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    Australia, Land of the Sanga
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    Reading, obviously, and I also like writing. I might post some (or the premises) on here for some feedback, maybe...perhaps...

    I play the classical guitar, which has no chords and no singing accompaniment, just to clarify. Classical guitar involves really complex fingering, though. I also play piano, but not as well. I'm bad at reading bass clef (and alto, too, but luckily I don't really need to know it).

    I like cooking, especially making pastry. Figgins are probably my favourite thing to make.

    I also like doing circus stuff. I can do stilts, and also poi.

    Finally, I like doing longstich tapestry. Yes, that's right, I sit there sewing like some medievil princess.

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  1. Good luck.
  2. You won.
  3. @Darkness Ascendant *heavy Italian accent* La pasta is verrry good.
  4. Right. I've only had to do them due to being a Scout, and I know Guides also have to do then.
  5. @Darkness Ascendant oh no, now you've made me feel the pain of having to do an hour-long vigil ending at dawn on little sleep. Yes, I respect and acknowledge those who died for war. Yes, I am glad I didn't have to do the vigil this year (although one of my friends did), due to no longer being a Scout.
  6. Och, ya cannae teach ya grannie to suck eggs. Don't forget the other accents.
  7. Hey, anyone recognise this song? XD If you don't I will be slightly dissapointed.
  8. @Oversleep that looks really cool. Thinking about latern-lighters reminds me of The Little Prince, though.
  9. Okay, may as well do this (although I know it'll be a while until anything happens) So, I'm female, and I have wavy brown hair that goes a little way (10cm, maybe?) past my shoulders, with the parting slightly off-center, and a little bit of a fringe that I can tuck behind my ears. I have brown eyes (why am I describing colour, anyway? You're doing this in black and white. Maybe I'm worried if I don't mention I have eyes, you'll draw me without them...), and eyebrows are also a thing that I have. They're about average thickness, and darker brown. My face is oval-shaped (I think), slightly rounded although the chin is fairly flat. I also wear glasses, rectangular ones with a fairly long horizontal side. Also, thanks. ^-^
  10. @bleeder I know it's a bit late but *slow headpat* (that's what my friends do to me if they can't hug me and I'm looking sad) Also, @The Honor Spren that song's really cool.
  11. Ay mate, ya idiot.
  12. No... Michael Rodgers. That's why I got confused.
  13. Aw, that's a really cool story of starting a series.
  14. @Darkness Ascendant WHAT HAVE THEY DONE At least that probably means that people have read it...
  15. @Mestiv your signature is telling me it has no idea where I am...this is just amusing me over here.