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  1. Happy Ookla the Mokovial 2016!

    I think it's supposed to specifically be "in", and should be unrealistic. Insolvable, indivisible, so on.
  2. Sanderson Memes

    Yeah. With Warbreaker he posted the chapters once a week and allowed everyone to comment and such. Last I heard the plan was to do the same for Nightblood.
  3. Random Stuff IX: Rogue Admins

    Nah. I just happen to notice these things. THat and I'll idoly flipp through different topics without posting.
  4. Random Stuff IX: Rogue Admins

    I like your yarn choice. RH Monet has always been one of my favorites. (Literally my reaction. *sees mention of yarn* "Yarn craft?! I must see what is going on!")
  5. 2016-11-22 [Arcanum Unbounded] BYU Bookstore - Provo, UT

    Nah, you're good. Brandon's team typically have games set up for people to play while waiting for the main event (in this case it will be things like Cards Against the Cosmere, Pictionary (I think...) and one I'm running that I want to keep a surprise). There's also a running tradition that I have stickers that have the 17S logo on them at our location for sharder to come and pick up. It helps everyone identify each other.
  6. 2016-11-22 [Arcanum Unbounded] BYU Bookstore - Provo, UT

    For any sharders who come, we'll (hopefully, if I remember to finish up tomorrow) have a game going in the game room. We'll also have our usual stickers to help identify each other.
  7. Sanderson Memes

    Oh the length of time I've been waiting for that book. Some day. Hopefully he sticks to the plan.
  8. Random Stuff IX: Rogue Admins

    So I just finished WoA for the first time in FOREVER... Still don't love this series as much as some of the others, but I do understand why I used to love it as much as I did. In related news I can't wait for Worldhoppers Guidebook!
  9. Cosmere banhammers

    Haha, probably not. But you would get eternal recognition each time we used one of your images while banning. (That is, of course, if you're okay with us using them.)
  10. Cosmere banhammers

    I have to say, I am very interested in seeing the results of this thread.
  11. 17S Lagoon Day?

    You know you could always fly out and join us, right? I mean, it's not unheard of for people to come to Utah just to visit Lagoon. There were a TON of people who did just that last year (and probably part of this year) because of one of the coasters we have.
  12. 17S Lagoon Day?

    It's an amusement park in Utah.
  13. 17S Lagoon Day?

    I meant for the future and you know it.
  14. Sharder's Stalking Guide (a.k.a. Geo Tracking 2.0)

    Haha, look at how awesome the summon thing is! I am totally still interested, I just open PMs and then forgot about it after. My gmail is [email protected] Thanks for being awesome and following up!
  15. 17S Lagoon Day?

    So, I'm at Lagoon today, and I keep on thinking how fun it might be to have a 17S day. If we were to do one, how many would 100% be down? If we can get 25 people or more we qualify for group discounts and reserving a pavilion (you know it's be cool to see that sign!) It might be fun to do it this year, but if we need to we could plan for next. So, what do people think?