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  1. One of my quirks is that I always want to know more. As such, I want to know EVERY oath (or oath path for those lightweavers) for all the orders. So I am wondering if we will have a POV from every order. Is the following list accurate? Will we get a Willshaper and a Dustbringer? Does Talenel count as a Stoneward? Does Rysn fit in here somewhere? If this has been talked about in length already, could someone post the link? Windrunners = Kaladin Skybreakers = Szeth Bondsmiths = Dalinar Lightweavers = Shallan Edgedancers = Lift Elsecallers = Jasnah Truthwatchers = Renarin Willshapers = Eshonai ? Stonewards = Talenel? Dustbringers = Shalash ?
  2. I find it interesting that while in the persona of Brightness Radiant Shallan has no problem referring to her blade as Pattern. In all other cases seen so far she has refused to acknowledge that Pattern and the blade are one in the same. This is probably due to the calculating nature of Brightness Radiant (and principally the reason that she created it). However, it shows that she knows the two are the same. I think this will become important as a way to either break Shallan apart so that she can no longer mentally function or as a way to unify the whole and have a healthier relationship with Pattern.
  3. On the other hand, by intruding with her religions she infringes upon the autonomy of the other shards. If I recall correctly, the shards are not limited in their intent to only care about people. In other words, shouldn't Autonomy care about the autonomy of the other shards?
  4. In the same way, could Autonomy want to grant Autonomy? She would not want anyone in her system because that would jeopardize the independence of her people. She would want to force religions into other systems so that their inhabitants could have a choice to be autonomous from their governing shards. Rather than just being Autonomous, she would want to create as many ways to be autonomous for anyone who wants to be.
  5. That's a cool idea. I like how it explains why Shardplate consumes Stormlight and why it is a silvery color at its base. One thought I have is that the larkin seem to be rare. If they are so rare, how could all the Radiants get their own Shardplate? Now we don't know much about the larkin, and I think Brandon said there was a purging of Aimia, so my problem could be a future plot point.
  6. It seemed to me that that girl was used to foreshadow the Edgedancer's unique talent. Something along the idea of knowing how to communicate with others. That would help with the listening bit. No proof for this except that Lift didn't know how she knew what to say.
  7. I'm in the camp that thinks the shardplate is minor spren. However, many have brought up the fact that our incipient Knights Radiant do not hear screaming when they touch Shard Plate. Do we know if the screaming comes from the Knight's spren or the broken spren? If the scream comes from the Knight's spren, then I can conceive that the screaming is just a horrified reaction on being in contact with the broken spren. However, since I don't recall any evidence to suggest that the Nahel Bond allows the bondees to experience sensations of the other, I believe that the scream comes from the broken spren being in the presence of someone experiencing another Nahel Bond. To me, it makes sense then that either the minor spren can't react to presence of a Nahel Bond or the process by which they become bonded to the Knight is innately different than for other spren. My current off-the-wall hypothesis is that the spren that is active in the bond "recruits" the lesser spren and directs their actions. As we've seen in Dalinar's flashbacks, the Knights at the recreance gave up their oaths while in Shard Plate. So the minor spren could be trapped in that specific form because the main spren cannot direct the minor spren back out of that form. I think this provides a theory (reasonability aside) of how the shardplate can be made from minor spren, not elicit screaming, and remain trapped in that form at the ending of the recreance.
  8. I've been playing with the idea that the fourth oath could be something like, "I will protect those who need it most, even at the cost of who I love." I say "those who need it most" because it allows wiggle room on protecting a king or an entire village at the expense of losing one's wife or family. Something along those lines. I also like that wording because it follows a certain "from the viewpoint of the spren" pattern we've been seeing from WoK and WoR
  9. So, I'm fairly new to the boards and this has probably been discussed ad nauseam elsewhere, but is it possible that each of the sprens who grant surgebinding has a "cousin" spren who will act as the shardplate? Since we have only really seen two surgebinders in depth, I'm probably committing the hasty generalization fallacy, but Syl is "cousins" with windspren and Shallan attracts creationspren. I think that creationspren might count as cousins to the cryptics because although Pattern dislikes them he is always attracted to the creation of lies and patterns, which is just a higher level of creation. Also, there is unfortunately often no love lost among families. To tie this together, I think that each spren that grants surgebinding has a "cousin" who is non-sentient. After a specific number of oaths, the surgebinder will be able to bond these cousin spren as his or her shardplate. Like I said, I'm new. So please point me to the relevent WoB.
  10. I figured there was a WoB somewhere that addressed this. Thanks everyone for your input.
  11. I’m fairly new to the forums, so please show me the link to where this has been brought up before but buried over time. Anyway, after extensive searching through theoryland and the coppermind I’ve come to the conclusion that atium gives the wrong powers. Atium, as we know, is the physical body of Ruin, who is the polar opposite of Preservation and thus wants to destroy everything. Furthermore, we know from WoB (and possibly Secret Histories, I can’t remember where I got my info) that Ruin cannot see very far into the future. It is not his defining attribute. I find it very odd then, that allomantic atium use allows the user to see into the future while the feruchemical use effectively allows the user to be preserved throughout generations. It seems to me that the physical body of this shard should enable destruction, not preservation and future sight. In contrast, Lerasium grants the user untold destructive potential. The very opposite of Preservation’s nature. The only theory I can come up with is that there is a switch in nature from the cognitive realm to the physical realm, but it doesn’t make that much sense to me.
  12. Hello All, I've been an avid reader all of my life and Sanderson is one of my favorite authors when it comes to worldbuilding and general story telling. I think I've read (and reread) all of the Cosmere stuff except for maybe a couple of short stories here and there. I love all this behind-the-scenes stuff and act as my own personal inquisitor when finding out WHAT'S GOING ON (who then forcibly passes along the information to my mother and sister). Anyway, that's the important stuff for here. Also, I feel it would be appropriate to mention that I really enjoy peppermint. Please feel free to spike any food coming my way with it.