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  1. Thank you all for the clarifications. However, something steel seems weird to me. Now, gathering all your input, I conclude that the accepted theory is that Surgebinding (the manipulation of the surges of nature) is something that can be accessed by different methods: - Odium : Method unknown. Fused and potentially the original humans - Honorblades: Splinters of Honor. Heralds - Nahel bond: Spreen. Knigths Radiant -Fabrials:Spreen This makes a lot of sense, BUT it does't fit with the MY head cannon of the Cosmere. I emphasize my because I could be wrong about something. In what I saw so far from the Cosmere, magic systems appear as an interaction between Shards and the worlds their in. There a theory in this forum (from @Confused I think) that even links that to the original Adonalsium investiture. I always had this idea that Surgebinding is intrinsically related with Honor and Cultivation and was the result of the interaction of this two Shards and Roshar. Now, we have WoB that state that a Shard can be incorporated in an pre-existing magic system (if a new Shard did something it would have a god metal in Scandrial), and this could explain the existance of the Fused (Odium incorporate in the system Honor and Cultivation generated). However, this states that, if Humans come from a place with only Odium as their god, their would not have access to it
  2. Great theory and as Brandon put it himself in one of the WoB above, this seems to be implied in the books. However... I can't read it like that. Every time I read an Hoid/Wit section in any Cosmere book I get this distinct feeling that becoming the vessel of Adonalsium is not is goal. Is he trying to reforge it? Rebuild a major shard after realizing the mess that powerful beings drivien by pure intents are doing to the Cosmere? Yes, that feels correct to me. But I think Hoid doesn't want to hold the power, doesn't want the responsibility and ultimately, I not even sure someone will need to. We know that large collections of Investiture can gain sapience. My best guess is that, after collecting investiture Connected with all the shards Hoid will reforged Adonalsium in a new being...
  3. I just finished OB and I'm not sure this is a mistake from Brandon (less likely) or another case of unreliable narrator. Now, we were told that humans fled from their homeland wielding power of surges. However, previously we have been told that nahel bonds only started to happen after the oathpact was formed, and spren copied what they saw in honorblades. Of course, this two timelines are incompatible on the light of oathpact being done after humans arrived on roshar. I see a couple of hypothesis. - humans wield odium surges. However, I think we have no evidence for the existence of this - humans have other magic system in their origin Ideas? Did I got something wrong?
  4. I think this must be a mistake... Because the first sentence after the preface is "Dalinar remembered."
  5. I haven't read most of the comments, but I want to add my theory on Mr T's radiant. What if he has just an honorblade? It would allow the person to perform Surgebinding...
  6. Not sure if right forum or if this had been better discussed elsewhere. I'm rereading Tor's reread of the WoK and WoR before Oathbringer, and on chapter 11 of WoK the epigraph says The first part is a now obvious reference to the 16 shards of Adonalsium, and the 3 are Honor, Cultivation and Odium. My point is on the Broken One. While a common interpretation is that the Odium is reigning in Roshar, I think this means that Honor (the splintered shard) is the one running things there. Although this does not improve our knowledge in any way, I just wanted to know what you guys thinks.
  7. I will keep my bet in Adolin. I think he did it, influenced by Odium (or one of it's agent's). Not consciously, but he as some remembering of it...
  8. Why can't Renarin do it?
  9. Before I read all this post I want to comment with some ideas: - what if Adolin is actually the second murderer? The way he reacted can be read as a nigtmare that becomes true - on the same line of thought, what if Renarim saw Adolin with nine shadows and only now understood what that means? More latter
  10. I'm having the same issue here. There is also a quote about the Everstorm hitting Shinovar and then circle the globe... Isn't this the other way around? And how can they see a strange storm appeared in the east, been hit by it and not believe Dalinar?! Correct me if I'm wrong, but normal storms go from East to West, while the Everstorm goes from West to East. Given the map it should had move to the ocean shortly after the end of WoR and if it doesn't dissipate it sould hit Shinovar and then the rest of the continent....
  11. Besides, this is the first book where the Knights Radiant are in the open and training since the beginning. And there is a general consensus that they (and we) should learn what can they do!
  12. About Oathbringer, the in-world book. I think it might be related with the establishement of the Knights Radiant and the orders. Maybe this is the book that describes the ideals and power of the Knights, and the rules they should follow. With it the people with Nahel bound started to have to say and uphold some specific Oaths to advance the bound.
  13. I think there is a problem with the intentional splinter theory, but please correct me if I'm wrong! I haven't read the books for a long time... Ym is on the path to be a Surgebinder. We know that Investiture interfere with Investiture. If Ym is made of Investiture, or highly invested, I think it would be impossible for him to get a Nahel bond.
  14. I would like to counter this point of yours. I do agree that, instead of practical consequences of the murder (imprison, death...), the worse that Adolin will suffer will come from the people he cares and himself. Yes, there will be consequences (trials, revenge from Yalai, etc), but my guess is that Brandon will focus on the conflicts this creates between characters and Adolin. More importantly, how does he feel about it. But I digress. I wanted to disagree with your idea that Dalinar did not love Adolin. I think that is the oposite of what we here shown. In my prespective, not only Dalinar loves Adolin but he also respect him! He raised Adolin to be a great soldier, a fantastic comander and a worthy sucessor Highprince. Their talk when Dalinar decide to resign shows it. Yes, he does proteck Elhokar and Renarin more, but that does not equate to more love. I actually think that, if given the chance, Dalinar would sacrifice himself to save Adolin. And yes, I remember the duel scene, but I think that was different. In that situation, both would be killed...
  15. Although I do not agree with your separation of Powers and Investiture, or do not correctly understand it, I'm starting to think you might have uncover something crucial here. I'm inclined now to agree that the magic systems we see today, at least the ones that can be directly linked to a Shard, were influenced by the original magic system designed by Adonalsium. The reason for my change of heart is the fact that we have indication that the Shards did not design magic systems (I'm horrible at adding WoBs, but I'm sure there is one for this). This magic systems are the result of the interaction between the Shard and the world. Given that we also know that Adonalsium left different magic systems lying around in the Cosmere, it stand to logic that the difference between the planets was the planet Spirit Web, designed by Adonalsium, that then formed the original magic (Investiture Magic in your nomenclature). I would like to link this with my post from yesterday. I wonder why all the Shards stayed in this dwarf galaxy. Maybe when Adonalsium created this planets he imbued them with a Spirit Web, and thus an Investiture Magic system that would attract specific Shards. My idea is that, as a very powerful being, he predicted he's own splintering and planed for it (as stated in the letter). What better way to minimize the potential problems of having Shards in the hands of mortals than to keep then in specific places? Maybe even predicting specific pairings?