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  1. Very true, but it felt disingenuous to say as much when Khriss spelled it out for us so nicely in the book he was signing, hahaha.
  2. I was there last night (as one of the last few in a very long line), and asked a few questions. My apologies if these are things that are already known - I'm afraid I didn't quite do my due diligence in making an exhaustive search of known information beforehand. Mea culpa. Also these aren't transcriptions, just the gist of what was discussed, so it might be wise to take these with a pinch of copper. Eyewitness accounts are unreliable at best, and I might be adding meaning in my retelling here which I've unintentionally fabricated. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 1: On Taking up Shards (direct reference to end of Hero of Ages) Question 2: On Bind Points Question 3: Investiture in Spikes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A bonus piece of information - my poor friend that I dragged along with me (who had only read Warbreaker) asked about the specific naming of Bio-Chromatic Breath, and Sanderson confirmed as part of his response that at least some the Five Scholars had visited worlds who had gone through the Industrial Revolution (and therefore would have more of a sense of scientific theory, that the Scholars would have picked up on). Again, not sure if that's new or not. The line was long and arduous, but it was a great event. Had a lot of fun hearing Brandon speak and answer questions, and signed books ("Shut it, Voidbringer!") are always a plus.