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  1. 142. In the event you are trying to poison someone, always be sure to keep several does of the antidote on your person. 143. Never train animals to do your killing for you. This only guarantees that said animals will one day be used to kill you for the purpose of irony. 144. Never be the first person to cross a bridge. 145. Never be the last person to cross a bridge. 146. Avoid bridges. Especially ones made of rope/vines.
  2. 128. In the event that you ignored Rule 52, don't volunteer to pilot and/or test any experimental aircraft. In fact, just avoid aircraft in general if you have a kid, especially if they've come to see you off. Otherwise you will likely die in order to give them a tragic backstory. 129. In the event you ignored Rule 52, don't be part of an specialized defense force that many people look up to. See the above rule for reasons why. 130A. Don't be a hero. Heroes have a tendency to die heroic deaths (hence the "heroic" part of the phrase). 130B. Don't be a coward. Cowards are either killed in order to set an example, or to reveal to the hero a trap/defense/monster that could have killed them had you not acted before them. 131. Always strive to be morality neutral positive. This is the safest morality to have, since it helps you avoid the dangers of Rules 130 A & B. 132. In the event you are a scientist conducting an experiment, and you/your assistant notice an anomaly of any kind, stop the experiment immediately. It doesn't matter if said anomaly/error is "within safe parameters". Something will definitely go horribly wrong. 133. Avoid getting married/relationships, especially with people who have a profession/hobby that is related to law enforcement. Bad things tend to happen to the loved ones of heroes/detectives/etc. 134. In the event you ignored Rule 133, and a serial killer (or some other criminal equivalent) escapes prison and happens to hold a grudge against your significant other, quietly fake your death and move to another country at the earliest opportunity. Otherwise you will either be the first victim in the killer's revenge cycle, or the target of the killer's grand finale. 135. When in doubt about your own personal safety, always quietly fake your death and move to another country/continent/world/etc. It may seem extreme/ridiculous, but that is why it works. 136. Never stress test your invincibility spell/item/power/etc. It always fails at inconvenient (i.e lethal) times.
  3. Couldn't Southern Scadrians potentially help get around this through the use of medallions?
  4. Ratatouille
  5. @The One Who Connects Does this also apply to aluminum bullets as well?
  6. Question: Would the void bringers aid the Rosharans in their conquest? If so, that could lead to some interesting strategies. Aside from that, there is another aspect Scadrial definitely has an edge in, which would be espionage/sabotage. Assuming the Kandra are willing, they could easily be used to acquire information on attack plans, assassinate important generals, or just general chaos and sabotage. Knowing that a couple of literally faceless spies may be among their ranks certainly wouldn't improve morale or trust between nations either. Considering Roshar doesn't seem to have any similar means of spying, since Lightweavers require stormlight to sustain illusions over an extended period of time and Simians can't pass for human on close inspection, this would leave them at a strategical disadvantage.
  7. @Calderis I always thought that it was more like a freeze frame too. If it did force them to suddenly age in order to catch up, wouldn't Vasher not be able to become a drab, since he would suddenly age after giving up the breaths? Or would it different for him since he's Returned? (Oathbringer spoiler)
  8. Wouldn't Scadrial have to be set in Era 1 in order for this to be truly fair? I believe they have weapons such as gatling guns and explosives in Era 2, (not to mention Souther Scadrialian technology) so I don't think Roshar could feasibly stand up to such technology, even factoring in fabrials and shard plate, given their more medieval weaponry. Also, can we assume that Roshar has more Knights Radiant, or are we limited by only the people currently living in each era? I.e is it only Dalinar & his Radiants + OB time-frame Roshar vs. Wax & his allies + Era 2 Scadrial?
  9. Welcome to the shard! Have an up vote. Which books have you read?
  10. What is your position on the ethical controversy of utilizing luminescent vegetation in the place of streetlights? If you had to broker peace between two warring nations of mole-people, how would you satisfy both the Deep-downer's wish for more caving rights and the Upperer-Cruster's desire for lucrative mineral access? As a follow-up question, how would you bridge the cultural gap between yourself and the mole-people in order to ensure they will actually listen to your advice? In the event you needed to get a jar of pickles, but you were unable to leave the house and could only communicate in broken, backwards Spanish, how would you acquire said jar of pickles?
  11. This is a really hard one to answer. I would have to say that Final Empire would be my favorite mistborn book, since it was the first Sanderson book I read, and introduces some of m favorite characters, but Bands of Morning & Shadows of Self would be close second/third, since they have some of my favorite character moments/arcs.
