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  1. I think when you heal the stormlight is using your mental pattern of what you believe you look like (like a restore point for a corrupted computer file). Kaladin believes the scars are a part of him. I'm pretty sure nobody else in Bridge 4 lost their tattoos even after using stormlight though. Magic is the cosmere is also pretty sympathy based. The more you stretch an illusion (the less believable), the quicker it will fail. Kaladin can imagine himself being an ugly old man, but on a fundamental level Kaladin can't see himself as someone without a scar, so that part of the illusion quickly breaks down.
  2. Pet incomplete theory of mine, I think some time passed while the gemstones were being put in the wall, however the chronology doesn't quite match the drawer numbering system that was assigned to them by default. Some of the gemstones talk of considering abandoning the tower, while others make it sound imminent. I think there's a chronological pattern to the drawer numbers, but haven't been able to tease it out personally. See this brief blurb between Navani and Jasnah: When Renarin has an intuition that something is up, I tend to believe him. Beyond that though I'm not sure how to get the drawer numbers to sort into a cohesive narrative. I think if you go in reverse order based on the second number in the pair, it tends to makes more sense (starting with x-30 and progressing through x-1), but there's things I'm not perfectly happy with regarding that method either.
  3. Those scars are the turning point of his whole life. Sort of like how Kelsier flaring Malatium near death give him a glimpse of the moment LR Ascended, flaring malatium at Kaladin in a similar circumstance would show him receiving those brands. Kaladin views himself and his whole life as revolving around that moment. I have always wanted to ask Brandon though if Kaladin's Bridge 4 tattoo would finally "stick" if he didn't try to apply it over the scars. If the tattoo was applied next to the slave brand would it still heal away?
  4. Apologies in advance for the very long theory, but I think it ties a lot of events set shortly before the Recreance together. In short: I think Bondsmith Melishi captured Ba-Ado-Mishram inside a perfect crystal to prevent Parshmen transformations, but due to B-A-M being an extremely intelligent UnMade Spren, Melishi needed to use his own bonded spren The Sibling to act as B-A-M's binder/jailer. Doing so both locked the Parshmen in dullform, and caused the gradual failure of Urithiru's fabrial system and stuck both B-A-M and The Sibling inside a perfect gem where they remain currently (Gavilar's!?!?), and releasing one will likely release the other. There's a lot of kind of sub-theories rolled up into this one, but I'll try to put in a couple useful quotes. The above quote was debated endlessly between the release of WOR and Oathbringer. I think myself and many others have speculated that this event related to the Recreance and the dulling of the Parshmen. With our extra knowledge from Oathbringer I'd like to focus on the part I've bolded in the quote though. "The Heralds and their divine duties". In Oathbringer we had clarified (to some extent) what the divine duties of the Heralds were: to bind the voidbringers on Braize and thus prevent Desolations on Roshar. Just as Odium and the voidbringers were bound by Honor, The Heralds and their Oathpact, was Melishi planning to similarly bind another great force here? And if so what would he bind it with? Elaborating on WoR's Melishi event, we have the following extended sequence of Emerald (Truthwatcher) gems from the same drawer of the Urithiru gem archive drawer 30-20: And also note the following probably related comment from an Elsecaller (zircon drawer 20-10): The most straightforward conclusion to draw from this would be: The Radiants captured B-A-M in the perfect gem "Honor's Drop" similar to how Dalinar captured Neragoul in "King's Drop" during the climax of Oathbringer. I don't think this is right though. One distinction I would like to note: Dalinar was able to bind Neragoul in a perfect gem by embracing "The Thrill" emotion that Neragoul encouraged and was drawn to. The important difference here though is Neragoul isn't one of the "thinking" Unmade, it is driven almost entirely by instinct, not plans or thoughts. As such, it can be tricked into putting itself in a gem. Compare that to B-A-M (Hessi's Mythica Epigraph): This presents B-A-M as an extremely intelligent UnMade, probably Odium's second in command, and thus unlikely to fooled into entering a perfect gem prison merely by some Radiant expressing an emotional