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  1. All righty then. Here are all my questions/clarifications: Personality cards that say "play any time". Does it actually mean anytime or is there some stipulation? I thought it meant any time, but I saw an earlier post that mentioned complications about "play any time but not really". I assume they meant the cards that say "play when a certain event happens" or "play during your turn" but I wanted to make sure. What exactly does the "Steel Ministry" listing on some problem cards mean? What do you do if none of the players have the Steel Ministry as their house? So far I haven't played a game using this house because I can't say for certain what it does. Quick clarification with this. The way I think it works is that the Steel Ministry gets to ignore certain eruption effects/solved effects and decide who gets affected when a problem labeled Steel Ministry erupts. A specific question would be: There is a problem with a Steel Ministry label, but its eruption effect is that the Unrest goes up. How does this work? Unrest doesn't affect the player, so is the Steel Ministry just able to stop the Unrest from happening or does something else happen? If a person plays a Seeker on a person, is it legal for that person to play their "play at any time" cards before handing them over? This is in the case where the person doesn't have a card that can stop or redirect the Seeker, but is trying to use cards they didn't want to lose. Similarly, is a person able to do this when a problem erupts that requires a player to discard personality cards? In the event that a person uses a Smoker, are they able to redirect the effects to the player who is directing the Personality card or eruption effect? It says in the rules it can only be applied to a valid target that meets all of the conditions of the card or eruption effect, but it doesn't say whether the active player counts as a valid target. If a person Riots a problem into eruption, can it be Soothed back into the 4 slot? If the answer to the above question is yes: If a problem is in the 4 slot, can it be Rioted twice, and if it can does it require 2 Soothings to bring it back to the 4 slot? If you play a personality card and a person plays a hazekiller, and then you play a hazekiller to kill the hazekiller, is the original card still discarded, or does it survive? If a person has an excess of Soothers, can they Soothe a problem deeper into the deck, and if so how does this work? Such as if a problem is in the 1 slot and gets 2 Soothers put on it. If a player plays a Seeker on another player, are they allowed to tell other players what cards that player has? I'm sorry if some of these questions are a bit odd. Some of them came up as "what-if" scenarios during play, and I couldn't come up with/find a definitive answer either way. EDIT: I added some specifics to #2 and added a question (#9).
  2. Were you planning to distribute the cards only to backers, or is it possible for other people to ask? Also is it okay if I ask about rule clarifications here? There are some specific situations/questions that came up while I was playing with friends, and I couldn't find explicit answers in the rulebook.
  3. When making a post, in the lower right corner above "Submit Reply" there is a button that says "Insert other media". Click on this and you can choose between "Insert existing attachment" or "Insert image from URL". Hope this helps!
  4. If you did Awaken TLR's metal minds (somehow) wouldn't they immediately start draining him of investiture? Do all type 4 entities drain investiture, or is this specific to Nightblood? Also, should this be in Cosmere Theories, or some other forum? (Just asking since this isn't solely about Mistborn).
  5. I didn't know that. Sorry about the misconception earlier. What if they are given more than one Divine Breath? Can they give those away?
  6. I don't know if it would work I was just theorizing. I thought that if Divine Breath can be used to heal physical injuries, as well as fix the cognitive area needed for speech, maybe it could be used to alter TLR's spiritual aspect and remove his abilities. Like I said, I didn't know if it was possible, I just thought there might be some other uses/capabilities for the Divine Breath since a WoB hinted it could be used in Awakening. As for the second part, I thought that a Returned could use their Divine Breath as long as they had other Breaths to sustain them?
  7. I really like your interpretation of Gaz! These are all really great.
  8. I asked about whether he could use his Divine Breath to remove TLR's Allomancy and Feruchemy, but no-one responded to that train of thought. I tried looking through the Arcanum (it is really well organized by the way, shout out to all the people who put it together), but couldn't find anything that explicitly supported it. That's the only real way I could see Susebron winning, unless we let him do something silly like turn TLR's bracers into mini Nightbloods using a distance command and 1000 Breaths. Match-ups with the Lord Ruler never really seem to end well. It's really hard to come up with something that he can't counter easily with some combination of compounding.
  9. I agree with you, though Breath transfer distance isn't a factor since Susebron has the 10th and 9th heightening, which give him the ability to mentally awaken and awaken things within sound of his voice respectively.
  10. Actually, I just thought of something. Divine Breath can be used to heal a person. How about curse? If Divine Breath can be used to remove TLR's Feruchemy and Allomancy, Susebron might be able to win. Again, this would depend heavily on the extent to which divine Breath can be used, and whether TLR gave Susebron the necessary time to think.
  11. I believe TLR's palace is called Kredik Shaw. I would have to go with TLR, for a couple reasons. The 1st major reason is of course compounding, since it gives TLR access to absurds amount of speed, strength, healing, etc. The 2nd major reason is the fact that, for all of Susebron's power, he is incredibly fragile. Heightenings do not grant any physical reinforcement benefits, besides the peak prime condition that comes with being Returned, and I don't know if there is a way Susebron can use his divine Breath on himself, so he would have the durability of a normal human vs TLR's ridiculous levels of healing. From there it really comes down to how while Awakening can be used for combat, I don't feel like it is as suited for it as Allomancy and Feruchemy are, especially in a metal heavy location such as Kredik Shaw. The only way I could see Susebron winning is if he mentally commanded TLR's clothes to remove his bracers, but even then I am unsure if he would be able to do this before TLR could react.
  12. During the final battle, Dalinar uses his new Bondsmith power to charge all of the nearby spheres, which is what allows all of the Radiants to use their powers constantly. But even after Dalinar does this, Lift still asks him where the food stores are, since she gets stormlight from food. My question is: Can Lift breath in stormlight normally? She has to know that it's a thing. She's seen several Radiants do it, including Darkness, so she should definitely know that people with surge binding can breathe in stormlight. But she still seems to only access via food. Is there a reason for this or is Lift not putting 2 and 2 together?
  13. @Ookla the Variable Great job! I think this might be the first Lift song on this thread, and it really fits with her character. Small little detail, I think you got the wrong pronoun when the Skybreakers say "Rip him open".
  14. Codex Alera (series) (alternate)
  15. So in Oathbringer, Jasnah reveals that Renarin's spren look like a normal Truthwatcher spren, and that this is because it is corrupted by Odium. However Dalinar later thinks of Renarin as a Truthwatcher. So is Renarin actually a Truthwatcher? Is Glys a corrupted Truthwatcher spren or something else? And if it is something else, how is Renarin able to mimic a Knight Radiant's abilities? I'm sorry if this was clarified at the end of the book, but I couldn't find any clear mention of it.