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  1. According to a therapist my parents sent me to, I'm suppressing my emotions in order not to get hurt. I've just been doing the things I do regularly every day, not really focusing on anything. I'm doing the absolute minimum every day. Divorce sucks.
  2. My parents are getting divorced. They just announced this to the family today, and I have no idea what to think. I'm angry, yet also I feel strangely disconnected. I don't really know what to do or how to feel.
  3. No that's fine I guess it makes sense with the voice to text thing... I'm just a bit of a nitpicker
  4. ^^^^^ I honestly don't know what you're asking. Are you saying that based on the cover of a novel Jasnah is instantly the most powerful? Any character can be considered the most powerful in a certain situation. Seriously dude this is just a stream of consciousness please fix it. You stray off topic a lot and it makes it hard to understand.
  5. Honestly, I don't see Odium being the main antagonist of the Cosmere. Currently, I don't see there being any one antagonist. He is in opposition to Hoid and the people of Roshar, but I don't see him being the main enemy of the Cosmere. If I'm not mistaken there's still whatever Harmony is keeping at bay... There are multiple potential antagonists for the Cosmere, and I don't see any one of them being the singular enemy.
  6. I managed to spoil it for myself :/. But @piscian18 I think you will be pleasantly surprised. It's very satisfying.
  7. I literally JUST saw this. Can you tag me next time please? I really want to play.
  8. Chris Pine was in ghostbusters? I thought that was chris hemsworth.
  9. I saw it a few days ago, and I have to say it's not nearly as good as people think it is. I like the middle and end, but the beginning to me, makes NO sense. It's very random and, while necessary, is barely coherent. Some of the characters are very two dimensional and it's very obvious that most of the characters are not organic. Besides Steve, Diana and Ares, most of the characters are cliche and throwaway. I did like the ending, though.
  10. There's not much to say, besides: Ornstein
  11. The hooligans that my friends and I are, we got into some horseplay and I hit my friend on the back of the head in front of the dean of students.
  12. I got to spend my first day of summer(hooray) cleaning out trash cans and doing inventory, because I got a detention on the last day. Yet, for some reason, I don't feel to mad. It was good to do some real work, and I scavenged some candy from lockers.
  13. Well, it's not me. Bridge Boy has been pretty active, and both DA and Ornestein have been inactive for a while. We might want to start with them, simply because they have been lurking for the majority of the time, and neither has contributed anything very eventful.