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  1. I find it amusing that you tagged me twice. Also, I will not be coming, but thank you for keeping me in the loop.
  2. warbreaker

    If someone wants to crawl TWG they can source, but it is supposed to be Siri. As to the rest, I think the answer was "because it's cool."
  3. Haha, I popped in about something unrelated but I can actually help! Right now the buttons were for the release party only, but we're looking into the logistics of trying to sell them online. So here's to hoping someday everyone will be able to have one.
  4. I wouldn't plan on it. I believe that the last tweet that was sent out about the matter was Isaac talking about how the preview versions look very nice, and that was a couple of days ago.
  5. Happy Ookla days everyone!
  6. Stormlightning I wasn't saying it was him. I meant is the accent similar. But I don't think his accent is discibed, but his speech mannerisms.
  7. I personally saw him as an Elantrian. Ria is an Aon. And how was Galladon's accent discriped in book one, if at all?
  8. Okay sharders, I have a question. Now that you've finished the book, I'm curious. What were your thoughts on the cover before reading, and now that you have context?
  9. Ish? I've got to talk to Kara about contests and she is overwhelmed getting ready for the release, so we might not have anything until after the book is out. Plus, you know, I'm just barely getting answers for the last winners... (Which actually shouldn't be an issue going forward.)
  10. So, theoretically I'm the PR person for the site. Right now what that mostly translates to is I am part of the triad that makes decisions every once in a while. Though, I did take point on a fun project for the OB release party. (Like, seriously, I am so excited to share with everyone!) Once we have a business licence I'll likely be the one reaching out to Tor and Orbit and a couple of the others to try and get the ads figured out. I also talk to Kara and Team Sanderson to set up contests and junk. Boo, sir. Boo.
  11. Very well then.
  12. I don't really have fun stories about being a mod. It's kind of a boring job. Craziest is probably the guy who was banned after five minutes, or the reason we have zucchini as a negative level. (Short version is he was a terrible user, when called on it he doubled down.) I find the cauliflower is nice, but the beets look wrong when tired. I would suggest the deep people open caves by selling the minerals to the upper people, and go from there. I worry about this story. Is it safe for the site?
  13. I dunno. That's kind of up to you guys. I actually got into him via a recommendation from a bookstore employee. He knew I want to be an author myself and was like "You should check him out, he's rather knowledgeable, and doing a signing soon." As for learning the Cosmere... It's odd. Peter was actually the first to realize it was a thing, and Eric has always been way more into it than me. I just like reading the books. I have never had this, but I suspect probably not. Individually, they're not bad. Plan, no. Maybe eventually? Maybe. The problem is that I can't access the site at all for eight hours when I'm at work, and games move fast enough I'd always be behind. I have always loved pineapple on pizza. I don't wear socks, at all. I wear my fitbit on my left wrist. Penguin. Ducks are adorable. What's on second. I tend to enjoy original or sour cream and onion.
  14. Let's see what type of things people want to know.
  15. Sorry it's late, I am afraid I got slightly distracted, and then forgot. As the second day without a death dawned the remaining people at the Red Herring Inn started to breath easier. While they hadn't figured out why the deaths were happening, they had clearly determined how to prevent future ones. First order of business, to explain the deaths: When you lynched a person, they were then asked to choose the next death. The person who was "randomly" killed was then asked to choose who had their MoC. Since you at least stopped the deaths, I would say everyone gets a half win point.