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  1. Invested possession. Interesting idea. Although I sort of thought the facless immortals were new ones, not regular ones changed into agents of trell. Which sounds like a really stupid show.
  2. Yes, the important thing is that red eyes are not associated with a single shard. I think it's possible that this might be true corruption, rather than the mixed shard power we see in Nightblood. Although it is interesting that the corrupted spren are mixed powers... And they have red eyes. How much do we know about Threnody? Is there any evidence AT ALL of another shard ever investing there besides ambition?
  3. Ok this is my climatic post in a series of things which have discussed various manifestations of the color red in the Cosmere. We also know that the red eyes are a specific thing going on in the cosmere, but is NOT associated with any one shard. So far we have seen: 1. The parshendi when they gain storm form, their eyes turn red. Now this may be because the stormspren is red, but it also might be this mysterious thing with the color red. Also, the spren who have been corrupted in Dalinars vision have red eyes, if I remember correctly. 2. The faceless immortals we see at the end of bands of mourning. This is interesting, because normal kandra do not have red eyes. We know virtually nothing about them, but it is certain that there is something going on here. 3. The Shades on threnody. These are also interesting, because normally their eyes are green. When they turn red, they become murderous. I think it may be possible that there is an actual change going on when the eyes turn red, a trigger for this mysterious eye thing perhaps, caused by the breaking of the simple rules. 4. The mysterious red haze coming towards scadrial. I think this may just be red to be ominous, but at the same time it might mean something that could give us a clue about the color red. It's a shard, or so we guess (I can't remember if it has been confirmed). 5. Taln's Scar, or just the Scar. A belt of red stars which I find very suspicious. I currently am of the opinion that it has to do with adonalsium shattering there, and for some reason the released investiture caused a change. Such a shattering could not have done nothing to the area it occured in. Someone also noted that threnodys star is also kind of red, and we know ambition was wounded there. As for why other stars might not be red, I figure that because honors investiture was vented through the spren, and the dominion and devotion investiture got stuffed in the cognitive realm, that perhaps their investiture didn't get the chance to change the star colors. It isn't perfect, but I think it's a workable explanation. I think at this point that the red might be investiture that has INDEPENDENTLY developed intelligence, rather than being a cognitive shadow. This is at least in the case of the eyes, although I would be happy if anyone else has other ideas. I think the red stars are from investiture from shards somehow changing the stars. I am very much against the idea that the fainlife changed the stars, simply because I still find the idea of a mold corrupting a star a little ridiculous. Overall, I think that the Red is not an accident. Perhaps there is a reason that odium is associated with red, despite it not being dependent on a single shard in all it's manifestations. I would love to hear any more thoughts anybody has about the color red and what it might be representative of.
  4. You know that's a good point. Between talns scar (constellation of red stars), the red haze, the red eyes. I already proposed that the red stars are because of the shattering of adonalsium, and somebody else noted that threnodys star is also red, and ambition was wounded there. It's too late for me to figure it out, but I will definetly sleep on this...
  5. Hm. Maybe the red eyes are multiple shardic influences? Or maybe it's when something crosses its intent or something
  6. So glad us Mormons have long life spans LOL and I'm just glad I'm only 17. I will live to see all of it. Provided he goes nowhere
  7. I literally need to be a chromium misting right now. I need to skip the next few months and get to November 14th
  8. I Will note that part of the plotline of the chapters is that there is a way to defeat it, they just don't know what it is. So it's not invincible. Also doesn't burning get rid of it for a time?
  9. All I'm saying is its a little more likely that injured investiture (new term there) causes stars to turn red if not contained or released in some form.
  10. I'm sorry for anyone who didn't read partinel, but fainlife is a MOLD. It can't corrupt people unless they eat it. So the only way for a star to get it would be to... eat it? A mold? It would instantly burn up in the star! Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING survives getting too close to a star! I don't care how magical this mold is, mold cannot survive that kind of temperature
  11. Oh not lift. I love the idea of bendalloy compounding lift. Steeldancer would be an entirely new character. But if lift were able to compound bendalloy... the world would explode from her awesomeness
  12. Yeah the fainlife is a little far fetched, but the actual stars turning red. I'm jealous I missed that. Now just theorizing as to why the investiture might do that....
  13. *singsong* there is always a way to get out of the friction issue. If you give a steel compounder a cultivationspren (spoilers? I guess? ) then you get STEELDANCER. Featuring steelpushing, infinite speed (because friction no longer has a hold on him) healing powers, and a shardblade. Still rooting for him being able to take down the lord ruler single handed
  14. He RAFOd me about somebody being directly powered by a shard and using nightblood.
  15. Ah but you'll burn up.... therefore you need to be an edgedancer as well. STILL PUSHING THE STEELDANCER THING. Maybe if I make a big enough fuss it might get into brandons head...