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  1. Thanks for the bacon. Reckoners are definetly not neutral. They are probably the eliminator faction. Thank you elenion for identifying the village faction. I do not have a kill. I am interested in getting in contact with both factions, however.
  2. I'm going into canada, and officially going inactive for the next day. So Orlok .
  3. Impulse was more than a little confused. A bird was offering him a lizard cocktail. And blocking his way. He was strongly tempted to punch the stupid bird into its proper place, but decided to make friends instead. He handed over the cash and took the lizard cocktail. It took all of his willpower not to chuck it immeadietly. But he didn't, and walked away into a more run down side of town. The perfect place for his lair. Poor lizard. Curiosity got the better of him, and he took a tiny sip. He promptly wished he hadn't. The cup and lizard cocktail strewn on the street, he opened his suitcase. "Beautiful" he whispered.
  4. Wait that was Rand who died?! He was my strongest village read! It's hard to tell who dies when you just have the character name. Also @DroughtBringer I believe the forest already killed a white legs host. The white legs host must be someone who went to the realm of the zeta, who there weren't actually that many from the court. I think elbereth, budgie, and orlok? What do you guys have to say for yourselves? Did any of you become hosts? What is your win condition? How do you have a kill? Are you a demi-fire elemental? Was it Elbereth, who had a kill until stink died? You know it's weird how I think people are village based on their suspicion of me. But that is exactly why I trusted Rand (I've done the same thing in previous games). Orlok has also been expressing suspicion of me, and right now he and Drake are probably my strongest village reads (drake is because of how rand explained his posts to me. They felt more village after that).
  5. Just edited some into my previous post. A lizard cocktail? Impulse stood in complete confusion for a moment. Why in the world would anyone take the time to make a lizard into a cocktail? Well, then again, Tequila was a thing, so... "I'm afraid I'll have to turn you down. I... just ate," said Impulse in his gravely voice.
  6. Cool. Almost tempts me enough just to see what the write up would be... almost but not quite. Anyway, it's more RP time. Impulse stood in the court yard. He admired the lava lake in the middle of it. Very interesting epic powers indeed. His sunglasses glinted as he surveyed the crowd. The epics didn't try to stand out here. But reckoner activity had still been reported. And where epics and reckoners fought, there was money and power to be gained. Even now, one epic was busy slaughtering people in the name of justice. Impulse almost scoffed at that. There was no justice. Not anymore. Just the will of the Epics. And people like himself. This was the perfect place to set up shop. It would take a day to get set up, even with his speed, but then he would spread his influence through the city. Even during the apocalypse, as some people put it, there is always profit to be made.
  7. Very smart king cole. If that's true, that's 3 neutrals. I think I see how this game might be set up. There probably aren't too many more neutrals, and I'll be suspicious of anyone else trying to claim neutral, without some evidence. I think it might be epics v reckoners, with neutrals benefiting from both sides. There are probably some other things in there, but I'm not aware of them so I won't just speculate randomly. I'll RP some more later.
  8. im going to be inactive for the next two days. So I'm going to role claim. I am also neutral. To somewhat prove my claim, I'm going to present a few facts. First off I have no idea what the village and eliminator factions are. I know there is a reckoner faction, based on my PM. But I don't know if it is village or not. Also @Elithanathile if you are the same thing as me, I would reccomend you target Nighthound. He is targetable. I've never been a neutral before, so I will try to be neutral to the best of my ability.
  9. Well then that's that's lot of people dead. Yikes. and why in the world would the elims kill stink? Wasn't he neutral? do we need to elect a new medium now? Also im not running for medium, for the reason below. I'm going to be inactive for this day cycle. I'm going to Cedar Point with my family, and there will not be much opportunity to hop on.
  10. oh yeah. It's time for some speedster role play. My favorite kind. So Impulse wears a dark blue trench coat, and matrix sunglasses. No lightning heralded his arrival. No crack of thunder. Just a WHOOSH, a sudden gust, as normal people looked up and wondered at the strange gust of air. But given what they saw in the city, they just went back to their business. Impulse WHOOSHED into the city. And he looked awesome. He sang a little song as he walked into the square where people were rejoicing over the death of Nighthound. "The wicked hound. The wicked hound. Ding dong the wicked hound is dead" he sang quietly. It was time to become what he really wanted to be: a ruler. He was powerful. Fast. Unthinkably fast. But he had no influence in this city. So he would start from the bottom.
  11. Oh and: Ding dong nighthound is dead Night hound is dead. Night hound is dead! Ding dong the wicked hound is dead!
  12. Impulse. The amazing guy of lightning and speed. I'll be RPing as a speedster, new to the city, looking to gain power.
  13. I've got too much sass for assassin's