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  1. Should I delete this then? Can I do that? Do I have to ask someone else to do that?
  2. It could also have to do with Atlantis, perhaps that ancient civilization built it and they could be introduced in the Alcatraz series.
  3. I think in an interview he said it's "Smeedry." The person reading the book would not have asked Brandon Sanderson how it is pronounced, so they are not necessarily the best source.
  4. Or maybe there's some other glass- like material librarians won't tell us about.
  5. @Xander Freud The Alcatraz Versus The Evil Librarians books and I've read a bit of Steelheart. I have all the books in the Reckoners series, but I'm very busy so I haven't gotten around to reading them yet. Would you like to recommend any Brandon Sanderson books?
  6. I think it would've formed from limestone, which makes glass (when you combine it with sand).
  7. I'm thinking that perhaps it'd have formed from quartz, which makes sand anyway, or limestone, which also makes glass. But I don't know.
  8. Do you remember what it says about the worldspire in book 2?
  9. I am curious to find out how the worldspire formed. It doesn't say it in the books, but does anyone have any theories?
  10. You probably couldn't break death. To avoid death, you'd have to use the opposite of Breaking, Fixing Things. You could use that to resurrect the dead. Also if you were dying you could fix yourself.
  11. A Space Talent definitely couldn't do it, it only affects Space.
  12. How do you think the worldspire would've formed?
  13. I wish someone else would buy the rights. I think that it getting more public attention would be good, and I would watch the movie if it came out. I hope it wouldn't be animated though.
  14. How about Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer?