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  1. "Darquez! We all think that you are amazing and all that, but we don't trust you. We really should, though" The assembled nobles shouted. Then they killed her. Shaney was Lynched! She was a Normal Noble! Shaney requested the writeup to be written this way (almost, kind of), but you should go give her an upvote! She deserves it! Or two upvotes! Maybe three! Shaney(2): Manukos, BR, Manukos(1): Arininian The night will end in https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=LG+40+Night+end&iso=20171216T19&p1=4975 Player list:
  2. The Skaa rushed around the town, looking for their target. But, it seemed that whenever they were told where they were somewhere they moved somewhere else... almost as if they were flying. Someone was attacked! They survived! Favour: 1. 101 2. 86 3. 87 4. 61 Player List:
  3. Galen awoke to see the soldiers being pushed back, felt Riri’s weight being lifted from him. Everything hurt. Fire, all around. People shouting. Screaming. He groaned, the sound strangely loud in his own hears. He lifted his head. There was a lot of blood on his once pristine shirt. Blood from his arm, which had a nasty looking cut. His head felt light. Riri… where was Riri? Gasping, he pushed himself up with his good arm, crawling to his knees. He saw a flash of color, Riri’s dress, in the crowd. He allowed himself a sigh of relief. Laughing, cackling. Hysterical and wild. Galen looked up, to see the skaa at the window laughing at the crowd below. His face set. Pushing himself up, he picked up a sword from a fallen soldier, and strode into the burning building. Rust, Gale, what are you thinking? Think you’ve gotten any better with that sword? He continued to walk forward, sword extended. Fire blazed all around. He tested each step, covered his mouth with his coat. This woman had tried to kill his sister. His sister. She’d made it personal. Gale, you fool. You’ve been reading too many novels. He ignored the voice, continuing to stride. All his life, running away from responsibility. When his House had been attacked, he had risen up, and tried to prove himself. Yet when Tekiel had offered to help, he had gladly pushed off some of the responsibility again, and had been proved a fool. All his life… could he actually fulfil one of his responsibilities well? His House had come close, but it had been personal enough. This…This was something he would not let go of. The smoke stung his eyes, made them water. Finally reaching the top floor, he paused as he saw the skaa, surrounded by five black clad soldiers. The woman stopped dancing when she saw him. Her voice was venom. “Kill him.” Time seemed to slow for Galen. So this is how I die. The soldiers drew their weapons and charged. Every movement seemed slowed, unreal. His heartbeat was loud in his ears. This is stupid. At least…his death would be worth it, right? This was the last skaa. If she died… they would all be safe. Riri, Darquez, Faron, Manu, Adela… they would all be safe. But he would be dead. Sorry, Riri… The soldiers were almost on him. He stared past them at the skaa. He dropped his sword. He picked up a burning piece of floor. He swung. He charged. The soldiers scattered. His side was pierced. He gasped in pain. Momentum carried him forward. He saw fear in her eyes as he pushed the skaa out of the window. Then the soldiers were upon him. Pain blossomed in every part of him. He found himself crying. I… I’m sorry, Riri… Lemon was lynched! They were a normal Skaa. Doc died! He was a Noble Duraluminium Gnat! The game is not over! Please give all credit to @Doc12 for the writeup, find a post of his and upvote it a lot! I am mobile so no player list for a few hours. (Sorry)
  4. Well on the subject of fighting experience: At the end of the first book, Percy is on par with the God of War. Percy and Ares have a fight, and Percy is able to defeat him. Percy later goes on to have 4 more books of constant action (He states at one point that he is out of practice in the second series). So, as for fighting, I'd put them on even grounds. I am writing out an essay that was not finished in time for me to have to leave right now. I am putting 3rd ideal vs Achilles Percy. So, we'll see who wins.
