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  1. I'm sorry if I seem a little bit dull but I'm not quite situated with the inner workings of this forum. Could you tell me where the email is? I would love to help you.
  2. Creation Daily

    I actually take a journalism course, so I'll try my best to explain. In articles, journalists always try to use the least amount of words necessary to get a story across. Unlike writing, where you should try to expand as much as possible, in journalism, if you can tell something in one sentence, then one sentence you shall write. The beginning of an article is called a lede, and it is usually one sentence long, attempting to properly summarize whatever is being covered in the article. You should come up with a system of naming for your paper. With some papers, an interviewed person will originally have a full name, and then go by the last name from then on. Find something like this for how you keep names short. EDIT: I just found this thread, right after I posted all of my current stuff on its own. *facepalm* Should I move it over here?
  3. Actually there is a WoB, I don't remember where, that says since Odium isn't Invested anywhere, he has more readily available power than the others.
  4. I guess I didn't really make it clear, but these are not all the same world. While the first two are on the same world, the third is not. And in canon, the monks have been defunct for many years.
  5. basically I just shoved it all on here and im looking to see if anyone will read it or care. It's all the concrete stuff I've thought out for a multiverse I'm building
  6. This is gonna be kinda long, so I'm gonna put each thing into a spoiler box. Magic Systems: Avatars: Other Important Figures:
  7. Cosmere Round Robin

    I'm in.
  8. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    I feel like Marvel committed suicide with the whole post Secret War alternate realities thing. To me, Miles Morales and Spider Gwen won't ever replace Peter Parker, and Jane Thor is certainly no Odinson.
  9. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    I get confused sometimes with the Guardians/Volthoom origins, because that is deeply tied to the Multiverse. Before New 52, Volthoom was found by the Guardians after the Rogue Guardian(blanking on the name) tries to view the start of the universe and causes the Multiverse. IDK about New 52, but just alternate realities mixing in general gives me anxiety.
  10. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    One thing I have to say, is that I really hate Jessica Cruz. It's not that I hate her character, it's just alternate reality OCD. Any character which has their origins in alternate realities really has me spooked. Simon Baz is great, though.
  11. Hey Sanderfans!

    Definitely the TLR's final line of the book. That got me major hype. Anyways, welcome to the Shard! I hope you find your stay here filled with fun and theories! We're a pretty strange bunch.
  12. Crisis on Infinite Cosmere

    What if Lopen had become a Windrunner?
  13. I exist

    Calm down Satan