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  1. Rock shoos away an ardent who is drawing the tattoos. That is Nazh I am not sure exactly what pieces are his, but some of the maps and other cosmere pictures are confirmed to be his work.
  2. Also note that in WoK and WoR Szeth has the Honorblade that grants Windrunner abilities. I don't think we have actually seen him use Skybreaker powers yets.
  3. THANK YOU! I wonder if the opposite is also true then. So my initial thought that cross-Investiture use would be similar to cross regional use of appliances is reasonable.
  4. Ah! @robardin I completely agree with you. The normal use of Allomancy would work on Roshar (or anywhere) without issue. My previous comments were on how Vin super-powers Allomancy with the Mists directly. Allomancers would not be able to use stormlight the same way, and Surgebinders would not be able to use the mists to power their surges (or breath, or Taldianian Sunlight) even if they somehow brought their spren with them. Now if you found the right hack all options are likely possible. As before any Allomancer with their metals can go and come from any world without issue. they just would need a hack to super-charge off world. Surgebinders on the otherhand will need both stormlight and their spren to use their powers without major hacks (still might need a major one to get the spren off world) but if they did get their spren and few infused spheres off world I suspect there would be no differences in their powers. Though the WOB about Aons going to Roshar granting different Surges could be interpreted to imply there would be differences on each world,
  5. @Kat Kfir I don't know if there is one. a couple ahead of me at the Unbounded Signing asked something about if the JoSeun were Korean the answer was yes, at least the in book version. The JoSeun empire that invaded the rest of the world was from Koreo which is the alternate Korea and word Joseun appears to come from a Korean state. Besides that Sanderson served an LDS mission in Korea. ok found the right spelling "Hallandren" in Warbreaker (not hadrian how did i miss the L's)
  6. There is an “Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook” out already. Also many series’ companion guides have recipes in them I know “A Dragonriders Guide to Pern” has a few. These might good resources. Rithmatist: The cuisine is Korean Fusion NOT Chinese, Japanese, or Thai fusion. Rosharian gender appropriate foods: Maybe start with the difference between the Sweet-and-Sour and Hot-and-Sour sauces common in Chinese-American dishes. Mistborn: I get the feeling this is a northern European industrial revolution type cuisine. Try looking up what was popular in England and Germany during the 1700-1850 time frame. For the core framework. White Sand: Obviously Middle Eastern and North African influence here, but I don’t think many dishes are mentioned Hadrian: I think Caribbean influence would be a good starting point and fuse it with Brazilian and African Coastal influence. No idea for Elantris proper. With so many cultures on Sel you might be able to go anywhere. Maybe Thai for Mai-Pon?
  7. I'm in already doing a lot of prep work for my world
  8. Kelsier ALWAYS was meant to be involved reread Well of Ascension and Hero of Ages are you will see his touch. Secret History wasn't just an after thought is was telling us the behind the scenes story that was already in place. now not al of us guessed he was still around and kicking but the clues are there.
  9. I wasn't trying to say they weren't portable BUT just as you said Preservation powers the Metalic arts and as such i don't think one could use Stormlight to do so. I suspect if you could get your spren off world you could use surges anywhere as well ... if you also need the stormlight though.
  10. Cross use of Investiture is like trying to use North American electronics in Europe. I.E. it is not going to work without an adapter. So to answer the question I think we need to look at the two investitures (p.s. selish magic systems are analogous DC batteries; while Roshar, Scadrial and Nalthis are analogous to AC wall outlets) Scadrial: Using (burning, store/tap, spiky) metals are like a key opening a channel for investiture from Harmony in the spiritual realm to the user. The type of METAL lenses (catalyzes) the investiture for a specific purpose Roshar: Investiture is somehow drawn from Honor’s dispersed reminants (maybe also from Cultivation to some extent) in the spiritual and cognitive realms via the Highstorms. This investiture is then captured in gem stones and breathed in by someone with a bond. The Honorblade BOND or Spren BOND lenses (catalyzes) the investiture into specific surges. Allomancers do not normally use the mists in fact we have only seen one or two do it. I don’t think just anybody can do it, Harmony/Preservation has to want you to use his power directly. As such I don’t think a radiant can use the mist. Alternately allomancers do not use investiture directly as such I don’t believe Stormlight can be used to fuel alomancy. t should be noted that with the exception of Hoid the only cross use we have seen is direct to direct exchanges. (I.E. Stormlight instead of Breath). Hoid has/had Laresium. So his cross use is not surprising.
