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  1. So, I was thinking about the Unmade, more specifically their names, how ones have one, two, or no hyphens. I think that the names of each Unmade are related to their sentience. I mean, the three mindless forces, Nergaoul, Moelach, and Ashertmarn, have no hyphens, and the others (excluding Ba-Ado-Mishram) have one hyphen, and, judging by what we have seen of them, they at least know what they are doing, and, according to Hessi’s Mythica, Ba-Ado-Mishram was really smart, sometimes even acting as Odium’s general during some Desolations. So yeah, if you guys can support or debunk this theory, I’d be glad to hear it, as I’m not completely sure about it, it’s just something that crossed my mind when rereading OB.
  2. Me when watching the name of the podcast: Oh, boy... Honestly, I actually don’t hate Moash as much as most people, I would even say I like him as THE cremhole after all of the other cremholes died in either WoR or OB, because I mean, we gotta have AN cremhole
  3. Hello, welcome to the Shard! Hope you like the forums! Have you read every Cosmere book? And, what’s your favorite?
  4. Welcome to the Shard Nale! Really interesting post. I think you are right. I think the “Scholars” in Five Scholars is because they just traveled all around the Cosmere, and then they established on Nalthis. Because I don’t think they are from Nalthis. Judging by their names, I’d guess they come from different parts of the Cosmere, and they just formed like a little group and they shared all their knowledge and stuff, because names like Shashara don’t sound like they come from Nalthis. Maybe Denth/VaraTreledees is Nalthis native, but anyways, I’m going off topic. I do think they worldhopped all around the Cosmere, and when they went to Nalthis, people thought they were really smart, and that they invented things like other kinds of investiture.
  5. I think everybody agrees with you on the book 5 character. As for my choice for book 4... Idk, there are a lot of possibilities. Maybe it’s a character that we still don’t even know was at the Palace.
  6. I love Kaladin, Szeth, Dalinar and Kelsier. I think the most relatable one is Dalinar, because he’s just a man trying to fix all the wrong he has done, and he is called a hypocrite in the process. Idk, it’s really relatable. I also love the little glimpses we’ve seen of Talenel, in case my username and profile pic didn’t give it away. i also can’t stand Shallan btw
  7. Welp, only if it wasn’t a HUNDRED STORMING DOLLARS!
  8. Well, Kaladin would win. Easily. Even if the Mark of Achilles protects Percy from shards, or from falling, Kaladin is still a better fighter, there’s no water on the Shattered Plains, if Percy ever got a hit, Kaladin would heal, in fact, I think Kaladin could also win even if Percy was near water. I don’t think it’s a fair matchup, the Neshua Kadal(Only I call them that. It sounds more badass than Knights Radiant)are more powerful than any of the demigods in PJ. And besides, I don’t think the Mark of Achilles would protect Percy if he was sent to outer space with a lashing.
  9. It’s really sad. I live in Mexico, so it’s going to be a while until I go to the USA again.
  10. I have no idea why, but I love all of the Heralds names, they just sound like, regal, and royal, I don’t know how to explain it. I also love Hrathen, it’s just so amazing. I like Khrissalla and Nazh, which is probably not his full name, but its storming awesome still. I love Kaladin, too. It just a perfect name for the kind of character he is, I love it.
  11. I liked Warbreaker since the first read, but I only liked it. It’s the only Sanderson book that I don’t love completely along with Elantris. I’ve always considered SA and Mistborn to be the best books, while Elantris and Warbreaker were the good ones. Sometimes, I even forget that they exist, since they are the ones that are less important to the Cosmere as a whole, but maybe that could change after Brandon has written the sequels for them.
  12. I don’t know how to feel. While I do think that they need to expand the Star Wars Universe more since they erased from canon most of the things we knew(I’m still pissed about that), but I also think there’s just way too much going on with Star Wars. I mean, how are they going to do three storming trilogies at the same time. So, it would be cool to explore more the Disney SW universe, but I’m worried this may cause a decline in quality. I think we are better off staying with the Skywalker saga, and then have some spinoffs here and there, like Rogue One.
  13. You know you are a Sanderfan when you and your History teacher instantly become best friends just because you both like Brandon
  14. Welcome to the Shard! Hope you have a great time meeting us all and looking for theories and stuff. Regarding the Kelsier vs Kaladin thing, Kelsier would win, hand down. Maybe Kaladin when he is more experienced and has said more oaths. A more interesting fight would be Szeth vs Kelsier, pre WoR Szeth