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  1. Hi everyone ! First time poster here (will make a post on myself later) I also went to the signing in paris (first time i go to such event) Iy was awesome and brandon is such a cheerful person. I asked two questions (thoughnot as deep as those you posted and they were probably asked a long time ago anyway) 1) is he fascinated by gravity ? Yes he finds incredible the capacity of mass to bend space and he loves gravity that's why it is everywhere (and it is awesome) 2) will Shai have a role in the next elantris books ? Yes she will have a role in the future elantris books or at least a cameo in them if not (i assume taht we might see her ine one of the 2 books and a small cameo in the other one) I hope that helps those were probably easy enough questions but hey thats how i am ^^ Thank you all for your feedbacks ! See you on the forum