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  1. Mistborn
  2. This is really great @ccstat! It fits really well with the music, and the image of serious Khriss singing this to even more serious Nazh is hilarious. *I received a notification about being quoted in this thread, and I honestly couldn't figure out how I had been quoted in a thread I hadn't even heard of until I checked the page. That was funny.
  3. At the end of Edgedancer, Darkness/Nale finally realized that the Desolation had arrived. Upon realizing this he flew off, and we don't hear from him again. So what is he doing? What will he do with the knowledge that the Desolation has returned? This is especially important considering he has been training a small troupe of Skybreakers to kill off Radiants. Will these Skybreakers end up joining Dalinar and the gang in Oathbringer? It certainly doesn't make sense that Nale would tell them to keep hunting proto-Radiants, but would they listen if he suddenly told them to stop? Thoughts?
  4. They would have to be able to create cartilage however, since we have seen examples of Kandra creating bodies using only the bones, and they were not missing ears, nose, etc. edit: Ninja'd by @Kingsdaughter613
  5. I am now testing Mistborn Chess Era 2 if anyone wants to try it. I am mainly trying to find balance issues, but all feedback is welcome.


  6. Hello fellow Sharders! In case you didn't know, I am on a mission to make Cosmere themed chess rules. The next step was coming up for rules for Era 2 of Mistborn. It has been a couple days since I put the rules up, and since there has been no real suggestions about rule changes, I'm moving on to the next step: testing! I would greatly appreciate if any fellow sharders could try playing a game of chess using these rules and let me know what works (and what doesn't). I will try to test it myself as much as I can, but I currently do not have much easy access to either a chessboard or people who are both are interested in Sanderson's books and willing to play an alternate chess game. I would greatly appreciate any feedback people can give. Here are the Era 2 rules for quick reference: The bold and italicized parts are rules that I liked and wanted to include, but was unsure if they could lead to imbalances. Any feedback regarding these would be especially appreciated. If you would like to suggest a new piece or some other new game mechanic, please put it here: Please let me know what you think! If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. Enjoy the game!
  7. I personally believe that they would be able to do achieve this, though it would require a Kandra to digest an aquatic specimen first, since they would be dealing with organic structures that they would initially be unfamiliar with.
  8. I would like to quickly throw in a theory I came up with while reading these chapters: Mr. T's people are interfering with Dalinar's communications, in order to make it so that Mr. T is the only one Dalinar can turn to. This would explain why Azir is being so unresponsive, despite having a Radiant. It could also explain why Queen Fen suddenly changed her tone. If Mr. T's Diagram followers were near the span reeds, they could potentially tweak or change parts of Dalinar's communications as they are relayed, which could potentially change the tone of Dalinar's message to band together into something less peaceful, all without Dalinar realizing.
  9. Elantris Warbreaker
  10. Your friend says they need to stop by the ATM, but you hear "atium".
  11. Professor Wilford crawled through the crumbling ruins, his assistant Crumley trailing behind him. "Is all of this really necessary sir?" he whined. "We've been crawling around this dusty old temple for hours looking for your stupid relic. We ought to turn back and cut our losses." Professor Wilford turned toward his assistant, his faced wrinkled with horror. "How dare you suggest such a thing Crumley? This 'stupid relic'," he scoffed, "Is a priceless artifact! It is an integral part of our society's culture." He punctuated this last bit with an indignant stab of his finger. Satisfied that his point was made, he turned to continue, only to walk straight through a particularly large cobweb. "Of course sir", Crumley replied dryly as the Professor danced about trying to brush himself off. "It makes sense that an ancient civilization would leave something so valuable in the middle of their crumbling city." Professor Wilford pulled a final strand of web from his face, shooting a dark look towards his assistant. "Your vote of confidence not withstanding," he sneered, "it will all be worth it once we find..." He trailed off as they turned a corner, revealing a path that opened up to set of stairs, upon which a large pedestal bathed in a beam of sunlight sat. Even Crumley's prepared retort was lost as they both glimpsed the large red button that sat on the pedestal. Quarrel forgotten, the two of them raced up the stairs, coming to a stop before the button. "I can't believe it" Professor Wilford breathed. With trembling hands he lifted the device close. "We've found the legendary McGuffin!" he crowed holding the device above aloft. "We did it Professor!" Crumley cheered, his enthusiasm conveniently recovered. The Professor passed the artifact to him as he pulled a set of notes from his breast pocket. "Now if my research is correct," He muttered excitedly, riffling through the pages, "We should be able to master the power of the relic." Crumley looked up from examining the McGuffin at this. "Power?" he asked. Professor Wilford nodded, engrossed in his notes. "Yes, power. According to legend, the McGuffin is said to grant the user any wish." Crumley's eyes brightened at this. "Wonderful!" he exclaimed. Then, without so much as a second thought, he pushed the button. "I wish for some air conditioning!" He declared to the empty room. There was a quiet moment, in which absolutely nothing happened. Crumley glanced at Professor Wilford, who was staring at him in horror. "Why did nothing happen?" he asked. This seemed to snap Professor Wilford out of his reverie. "You idiot!" he screamed in terror. "You have to make a wish before pressing the button! Otherwise there's no telling what could-" The world ended, adorned by the sounds of out-of-tune goats and and bursts of AK-47 fire. ------------------------------------ Jeremy decided at that moment, as unspeakable terrors chased him through bowels of Hal's Hardware™, that he would never again wear plaid.
  12. When you repeatedly read "TL;DR" as "The Lord Ruler".
  13. This is something anyone can do, even in real life. You can use this to complete those "find the object that is different" puzzles.
  14. Elend by default, because Vin would kill all of the competition. Who would be more likely to correct your grammar, Susebron or Pattern?
  15. Sorry about that, forgot. Cold as Ice by Foreigner.