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  1. Follow up, least favorite cosmere story and why? Btw, cheers mate, happy birthday.
  2. Favorite cosemere work and why?
  3. I've been looking on Theoryland and on Coppermind, but I can't seem to find a definitive answer. Are the Unmade actually confirmed to be connected to Odium? I know there is the theories out there that the Unmade are Odium's versions of the Heralds, but I can't find anywhere someone actually confirming that they're attached to Odium at all. Am I missing something? Or is this just one of those cases where Brandon is vague because we'll get definitive answers in the series? Thanks in advance for the help peoples.
  4. Yeah, listen to him. He said it a lot better than I did haha.
  5. I think it might be possible he misread the quote. I think what Brandon meant was that other shards besides Ruin and Preservation exist, but only those two shards are on Scadrial.
  6. I would say yes. Mostly because they are excellent books, and you see Scadrial in a whole new light. They're are some Cosmere tidbits scattered throughout the books, as well as updates on old characters. Another reason is that a bunch of new information about the worlds magic is revealed in the books. I recommend also reading Mistborn: Secret History AFTER you've read the first trilogy. That book has a lot of Cosmere wide knowledge.
  7. Welcome, have an up vote as well. I feel I am the only voice of reason when it comes to this.....DO NOT EAT ANY COOKIES OFFERED TO YOU.
  8. Ohh, I never knew about that. Thanks for the info, going to have to look up the scene.
  9. Wait a second, I thought I read somewhere that Vasher was Austere and has been around much longer than the other Scholars. Is this not the case? Nvm, just did some research on Coppermind.
  10. When you go the book store in the Google play store, they have Oathbringer in there labeled with a November release. Obviously this might not be all that reliable. Also when Brandon posted the State of Sanderson blog, he said he was approaching the drafts in a different way than the past SA books. This could be evidence that the deadline might be fairly certain.
  11. Yeah, I wouldn't say I'm fully committed to the idea either. Just a feeling I have. And with the man being referred to as Taln could turn out not be the Herald Taln. Maybe being in Damnation for so long by himself changed him some how. But that's obviously a whole other theory by itself.
  12. Mmm, I didn't even the think of the implications of Elhokar dying. It makes more sense than any of the deaths I've considered.
  13. I've always had the feeling that by the end of the second arc all of the Heralds will be dead, with the characters becoming the new Heralds. I don't think the new Heralds will form a new Oathpact, I think there duty will just to defend Roshar. I also see one of Dalinar's children dying. Seems like that would be a really good story arc with a lot of emotion behind it. Maybe the death of one of his children will send Dalinar down a "dark" path. I also think either Shallan or Kaladin will die, but I lean more towards Shallan. I don't have any particular reasoning for this last one, just one comes to mind when I think of character deaths. I could see Kaladin falling for Shallan, but Shallan doesn't return the favor. Her death will leave Kaladin with a lot of confusing emotions that will make him distraught before what ever the final battle with Odium and his servants is.
  14. Recently, I've tried to start really focusing on creating very impactful sentences, influenced by Rothfuss. I feel that if you train for a little it in the mindset that every sentence, every word, has to be perfect, it can lead to elevating your craft. This is my first attempt that this, and it was actually quite fun trying to put the sentences together and think of description combinations that have a solid visual and mental impact. Got a long way to go, but it felt good in more ways than one putting this together.