  11. @AlexLas95 i don't know if you still want info here but my 2cents Personally i had no issues with the ending and actually loved the way epilogue leaves the story. BUT the three biggest complaints are that it: Felt Rushed. (But this is Sanderson's style this is just a different type of rushed) Was very Deus-Ex-Machina (Unless you guessed the deeper theme. All I will say on that is remember classic superhero comics were the inspiration for this series) Has a feeling of being incomplete. (Again this is vaguely reminiscent of the way comic books end leaving it open for the next instalment... at least the ones i have read) I will say read it and make your own opinions Also Apocalypse Guard is the same Multiverse and takes place after the events of Calamity but it is not a sequel trilogy. It may only have cameos of these characters if they show up at all.
  12. We see this type of “door” design in the real world with certain types of security checkpoints and air locks in labs (tech, chem and bio). You enter and the whole chamber rotates until the opening you entered lines up with a second exit. Cumbersome and complicated yes but it can add an added layer protection against void bringers using the gates (are there such things as voidblades?) Yes it is reasonable to expect the other "Settings" should send you to those places. and i don't have a good reason beyond quantum entanglement. hopefully Oathbringer teaches us more about fabrils and the surge theory.
  13. First off my personal representational is that each Oathgate was a bonded pair; otherwise there wouldn't need to be ten in Urithiru. This is based on in book passages and the fact that Sanderson loves basing magical effects on real world physics in this case quantum entanglement (i see the oathgate as a massive variant of the span reeds where each reed is bound to a single other one). Now starting with that assumption a couple of thoughts. If I were to ship goods by land from mexico to Canada i would likely end up paying tariffs to enter the USA. These taxes have noting to do with the transportation company and everything to do with the middle country. I suspect the oathgate trade was the same idea. The knights running the gates may or may not have been on the city payroll but either way you wouldn't need everyone's support. All you need to do is leave transportation via the gates free and charge a tax to pass through the city from one gate to the next. The speed that goods could be moved (less than a day vs weeks) was initially better then any added cost (likely the cost was initially smaller anyway when you factor food shelter and guards for a caravan.) but once everybody is using them the city government hikes up the rates and trader must keep using the gates or lose the advantage. again only the city administration need to agree on this tax and if this tax was the only monetary input for the city it would be easy to see a tax hike to pay for this or that project.
  14. Powers are not always tied to fears, Take Steelheart and Joel similar power sets vastly different weaknesses. In a different thread (i'll edit when i find it) i talked about my Shard. A similar epic would be fun. CONSERVATION: Power set: ability to adsorb, redirect, and channel thermal, kinetic, electromagnetic, and gravitational forces. Limitation is that i can't store the energy. In other words i can lower the temperature of a hundred cups of water by 1 joule each and increase the temperature of a separate cup by those SAME 100 joules. if i slow something down something else has to speed up (friction and other forces of physics cannot be ignored. remember i am only dealing with the energy itself) as far a radiation i cannot just make a ball of light by absorbing from direct sunlight i have have something(glass marble works)radiate that radiation. Weakness: Heights, of more specificly falling but my powers would weaken if i got too close to an unguarded edge that had potential for me to fall from.
  15. The heralds were the pattern Spren used to create the KR. the Heralds are essentially Cognitive Shadows, who (if you ascribe to certain theories here) channeled power directly from Honor (hence why they use up more stormlight the blades now depend on an inferior fuel). Lastly they were not bound by the oaths of the orders and were at least for a while apart from the orders. There is a WoB that Nale was the last Harald to accept an order. as such they are not as limited in how to act. NInjaed