  12. 113. In the event that you have failed a mission for your evil boss (in violation of Rule 8), and your boss is uncharacteristically kind and understanding, causally make an excuse and leave the room, while keeping a safe distance between you & your boss and taking care not to eat/drink anything they offer. Then leave the building, fake your death, and move to another country, preferably on another continent that your boss is not currently planning to destroy. Otherwise, they are definitely going to kill you in order to set an example. 114. If you hear a suspicious noise nearby/behind you, do not slowly turn around to see what it is. Immediately start running in the opposite direction. If it's friendly you'll find out eventually, whereas if it isn't you'll likely get a head start on whatever it is. 115. In the event that you are confronting an enemy/rival, never ask "You and what army?". This will only guarantee that an army (or small ragtag group whose total abilities equal one) will suddenly appear to turn the battle in your enemy/rival's favor. 116. Never pick a fight with a blind person, especially if they appear completely calm despite apparent danger. They are almost invariably a person with unparalleled fighting ability or some old master who is not to be trifled with. 117. Don't give in to peer pressure. People who give in to peer pressure tend to end up dead, being hunted after you've seen something you weren't supposed to, gaining superpowers, or some combination of the three. Be firm about how you feel. Note: In the event that you followed this rule, but in the following weeks you hear that something strange is going on and the friends who tried to get you to go are now acting nervous/suspicious, be sure to tell everyone who will listen that you're glad you didn't go with your friends, because it is highly likely that your friends are now being hunted by the government/secret research team/a killer. Otherwise, said government/secret research team/killer will kill you after mistakenly assuming that you were a witness, in order to make the main characters realize that "things are serious". 118. In the event you are in a building with friends, and you see a mysterious figure at the end of a dark hallway/in a dark room, don't assume this person/thing is one of your friends and call out to it. It probably isn't, and whoever/whatever it is will probably kill you. Instead, walk at a brisk pace in the opposite direction to somewhere that is well lit in order to find your friends. Start sprinting the moment you hear anything behind you. 119. In the event that you find yourself in a hallway, and the lights start systematically going out, immediately sprint towards the most well lit area, and keep running until the you find a well lit area surrounded by more well lit areas, with no sign of darkness. Dark hallways rarely end well. 120. Avoid darkness in general (not to be confused with @Darkness_). Darkness & dark places in general rarely lead to good things.
  13. 105. If you happen to be a villain and the hero saves your life/pulls you to safety, don't immediately try to backstab/kill them. This will only ensure that you will die shortly after doing so, since the universe loves ironically timed karma. 106. In the event that you find yourself in a party of explorers looking for an ancient artifact and the temple that houses said artifact begins to collapse, leave immediately. Don't pause for a moment to grab a handful of gold coins or some neat trinket. Only the main character could possibly succeed at doing this, and it is much more likely that you will be crushed under some rubble while pocketing treasure in order to teach the main character a lesson on greed. 107. In the event that you failed to comply with the beginning of Rule 106, and you and a friend are now hanging for dear life over a chasm in the collapsing floor with the treasure you were looking for nearby/just out of arms reach, don't reach for the artifact/treasure. Grab the friend/companion's hand and pull them up (or be pulled up if you are the one dangling). If you reach for the artifact/treasure, you will likely die in order to teach a lesson as previously mentioned in Rule 106. Otherwise, if you do somehow manage to grab it and then leave your friend to die, you guarantee that your friend will not only survive, but will come back in some later adventure where you will inevitably receive your comeuppance by dying. 108. In the event you are in a group of people traveling in a dark/dangerous area, always strive to travel in the front-half middle of the group. This maximizes your relative safety, since it ensures that you will not be one of the people in the back who mysteriously disappear as a result of some deadly silent monster, while at the same time protecting you from being one of the people that gets caught in the death trap/ambush in the front. As an additional bonus, this placement gives you the optimal position to run from threats.
  14. 98. Always know how to swim. 99. Don't swim. There is always something in the water. This is doubly true for water that appears too still, has odd ripples, or just happens to ripple ominously. 100. *Rule One: Do not act incautiously when confronting a little bald wrinkly smiling man. This extends to mysterious figures, travelers, and anyone who happens to act incredibly confident when you threaten them. They are probably the chosen one, the main character, a legendary warrior, or some old master who's about to impress their future pupil by dispatching you in a sudden unexpected display of skill. *Not to be confused with Rule 1 or the Number One Rule.
  15. 80. In the event that you failed to comply with Rule 1, and have for some reason have summoned a demon/dark entity, do not under any circumstances make a deal/pact/bet/etc, with said demon or any of its underlings. This very, very rarely goes well, and often results in a gruesome fate for the summoner, (i.e you). 81. In the event that you failed to comply with both Rule 1 and Rule 80, do not set any form of high stakes. Setting a high price or stakes ensures that you will likely come up short or be otherwise unable to honor your side of the bargain, which will likely result in your soul be taken/gruesome fate/death/etc. 82. In the event you managed to not only ignore Rule 1, but also the 2 previous rules, do not try to skip out on your part of the bargain. Read the previous rules for clarification on why this is such a bad idea. Or don't. At this point, considering you've managed to ignore all 3 previous rules, you're kind of getting what's coming to you.