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  1. Hi ! First post on the 17thshard. Just went to the signing and asked a few questions. Hope this will help. 1/ Who is the woman on the "Voidbringer Chart" ? Brandon : Isaac did the art. It is just a pattern. She's no character in particular. 2/ KR seemed to have opposite gender spren. Why is Glys male then ? Is there something hidden there ? Brandon : More naturally, the spren is opposite gender but it doesn't have to be. It's not a indication necessarily of homosexuality, but sometimes it is, sometimes it's not. More often, you'll attract spren of the opposite gender, but spren genders are very fluid anyway. You're not supposed to read anything specific into that. 3/ Question about the stormlight itself : a highstorm, full of stormlight, fills the spheres. Then, the KR use the stormlight or the stormlight evaporates with time. Question : where does the stormlight in highstorms come from ? Is there like a "rain cycle", but for the stormlight ? Brandon : the stormlight in the highstorm is transferred from the Spiritual realm through the Stormfather into the highstorm. 4/ At the end of tWoK, in the last Dalinar's vision, he stands "in a place of smoke. He turned about, wary. The sky was dark and he stood on a field of dull, bone-white rock, jagged and rough, extending in all directions. Off into eternity". Is this place Damnation/Braize ? Brandon : That will be explained in Oathbringer. So RAFO. 5/ Can you give us a hint on the madman identity, the man everyone think he's Taln ? Brandon (with a big smile) : Everyone think he's Taln ! Hope that helps !