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  1. Dreamer

    Don't know who read this, but what did you think of it?
  2. 2017-02-17 Boskone 54 - Boston, MA

    Well she seemed happy with the answer so
  3. 2017-02-17 Boskone 54 - Boston, MA

    I got 2 questions answered. Hoid does have unkeyed metalminds, although I thought he was going to give me an evasive answer there for a minute. He also confirmed that yes the ancient heralds were DIRECTLY powered by honor, albeit through their honorblades. This is confirmation that they didn't need to breath storm light, and sort of explains why they need so much more stormlight now. My brother wanted to know what would happen if one of the ancient heralds held an unsheathed nightblood. Which he RAFO'd much to no surprise from me. My girlfriend asked why stormlight makes things cold, which apparently has to do with water condensing all over the place, which makes things cold. For some reason the investiture causes the water to condense... I wonder why.
  4. Hoid has more unkeyed metalminds!!! (new WoB)

    He could. But he is not a fullborn feruchemist, otherwise he wouldn't need unkeyed metalminds. But he probably had a limited number of unkeyed metalminds... unless he has just one to store his identity so he could make more... but did the ancient terrismen even know about that ability? Because they can't make that now without hemalurgy or the bands of mourning. ANYWAY, excuse my musing, unless he has a way to store his identity to make more unkeyed metalminds, he can compound, but only until the metalminds he has are gone. At that point, he can no longer use that feruchemical ability, because he doesn't have that metalmind any more. Unless someone made a new one. Do you see what I mean, sort of?
  5. Hoid has more unkeyed metalminds!!! (new WoB)

    I love how you're tearing apart the whole hoid sense thing, but I'm wondering if he could pull off compounding (which I don't think he can, if he needs unkeyed metal minds and he can't exactly BURN those, because then he won't have anything to store in!), and what kind of fun things he could be doing with that...
  6. I just got a bunch of books signed, and I got a WoB that hoid DOES have more unkeyed metalminds. It probably hasn't been processed yet, but do with that as you will
  7. Allomantic gold

    *sings* unless you're an EDGEDANCER or a DUSTBRINGER. magical solution
  8. A coinshot and mercury

    Yes I know that mercury eventually causes madness. But imagine vin using mercury instead of horseshoes. An actual storm of liquid metal... In fact, what would happen if you pushed down on a lake of mercury? That could be cool.
  9. Industrial feruchemy

    Unless you set up large push pull harmonium factories.
  10. World hopping: "Do not cross the streams."

    I mean I'm used to not overthinking the whole speed thing, because i watch the flash LOL but seriously @hwiles all I truly care about is that it could and hopefully will happen. STEELDANCER
  11. World hopping: "Do not cross the streams."

    Shockingly there is no friction shenanigans. They feel the heat. They can only go so fast before they will just... burn up. But, if you give them the abrasion surge, wahlah! You have the Flash (or as I'm calling him, steeldancer)
  12. Windwhisperers are pretty cool

    At this point I have something to contribute- get a tin pin, stick it in a spider, and what do you get? Spider sense.
  13. World hopping: "Do not cross the streams."

    @Itchy SavantI'm going to boskone on friday. I will mention this
  14. World hopping: "Do not cross the streams."

    My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest compounder alive. Once I was just a normal steel compounder. Then I visited roshar and was chosen by the Cultivationspren. With my now unbounded speed, I protect both scadrial and roshar from harm. When I was young, the Steelbringer killed my mother for hemalurgy and framed my father. But now I will hunt him down and bring him to justice. Because I am... STEELDANCER
  15. Industrial feruchemy

    I was rereading well of ascension and thinking about bands of mourning when I had a thought- what would it do to our modern society if we had access to unkeyed food and water metalminds? Would people even eat anymore? You would probably have to recycle the metalminds back to the company where they would either have people there literally just eating and filling metalminds as a JOB or using harmonium to replicate those abilities. What would it do to weight issues? For that matter what if scadrial had olympics? Instead of drug abuse you would have metal abuse... and maybe bronze compounding using unkeyed metalminds rather than drugs... determination addiction wouldn't that be weird. Imagine the stuff that would happen to society. My thoughts are not entirely coherent right now. Ok. Back to the industrial feruchemy idea. The idea that you could literally have an entire industry centered around refilling unkeyed metal minds (especially if you don't have a compounder handy) is frankly terrifying. And yet that is EXACTLY what could happen to scadrial, especially if they take the whole capitalism path. Ferring and Misting rights movements... how weird to think about