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  1. Sorry I didn't read all the comments yet (only page 1), because I didn't want to be influenced by what other people said. So I think Dalinar might have done something awful to his wife when she was taken hostage. Kadash's comment sounds horrific enough that Dalinar butchered everyone during the hostage-taking and after that. If the voidbringer didn't make so much damage in Heartstone, and given the comment from Hesina cut off by Lirin, and the change in Roshone's personnality, might we infer that a Surgebinder appeared in the town at some time ? Like a Truthwatcher or a Edgedancer ? (More likely a Truchwatcher, to warn about the incoming catastrophy). Did another Surgebinder from somewhere else came to fend of the Voidbringers ? What if Gavilar wrote the book Oathbringer ? He had the visions, as has Dalinar, and interpreted it differently from Dalinar. Only the thing about Shadesmar seems of for him, but that would be a twist. IIRC, Brandon said every title will be from an in-book existing book. If so, a book being written during the action count as an actual book ? Thank you Kaladin for remembering to punch Roshone. But I hope he remembers he has to protect him too. The appearance of Gloomspren is enough to make me fear another handful of dark-Kaladin chapters.
  2. Well spotted @KiManiak Maybe the Oathgate also serves as a point of emission, an irregularity through which the connection between the Squire and the KR still acts ? But a more plausible reason I see is that the interaction fades over distance AND time.
  3. The thing about the Squire's capabilities and the Knight Radiant they are tied to, or rather "attracted" to, reminded me of the law of gravitation (one of the surge of Windrunners, coincidence ?). I wonder if all Squire's have a limitation tied to a physical law or limitation linked to a Surge of the corresponding order. On a side note, is it confirmed if there are Squireless Orders ?
  4. I thought the same thing, but why not put the characters in conflict with their nemesis during their trials ? Why wait the latter books, when such a good opportunity arise to create a good and meaningful conflict ? A conflict doesn't mean the end of an arc. There could be other confrontations and clashes, if needed. After all, it's not finished between Kaladin and Moash.
  5. Interesting. It really works well for me about Dalinar, and Moash is a really good candidate. I don't know why, but Eshonai and her sister, while well associated, seems too obvious Jasnah would be strictly opposed to anything regarding tampering/secret keeping, but it would be her "ambition" IMO, not something to do with one of the Orders. I would say then that it relates to either the Hierocracy or as you mention a secret organization with dubious agenda. No clue about anyone in particular... Maybe one that doesn't want anything to change (in relation to soulcasting I mean, if you want to link that to the Orders. I would then indeed suggest the Hierocracy) For Lift, I would say that Nale is a nice counterpart. He is a dutiful and rigid person, with seemingly no sympathy for other people, whereas Lift is becoming more and more empathetic and caring. And acting crazily For Renarin and Shallan, I wonder too. I'm thinking but not finding any lead or idea
  6. I never said the plan was good or 100% successful in saving mankind. Just that they thought that breaking the bond was the solution against the problem caused by said bond. It may even be worse because Honor is dead and Talenel back on Roshar. Before that, the solution of breaking the bond could have been the good solution. Not anymore. The Nahel Bond might make bad things happen, but it is also the only way Mankind can survive now that the Oathpact is broken. Thus the Everstorm. I wonder if the Oathpact was linked to a kind of "dying a hundred before letting the enemy get his way. That would be terribly ironic. It could be an unsatisfying end or secret if poorly handled, but that could be a core of a larger secret, with more than meets the eye and ramifications.
  7. After thinking for a day, I'd like to throw in a theory. ( The secret is that the Nahel bond, as Nale suggest, is bringing Desolations. I believe that the Nahel bond stretches the frontier between the Physical and Cognitive Realm somehow, and enables Odium to influence Roshar more strongly. That is why KR's spren are so much in the Physical, yet still Cognitive. And their recovered memories is just a consequence of more and more bonded spren (thus thinning the barrier between both Realms), not just time passing. In the past, the appearance of the Heralds announced a coming Desolation, because of their Honorblade which is a stronger Bond that a Shardblade is. Thus, they increase the strain between Realms on a stronger scale than a regular bond. While shattering the Oathpact, the Heralds preserved Mankind in a way because they left their Honorblade on Roshar, except Talenel's, whereas they usually accompagny the Heralds into Damnation. The periodical strain became a permanent one. Which still threatened Roshar, but Talenel uphold the Oathpact. The Knight Radiants forsook their Oaths because they either learned, understood or