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  1. Nope it’s not
  2. Welcome to the 17 shard here have a cookie,
  3. I do remember there being a WOB that's say a that if you had a perfect cut spherical gem theoretically, no stormlight would leak from it.
  4. If they do have souls, then what happens if Nalthus gives its breath to some one. Assuming it is at all possible. Also I just want to see a Mogo moment
  5. This is awesome! FotS: Fifth of Night Vorin: Joseoph( I can't figure out my vorin name.) Unkalaki: Jos'rituhoenilituokidonon'fabolses Shin: Joseph-son-Luke Korathi: Dionen( because I can be really stubborn) Returned: WeatherKeeper I liked the sound of it. Threnodite: Caring Larish Kandra: RuDaan
  6. Here's another one called the scourge of the betrayal just saying it's more for adults than kids so yeah. of the Betrayer&Filesize=455kb&Author1=Salyards, Jeff&Author2= &Author3= &Author4=&Extension=epub its really good, I'm planning to get the second book.
  7. Welcome to the 17th shard and just a forewarning if someone's gives you cookies, give them right on back.
  8. Me I would be a pewter/gold compounder because I would have my physical attributes increased and I can store healing with little to no side effects.
  9. My money's on Prof
  10. Welcome, have a cookie. Have you read warbreaker?
  11. Alright Arninian,what I actually meant to say because I phrased it real wrong, what I meant to say that I was suspicious and I just wanted people to go a bit more quick on their voting.
  12. The giant looked pretty close what I thought thunderclasts would look like. It looks a lot like the Titans on attack on Titan but just made out of rock.