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  1. It's possible he just has Taldainian sand.
  2. Yeah it's tricky to answer that kind of question without giving away spoilers.
  3. Elantrians could probably draw Aons on any equipment/tools to give them an edge. Not to mention Forgers.
  4. Aon Daa has only been used as an attack Aon. Where'd you get power enhancement from?
  5. Ien's AonDor effect is healing.
  6. I don't think we know enough about keenspren to start predicting. Especially since "keen" can refer to more than one thing. Edit: apparently one of the translations has keenspren as lamentspren so that clears things up a bit.
  7. Non SA content in the spoiler box:
  8. Wasn't there a martial art in one of the broadsheets that helped a Leecher?
  9. Curves are also a kind of line. I'm not sure of why it was changed (although it may be because she was on her own as opposed to being connected with Jasnah) but I'm fairly certain it's Pattern.
  10. IMO it'd be the time spent in the bubble.
  11. Brandon could've potentially gotten the name from there or perhaps they both drew from the same inspiration. The site is called Arcanum in reference to the Ars Arcanum at the back of many Cosmere books. Yup. Seventeenth is a group while the 16 proper Shards are more like gods/beings/forces. Hoid's goals are something of a mystery but they seem to involve intervention which is something the Seventeeth Shard isn't a fan of.
  12. combat

    Khriss wrote it, yes. But most require something more than knowledge.
  13. combat

    Since when do they have access to every magic system?
  14. combat

    Hmm... he seems to be a fullborn at that point so it'd be a good fight to watch (at a distance). Assuming TLR isn't holding back due to arrogance he might have the advantage due to experience and potentially greater feruchemical stores but then again there's not much chance Kel will hold back against him.
  15. combat

    Is that Kelsier with the Bands or at the time of? Mistpoint Vin was able to fight Marsh in the books but I'm pretty sure he didn't have as many spikes... W&W gets my vote, Nazh and Khriss are awesome but we don't really know what they can do in combat.