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  1. Odium is destroying the newly founded KR when Vasher/Zael finds Nightblood again. Deciding to make up for all his past mistakes. Vasher unsheathes Nightblood during a Highstorm and just nukes Odium. Nightblood then absorbs all of Odiums investiture and proceeds to take over the entire universe, while at the same time trying to decide if it is male or female. Dalinar will become the next vessel for Odium.
  2. It terms of pure storytelling, it's defiantly a interesting concept. From what I've seen, we don't have enough information to say if it's impossible or possible. But that's why I posted it here lol, there is a lot more people better at connecting the dots on here than me.
  3. I'm bad with the posting of WoB's. I'm just going to start tagging you so you can just drop knowledge bombs until you get annoyed lol.
  4. I did a quick site search, and couldn't come up with anything that wasn't concrete. How in the name of Kelek did Galladon worldhop from Sel, according to Khriss it's suppose to be very dangerous. The only answer I could come up with is that Galladon did what we saw Hoid do and use the shardpool. The only doubt I have about this tiny theory is that Hoid probably has a lot of failsafes and protection when worldhopping, something that Galladon wouldn't have access to as he is not as experienced as Hoid is. Maybe the 17th Shard were the ones that helped Galladon out upon recruiting him? The 17th searching out for members on the planets that Hoid's been on so this helps them as well as Galladon. Thoughts?
  5. This is my favorite WoB when it comes to Hoid and Shard talk. Peaked my interest. QUESTION If Hoid were tempted by a Shard, which one would it be? BRANDON SANDERSON Endowment. Now that I'm re-reading this, could it be Endowment @Extesian? We haven't technically seen the shard/vessel yet, just the influences. Above is an interview from August 2013.'endowment'
  6. Honestly, I don't know. It seems to be agreed upon by the majority of Shard that the odd flowers are the Tears, but that's only from what I've seen. This is the only WoB I've found on the subject: CHAOS Is Edgli Endowment's real name? BRANDON SANDERSON RAFO, however the flowers are related to Endowment somehow...
  7. I've been looking and I can't find an answer, though admittedly, you guys usually can answer questions quicker than my searches lol. So, the questions simple. Can a vessel holding a Shard reproduce in the conventional means? Either with another vessel, or a mortal/human/etc. It's unlikely I know, but the idea of a child born from a shard and mortal seems intriguing.
  8. This post gave almost gave me a stroke, thanks guys. The Mraize thing has big implications that I never even thought of. But, let me get this straight, listing it out helps me organize my thoughts(feel free to point out if I'm just suffering symptoms from the aforementioned almost-stroke) 1. Vile of pale sand= Sand from either the Dayside or Darkside of Taldain. 2. A thick pair of hairpins= Possible hemalurgic spikes. 3. A lock of golden hair= Possibly a lock of hair from someone with the Royal Locks, or a lock of hair from a lost love of Mraize. 4. A silver knife= Maybe a knife from someone from Silverlight(I know, not very imaginative) 5. A branch of tree= From Yolen. 6. Odd flower= Possibly Tears of Edgli. 7. Flakey stone= Possibly soulstone(distance could be a factor for flaking).
  9. Stupid question, what's "ketek"?
  10. I can't find it, but isn't there a WoB that the cosmere will have end, as in a story that will expand across the cosmere?
  11. Haha, in my head I picture Brandon listening to your last line, rolling his eyes, and saying all exasperated "Yeah, I know you don't Oversleep".
  12. We also have realize that so far the Shards have had somewhat powerful literary names, they read very well. Honor, Ruin, Dominion, etc. They kinda pop out at you. That's how it is in my head anyway. My two ideas for the intent have already been said, Instinct and Wisdom. We think back to the letter which has the quote "He bears God's own divine hatred". I've honestly used that as a touchstone, as stupid as it sounds. Just replacing the word hatred with other intent names. For example, God's own divine wisdom or subtlety sound a lot better than God's own divine itchyness
  13. Another of Kered's ideas sputters and dies.
  14. Ahh, I forgot about that sequence. Wonder if that the color gets passed down and not just having light eyes of any color. Be a fun way to trace some of the characters lineage back to the orders.