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    Australia, Land of the Sanga
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    Reading, obviously, and I also like writing. I might post some (or the premises) on here for some feedback, maybe...perhaps...

    I play the classical guitar, which has no chords and no singing accompaniment, just to clarify. Classical guitar involves really complex fingering, though. I also play piano, but not as well. I'm bad at reading bass clef (and alto, too, but luckily I don't really need to know it).

    I like cooking, especially making pastry. Figgins are probably my favourite thing to make.

    I also like doing circus stuff. I can do stilts, and also poi.

    Finally, I like doing longstich tapestry. Yes, that's right, I sit there sewing like some medievil princess.

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  1. General Discussion

    So, I'm currently writing a short mystery story, which has a word limit of around 500 words. It's a style you may or may not have heard of...but the principal is this: The story sets up a mystery, usually a murder or a robbery. It's written so all the clues needed to figure it out are in the story- plus red herrings. You can try to figure it out. When it's finished, would you lot like to read it and figure out what happened?
  2. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    *hugs @Darkness Ascendant* That sounds rough. The story was...strange, but interesting. As for getting 75% THAT IS FINE YOU POTATO I myself always do similar, and then tell myself actually that's good...I've gotten dissapointed at 80-90% scores.
  3. So, in psychology we looked at a test done a few years ago at a primary school in America.Basically, it was about prejudice and how children react to it. They seperated the class of all white kids by telling them...that blue eyed people were better. I burst out laughing during class but nobody got it...
  4. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    Yeah, I heard about it this morning. Luckily, I don't think many were killed...what I heard said only one I think?
  5. Compliment the person above you!

    Ignoring Darkness, because they (quite literally) asked for it... You sound like a very nice person.
  6. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    Sounds painful... *hug*
  7. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    That is just...beautiful.
  8. Vending Machine: Sanderson edition (game)

    You get Canon in D Major! *inserts glasses-cleaning cloth*
  9. @Sunbird those were really great...the owl esspecially.
  10. Vending Machine: Sanderson edition (game)

    You get the school choir! *inserts skype*
  11. Vending Machine: Sanderson edition (game)

    You get some sage and onion. *inserts skype*
  12. Compliment the person above you!

    You're quite funny, and seem to be a nice person.
  13. "And then the murders began."

    Reminds me of a different version of that song... "Bananas in pajamas are coming down the stairs. With a shotgun, and a knife, to kill the teddy bears."