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  1. Nice to have you back! The way that you are pointing this out is slightly suspicious as well... you aren't pointing out anything new and useful, and are only saying "Hey look at me! I did something!" Trying to draw our attention towards one point that you have had going for you, while many more are against you.
  2. @Elbereth Elbereth You haven't been all that active, so I'll be starting a poke vote at least. Your only post was a long post, talking about a few different things. You mainly responded to other people's things. But I would like to see you be more active in this game, so...yeah. I don't have many leads yet, but I have a few things forming. Later this cycle I'll probably post a bit more on it, if I can get anything solidified.
  3. I really haven't been, the times that I have been on I've posted. Which has been.... 3 times now? Most of when I was like LG39! Yeah! was when rollover was going on. But...I have no proof of that so...keep thinking the way that you are thinking. White text is fun. I still don't have any major reads on anyone, but I do have a bit of a plan, that I will share with...someone in case I die tonight, or get converted. Not much but still something to look into. I will share it tomorrow, so...yeah. We only have about 6 hours left in this cycle, so... @Arinian @Seonid @Orlok Tsubodai @Steeldancer @Straw @Jondesu @Araris Valerian @Elbereth @Paranoid King @Frozen Mint @Doc12 @Davus Well for some reason I can't tag Davus...so... If you guys would be so kind as to post your thoughts within the next 6 hours, or at least let us know that you are alive, it would be much appreciated.
  4. @Elbereth Although it doesn't matter as much at this point, here is my response still: The fact of the matter is, that at this moment, there is a ridiculously low chance of hitting the one person in the game that it matters that we, as the village, hits. If someone were to have seemed overly suspicious to me then I would have gladly lynched them, but I had no good reason to go after anyone specifically. So essentially we have next to no chance of progressing our own win con, less than in the average game, with no one that I specifically have standing out to me as being an Elim. Whereas the Elim’s always have a good way to progress their own win con in a game; by putting out a kill. For the elims to be nice they are essentially guaranteed to have a setback directly towards their own win con, whereas as the village we are essentially guaranteed to help the elims, especially in this game. Edit: @StrikerEZ Now that Aman is dead, care to share his plan with us?
  5. Great idea! Do you have any recipes so far?
  6. Good questions: Probably not quite as good answers: 1) Can a shard be splintered before its vessel dies? Kinda. A shard can use a large part of its power to cause a larger affect that what would otherwise be able to happen. This would essentially be a splinter. 2) Do we know how shards are splintered? Kinda. If you've read Mistborn: Secret History you get some ideas towards it, but we don't know much about that. Essentially you kill the Vessel* then probably do something along the lines of just attack the remaining power. 3) If a shard is splintered, can it ever be reformed? 4) Does a splintered shard still influence the world around it? Kinda. A splintered shard has pieces of it's power scattered across the area in which it was shattered, the Spren are a good example of this. The Spren, the Stormfather, and other things can still influence the world around it, but the shard as a whole is no longer a whole, similar to how Adonalsium is still able to do things even though he has been shattered. Only it's just his power in 16 pieces. *The vessel can be anything sentient. Cant find the WoB right now but it talked about how Yolen (The world of Hoid and the 16 vessels) had 3 sentient races on it, and that any of them could hold a shard. Beyond that we got a RAFO. The Stormfather: The Stormfather is what the community has been calling a Super Spren. We believe that there are 3 (maybe 4) of them. One for each of the 3 shards on Roshar. Stormfather: Honour Nightwatcher: Cultivation __________: Odium When Honour died he merged his Cognitive Shadow with the Stormfather, so he still has power and stuff, but...yeah. Not really more than that that I know.
  7. It's nice to have you here! Are you creative enough to find this? Welcome to the shard! Would fun if you are, good luck. If someone offers you cookies..do not accept them. I repeat Do. Not. Accept. Them. Welcome to the shard. No cookies!
  8. I am planning on being there.
  9. Yes. We can not operate under the idea that no one has given Aman information, especially if he is the seer. If only a few people were to send him their roles and he were to convert them then it would still seem that he has not done gained any information, but, in reality, he would have. We may even want to lynch him earlier...
  10. Well I am here, and I am liking the idea of No-lynch pretty well right now, as I've always felt bad lynching someone on D1 because it essentially kicks them out of the game before they get a chance to play it. In this game we have a pretty decent reason not to lynch them so I think that we should take it to be nice to everyone
  11. Toss me in.
  12. We have a lot of speculation across the Cosmere section of this website, but no real concrete answer. We just know that he does stuff and lives.
  13. I like the idea of it being more of an MMO like Chonicles of Elyria, Most players wouldn't get to play as Squires or KR orders, but it would be something that you would have to earn. It would develop into something more where being a KR matters, instead of just something that everyone is.
  14. I think we should pay attention to this idea more, as it definitely makes sense.