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  1. Jasnah herself tells Shallan this isn't the case in OB. Elsecalling into Shadesmar was easy, but returning required her to specifically seek out a transfer point where the two realms touch. Which heavily hints that she sought out and found Honor's Perpendicularity. Also the bonus chapter of Jasnah in Shadesmar strongly implies that seeking out Honor's Perpendicularity was her plan
  2. I think the strongest hint to me that the Unmade and the spiritual screams are linked is demonstrated by Dalinar. Dalinar had previously heard the screams in his mind after the death of Evi and Rathalas and it was driving him mad. When Cultivation gave him his blessing and curse (essentially sealing off the part of his soul that remembered Evi and his violent past, along with his past connection with The Thrill) both the screams in his mind as well as his susceptibility to The Thrill vanished completely for several years. Both the screams and the Thrill returned to Dalinar when his Cultivation memory block and soul band aid faded, allowing the Unmade access to his soul once again. Personally I think the most likely Unmade to cause this effect is Dai'Gonarthis, aka The Black Fisher. Partly because we know almost nothing about him, but his few references have been extremely interesting: also our scene with Ahu/Jezrien: We have a rough idea what the other mentioned Unmade do. I think it's interesting that Ahu mentions The Black Fisher first though. Perhaps Dai-Gonarthis uses the screams from the spiritual realm to psychologically torture humans with guilt, and then tempts them with the narcotic relief of "the void", offering an escape from their screams and suffering via emotional emptiness and apathy. We've seen Szeth drift in this direction before, emotionally numbing himself to escape the pain of the guilt. We see Moash doing a similar thing now, retreating into the emotional void to avoid thinking about the pain he saw in Kaladin's eyes. I think both connect well with that earlier Death Rattle of "Let me no longer hurt".
  3. Yeah, now I'm back to leaning towards Szeth's current spren being the same Highspren that he bonded before being declared Truthless. We may be making the mistake of assuming the Highspren to be perfectly united behind Nale's will. Sentient spren do have a degree of individuality even within their particular types (Sylphrena for example seems highly unique in her carefree nature relative to other Honorspren). I suspect Szeth may have originally attracted and bonded a particularly individualistic Highspren that was forming a bond independent of Nale's wishes.
  4. I will be eternally disappointed if the 5th Skybreaker oath isn't "I AM THE LAW"
  5. I actually think Taln appeared next to Kholinar merely because that was the current location of Honor's Perpendicularity. A Herald spawning at the point of the greatest concentration of Honor's investiture seems to make logical sense to me due to the Oathpact being a thing of Honor. We know Honor's Perpendicularity moves around, although we don't know exactly how or why. It does not seem to be linked to the current location of the Highstorm. Jasnah's reappearance at the end of WoR in the Unclaimed Hills was likely because Honor's Perpendicularity was located there at that time. I personally suspect the location of Honor's Perpendicularity has something to do with the moons of Roshar, as Hoid's epilogue encounters with Taln+Jasnah both occurred during the night (Roshar's moons always pass overhead during the night), although this could just be a coincidence.
  6. theory

    Only if Rian Johnson is writing the next Stormlight Archive.
  7. I'm curious how the Oathgates work. I believe Brandon has stated investiture is a special form of energy at be converted to different energy states including mass. Is your body being molecularly disintegrated at Gate 1 into pure investiture and then your mind passes through the spiritual realm into a new clone body freshly created from pure investiture at Gate 2?
  8. I'm inclined to believe Dova is Battar merely because we've had such a drought of information about the female Heralds (excluding Ash) that I'm happy to cling whatever minor morsels we're given. Chana: ??? (blind guess of Liss seems popular, but no real evidence) Vedel: ??? Palah: that one old Ardent Shallan spots in the Palanaeum? (would have been a blind guess if not for a WOB) Battar: ??? Dova maybe?
  9. Nale was literally floating in the sky at Thaylen field battle. Why wouldn't it work?
  10. It's the monomyth.
  11. I see a couple of possibilities. 1) There's the possibility that Szeth was just a squire after saying the second oath and was gaining access to gravity surge merely by being in proximity to Master Ki or Nale (like Bridge 4 with Kaladin or that one dude with Shallan). 2) Several spren took notice of Szeth during his training with the other Skybreaker recruits. One of the Highspren may have bonded him in addition to Nightblood offscreen (it's strange this wasn't mentioned though). 3) My personal favorite: Szeth already formed a Nahel bond with a spren wayyyy back in his pre-Truthless days. Speaking new oaths now is merely reviving the dead spren from before (like Kal did with Syl in WoR).
  12. All of the shardholders can themselves see into the possible futures, the quote seems to refer to when a non-ascended human is regularly doing it. See the Mistborn series for a similar example: both Preservation and Ruin can glimpse the future, but only Ruin's power (via Atium) seems to grant humans the ability to glimpse it themselves. I think a similar phenomenon is occurring on Roshar. Sure Cultivation can see the future, but only Odium's surges can enable mortals to do the same. So be suspicious if any mortal claims they can see the future. None of the Radiant surges seem to involve seeing into the future. Both Moelach and the Listener form of power Nightform have an aptitude for seeing the future though (both of which derive from Odium's power) Glys is a Radiant-spren corrupted by Sja-Anat, seemingly giving Renarin access to one Radiant surge (Progression), but instead of the usual Truthwatcher other surge of Illumination, he instead has access to a something like Nightform.
  13. It's difficult to say exactly. I think Renarin has been having 3 separate things occur causing him to "freeze up": Simple partial seizure - diagnosis is pretty straightforward as Renarin mentions unilateral muscle spasms (partial), remaining conscious throughout, and that it can last upwards to several minutes (not absence type). Renarin might hide the truth sometimes, but he doesn't seem the type to flat out make up lies like that when describing his condition to Kaladin, so I suspect as least some of his "freezing" episodes have been seizures. Hearing the screaming dead spren when holding a shardblade Having a vision of the future (via Glys) All 3 of these would look the same to outside observer watching Renarin. While I think #2 is a pretty recent phenomena, I suspect #3 might have been occuring longer than we've suspected though. Even the first scene we see with Renarin in Way of Kings (when he freezes in battle against chasmfiend), I think his freezing there might have been a vision of the future, rather than an epileptic event.
  14. 4/5 oaths seems the most plot appropriate. Jasnah is an overachiever and we have suggestions that she has plate of her own in the final battle. Also this earlier blurb in Oathbringer (when the gang was discussing strategy and Jasnah was chastising Shallan for failing to keep notes) Just the way Jasnah deliver this line is classic scholar/nerd One-upmanship. All it's missing is an "Um actually,..." I still find myself doing this accidentally from time to time. Someone implies they're really great and knowledgeable about a topic, you shoot back with a more complicated question/challenge to suggest that your knowledge/skill still exceeds their own. The subtext of this little exchange seems pretty clear to me that: 1) Jasnah herself has shardplate 2) Jasnah is implying to Shallan that Shallan still has a lot to learn and she should stop thinking quite so highly of herself. It would make sense though if she still had one oath level unachieved to leave room open for further character growth. Also, that final oath seems to make Nale nervous...something about Herald powers I suspect hasn't been fully explained yet.
  15. Don't assume historical sources are inherently unbiased. Brandon likes to use misinformation in his works. The author of ES has a clear anti-human bias.