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  1. Just got back into playing Massive Chalice. Still one of the most interesting game ideas ever. I might write a short story based in a world similar to that one.
  2. Anyone have advice on how to skim history books? Homework eats up my time and I know I'm being too thorough.
  3. I don't know about you guys, but in New York on Colombus Day, we had a parade, and many Italian American artists were celebrated. There was very little mention of Colombus himself and many people spoke more about what it was like to be Italian-American and their experiences. I myself spent time with my grandmother and enjoyed learning more about my culture. That may just be a regional thing, but I'm kinda tired of hearing people dump on a day that's actually dear to my heart.
  4. I seriously don't understand why people like to rust on Colombus day so much. I understand why don't like the man himself, but why do I have to see so many "storm colombus" posts? It's NOT ABOUT HIM. It's about celebrating Italian American culture!
  5. A post-scarcity world would be a world in which we move onto the stars. There, we can find scarcity. As humans, we will continue to explore and struggle and survive. Earth will also probably not unify, and if it does, by that time we might have other planets. Humanity is a brilliant, complex, self loathing race.
  6. Sounds interesting! I might try it...
  7. I think over and over agian about everything that I do and I see how much evil I cause and how I push everyoen away and how my constant failure is a source of strife and how I ripped my family apart and how my very existence is proof that I ruined to other people. Maybe my mom is right and I;m just a bad person hiding under the guise of being a coward
  8. Sometimes I want to stop existing. Not die, just stop living.
  9. According to a therapist my parents sent me to, I'm suppressing my emotions in order not to get hurt. I've just been doing the things I do regularly every day, not really focusing on anything. I'm doing the absolute minimum every day. Divorce sucks.
  10. My parents are getting divorced. They just announced this to the family today, and I have no idea what to think. I'm angry, yet also I feel strangely disconnected. I don't really know what to do or how to feel.
  11. No that's fine I guess it makes sense with the voice to text thing... I'm just a bit of a nitpicker
  12. ^^^^^ I honestly don't know what you're asking. Are you saying that based on the cover of a novel Jasnah is instantly the most powerful? Any character can be considered the most powerful in a certain situation. Seriously dude this is just a stream of consciousness please fix it. You stray off topic a lot and it makes it hard to understand.
  13. Honestly, I don't see Odium being the main antagonist of the Cosmere. Currently, I don't see there being any one antagonist. He is in opposition to Hoid and the people of Roshar, but I don't see him being the main enemy of the Cosmere. If I'm not mistaken there's still whatever Harmony is keeping at bay... There are multiple potential antagonists for the Cosmere, and I don't see any one of them being the singular enemy.