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  1. Barry Allen had had enough of being a guard. It was time to make himself into a new man. He had finally had revenge for his wife. Now, she could rest peacefully in her grave. As could Garshin, his friend who saved his life. And so Barry went to Luthadel, on lines of light. With his wages, he had bought a new suit. And so he walked into House Erikell. "You propose that you marry my daughter, and join my house?!" Lord Erikell said incredulously. "You're the last remnant of a dead house! What can you possibly bring to this house that would benefit me?" "This," said Barry, as he flared his Zinc, rioting his emotions, while sending a coin into the ceiling. "I would need to remain quiet about my abilities, so you could say I brought my house atium or something. I don't really care." Lord Erikell grinned. "I would be happy to offer you my daughter's hand. As long as she is amenable to the idea... but that shouldn't be an issue." Lord Erikell eyed Barry's striking, solid form. And so Barry began a new life as a noble in a Great House. He never loved Lady Erikell as much as he had his first wife... but he was happier than he had been in ages. And Barry was a politician mistborn all the way up until the Collapse, at which point he fled with the rest of house Erikell. He died a happy man, grateful for the week that changed his life. He never stopped keeping an eye out for Venture assassins, but they never came for him again.
  2. And then all the PMs... gosh. Analysis coming at the thread soon!!! It'll take me a while to write though
  3. @BrightnessRadiantplease don't guard against me
  4. Does anybody else have over 100 PMs from L35? Probably not
  5. Oh sorry for not answering you last night. I had already gone to bed lol. I'll articulate my reasons and everythings in a few hours when I make my "post of suspicions".
  6. I would now like to admit that I haven't had pewter for ages. Yitzi gave me my only 2! Eat that!!! This game was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! AND I CAN'T BELIEVE I SURVIVED! And can we finally find out what allomancy/hemalurgy does?
  7. Well dang. Talk about chaos and confusion. Relevant post to come in a few hours.
  8. The thing is, I don't really trust my suspicions. I kind of want more information before I start really pointing fingers. I promise I'll share them tomorrow. I should have time in the bus... I just, still being relatively new, am unsure of myself. After the fiasco in the first couple days of LG34, I'm going to try to be a bit more careful.
  9. You are correct, in both points. However Randuir is not the only person I am suspicious of. But for the sake of not making this day any more confusing than it already is, I will hold on my suspicions and see what happens.
  10. If he was a cyto adept, did he also guard against someone else?
  11. Well. That sounds scary. Randuir . And @Amanuensis I took your advice and took notes. I am going to wait to utilize them, however I did find some solid suspicions. I think.
  12. Ok. But first, @A Joe in the Bush who ARE you suspicious of? Even if they have no votes, I'm just curious.
  13. GAH I JUST CAN'T GET IT RIGHT. Sigh. STINK . NOW who do I vote on??!
  14. Well sorry. I hadn't yet read in close detail the thread. I just saw that part of that bandwagon was unfounded, so I'm sorry. straw . And now... I'll vote on STINK. I get the whole fun thing, but all those PMs could be a smokescreen of fun to deflect suspicion. Also ninjad four times.