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  1. It was Professor Plum in the Parlor with the Pistol Let the madness commence!
  2. I love Clue. Sign me up as Señor Shqueeves
  3. At max they know two chunks right now. If we can waste their conversions (the only get between 15%-30% which is (22*.15) 3.4 to 6.6 people) getting less useful players to figure out the other chunks that'd be beneficial
  4. Here's how I view it. Shaor, Karata, and Aanden wouldn't start out in the same groups. If we then cut all the players into chunks, with one guaranteed faction leader in each, the Spirits could guarantee getting at least one leader by focusing on one chunk, rather than relying on observed methods to predict who is in which faction. If the Spirits aren't in any other faction to begin with, then having the Independants contact people would prove their identity, and with the faction lists we could identify the Spirits. Using the lynch and Shaor's Wildmen we could kill Raoden and Galladon this turn. Saying it like that makes me realize that we wouldn't win turn one, but we would remove both of their sub roles, which is a useful step.
  5. If Coop is interpreting the rules correctly, and the Spirits are mixed in with the other factions, then openly placing faction lists just increases their chances of picking Shaor, Karata or Aanden. That said, if Coop isn't interpreting the rules correctly, then we could probably win this turn by having the Independants use their ability to contact people. So, @Coop772, what in the rules makes you believe what you do
  6. I'm pretty sure there's a WoB about repeated spikings creating a sort of spiritual "scar-tissue", but I'm having trouble finding it. Have this similar one instead (spoilered for length)
  7. Hmm. Apparently I spent my absence learning how to make stamps
  8. "It's like volleyball, but with 28 volleyballs, none of which are shaped like volleyballs" "Note to self: don't lick [Bob]'s hair." "What if you wish to be killed by a ladder?"
  9. Talking to Maill is like tickling a live silverpike. No matter how careful you are, you're going to lose a finger or two. This is from Alv's signature. If accurate, it spells many things for this game. I'm excited. Sign me up as Shqueev
  10. By reporting it to a mod. Don't worry, they're nice and won't hold it against you
  11. It's not. But now the option is open to you
  12. You can now legally throw goldfish at dry ice! Congrats!
  13. Well, rip. Steel is an elariel secretive Mistborn and Elandera is an elariel who claims no allomantic powers. Rip me