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  1. The Stormfather says Odium can see the future but his vision is murky (or something like that) so it's probably not too likely he could see so far with such clarity.
  2. The Blade he took from Taln wasn't an Honorblade but a regular Shardblade. At some point by persons unknown the Blades got switched.
  3. Despite being created by Ruin and Preservation Scadrians are still human, just a different kind of human compared to those found on other worlds. Where did you read them naturally having pieces of metal in them?
  4. Regarding your first point, there's this from a couple of years ago: Since Compounding is using Preservation's power like allomancy duraluminium boosting could work.
  5. Welcome! We're all mad nerds here. Stay away from the offered food and change a word or two in the "welcome phrase". You'll survive for a bit longer.
  6. Dalinar can use Adhesion in the same way as Kaladin. He uses it to stick a chair to a wall and to stick Kadash (I think) to the floor.
  7. Make sure you remove the spike before eating it.
  8. Since we don't know everything about every magic system a full comparison can't quite be made but based on what we know now I'd personally say either Surgebinding or AonDor.
  9. If crem is somehow of Autonomy it'd show signs of mixing or co-opting.
  10. This would suggest the silver is in fact silver rather than aluminium. I don't think you're the first to come to the conclusion you did, sorry to burst the bubble.
  11. It's how many Reshi clashes work.
  12. Both Devotion and Dominion are Splintered and all of Sel's magics draw on their power as the Dor. There are theories about some magic variations being closer to one Shard or another (like AonDor being closer to Devotion).
  13. Looks amazing!
  14. I got Windrunner. Not a surprise given it's an online quiz, if it were judging my actual actions I doubt I'd attract a spren.
  15. Since this involves information/content that was in Oathbringer the thread title'll need to be marked with [OB].