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  1. How about the one with maybe potentially the greatest cosmere implications? Odium: "No, we killed you! WE KILLED YOU!" Definitely one to remember.
  2. WOAH!!! Those are awesome!
  3. Okay, here's some more (my dad's right, I've had way too much time on my hands recently. I need to go back to school and get a life again.) Alright, here we've got our favorite crime-fighting pair, Wax(illium Ladrian) and Wayne. And of course, next up are their good companions, the cousins/sisters Marasi Colms and Steris Harms. How bout we get a bit more historical? Now we have yet another dynamic duo, but this time it's Breeze and Ham! And next up are a couple I nearly forgot about; Elend and Spook! Okay, so my last two are actually from the Stormlight Archive - relating to Oathbringer, to be precise. So be wary, as they DEFINITELY contain spoilers of the story. OB SPOILER WARNING!
  4. Thanks! Well, my brother actually made the Inquisitor one. Pretty sure he made the spikes out of large pointed grey eyebrows that were moved over to cover the eyes, which were made small and black to look like the "spikes" were covering them. i realized after I posted these that Taravangian is too light-skinned. I was so focused on making him looking old and oriental that I forgot to make him look completely Rosharan. I'll have to make more Miis too. I also realized afterwards that I'd left out Mistborn Era 2 and Kelsier's crew.
  5. Better? I don't know. We'll see. More numerous? Likely. I've been busy. Well now, in honor of this being my 200th post, I hereby present the Cosmere Miis I have produced (though a couple aren't exactly mine.) Starting off, we have Dalinar Kholin, Kaladin Stormblessed, Szeth-son-son-Vallano, and our favorite Survivor Kelsier! (The Kelsier one was made by my brother and edited by me.) And next up are the lovely ladies Shallan Davar, Jasnah Kholin, and "Valette Renoux". Next comes Adolin Kholin, a Steel Inquisitor (another made by my brother and edited by me), good ol' King Taravangian, and Vin without her nobility disguise. How about we expand a little from just MB and SA? Here I give you Ati, the original Vessel of Ruin; Hrathen, the Derethi gyorn, and Talenelat'Elin, Herald of War. Sorry, but this next batch seems to be just SA. I present Meridas Amaram, Renarin Kholin, and Tanavast, the Almighty Vessel of Honor. Aaand we're back for a little more expanded lineup! Next upcoming are Leras, the original Vessel of Preservation, our favorite Lightsong the Brave, and Torol Sadeas. And last but not least are a few more of our biggest cosmere players: the cheeky devil Hoid; Sazed, Hero of Ages and Vessel of Harmony, and Vasher (whose umpteen other names will not be listed). Hope y'all like them!
  6. Dang it, Toaster, ya beat mii to it! I had flippin just started doing that this morning! I'll have my retribution once I upload my own miis. (But honestly, good idea, though. Kudos to you for beating me to it.)
  7. Ha. So I did. Silly me. Oh, well, the topic is safe enough that a spoiler tag is no longer needed.
  8. Actually, for some reason, that reminds of ChayShan instead. You know you're a Sanderfan when you're constantly asking your family members what part of the book they're on. My dad is currently at the climax/avalanche of Oathbringer, while my brother is partway through part one of the first Mistborn book (the part where Vin first meets Lestibournes). It's his first cosmere book and I'm so proud of him. When you have a dream about teaching a Sanderfan friend of yours how to use the Surge of Gravitation. That's all I remember from that dream, and it was so cool! When you write a ketek based on Hemalurgy: Blood drawn / we steal souls / piercing with spikes / with pierced souls stolen / we draw blood. When you mentally refer to the weather reporters as stormwardens.
  9. That is kind of a large and plot twist suggestion, but I find validity in it. Now, I'm pretty sure that the Tranquiline Halls, or the world the people lived on before Roshar, was Ashyn, not Braize. But your idea that Odium was stuck on Roshar long enough to utilize Surgebinding for the human Voidbringers to use is a good idea. In spite of that, I don't think Odium created Surgebinding, as he created Voidbinding, but we can't know for sure. But I think it is quite likely that Odium was Invested or trapped on Roshar for the first few centuries. Good thought.
  10. Funny how Hoid is on a vendetta against the god of hatred, yet his cover is being a guy who insults everybody and makes them hate him. Wouldn't he be helping Odium in that regard? (shrug)
  11. I think the point of Sadeas' death by Adolin reached the fulfillment of its arc in the Battle of Thaylen Field. Odium (or more direclty, Nergaoul) used the Thrill to incite the Sadeas soldiers against Dalinar and the coalition. Why? Because they blamed him for the murder of their highprince and let the Thrill take control. I believe that narratively, that was the point of Sadeas' death -- it set up the Battle of Thaylen Field and justified the sudden turning of the Sadeas soldiers to the bad side without making it seem like a cliched mind control move. Narrative genius at the price of no consequence for the one sort of behind it, because Adolin has yet to own up to that too, I suppose. I'm just trying to say that that was why Sadeas died and that was the payoff of it; reasoning behind the Battle of Thaylen Field. I am partial to the sentiment that Adolin may fade into being a conforming background character, seeing as he didn't take responsibility for it until long after the battle ended. As well as all the other points stated about him.
  12. Current favorite character: Korg from Thor; Ragnarok.
  13. Well, that's not including the interludes... Also: When it's spontaneously super foggy one morning and you're both excited and unsettled by it. (And unsettled is the more fitting feeling. Turns out it was a mix of fog and smog. The Deepness has come to choke us to death!) When you think it'd be cool to die like a character in his books would (like suffocating in the mist). When you make a new friend at school just today from both of you fanboying about Oathbringer, then the entire SA, and then the rest of the cosmere. I'm not the only in-depth cosmere-aware Sanderfan at my school and it makes me so happy! I now know of at least four others. Until today it was three. (Edit: It's five now. One of my best friends just finished Bands of Mourning and freaked out about it. Now she has to read Secret History and really get into the cosmere. Muahahahaha!) When you listen to WoBs on Arcanum just to find out how to pronounce character names and the word RAFO. (Turns out, it's with a short vowel. I'd always read it as a long vowel, like Ray-foe. But no, apparently it's Rah-foe. I actually kinda prefer my pronunciation. Also, I found out I'd been saying Renarin's name wrong for a long time. Oops.) You know you're a Sharder when you try thinking of Steelrunners, but the word that comes to mind instead is "Steeldancer". (Edit: You're welcome @Steeldancer)
  14. Oh, my goodness. This is comedy genius. I read it really late at night and I had to try so hard not to burst out laughing. Well done.
  15. https://coppermind.net/wiki/Letters Just go right to this page It contains all the letters compiled in their complete forms instead of as epigraphs.