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  1. Coppermind is not completely canon. That said, Hemalurgy works by ripping a piece off of a spiritweb and attaching it to someone else, so it mainly is a spiritual change that is reflected in the spiritual realm. I believe that they would retain their abilities, but since they don't eat metal very often it's unlikely that they ever use them
  2. 16. Being comedy relief is to your benefit as you'll get powerful plot armor
  3. About the seasons, Brandon has said this I could've sworn that there was one about Roshar's planetary tilt being basically inexistant, but I can't find it
  4. Yeah
  5. These WoBs are the ones you're looking for
  6. Not if they worked together
  7. Please note that I'll be gone the first week of April. Hopefully we'll be done by then, but I might miss the last few cycles.
  8. He's mainly RAFO'd questions about nicrosil feruchemy, but based on what happens in era 2 and this WoB, I'd say both
  9. Slight necro, but
  10. lg43

    I'm considering joining. This would be my first shard game, and I don't know how my schedule will be over the next few weeks.
  11. Congrats to the elims on a game well played. Thanks to @Drake Marshall for running this game. I'm glad that my communication mistake ended up helping the village, even though we ultimately lost.
  12. It's because the Ars Arcana are written at about the same time as the story. As more metals were discovered, she updated her notes.