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  1. What do you mean by perspective?
  2. Funnily enough this has been asked
  3. There's probably not a spike big enough to steal a Shard. As for this approach I'm not sure having all those powers is worth the mental damage and opening yourself up to outside control. It's not just Harmony you'd need to worry about, after all. Not to mention being unable to make it through a metal detector at the airport!
  4. I think Shardworld is almost synonymous with planet since minor Shardworlds are those without Shards (despite the two we've encountered being weird)
  5. Voidbringers based off of the Essences sounds possible. Could be what the Ten Deaths are.
  6. I've always interpreted that WoB differently, that that scenario was unique to a Tenacity-esque Shard and was why the afterlife was funky on Threnody (Ambition being the closest to Tenacity we've seen, in my opinion.)
  7. This is my view as well. Probably requiring a greater number of Breath than a natural fabric but requiring less compared to something that was never alive. Depending on how Awakening influences industry the future of Nalthis natural textiles and fabric might be more popular in the future if compared to Earth (although we still use natural fabrics today so not sure how big of a difference there'd be). An Awakener might just have to be careful in choosing their material, maybe making their own garments.
  8. Ruin and Cultivation don't oppose each other as strongly as Ruin and Preservation. Cultivation is willing to destroy, to prune, to burn in the name of growth. Just think of how much one removes in gardening. Preservation on the other hand is about keeping things the same forever while Ruin is accelerating that natural decline.
  9. A Shard is just power, if a Cognitive Shadow forms then it's from the Vessel.
  10. The Stormfather was only the spren of the highstorms before Honor's death when he got Tanavast's Cognitive Shadow. How the Nightwatcher came to be as she is is currently an unknown but there's definitely a connection to Cultivation.
  11. Lift is important so perhaps she's Cultivation's champion.
  12. An insane Vessel doesn't sound too good...
  13. I've checked on Coppermind and it seems there aren't any known root Aons for it.
  14. Technically he confirmed that mistspren don't bond with humans to make them Radiant. They could still be true spren.
  15. Providing spiritual sustenance. We've certainly seen that from Shallan and Tien, Vathah might fulfil that role in the deserters.