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  1. @Kaymyth I'm really sorry to hear that. And Schroedinger is a noble name for a cat.
  2. Hm. I'd compile you a list of diverse fiction I've enjoyed, but I have to go to bed now (it's getting rather late). I could send you a list of books another time, however, if you'd like.
  3. On that subject, I've seen plenty of religions and cultures portrayed in fiction without it consuming the story. It's just that said fiction isn't always the most popular or mainstream.
  4. @Del-light-full @Quiver I had way too much fun drawing Sailor Scadrial... Might colour her in later.
  5. @Sunbird That's great to hear!
  6. @Del-light-full ahaha that's great! You're tempting me to draw some too now...
  7. I'm currently imagining Sailor Roshar looking just like in the original series, but she has a long sleeve so her safehand is covered (she's not a heathen, unlike the others). Maybe even a magic safehand pouch, like those magic bags that can fit inexplicably large things in them, but it's a pouch...well, I am having a lot of fun with this idea. Would this make the cloaked dude with the mask whose purpose I can't at all remember Hoid?
  8. Prehaps this is why...
  9. Okay, I've got quite a few... Order of the Stick, Gunnerkrigg Court, and xkcd have all already been mentioned, as well as Existential Comics which I read some of yesterday. Others I've read include Hark! A Vagrant (comics about history and literature), Paranatural (ghosts, spirits, and middle-school drama, quite funny and the art's nice), Ava's Demon (sci-fi comic about aliens and demons, the art is very nice), The Property of Hate (a young girl travels to a strange land in order to be a hero, slightly surreal but it has nice art), and lately Widdershins (Victorian-era England with magic, arranged into short stories, art's fairly good). Girl Genius sounds good, so I might read that next.
  10. @Kestrel late to the party, but that is a wonderful piece of art!
  11. @Sunbird those are some top-quality birds!
  12. @Del-light-full *hugs* sorry to hear it's been so hard, and that you had a panic attack.
  13. @Droughtbringer fight me, mate Sorry I haven't been active recently, it's been a busy few days. So, I'll try and come up with some analysis.