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  1. Are you still doing the sketch game?

  2. police sketch artist game !!

    Hi everyone! I'm back, finally. I've had some stuff going on. I'll get around to all of these sometime today
  3. hello!! My power was out and then college work happened. I'm back now and I can finally get started on some stuff ! :)

  4. police sketch artist game !!

    You guys are all so nice, holy mackerel. I have been deluged in upvotes. This is great. @Cognizantastic: Sure Give me a photo, and I'll see what I can do! As for the art thing, well .... It's practice. I've been drawing since before I can remember, every single day. I think I'm getting pretty good @bleeder: Thank you for letting me draw you! I draw on an iPad with an Apple Pencil, but I still love good ol traditional. Basically everything I post on here is digital, because it's SO MUCH EASIER TO POST ONLINE when I don't have to scan anything. @Erunion: gotcha. I'll draw you up when I get to Cog's. And thanks for the compliment @Sunbird: Welcome to the game. I will try to butcher your face as nicely as possible.
  5. I'm the #1 most popular contributor of the week? That is so cool! Thank you all!!!

    1. Manukos


      not surprising , considering the awesome sketches you've been doing .


  6. kel

    ......... Possibly.
  7. kel

    I use digital medium mostly. Apple pencil, iPad, an app called Procreate. It lets me carry an entire library of sketchbooks around wherever! Also I like the painting processes.
  8. me: I have the gallery figured out now ! 

    gallery: uploads everything twice


  9. kel

    From the album cloud world

  10. police sketch artist game !!

    @Erunion, @Cognizantastic, @Shqueeves -- Thank you guys so much haha :-D @Hemalurgic_Headshot Huh. I was kinda close. :-) Thanks for playing ! @bleeder :
  11. police sketch artist game !!

    @Sunbird Thank you so much !! :-D
  12. police sketch artist game !!

    :-D thank you kindly !
  13. police sketch artist game !!

    All riiiight! Here's @Kaymyth, @Hemalurgic_Headshot, and @Cognizantastic. Or, at least, my guesses. oy boy Also : @Erunion -- hey, I was kinda close! Neat
  14. police sketch artist game !!

    Just one that was lying around is fine @Cognizantastic & @Hemalurgic_Headshot You're on! I'll get you guys drawn after lunch, I think.
  15. police sketch artist game !!

    :-D !!!