state. Also, Dalinar required a lifetime of violent events to reach such a close connection with Neragoul, it's hard to imagine Radiants past doing the same. Much like Odium's intelligent spren and fused required the minds of the Heralds to hold them captive, I suspect that B-A-M required a binding spren of similar power to her own to hold her captive long term. We also know that a Radiant spren can hold a voidspren captive inside a gem, as we see Timbre do just that to the voidspren inside Venli's gemheart! We know that B-A-M was successfully imprisoned based on the Singers losing access to voidlight for thousands of years until the Everstorm. Also, BAM's long absence is noted in The Mythica: So not only did they capture B-A-M, but they captured her in such a way that she's been inactive for >2,000 years! We also know that roughly simultaneous to these events Urithiru's systems began to fail, forcing the Radiants to abandon the tower. The failure of Urithiru is linked to changes in the Sibling by 3 Elsecaller records in the Gem Archive (3 zircons drawer 1-1): Those 3 gems in the same drawer clearly imply that 1) the tower is failing 2) its failing is related to The Sibling 3) The Sibling didn't withdraw from men voluntarily, something else happened to it. Whatever happened to it likely continues to the current time, as Stormfather states The Sibling is "asleep". So, to sum up: Melishi was the only active Bondsmith during the time shortly before the Recreance, and I believe he was specifically bonded to The Sibling, the spren essential to the functioning of the great fabrial of Urithiru. When the highly intelligent Unmade Ba-Ado-Mishram sparked renewed hostilities and the threat of another Desolation by gifting voidlight to the Singers, the scholarly Radiants committed to a plan to capture B-A-M, a plan involving a perfect gem and Melishi's powers related to the divine duties of the Heralds. They were able to capture B-A-M in a perfect gem (where it remains captive at current time), but doing so somehow locked the Singers in dullform and also put the Sibling to sleep (where it remains currently) resulting in the gradual failure of the systems of the Urithiru and the Radiants abandoning the tower. I think maybe The Sibling and Ba-Ado-Mishram are trapped in the same perfect gem, re-enacting "The Odd Couple" for 2 millenia. Or perhaps The Sibling isn't physically inside the gem, but Melishi somehow has used its power to imprison B-A-M limiting The Sibling's ability to function normally (like Preservation using its mind to imprison Ruin). Either way, releasing one would in all likelihood release the other. I think B-A-M's gem prison is the same gem that Gavilar gave to Szeth. Gavilar's idiotic plan to "return" the Listeners their God, may have been partially motivated by a desire to release The Sibling. The Stormfather (at that time pre-bonding Gavilar to some degree) may have felt that this was an acceptable tradeoff to see The Sibling released.
  5. More than a battle ship, it would more sense as a transport to move people and goods around. The destructive power of highstorms severely inhibit the development of transportation infrastructure like roads/canals on Roshar, and the gates only move to specific locations. Large airships could move a lot of goods or people though, they'd just need a Windrunner or a Skybreaker and some Stormlight to move them to their destination.
  6. Hanging with the rest of the Elsecaller dorks most likely.
  7. When you look deeper Brandon's books have a fairly disturbing perception of morality and justice. They're incredibly focused on the here and now ("always the next step"), and emphasize forgiveness and redemption arcs to an almost absurd degree. There doesn't appear to be any moral threshold that can't be later excused as long as the redeemed character feels bad about their prior actions and tries better from that point onward. Dalinar is a mass-murderer who genocided an entire city, Szeth has the blood of countless victims on his hands, Wayne murdered that shopkeeper, Sadeas' death was seen as a tragic loss by Dalinar, Amaram was extended the olive branch yet again by Dalinar in the Thaylen City battle. I believe forgiveness is incredibly important, but the concepts of penance or restitution or seemingly any consequence for past evils seem completely ignored. Perhaps this is laying the seeds to a future moral clash between Kaladin and his brethren. If Szeth reveals what has been occurring in Taravangian's hospitals, and someone discovers that Mr.T was behind the murder of Eth for the Honorblade does Dalinar still try to forgive Mr.T and recruit him back to the light? That seems to fit the pattern so far.
