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  1. Ashyn is the human original homeworld. It was destroyed by humans and many fled to Roshar
  2. "He’s a storm, Kaladin. As people over millennia have imagined him." I wonder if the way Rosharians imagine certain spren like Stormfather will change and if that change will affect who and what the Spren become...
  3. Any time Brandon announces he is working on new projects it just makes my day...The man is a Machine. And i think one possibility for the mystery project is the final Era 2 Mistborn. He can write than in about 3 months..right?!
  4. That interpretation makes sense also.
  5. In my WoK reread I noticed this epigraph in the chapter Justice (69) We know that the epigraphs are tellings of the (future/past/both?) and this one in particular stood out to me. I have a feeling that the speaker is Dalinar and he is protecting one of his sons (could be either one) against Kaladin. The context of the fight between them could be when we have the "champions of good and evil" fight but there is not enough context for it. I think Kaladin will eventually with have to fight one of Dalinar's sons and Dalinar cannot stand by and let that happen. The reference to Dalinar is the speaker reaching up his hand and the storm responding.
  6. I was re-reading WoK in preparation for Oathbringer and noticed this in the image of the Alethi codes of War. In the top right we see a man wielding a sword against what appears to be a floating man. Do we know what type of fighting style this is and has it been discussed anywhere?
  7. This may have been discussed before and is just a far fetched theory We know that this series will be split into 2 five book arcs. It would seem strange to me that after the first arc that the "good guys" will succeed in defeating odium or something to that nature. It seems as though they will actually loose in some way or just barley come out on top with almost all of Roshar being destroyed in the conflict My idea is that the main POV characters at the end of book 5 will take the place of the current Heralds. Most of the new POV's have shown signs of mental instability. Most recently even more with Shallan getting lost in her own illusions. I may be reaching far but we know that the 9 Heralds who broke the Oathpact will unlikely return back to Odium. I theorize that most of the POV's will realize that they need to sacrifice themselves at the end of book five to "secure" a new oathpact since the current heralds will not. I can see Dalinar, Renarin, Kaladin and even Shallan allowing themselves to be killed to save save Roshar at this time. We as readers know that another arc will happen but the Characters do not
  8. Brandon mentioned in an interview that he can do a "fake out" with someones death 1 time for each major character before death looses its meaning. That being said he already gave us a death "fake out" with Jasnah. This being the case I find it hard that he would intentionally mislead us again this drastically when the knee jerk choice for the author is Jasnah. So I am in the Jasnah camp for the author of Oathbringer. However I do like the Renarin theory and that would be my second choice.
  9. I respect all oaths, The Stormfather responded. I wonder if this will be used against the "good guys" in some way down the line. Maybe the Oathpact...?
  10. I was referring to the shades crossing over from Threnody. I must have misunderstood that section thinking that this meant there was a section of the cognitive that was bleeding over to threnody. The Ire were more worried about shades from Threnody then any were else and I took that to mean that the shades were stuck in between the physical and cognitive realm.
  11. We know that there is something different with Threnody because of the bleed through to the connotative realm and the planet. If I remember correctly in, Secret History, a section of threnody was in the cognitive realm and that is what caused the shades to be visible in the physical realm on Threnody. Has anyone found or believe to have found similar bleed through with a planet and the spiritual realm? Are there any theories on why Threnody is special?
  12. Thank you!
  13. Is this conversation also in the mass market paperbacks?
  14. Thank you that helps explain alot
  15. Has anyone been able to explain the progression of the allomantic symbols. I see the spikes in the symbols but do not understand the dots or the crest and what their positions mean. The only thing I noticed was that the dots are outside the crest of the metals and inside the crest of the alloys