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  1. That’s my new lock screen, thank you...
  2. Yes you have to be broken. But life tends to break you, and you don’t need to be as broken as our main characters to be radiant.
  3. Anybody want to take a guess who asked the question at 25:20?
  4. Not that the cosmere stuff that we got wasn’t good. I feel like this signing both made and broke theories.
  5. Eh Idk about that. Geeking out is different than straight up joy.
  6. Boo we're cultivating awesomeness.
  7. I also once came up with the idea of nerdspren eventually being a thing. There will be more spren as time goes on. And yeah, the term spren is only useful to a point.
  8. Huh I never thought of that before LOL. True. So if we soulcast all of roshar into steel....
  9. I'm also not convinced Odium had anything to do directly with Taln's torture. From what it sounds like, that was more of a Fused thing. Odium probably has more important things to worry about than the one herald who actually returned to damnation. Furthermore, there's still the fact that Odium punished Taln's temple more than any other. I'm pretty sure his holding out is legit. But it is totally up to you to think that Taln being awesome is a flaw. Less Taln fans means more Taln for me.
  10. Well I think that took place about 5 years before the main events of WoK, right? So that isn't so close together as to make me super suspicious of the coincidence, but idk. Maybe there's something there, maybe there isn't. I mean, the spren and even the diagram knew Taln was close to breaking and that the desolations were close at hand. Not sure how they were able to sense that, but there might be something there.
  11. So sorry to disappoint the various proponents of this theory, but I asked brandon about when Taln broke last night. He didn't want to put an exact date on it, due to not having written Taln's book yet, but he said it was during or in the preceding months of the events of WoK, meaning the idea of Taln being "held back" is false. It does sound like it took him a while to get to Roshar, so it looks like I was right about him possibly having sat around Braize for a while before heading to Kholinar, which would be why he was late. Now of course Calderis is still insisting that Taln might not have been tortured as much as the other heralds were normally, but I still disagree with that. While I agree with the idea that Odium did benefit from waiting so long, this confirmation increases the chances that Odium is simply taking advantage of the situation he is given, not that he specifically orchestrated Taln to break exactly when he did.
  12. Yeah got it at the legion release.
  13. So one of my long term questions has finally been answered- shades red eyes ARE the same thing as what’s going on with the evil kandra, the fused, etc. He made it clear to me that the red eyes don’t mean it’s the same forces causing the red eyes on threnody as on Roshar or scadrial, but that it really is the same mechanic- investiture hacking. So then the question is- who the heck is taking control of the shades when their eyes turn red? My guess is it’s a large chunk of Ambition that turned sapient, but it’s clearly not a shard due to no shard being on threnody, so what are your thoughts?
  14. I got some fun wobs. The red eyes of shades are investiture hacking. Taln broke right around the events of the way of kings, given a bit of leeway based on the fact that Brandon hasn’t written Talns book yet. Liss being Chana has been RAFOd. Hemalurgy + shardscalpel surgery is viable, and we’ve seen vasher do something similar in terms of excising the spirit web. Amaram viewpoints were considered by Brandon, but apparently weren’t feasible with how long OB got, which is why his slow descent was not featured in OB. Apparently brandon considers what he did to kaladin worse than anything he did in OB. And kaladins kids having different colored eyes if he had one while dark eyed and the other while blue eyed got RAFOd. And sorry about Hoid being the weapon not being rafod, I really thought that was free rafo bait. Oh, and during the Q&A I asked about Steeldancer. He can’t go speed of light, there are limits to how fast they could go even with abrasion. Which is fine, I’m not sure why everyone is making fun of me for it.
  15. Well she was interested in coming but hadn’t read any Sanderson yet. But she was thinking of reading it and then coming with me to the skyward release!