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  1. Thank you that helps explain alot
  2. Has anyone been able to explain the progression of the allomantic symbols. I see the spikes in the symbols but do not understand the dots or the crest and what their positions mean. The only thing I noticed was that the dots are outside the crest of the metals and inside the crest of the alloys
  3. you're right I misunderstood but could I then not use a Iron Spike that has been used to steal strength from an iron allomancer and add it to myself or would it just be redundant?
  4. This may have been covered before but I could not find anything on it. Is it possible to triple compound? What I am asking is this: if you are a twin born with Iron you can pull metal (allomancy) and store physical weight (feurchemy). Can you then stick yourself with an Iron Hemalurgic Spike and gain the ability to steal strength as well? In a sense becoming a triple compounder.
  5. I thought we were getting a 3rd and 4th Mistborn series. 3rd taking place during a 1980's era and the 4th one a space opera. Sanderson has said that Hoid will be a main character in the Space Opera series but never mentioed that this will be the wrap up. I also think that if he has the time he will do a final book series warp up with everyone who is still alive