  8. Graves' Disease (thankfully this is not the case, it would be pretty sad if everyone in Shinovar was suffering from an overactive thyroid gland)
  9. Gods can take a loooong time to die. But during said time they can act pretty confused and irrational. See Preservation. The Heralds were gifted their powers and blades directly from Honor, so they abandoning their blades would have been a huge blow. Ahrietam may have mortally wounded Honor and left a very mentally diminished version of him to limp along until he passed the torch to Stormfather. All things told, the Recreance may in fact have been the best option available to the Radiants at that time. It bought the world thousands of years to catch its breath without the risk of some idiot nuking the planet on accident without Honor around to supervise their godlike powers. Also, you can't really fault the Radiants for their desolation blocking plan failing. By blocking the parsh's abilities to bind, they blocked the traditional pathway that Odium invaded via during the desolations. They can hardly be faulted for failing to predict the Everstorm, it's a completely new thing.
  10. It was an extremely effective writing flourish on Brandon's part. On an objective level I still agree that Moash had every right to crave vengeance on Elkohar. His loved ones were murdered and everyone involved got off with little more than a slap on the wrist. Society offered Moash no legal pathway to address his grievances so he took the direct route to vengeance. And although he made nice efforts at redemption in this book, it must be repeated that Elkohar was an absolutely terrible King who has shown no indication that he would ever abdicate his power. So although Elkohar's death was heart wrenching to read from Kaladin's perspective, I actually may have still been willing to forgive Moash at that point knowing what he had been put through. Flashing the salute at Kaladin was pure undiluted spite though, and instantly swung me into the "Moash is a garbage human being" camp. Such a simple thing, but so emotionally effective. That's good writing! In the following chapters he's pure "banality of evil" made manifest though. Murdering harmless drunk hobos simply because the higher ups asked him to, don't even need a reason like vengeance. Moash is basically an anti-Radiant in character. Radiants as much as anything seem to be guided by a focus on moral self-growth, striving to better themselves by accepting their previous failures. Journey Before Destination! Amaram was one example of a polar opposite of this, he refused to accept moral responsibility for any of his actions and Odium let him escape his guilt. Moash, in a slight variance, seems to have decided that the world is awful, he himself is awful, and standing/striving for anything is pointless. He's not lying to himself about being a hero like Amaram, but he has still embraced the nihilistic void all the same.
  11. I thought so too with Hoid! It seemed like a bit too far-fetched of a guess, but something about the way they talk is strikingly familiar. Also the mutual propensity for telling stories/parables and letting the listener draw their own conclusions. Also Hoid has pulled repeated duty as "emergency therapist" for our main characters during their times of crisis. He delivered just the message/story they needed to hear to Kaladin twice and Shallan once. The timeliness of this dream with Dalinar seemed similar. Hoid actually being Nohadon doesn't match much at all though. We know that Rayse hates him, and he's meddled in Roshar affairs before (to the point where he can draw the Heralds and the Fused know him personally). Especially in the original vision from Stormfather though Nohadon seems like a pretty mundane human confused by what to do in the world. I was actually half-wondering if Hoid might have ghost-written The Way of Kings and was a friend of Nohadon?
  12. If you have read Secret History, you see a similar pattern of events occurring here as there. I like the idea of Nohadon acting like a very patient cognitive shadow "spanner in the works" much like a certain Survivor did. Whispering into Dalinar's dreams (once Dalinar had more connection to him by reading his book repeatedly and acting more honorably) also follows a similar pattern as the Survivor being able to whisper thoughts to those close to him. I still wonder if Nohadon was "just" a normal human though. Something about the way he talks in the last vision feels very familiar but I might just be imagining it.
  13. Oh yes, I think that's definitely the first impression you're intended to get when reading them as well as my first thoughts. It was only when Renarin made an offhand comment about a pattern that wasn't resolved in this book, that I started to think about what could be "hidden" there. Brandon loves hiding in another secret in plain site though, so I think there's a good chance that these recordings weren't all simultaneous. I think there's a cause/effect relationship in there to tease out.
  14. One shouldn't assume the gems were all recorded at the same moment in time, or that the order we read them is the order that they were recorded. Renarin at one point posits that there is a secret pattern related to how the gems are ordered (and Renarin's hunches are almost always correct). I have no clue what the pattern is though.
  15. Kelsier crosses off another 2 entries on his "gods punched" bucket list.