  5. "I need you to kill Lopen." Dorvan Tekiel said to the group of assembled Skaa. Dorvan had slipped into his role quite nicely, impersonating someone as important as Tekiel has proved hard, especially considering the 'humble' background he had, but by now it was second nature for Dorvan. The assembled Skaa gave him a salute, one that was low key enough that it could be done in front of actual nobles, and it would go unnoticed. The Skaa gathered their weapons, and moved out. "I need you to kill Dorvan" Lopen said to the group of assembled Hazekillers Lopen had never really played much of the 'noble game,' preferring to spend him time hunting the skaa. To many this was considered strange, especially given his prestigious background. The assembled Hazekillers gave him a salute, a clean crisp one that drew attention to all that were watching. The Hazekillers gathered their weapons, and moved out. The assembled soldiers moved towards their target, moving as silently as possible through the night, hoping to go unnoticed for as long as possible before they were to kill their target. The group passed another group of assembled soldiers, but they both just passed by each other and pretended that they didn't notice the other. It was not worth risking an encounter with a Mistborn, and jeopardizing their mission. The assembled forces slipped into the keep, and approached the designated room. The man standing inside seemed to be waiting for something to return, their thoughts slightly distracted, and the assembled soldiers took that moment to strike. "You've returned already?" The man asked, his eyes going wide a moment after, realizing that they were not the soldiers he had sent out. The man reached out with allomancy, attempting to stop the approaching soldiers, but it proved useless. The soldiers moved forward, and killed their mark. The soldiers retraced their steps, passing the same group of soldiers they had seen going out, still not risking a confrontation, and returned to the man who had sent them out, only to find him lying dead on the ground. Lopen has died! He was a Noble Iron misting! Randuir had died! He was a Skaa Zinc misting! Favor (updated): 85 86 81 60 Someone should have bothered me about the cycle not going up! I had this all ready and thought I had submitted it, but I hadn't. Sorry about it being 24 hours late... This cycle will end: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=LG40+D6+end&iso=20171212T19&p1=4975 Player list:
  6. The crowd yelled at the accused coinshot, begging for his blood. They wanted his blood desperately, as the kills he had supposedly committed were something that only a Skaa would do. The crowd approached him, preparing to beat him with their dueling canes when... The crowd turned on someone else. They had racked up a little suspicion during the day, but she wasn't that suspicious, but there was something that made her obviously suspicious. It was quite simple, it was... well... you know. That one thing she did. After having the Noble's eyes turned on her Cassandra Bane did not last long. Rebecca has been lynched! She was a Noble Tin misting! Vote tally: Rebecca(5): Randuir, Lemon, Shaney, Rae, Arinian Arinian(4): LivingLegend, Doc, Lopen, Rebecca N5 will end: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=LG40%3A+N5+End&iso=20171209T19&p1=4975 Player list:
  7. Few things: https://inkarnate.com/ You can use that to make really nice looking maps, if you are interested. Explain psychic gifts? Explain the story you want to tell? Explain the cultures?
  8. Well the first question that we have to ask is this: Since a shardblade doesn't pierce the skin, does the Mark of Achilles even protect you from a Shardblade?
  9. I am partway done with a Writeup. This one will actually be up in a few hours! (The write up will tell you that a Coinshot killed both Road and Megasif. Hazekillers killed Straw) He slowly dropped coins, gliding over through the mists towards the first of his targets. His target was sitting bellow him, as he soared overhead. With practiced precision the assassin dropped a coin, and pushed on it as hard as he could, and the brain embedded itself within his target's skull. The assassin had more metal than normal, and he was going to make use of it. He continued his flight, to the other side of the city, and repeated the process leaving Thirmul Haht, and Lawrence Arthur dead in his wake. A shadowy figure gave the order, sending the group of Hazekillers off to kill his specified target. He was sure to give them specific instructions to take the long way around, giving him plenty of time to... Ray through off his hood, bathing himself in the light of a torch, standing a solemn vigil against the mists. Footsteps pounded down behind him, and he turned to face the oncoming threat, a dueling cane in hand, and a small book in his other. He had already accepted death, welcomed it, even. But that did not mean he wouldn't go down fighting. Roadwalker has died! He was a Noble Pewter Misting! Megasif has died! He was a Noble Nothing! Straw has died! He was a Noble Copper Misting! This cycle will end https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=LG40%3A+D5+End&iso=20171208T19&p1=4975 Player list (Actually updated): Support counts(in house order): Not here yet It's broken
  10. Voting for Araris Valerian