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  1. theory

    Something similar to Leven Thumps?
  2. It's called classical music
  3. If I counted correctly, we had 3 votes for 11 and 4 for 404
  4. When you know that that exists on the Coppermind
  5. Theoretically, yes, you could use duralumin to boost other magics. However, that person would have to be a allomancer capable of burning duralumin. Much easier to use a nicrosil misting to boost effects
  6. @Steeldancer is it addressed to you? Cause that's weird. Really cool, but weird
  7. I live really close to antelope island and I've never seen the antelope. You are one lucky duck.
  8. I don't blame your friend for not finishing. WoT is a struggle. I haven't even finished yet. Convert him, bring him to the greatness of the Cosmere
  9. Makes fun of Wheel of Time. Black trenchcoat / 10
  10. It doesn't stop his building of isolation from having tech to make food for him.
  11. Not stealing, just asking for them and convincing the grocery store to give them to him on a consistent basis. But his fortress of loneliness might have done weird alien tech that makes food for him
  12. Anything is free if you take it without paying
  13. Sorry for going quiet, I've been (and still technically am) sick and haven't had the energy to do any critical thinking. I'm going to catch myself up and maybe comment on current issues.
  14. I'll join as Melb. My vote is either for Bridge 404, famous for losing things, or Bridge 24601