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  1. The caveat to this rule of course being that your efficiency in battle is directly proportional to your importance to the story. 5. Additionally, while it is important to make your self valuable to whomever the "main character" appears to be, it is also important to toe the line between helpful and heartfelt companion. You must be helpful enough that you are kept around/alive, and yet not important enough personally to the hero to be used for inspiration via a touching death scene. These rules only hold of course if you are not in a grimmer fiction that has a tendency to kill of characters. 6. Don't be a messenger. Bad things always happen to messengers. 7. Don't be a scout. See above. 8. Don't work for a despotic ruler. Or bad people in general. You're either going to have a redemption arc or you're going to be one of the unnamed henchman killed by their enemies, and statically speaking the odds aren't in your favor. 9. Don't go into the woods at night. For that matter, don't go anywhere at the night. 10. Don't be a childhood friend of the main character. See rule 5. 11. Don't be a security guard. See rule 6. 12. Stay away from wizards. They just offer quests, and somebody always dies on a quest. I'll probably think of some more. This is fun.
  2. What gave him away in Well of Ascension? People said he was the leader of the terrisman refugees, and Brandon confirmed it, but even when I've reread knowing it's him, I don't see any real hint.
  3. I wanted to choose something that was cosmere themed, specifically something related to the Mistborn series since it's one of my favorites. I like Kandra, so I decided to use something that included that in my name. I was originally going to use "Faceless Kandra", but felt that Mistwraith rolled off the tongue better.
  4. Good point. I had forgotten that.
  5. Interesting theory. It makes logical sense with respect to the Realms. I figured my idea might be far fetched, I just found the possible link to Forgery interesting. As a sidenote, if my theory does work I would guess that the body in question might be Spook's. In Secret History, Kelsier mentions that Spook has an especially strong connection to him, and when I was looking through the WOB's in the Arcanum, Brandon has been somewhat coy about whether Spook is still alive. I'm probably reading too much into it or jumping to conclusions, but I figured it might be interesting.
  6. @KurkistanThank you for all the clarifications, they've really helped!
  7. I hadn't considered that. That might actually be pretty plausible. Fits better with the what we know the metallic arts can do.
  8. So at the end of BoM Wax taps the coppermind given to him, and he sees a memory of Kelsier telling the Southern Scadrians to "survive". It was a big reveal where we see Kelsier is back, and he somehow has a physical form again. Not only that but since Wax saw a scarred arm in the memory, it looks like he has a body similar to/or identical to his old one. Which seems a bit weird, since his body has long since decomposed and the most that could be left of it are the bones if TenSoon kept them. Either way, it's unlikely (at least in my opinion) that hemalurgy could be used on his skeleton to give him a physical anchor. My theory is that Kelsier used Hemalurgy to steal/inhabit another person's body, by somehow spiking them with a him-spike. As for why the body looks the same as Kelsier's old one, it could potentially be an effect similar to Forging. With Forging, a person is able to rewrite their spiritual dna (I believe, I may be remembering this incorrectly), and it can often result in a physical change. So maybe the spike somehow acts as a sort of "soul-spike" Forging a person into Kelsier.
  9. I was under the impression that he did that for the reason that since he was storing sight, he needed the glasses to see normally?
  10. One of the downsides to Feruchemy is that it takes time to store certain attributes. But what about an attribute that you can manipulate? If you hold a hot pan while storing heat, can you charge a Brass metal mind faster than normal? And if you did do this, would it affect your tapping? Like if I were to stick my hand in a fire place and store heat, when I tapped heat would it be spread throughout my body or just my arm? If this does work, in the sense that storing heat can be manipulated, can this be extended to other attributes? The only other one I could really think of that might work was weight, since you could potentially eat a great deal before storing, but even if this worked it likely would only give an incremental increase at best.
  11. I just got a notification from the site that said “faceless mistwraith is now following you.” If you were to take that out of context it would be incredibly creepy. :lol:

  12. F is for Feruchemy, for which we're spiking, U is for unwilling cooperation, N is for no survivors!
  13. Did someone say Misborn Chess?! (He says almost 3 months later). Sorry I didn't notice this before. @King Cole How did everything turn out? The Bridge Four glyph looked pretty cool. (if you've printed them, if not my mistake).
  14. @Vortaan Great job! In case you're interested in doing more songs, and want a place specifically for them there's also this thread: Cosmere! The Musical