knew that it would get worse for Roshar if the spren continued bonding men. only one order refused because of what said order considered their duty, or that it was more a gamble than a solution. But the 9 other Orders understood the risk of the increasing number of bonds. They had to break the bond to save mankind. Random correlative theories: The Shin were asked for help into completing the plan. That's why they guarded the Honorblade. The fact that they do not believe it is possible for new Radiants to appear comes from that time and is the reason they made Szeth Truthless. It was the only explanation for them. The portraying of KR, the Hierocracy and book tampering were made to prevent people from discovering the Oaths. But they didn't account on the fact that the spren may act on their side to search for candidates again, because they didn't remember the threat of the bond. The full transition back into the Cognitive Realm may have hampered their memories again. That and the lust for power that grew into them. From the Listerner Song of Spren, 10th Stanza : ""But it is not impossible to blend / Their Surges to ours in the end. / It has been promised and it can come. / Or do we understand the sum? / We questioned not if they can have us then, / But if we dare to have them again." " The sum in question might be tied to the overall number of bonds on Roshar on a given moment. And that would explain why they yearn yet do not dare to bond "regular" spren. Voidspren or Odiumspren act as an anchor on Roshar for Odium, which explain why he sought the Parshendi, spurned by the spren, but seemingly easily bondable. But either they do not increase the strain on Realms, or the Parshendi are just not concerned with that. There are holes and problems with those thoughts, but I think the madness of the Herald might not be the kind we think it is. they might be right, but misinterpreting it because of what they went through and relative sanity.
  8. The idea that all Bondsmiths are linked with the book The Way of King occured to me, but I never made the connection to Connection (ha ha, pun unintended, but I didn't see how to phrase it differently) and the events described in the reddit comment. As I view it, for your example, the bond between a seon and a selish person are probably made of a different Intent. It's the presence of a bond that grants power, not the bond itself, which is very different. There will be power because in a way it is "connected" to the power of Roshar. The Seon, as a Spren, is a Splinter of a Shard bonded to a human. It's a System hack. On the other hand, Honorblade have been created by Honor to grant Power to the Herald. Spoiler Mistborn : For me, the book in itself is an introduction to how to connect with the Shard of Honor, but is not necessary. As a matter of fact, it seems that only Bondsmiths need it to be recruited. The other KR we know of, however, were chosen without regard to it as far as we know. I think this is the difference between spren and Godspren about choosing candidates. As for the Squire, I believe it is the Connection to the Kight Radiant that grants powers. I say that because I don't remember any member of Bridge Four explicitly stating or following the code. They might have uphold it without knowing though, I don't know for sure...
  9. Oops indeed, I thought it was blood... my bad. I just meant that Hemalurgy already comes from destruction, ripping something from someone. And the think taken and stored decays if not in contact with blood. If the metal was also destroyed, that would be lots of inconveniences ^^
  10. In fact, the allomantic metals are as you say. The Godmetals, however, are indeed Investiture made physical. For Ruin, it was Atium only, but Preservation had the mist and the beads of Lerasium And Hemalurgy is of Ruin, not Preservation, so the comparison might be moot in this regard as they have different Intent and Focus.
  11. Weren't they written in glyphs, which are meant for men ? I remember an Adolin PoV were he tried to read it, but Renarin translated it first. I just thought of something I'll have to check . If I remember correctly, the Thrill "vanished" for some protagonist at various points. Could that be related to fits Renarin has had ?
  12. I didn't say it was special, just that I found it particularly interesting, notably with regards to the unknown Shard :-) I always considered that Adonalsium visited all worlds pre-shattering, or naturally imbued them with ambiant Investiture. But I didn't think he would create a Shardpool. So I would lean toward your former idea.
  13. speculation

    I know, what I mean is that we don't know if something similar could have happened to Cultivation. She could be a collateral damage in a sense
  14. speculation

    Yes, but Odium was trapped by the Oathpact. Cultivation could be also kind of trapped
  15. speculation

    I just have another interpretation for that part : Maybe because of the Oathpact, Cultivaton has to "help" (in a very wide interpretation) Odium, or can't fight him like Honor did. Globally, I like it a lot. I'll have to ponder more about the Death Rattles. They fascinate me because there are so many possibilities about the what/why/when/wherefrom