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  1. Yeah if I were to guess, I think Teft bonded his spren sometime during WoR.
  2. I would like Elbereth to explain herself. Although honestly I don't have any reads yet. If she doesn't explain herself, I think voting on her would be a good idea.
  3. Note- liberties with the cosmere are being taken in my RP. There is no speedforce in the cosmere, and I wouldn't recommend trying to awaken lightning.
  4. Steeldancer zoomed after the man, who was obviously heading back towards the horneater peaks. Unfortunately, Steel was running out of steel. He had filled a lot of metalminds before coming to Roshar, but running such a long distance had burned through most of his reserves. He would be forced to only tap, not burn if he ran out of the small steelminds he used for the purpose. Well, he always had the option of just frictioning his way up. So he stopped burning steel, and simply drifted on the momentum he already had. Sometimes he was quite inefficient with his metalmind usage. The man was way ahead of him, but the lightning he gave off- how DID he do that, anyway?- gave Steel something to follow. Across countries the man ran, and he danced. All the way to the horneater peaks. At which point he had also drained several spare metalminds for getting up the mountain, and for turning into stormlight for Abrasion. He really needed to restock. Finally, the man stopped, a few peaks over from the perpendicularity. "My name is Eobard, Eobard Thawne. And I need you to Awaken the lightning."
  5. I think we should lynch someone who is genuinely suspicious. I don't really have any suspicions, but that's because I haven't really taken a good look at any posts yet.
  6. As for why I wanted to be Odium, take a look at LG41. As far as I am aware, I'm the only player who has ever pulled off a SK win. I wanted to make that twice I'll have more RP and a vote on something later
  8. Steel stepped out of the Oathgate, wall of shining light dimming around him. Suddenly, he tensed up, and instinctively burned speed-steel. The world slowed down around him, and he saw his instincts of danger were correct- although what it was he had no idea. It seemed that a man in lightning was running around knocking out radiants, far faster than Steel knew was possible. How could he turn and weave so effectively? Steel could only run that fast when running in a straight line with Abrasion, and abrasion did not allow for such tight turns. What was he doing, sitting here thinking? Steel charged, summoning his shardblade. He raised it at the man, but the man was gone before he could bring the blade down. Then, he was hit in the side, throwing him to the ground. Steel groaned, and Phyl turned into a shield to protect him. "There you are! I've been looking for you," said the man. He was tall, brownish hair, and wore a shirt with a red lightning bolt on it. Odd. "I had been looking among the other edgedancers to find you, but they refused to tell me where you were. I need you to do me a favor, especially in light of the recent timeline shift." "What? Timeline shift?" Steel asked in utter confusion. Who was this man? How did he have such strange abilities? Steel had never seen modes of investiture like that before. His abilities were supposed to make him the fastest in the Cosmere. "Fear not, I will explain all. Please follow me." The man turned, but then looked back. Steel wasn't about to follow. He had Radiants to heal. "Look," sighed the man. "You aren't as fast as me. Either you follow me, or I kill all the radiants I deliberately only disabled. They'll be on their feet in a few minutes without your help. They have stormlight after all." Steel still didn't follow. "You made me do this." In a bolt of lightning, faster than even Steel could process, the man had picked up a radiant, and shoved a vibrating hand near her chest. "Last chance. Follow me, or she dies." Finally, Steel relented. "Fine, I'll go. Don't kill her, please." The man smirked, and bolted into Urithiru, evidently heading down the mountain the backdoor way. Steel took a glance at the people around him, who were getting up and breathing in stormlight to heal themselves. He looked at the girl the man had threatened, evidently a Windrunner from the color of her shardblade. "Will you be all right?" She asked. "Of course I will. But send someone after me if you don't receive a message in the next 3 days. Ok, I should go." And off Steel went, in the direction of the passageway into the heart of Urithiru.
  9. I'm having a weird day, and it doesn't fit in Good Day or Bad Day, so I'll put it here. First, I'm feeling super excited about Avengers Infinity War. The trailer was, to put it simply, awesome. So I'm feeling good about that. On the other hand, I'm feeling really crappy and worn out, because now I'm failing Calculus! It just gets harder and harder to put in the effort when I worked my butt off for this assignment, spent pretty much all day on it, using all my resources and got a 30%. I don't see why I should bother getting help, because I'm already in college, but at the same time I have expectations for my grades! So yeah. Dichotomy and stuff.
  10. This shardcast was fun for me. I had all sorts of comments- which thankfully Chaos would bring up a minute or two after they were thought of. And it's so nice to be right about Autonomy doing it to expand her power base. It makes so much sense theoretically and story wise.