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  1. Hurt steel, heal lerasium. 1. Tin--6 2. Pewter--5 3. Iron--6 4. Steel--11 5. Copper--5 6. Bronze--5 7. Zinc--6 11. Chromium--5 12. Nicrosil--5 13. Gold--2 14. Electrum--6 15. Cadmium--6 16. Bendalloy--10 17. Atium--10 18. Lerasium--7
  2. Hurt Aluminum, heal Tin 1. Tin-6 2. Pewter-5 3. Iron-6 4. Steel-6 5. Copper-5 6. Bronze-5 7. Zinc-6 8. Brass-3 9. Aluminum-4 10. Duralumin-5 11. Chromium-5 12. Nicrosil-5 13. Gold-6 14. Electrum-6 15. Cadmium-5 16. Bendalloy-6 17. Atium-6 18. Lerasium-5
  3. Oh those are all gorgeous. I just can't justify buying more posters for myself though. I can't. However, the map of the Final Empire would make a fantastic Christmas present for my best friend... hmm.
  4. This really is an excellent quiz, good job! My results were: 65% Elsecaller 41% Lightweaver 35% Edgedancer 29% Bondsmith 22% Willshaper 22% Truthwatcher 16% Windrunner 11% Dustbringer 6% Stoneward 0% Skybreaker
  5. You know you're a Sanderfan when you drive 3+ hours after a long day of classes just to go to a signing. (and you know you're a fan when you don't mind at all)
  6. So you were the guy I chatted with before the signing at that table outside the bookstore. Thanks for being so nice! Speaking of, everyone was really nice. It was an absolutely amazing first Sanderson event for me. I will definitely have to go to as many that I can in the future. Also, I forgot to mention, the girl behind me asked if animals could be affected by emotional allomancy, and Brandon told her that the closer they were to sapience, the easier it would be to affect them.
  7. I didn't get home until 3am so I was entirely too tired last night to post things, but I asked some questions and got some answers! First I asked if Spren could be affected by emotional allomancy, and I got a RAFO, which is very interesting. Then I just asked for general information on Elend's mom. Brandon said that Elend takes after her a lot more than he does Straff, and then I asked if she had much of an influence on him growing up and who he became as a person and Brandon said yes, she did. (paraphrasing, my phone was dead at this point so I couldn't record it for exact wording) Just a bit of character info that's probably not too consequential, but interesting nonetheless. Then finally I asked if Vasher and Nightblood were separated before or after coming to Roshar (I kind of felt like this had probably been asked before but I couldn't find any info on it so I went ahead), and after hesitating for a minute, he said that they were separated after. In the Q & A someone asked if time travel will ever be a thing in the cosmere, to which Brandon said it was already a thing (speaking of Wayne) but then clarified that no one has figured out how to travel backwards in time yet. Someone else asked if we would see Hemalurgy somewhere other than Scadrial, Brandon's answer? We already have. It's not meant to be obvious though so we probably won't recognize it.
  8. Thanks for the advice @Argent @Zmann966 @Nightbird and @Rawrbert! It's much appreciated. Has this question not been answered? I think I'll take it. Also I would love to get some information on Elend's mother (iirc the only thing we hear about her is that she thinks it's a good idea for a man to wait upon a woman's whims). What would be the best way to phrase a question for that?
  9. I'm also planning on attending the Provo signing so I can take a question or two with me. This will be my first signing so I'm beyond excited. Any general advice for a newbie? I've signed up for the line and I'm preordering my book probably tomorrow. Anything I'm missing?
  10. There's a meme out there for everybody , it's just a matter of finding the right one. The 'arrow to the knee' quip? I sure did. (however, if you were referring to something else then I'm sorry, I don't know.)
  11. @Darkness Ascendant thank you! I'm surprised that so many people seem to start with WoK, but I myself might be biased since I read it last and felt like having the background of the rest of the books was the way to go. Idk, maybe WoK isn't as confusing as I think it might be as a starting point. I think I might pass on that cookie. Good as it sounds it might be a little sketch. @harambe thank you! I love your username, even if it is a dead meme (those are often the best kind). It's very nice to meet you! @HonorIsDead thank you! I'll be sure to put out some of my theories once I have some (I'm still just trying to grasp the whole cosmere -there's so much to learn- before I can start theorizing on my own.) @bleeder I'm also sorry that I exist. That's something that we have in common. See, I'm already making new friends here. Thanks for the advice. I'll be sure to be wary, wouldn't want anything to Ruin me.
  12. Hi! I'm valerieofavonlea, or Sam. Sam is much easier (and the username is a mix up of several different fandoms and I'm not even 100% sure how it all came about) so feel free to just use Sam (or Samantha, or Sami, or whatever, I'm not picky) I actually got started on Brandon Sanderson's works through a friend, and it's kind of a funny story that probably no one really wants to hear but I'mma tell it anyway. So back in high school one of my friends was teasing my best friend (who is one of the biggest Harry Potter fans I've ever met) by saying that he had found this book that was a million times better than Harry Potter. That book was Mistborn, and my best friend decided to read it to prove him wrong. She wound up absolutely loving it. She started begging everyone to read it to so that she could have people to talk about it with, except for me. She told me that it was probably too violent for me. This was over 11th/12th grade and I was in practically all AP classes so I just went along with it because I didn't have time for pleasure reading anyway. Fast forward to February of this year, and one of my other best friends introduces me to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I watched it in three days and then forced my other friend to watch it, after which she brought Mistborn up again, and said that if FMA wasn't too violent for me then I would be fine with Mistborn (personally I don't think either are excessively violent but w/e) and she told me to read it. I found copies of the original trilogy in June, read the first 12 or so pages of TFE, and then set it down because something else came up. Then toward the end of July, my friend went out of town for a week, and the power on my street went out for scheduled maintenance for an entire day, so I finally picked TFE back up, forced myself to read until I was invested in the plot and characters, and then finished the trilogy a week later. I immediately picked up Allow of Law because I needed more, and then I put it right back down after the map started making me really emotional (Elend is my favorite, so any references to him so soon after finishing HoA were just bad for me). I picked up Secret History instead, because somehow the plot twist had already been spoiled for me, so there was really no reason to not. Well, M:SH is fairly Cosmere heavy, so after finishing that I went looking at the rest of the Cosmere stuff, and then I made my way through Elantris, Warbreaker, the three Wax and Wayne books, and then the first two Stormlights, and oh my gosh I loved every bit of it. That's how I wound up here! I've actually been lurking here on 17th Shard ever since I finished Secret History (mostly because I was looking for people to cry with), skimming through some topics but mostly holding back until I was caught up and no longer at risk of spoilers. I finished Words of Radiance last week, so with the exception of some of the novellas (I'm waiting until Arcanum Unbounded comes out for those so I don't have to buy them all separately) I am all caught up, so I figured it was time to officially join. So, hi!