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  1. Whereas Steris staples were used to hold together lists of backup plans for when creating long threads.
  2. But Brightlord Hatham's breadstick company outdid all of them in sales and popularity.
  3. Steve Jobs laughed wildly as his Apple apples were taking over the markets, but Jeve Stobs and his Banana tech company were not to be outdone.
  4. Both of those are two of the biggest compliments I could possibly receive. Thank you so much.
  5. A few more low-quality, phone-recorded Mistborn songs. (Sorry for double-posting, but I want to get these out there!) First is a more vague one. In Bands of Mourning, Wayne pays a minstrel to play a favorite song of his called "The Last Breath" as he's walking down the street on his journey to Ranette's house. But you can't hear a song in a book, so I decided to give it some sound. And since Wayne heard it playing on the pianoforte when he first met Ranette, I'm giving you the piano version as well as the guitar version. (Maybe some day, I'll take it farther and add lyrics, why not? And I might orchestrate it into a BoM main theme, but we'll see.) The next song has nothing to do with that. It's a serious one. This next one is made for the climax of Hero of Ages, right after Elend dies and Vin sacrifices herself to kill Ruin. The song makes more sense thematically if you've heard the previous songs about Vin and Elend. Obviously, it is titled "Ruin's Downfall; Vin's Sacrifice". The Last Breath (Guitar Version).m4a The Last Breath (Pianoforte Version).m4a Ruin's Downfall; Vin's Sacrifice.m4a There are most certainly more songs to come, but I rarely have the quiet time to record them what with my family around home and all, plus I'm still working on getting them right. But I still have more Mistborn songs up my sleeve, just you wait! Sneak peek mention of them: a song for Vin and Kelsier sneaking into Kredik Shaw and getting caught, a song for Vin chasing and fighting Shan Elariel, a song for the Siege of Luthadel once the koloss break through, a song for Sazed realizing he's, unfortunately, the Hero of Ages (very much still in development), and a song for Vin breaking through Kredik Shaw's stained-glass window to attack the Lord Ruler (very short, very much still in the works). And more to come eventually.
  6. And Kyle was happy, because now he had two thermonukes.
  7. Speculative guesses: Lopen will be killed out of nowhere partway through book 4 and we will all cry as he dies in Kaladin's arms. Instead of Death Rattle nonsense, his last words will be Lopen nonsense. Why do I think this? Because it would blindside us out of nowhere and ram an emotional knife through our emotional guts, as Sanderson is so prevalent at accomplishing. I guess this simply out of the fact that it would be unexpected. Now, for actually logical reasons, I'm pretty sure Taravangian will be dead by the end of book 5 or during the fifteen-year gap, mainly because he's really old and admitted to himself in Oathbringer that he only had a few years left to live. (And would likely never see Kharbranth again, boo hoo. ) Roshone had better not get out of this mess alive by the end of book 5. Same goes for Moash. Whether he gets a redemptive arc or not, he ought to be dead soon. I get the feeling Ishar will die in book 4 for some reason. Like that will be a major event in the book, either halfway through or at the climax. But that's just a guess. I tentatively agree with the presumption that Lift will live through to the end of the series. As for the main main characters like Kaladin, Shallan, and Dalinar, I'm not even going to try speculating this. With them, I say come what may and let it be. I think it's obvious Hoid will live. I will laugh if Sanderson even attempts at giving him a fakeout death at any point in the series. I am guessing that Szeth will atone for his mistakes and die in a blaze of glory, but I have nothing to found that upon. Just a wild guess, like with Lopen's death. Wanna talk about blindsiding us readers? What if little Gavinor and baby Oroden die before the end of book 5, and we were wrong to think they'd be main character in the back five, and we'll cry over their deaths, because they're just cute, innocent little baby boys getting caught up in all this crem?
  8. Because he realized that Timbre = Eshonai.
  9. Aww naw. I can't find the purple explosion image that was originally my profile photo. I can't go back now. :(

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      *cuddles purple explosion in arms* You will always be the one for me...

  10. But you could only recieve them if you asked for the bane in Yoda-speak.
  11. What if the final confrontation/contest of champions isn't a physical fight with Shards or Surges?
  12. Argent didn't care, so Times had nothing to salt themself with. So they visited the Nightwatcher's little sister Aiightwatcher.
  13. I just barely met another Sanderfan right now, and I could tell by his shirt, which had an image of a pixelated Szeth next to a pixelated Nightblood under the quote "Would you like to destroy some evil today?" It totally made my day.
  14. And because he broke his one rule, the Joker had won.
  15. And the Breadmunks were defeated by the Porpoise of Life.