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  1. Humans and Aimians can indeed breed. The Natan and Babatharnam peoples have Aimian blood (presumably Siah Aimian). Source
  2. I may or may not have forgotten Hesina's eye colour. For some reason I thought she was lighteyed.
  3. Seeing the future does nothing unless you have what it takes to react to it and prepare for it.
  4. Why would atium make pewter pointless? Just because you can see the future doesn't mean your body can't use a boost.
  5. I'm guessing the duel with Adolin was the one RShara meant.
  6. He's ta'veren. One result of that is probability getting altered.Similar things happen with Rand and Perrin.
  7. Knives are weapons. Quite effective ones.
  8. I didn't say they didn't fight I said they're not front line warriors. A sword is less suitable for stealth and assassination than knives.
  9. Running out of metals is something any allomancer has to face, it's like running out of ammo. Why glass? It's easy to get, obsidian is less easy. Mistborn are assassins more than warriors on the battlefield, something heavier and larger would probably work against them.
  10. It'll give them independence with their power. Surgebinding seems like an instinctive magic system when it comes to use and learning.
  11. Echolocation would require two steps IMO, one for hearing and the other for producing sound used in echolocation. I think tin steals senses when used hemalurgically but that might be all senses rather than specific ones.
  12. If that were the case those growing vines would become light, emeralds are associated with Truthwatchers.
  13. I think it improves cognition to help the user not smash into walls/react faster but beyond that it doesn't give much of a boost.