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  1. um. the avalanche IS the climax. Or the super intense build to the climax. and I LOVE IT. It's like a rock rolling down a hill, it just doesn't stop or slow down.
  2. I think everyone is to some degree or another broken. Not much to it. It's not all as extreme as Shallan or Kaladin.
  3. With Porgs having turned out to be his evil minions all along.
  4. I'm not sure he can copy 6 for number 9. 8 had so many elements of 6 already in it. Plus, Snoke is dead, and there isn't anyone in carbonite to save. I'm gonna give JJ a chance, he's made good movies before. And Force Awakens wasn't even bad, it just wasn't new. So, hopefully JJ will rock 9, whenever I'll be able to see it.
  5. Steeldancer.
  6. When ALL your passwords are Cosmere related
  7. Good point! I didn't even think of that aspect of my own idea. It'll be VERY interesting to see what Hoids truths are.
  8. "Let's go eat some pancakes, Szeth!" "Sounds fun, Lift!" "Are pancakes evil?"
  9. Ok was just talking to Chaos on Discord, and Brandon confirmed that the second letter was Autonomy. Interestingly, any shard can create an aspect. So, I think I'm on to something here
  10. I bet $50 on a Snoke novel in the next year. If I am wrong, i will be miffed.
  12. Whoops. In my defense, there was a 10 hour break between the two. I am literally still freaking out a day later.
  13. I think the only effect should be on the location part of the spirit web, which... I don't know how that would be effected by you being in the cognitive realm. But I don't think you can ever escape being connected to where you were born, at least not with what we've seen, and certainly not with an Elantrian, who would need that connection to keep them alive.
  14. I think there is a "spiritual shadow" we saw something like that in OB. I think the spirit web does have all the info required, it's just filtered through cognitive perception. Don't worry about it, all of us start from somewhere.
  15. I really enjoyed this movie. There were some weak moments, but holy cow those moments that were so good- WERE SO DAMNATION GOOD. I loved how almost every character was handled, I loved the force powers that were shown, and holy cow the starship suicide was one of the coolest cinematic moments of the entire year. AND THEN YODA WAS AMAZING THANK YOU YODA I loved lukes character in this movie, I loved Kylo and Rey, and gosh I loved this movie.