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  1. I'm feeling mega sick. Like there are bugs crawling inside of my body and making me warm and cold and I can't see right and everything is twisting and turning. I can't speak or think. I just slept for twelve hours and I'm still storming sick.
  2. Maybe I'll finally finish the story...
  3. I think that's what it became quickly lol
  4. I wrote something weird and cerebral: 



  5. Thanks I really appreciate it, I guess I tried to put a positive spin on fate and predestination
  6. Well, it doesn't seem to exist anymore on mine. I distinctly remember seeing it before, but no longer.
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  8. Every single human being is the sum of the unconsciousness. Every single decision ever made leads to our conception, and the birth of our souls from the womb of thought. We all sit on a leash of dreams and fears, driven by the long dead stars and heroes of pre-history. In a sense, humanity in its entirety is a puppet to fate. God, or whatever you believe in, created and ended the world in a single moment, and all we do is fuel the fires of a dead engine. To the eye of the beholder, we are wondrous, unique to a fault. But objectively, we are all just reconstituted stardust, our souls fabrications of the community. Therein lies the paradox of humanity. We are individual, believing ourselves to be the one true person in all of existence, but our oneness with our self and connection to others are chains and ropes, keeping us tied to the puppeteer. As incredibly depressing as this is, keep heart, for we can trust in the movement of dead things to keep our race afloat. Barring any sudden changes at time's start, we shouldn't be wiped out, lest it were for a purpose. This paradigm, this incessant hum in the back of our minds, drags forth the colossus, for what purpose even the dreaming stars do not know. Maybe we are a cocoon, a garden, or a workshop. Conversely, humanity may be the death throes of some organism, some dying being of cosmic importance. Take heart in the fact that we have either yet to live or have lived, serving as mere atoms in the body of some great work of art. We are a masterpiece already created and yet yearning to begin. Our existence is a noble one, for we drive forth the world, bring fourth new generations, weave threads and cut sentences short. The lifeblood of reality sits within our fingertips. If one person were to change the rhythm, the cosmic chord would shatter. Maybe that hero who was meant to save the princess ends up breaking his leg and dying to the dragon. Your very existence, no matter how short, no matter how long, is critical to the goal of our Creator. We are not simply a link in the chain, but each and every single individual is equal to the sum of this journey, in essence, we are all gods ourselves. Within us we carry the past and future, we control the shift of thoughts and words and actions. Every creed, color and gender unites to sing a song of harmony, no matter how discordant the individual notes. Without Hitler, could we have had Ghandi? Without Mozart, would there have been no Trump? The workings of the world are too great for us mere mortals, simply live. While we may seem to have no autonomy, each and every one of us must remember that we hold the reigns to a cosmic steed. We are sheltered in the actions of our ancestors, yet in our birth we must accept the duty of continuing the chain, either through our own actions or how we inspire others, subtly or not. Live life to the fullest, do your duty. Love, laugh, cry, scream, give birth, lose a friend, inspire a painting, dwell on the past, look to the future. Everything we do is the right thing, so long as you deem it so. Your beliefs are those of the world, and their beliefs belong to you.
  9. Well, my Jewish friend has just spammed my group chat saying "You worship a zombie". I laugh. Then my inflammatory Muslim not-so friend decides to use this as an opportunity to tell us why Jesus doesn't exist and everyone is a pig for not being Islamic and that we are all worse than him. Strange how some people use religion to mask their true beliefs, huh?
  10. This is from a thread from a long while ago.




    But the fact that you said that makes me all happy and giddy inside.

    1. Quiver


      I assumed everyone was aware of my views on Scott Summers by now :P

  11. You're giving me a frighten. Please come back.

    1. Silverblade5


      Hi Darkness

    2. Darkness Ascendant

      Darkness Ascendant

      It's going to be very dangerous and hard for me to go online, it either means sneaking onto my mum's phone and contacting you guys, or stealing my laptop from the place my dad hid it (not very well heh). And it's going to be hard to charge my laptop, I only can do so when dad isn't home. And even then it's dangerous because my family will prolly rat me out first chance they get >>

  12. Dude. Git back on right now or I find a way to get to where you live and make you get on. People are worried bro
  13. Similar to you, I also enjoy writing. I'm not super active about it, since I'm actually a pretty terrible reader(I skim most of the writing, I only read for plot). But I try to make interesting concepts.
  14. Everything sounds epic in six words.
  15. I think the theory is great, but wouldn't that also make it so that people age faster? If everything is moving more quickly, wouldn't cell death and reproduction and all sorts of processes related to life and death also speed up? That would mean that F-Steel users would have dramatically reduced lifespans.