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  1. Nightblood and the Evil

    You, sir, are the Lord of Puns and Jokes, could I be your apprentice?
  2. Nightblood and the Evil

    It would be cool, but if my memory is right, the Evil was only mentioned in SfSitFoH, not described, I don't think any Threnodite dares to Elend Venture (see what I did there?) into the "Evil chunk" of Threnody
  3. Nightwatcher Boon/Bane (Game)

    Well, you have me here
  4. Nightwatcher Boon/Bane (Game)

    1) All of the people you get near to will get a disease that will cause them to die in one month 2) The Nightwatcher will summon The Flash so he can travel back in time and KILL BRANDON SANDERSON! I wish to read Oathbringer!
  5. Do your worst!...literally.

    "10/10, A revolution in the sci-fi genre" The New York Times Send me the full file as PDF in personal messages
  6. Sanderson "Would you Rather"

    The second option. That's what happens anyway, since I live in Mexico. Would you rather meet Sazed or Jasnah?
  7. Pondering State of Sanderson 2016

    I suppose, I don't know
  8. Pondering State of Sanderson 2016

    State of Sanderson is normally posted in December 19th, Brandon's birthday. OMG! It's in just two days! I'm most excited for Mistborn and Elantris
  9. Kaladin Remix

    Awesome! Will you do this for other characters?
  10. Stormlight

    I think there is a limit in every investiture, if someone could just take all of the Stormlight in the world, it would be OP. I think of this because of Mistborn. Someone cannot digest unlimited metal, the only kind of investiture that I think doesn't have a limit is breaths
  11. You Know You're a Sanderfan When... Part 2

    Are you sure the guy wasn't Vasher in disguise again?
  12. You Know You've Read Elantris When...

    When you wake up in Monday and you look like a zombie and you tell your mom: "Mom! The Shaod got me! Take me to Elantris!
  13. Trell is various Shards theory

    That would be a let down. I think Trell is Brandon's chance to introduce the Cosmere in Mistborn, I mean, he has introduced it, but not as much as in SA
  14. Stick PoV?

  15. Hello all

    Welcome, @PixelShard, the cookie that @Ironeyes is giving you is 100% dangerous safe, and I assure you that you will be harmed pleased while eating this cookie. I hope you enjoy the cookie! I wanted to advice you, it has extra blood cinnamon.