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  1. Could you elaborate on this? I was under the impression that it was being released on November 15th, since this was what was listed under "Additional information"
  2. I don't get it.
  3. The type we saw at the end of Words of Radiance.
  4. Great last couple chapters! Really excited for the book. Did not expect Jasnah to show up so early. That's going to lead to some wonderful interactions as she realizes what everyone has been up to while she's been gone. Thought of something during Kaladin's escape: The Voidbringers/The Fused seem to mimic the powers of Radiants. That made me think about what kind of Radiant the previous type of Voidbringer could be imitating. I humbly propose that they were imitating dust bringers, and that they give us an idea of what a dust bringer's powers look like.
  5. Good Wheel of time summaries! Also, Bartimaeus Trilogy! Have an up vote.
  6. Well of Ascension
  7. Or if you're not a patient person, all you have to do is: 1. Systematically track down a couple sharders (23 is the recommended number, more than this and it gets suspicious). 2. Take careful note of when they're are on the Shard, as well as which parts of the forum they frequently visit. 3. Tailor a series of posts to those sharders and Riot their emotions when they view them.
  8. I would like to qualify my "yes". Yes more polls could be good, but only if they actually serve a point, or are actually trying to get the general opinion.
  9. 1.What is your position on the ethical controversy of utilizing luminescent vegetation in the place of streetlights? 2.If you had to broker peace between two warring nations of mole-people, how would you satisfy both the Deep-downer's wish for more caving rights and the Under-Cruster's desire for lucrative minerals? 3.In the event of the herbivore-turned-carnivore Apocalypse, which would you choose as the cause: Man-eating Rabbits or Zombie Cows? 4. What is your favorite book?
  10. I agree that they wouldn't be able to Re-Return if they died by giving up their Breath. I was mostly wondering: A.) How likely it could be that Devotion could pick the same person twice B.) If there was a way to influence whether or not you're chosen if you were chosen before C.) If other magic systems could be used to game the Returned system. If I'm understanding you correctly, I don't think that has happened, since it is never mentioned that some Returned repeatedly Return. Lightsong probably would have mentioned it if one Returned kept coming back to hold the role of god of (insert trait here).
  11. Sanderson did it. He found a way to take two of the most hated Stormlight characters and make them one. Also, really surprised about the Adolin-Helaran reveal. Here I thought it was going to be something later in the book, and Adolin just casually reveals it in a chat. Blackthorn was scary as usual, but it looked like Dalinar was starting to change slightly more towards the person he is in the present.
  12. Welcome to the Shard! Have an up vote! Have you read the Wax and Wayne books?
  13. Here's one from when we were trying to kill planets: After you spike the Cosmere, I'm pretty sure you've broken the magic system. Really, you could just go ahead and say "If it can be spiked, it will be spiked".
  14. I like seeing what everyone thinks. Also, Poll-ception? I approve. The most logical step of course now is to make a poll about polls on polls...
  15. The contrast between these two things is hilarious. A concept I'm thinking of is a sword that gradually attunes the user to their surroundings the longer they are in combat. Essentially, the longer the person is in a fight, the more situational awareness they gain, until they reach the point that they can predict their opponent's movements.