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  1. By reporting it to a mod. Don't worry, they're nice and won't hold it against you
  2. It's not. But now the option is open to you
  3. You can now legally throw goldfish at dry ice! Congrats!
  4. Well, rip. Steel is an elariel secretive Mistborn and Elandera is an elariel who claims no allomantic powers. Rip me
  5. Elandera Steel @Elandera let us eliminate Steel. Better a draw than a loss
  6. So because of family plans, my activity level, once we reached June 17th, will drop faster than Buttercup down lightning sand. For a week leading up to that, it'll decrease sporadically. Because of this, I'll join the spec doc
  7. Metals can be burned anywhere. Most magic systems can be used anywhere, with Selish magics being the exception. IDK if shards would be able to identify if somebody is using investiture from a different shard
  8. There's probably nothing that will convince you guys not to vote for me at this point. Tbh, I am content to die here. I expected to die D1. Unless one of you have a killing ability, enjoy your stalemate. Elandera I'm pretty sure Steel is a secretive
  9. Dalinar Even though your power is arbitrary, I'd rather get rid of its concentration in one person
  10. Or we could abstain from voting and let you both die via a tie Nvm, ninja'd
  11. Elandera(2) - Dalinar(they openly admitted to be an orator) Dalinar(2) - Elandera, Elephant @RippleGylf @Steeldancer you guys have been silent since we killed Araris
  12. [*color=(desired color)] (Text) [\*color] without the stars
  13. IDK why they placed the add. It might (really big might, but my current best guess) have something to do with Awakening
  14. @Straw you also used the wrong title. This is Day Seven
  15. Sweet, I get magic bones ........ and a lifestyle that frightens Hrathen. Whoops.