names, except Castle is Castle in the Air) were written by the same author and are in the same series. Not having read Castle, I can't say that much about the connection, but...yeah.
  8. I'm currently wondering if the 'kitchen catching fire' could be a hint to somthing... Anyway, we really need Aman to tell us what's going on with them. Also, do we know why Hael died? He didn't mention having the doll...so it looks like he might have been eliminated to kill off two people at once? But in that case, why not kill off Aman when they mentioned they were a lover way back?
  9. Cooooool! If you do it, make sure you send us all the link!
  10. XD Guitar. I sometimes call it a git-git because it's a joke from where I do guitar. Also, apoligies for Mestiv's thing appearing in that.
  11. For being a maths nerd and coming up with cool theories!
  12. *hugs* Listen. It sounds like you're going through some serious crem right now. I'm sorry you feel that way, but I know from personal experience that it is most likely no-where near as bad as you think. Remember the shard's always here, okay? And even if you feel like that, we care about you. Yes, maybe you fail a lot, but that's okay. Also here's some cute stuff that'll hopefully cheer you up for a little bit.
  13. Yep, Seonid. Hopefully this won't kill us all. Also, Seonid, it would be great if before you died you could use your scanning ability...and of course post it for all, so we all know.