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  1. The Most Powerful Twinborn

    I heard flash and I came running. If you had crossover powers in the 4th era and boosted them all you could make a justice league. Or avengers. However you prefer it. Here: Superman Lord ruler power set. No laser vision sorry Wonderwoman- pewter and steel plus aluminum bracelets? Batman-rich guy Flash: steelrunning plus edgedancer powers Green lantern- I got nothing. Maybe breath? Cyborg- an allomantic cyborg. Look out world Green arrow- rich guy with steel pushing powers with no gun. Captain America - steelpushing, pewter Draw your own conclusions about other heroes. Or edit mine.
  2. Faster than light tech

    I know this subject has been discussed before, but I have a particular ability that no one seems to have mentioned relating to the speed of light- mass. So if wax stored ALL his weight at once, what would happen? Would he no longer be a body of mass? Could he then theoretically reach faster than light speeds? I'm relying on that he's storing mass instead of weight, because I don't have the book in front of me. At the very least,this would make it a lot easier to get a rocket off the ground and to make the acceleration greater.
  3. Have we seen anything of kelsier recently in the cosmere? Is it possible that he's been exploring? And if he has, is there any evidence of him on another world... although he'd be a little conspicuous with a spike through his EYE.
  4. In edgedancer lift seems to understand that stump needs spheres to get the stormlight. And yet she never does it herself. How does she know this, and does she just think eating things is easier?
  5. A Theory On Creating Shardplate

    So what I've noticed is that the bonding spren seem to be an advanced form of another spren- at least in the case of honor and wind, and life and cultivation, and li espren and... creationspren? Perhaps the smaller spren then direct the stormlight into a crystalized form somehow
  6. Steel compunder (crackpot theory)

    So if you had a steel compounder, as a hero, what would you name him? Any ideas? I know I'm awful
  7. Dishardic intents

    Ok thanks. That Was entirely vague lol. But that is what I sort of assumed might happen to a magic system in that case. That or the magic system would become more powerful, with more raw investiture to draw from
  8. Dishardic intents

    Ok I read on another forum an idea that odium might get shattered or defeated in stormlight and that perhaps autonomy might come and pick up the shard, which leads me to wonder about how shards combine. After going through theoryland, I got this: 1. Harmony works because preservation and ruin are such perfect opposites 2. Picking up a shard when you already have one changes your intent. So here's my theory: if autonomy were to get her hands on odium, her shard would become something like insularism. A hatred of change and intermingling between all the planets. I would love speculation on other combinations of intents below. Also, does anybody know how that might affect Taldains magic system? Scadrials didn't change because the two shards were already on it, but if you added an extra into a one shard invested planet, how would that change things? Mind you this is all speculation and I realize it would all be RAFO'd if I asked Brandon about it.
  9. I like this idea. Could we possibly predict what kind of shard would be created with the uniting of these two intents? Because the hatred and the autonomy would turn into... insularism. A hating of all things changing. And therefore imagine how a shard like that would feel about star travel.
  10. [Edgedancer Spoilers] Size Limitations

    You know what? Forget weapons. Go get a shardspoon. Or a shardthimble. Or if you really feel like it, a shardtrombone
  11. I don't care about the logistics. I just want to know what other ridiculous things you can make out of a spren! Shard-spoon! Shard-thimble! Shard-knitting needles, shard safety clips, shard goblets, shard music stand, shard flute, shard instrument, shard tie clip, shard paper clip, shard coin, shard-foil, shard hanger (to hang your shard plate on LOL)
  12. Combination of the magic systems

    Interesting thought. I have no idea how that could happen, but it IS all investiture. There could be some affects between the interactions of investigure
  13. Silverlight shard?

    Ok revised idea- again we have 6 shards yet to be found so what it one of these day is a scholarly shard? And purposely created silverlight? Now I agree it is entirely possible that they could be based on the survival shard or the remains of ambition but I want to speculate a bit here
  14. I like the idea about the heralds a lot. It makes a lot of sense, especially given the suspicious gas giants in arcanum unbounded. It would explain why the heralds seemed so... tired. Perhaps that was another forum, but I'll tie it in here: the heralds agreed to bind odium, but then odium tortured them through the desolations to get out of the oathpact. Until the last desolation... maybe each desolation was caused by the heralds giving up a little bit? And that would explain no desolations happened for such a long time, because stonesinew held firm like in the chapter heading in words of radiance from the diagram.
  15. Silverlight shard?

    Ok if at this point in the cosmere the only way for people to worldhop is through perpendicularities. And silverlight is chalk full of worldhoppers, so wherever they are, I'm presuming in a place we haven't seen yet, they must have a perpendicularity. Which by extension means they either have a shard there, or a large effect from some shard, maybe Ambition actually died there and created one. I'm not good at finding WoB, so if someone could prove/disprove/ adjust this theory that would be wonderful.