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  1. I just finished applying to BYU!
  2. I guess that could work if it's at the end of the cosmere in terms of when it was written.
  3. There's also a fourth law of thermodynamics, something to do with Adonalsium. I made a thread on it a while back, but nobody was able to give anything conclusive.
  4. I'm going to bet so.
  5. Oh, and PLEASE remember to include both me and Lopen in any PMs you create. Thank you for your cooperation.
  6. 5 has too much whining. Like Anakin in Clone wars. Ugh. Now, i love Fred and George. They are the bright spot in 5&6
  7. Yes the ranks change quickly. So many delicious lies.
  8. I am inclined to go with this read of the rules. Unless Lopen says otherwise, go with that.
  9. Well ok then. That... makes sense. Urgh.
  10. ... And I lied again. The rules say this: Role and alignment will be revealed upon death, but Poisonings will not. Assassin and Poisoned Guard kills will be indistinguishable in write-ups, but Spy kills will be shown differently. Players that survived an attack will be shown in the write-up(as either protected by an anonymous player or saved by the "Tough" ability). I'll add just that Successful guarding/ poisoned assassination will not be distinguished, as in they actually defended a kill. It will not be mentioned if someone is guarded, and nothing happens to them. Hope that makes sense
  11. Aw, those are classic I liked the movies better than the books.
  12. All the Harry potter? Or all the divergent? I'll agree on the divergent thing, although they clearly got worse.
  13. Assassin kills, poisoned Guardsmen, and elim kills will not be differentiated. Successful guarding/poisoned assassination will be mentioned, but not differentiated. Unless Lopen says otherwise. The roleless still have an ability, so yes it is. Also here's a countdown, it might not be exact, but should be about right. If I'm remembering that the turn is 24 hours.
  14. I might eventually need help with my Calc. But for now, I'm all set.
  15. Its addressed to my mom, but shes not the one who reads it. And if it were sent to my home, it would be sent to my mom. And my mom remembers stuff, and she never ordered it. I thought for a while it was my grandparents who used to send me other science magazines and I had assumed they sent me Nat Geo. But then I asked them about it, and they said they hadn't. And by now, it should have needed to be renewed! Many times over. Yes, very cool. Weird, and just a pleasant mistake. edit: I actually just checked the website, and the subscription really is for only 12 issues a year. So... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