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  1. Odium's theme here - perfect for the Dalinar-almost-falling scene. Just pay mind to the lyrics, and don't get put off by the slow beginning.
  2. I've tried that, couldn't get past the first 10 chapters. Still, thanks for the try I haven't read it, but I'll try. Thanks!
  3. Well, I haven't read much 70s and 80s books, so it's fine. I haven't thought of that XD Thank you so much for recommendations - I'll try "Magician" first, and then come back here and check the other titles as well
  4. I tried both, but I didn't like them much. "The Powder Mage" trilogy in particular has too small emphasis on the characters, and they all sound the same (though to be fair, I only read the first book. I didn't feel compelled to continue). Still, thanks for the try
  5. Ooh, sounds yummy :3 I'll definitely give it a go. Thank you!
  6. Pardon me if a similar topic is already there, I couldn't find it. I'm looking for something new to read, but I have little time to search (I'd be reading on the bus, not at home, and there I have no Internet connection to look for a title). I thought that perhaps somebody would save me from boredom and introduce to an interesting title? I'm thinking paranormal romance at the moment but without much sex, if that's possible. Might be closer to YA fantasy, I'm basically looking for a fantasy book that is focused on characters, but doesn't have a lot of them, contains a lot of magic, and as little sex and gore as possible. Violence unto itself is OK, I just don't want it described in detail. I don't mind if the world building is classic/unoriginal, as long as the characters are interesting and the style is good. It would also be best if it were published less than 2 years ago, anything older I might have already read, but it's not a no-no requirement. So, anyone? Also, I forgot to add - I intend this thread to be a palce for anyone to ask for recommendations, not just me
  7. Whoa, I'm pretty astounded because I thought that you blocked me off long time ago. But I guess it's not the case anymore (well, I suspect it'll be, but well, whatever. I don't think I'll be staying here long, anyway). No. Of course that murders should be punished, and calling for people to be killed as well. But I don't believe that this "frankly inappropriate way", as you put it, should be given a pass, either. Whoa, this all is actually pretty cute. I see you read a lot of newspapers owned by German companies. Well, I see this a lot, I don't know why I'm even surprised anymore. OK, so first things first - of course we oppressed other (find a nation that didn't). Ukrainians come to my mind first, if we reach as far as before the partitions, but well, they happen to be white. Lithuanians... white. Jews that lived - or live here - are mostly white too. And yes, there's a problem with antisemitism, but it's not as wide spread as you make it appear. A lot of it came from the communistic regime actively seeking to alienate both the groups; it reached a point where today's..... hmm, "overeager football fans" aren't exactly the words I was looking for, but I can't find a better translation, treat the word "Jew" as a course. And yes, this is wrong, this is fought against, but this is also very much antisemitism without Jews, as someone has put it. These groups call each other names likely without even knowing what their origin is. But this isn't a stance that you'll find widespread, and if anything, it's actually dying out. The thing with refugees is that they don't want to stay in our country. No, but really - over and over, there are families and charity organizations that take in refugees from Syria privately, find them a place to live and a job, just for for these refugees flee the next day through the border to Germany, because well, you get a higher living standard in Germany. Which is true. I mean, Polish people are emigrating to Germany too. So are we supposed to force those thousands people to stay? How? Keep them in camps? Instead we prefer helping by organization such as Polish Humanitarian Action, which brings pure water, food and drugs to people in Syria. The part with criminalizing miscarriage is a straight-out lie. There was nothing like this in the project, but well, few people actually read it, so the lie continues. You're saying that anybody who is not a part of a marginalized group is guilty by default. You don't perceive people as individuals, you perceive them as a mass. This is frankly a very communistic view of things, and it makes me sick. It makes me understand how those people actually got to power in the first place. Ask yourself this: are all Muslims responsible for actions of terrorists? If not, then why should I be responsible for actions of racists, or other reprehensible individuals? Vice verse here.
  8. I actually picture K. as having sociopaths tendencies, and I'm kinda surprised that nobody called it in the previous chapters. I don't think that it's the same as autistic, though, or at least this is different from what I've seen of an autistic person in real life. Either way, K.'s reaction are supposed to be off, as long as they seem consistent. Hmm, so there still will be world building details as we go on, just they won't take a whole chapter anymore. Fair. Ah, that was supposed to be the reason why K. isn't responding to him - to her, he just came up out of nowhere, and suddenly treats her like a friend. I'll try to make it clearer. It's been mentioned, but this is the first chapter in which I elaborate on it more. This is part of the world building here. This was supposed to be internal sarcasm, but I see that it doesn't work, so I'll cut this out. Will do. Thanks! Well, Shademist is 99% times forecast, so people know that they should not stay at work late, and I suppose that there are some sleeping arrangements just in case, why not. And yes, this paralyses emergency services and many other things for a few hours, and people die because they can't receive help during Shademist. Yes, that's what she means. I'll correct it, thanks! I kinda googled the translation, but well, if it doesn't work, then I'll change it. I liked this one, though, because it gave me a reason to let the reader know that Sh.'s car has a radio too before it became relevant =.= Hmm, I hope it's partly WRS, because I tried to let the reader know that Sh. is interested in K. in the first chapter, but I'll try to put the proportions of magicians to ordinary people somewhere. Will correct, thanks! And thanks for feedback, it's precious as always So no, this is the first time it's mentioned. This is part of world building this chapter, and I see that I need to make it clearer. Perhaps I need a little more telling here after all =.= Yes, but it's there to show that wizards don't think much of physical fighting. Glad that you caught it, though - hopefully it'll work well enough as a foreshadowing I know, right? I'm doing this comparison all the time, actually, but I really think that what I do is well, different. Hopefully enough so. Will see. Hmm, so I see your point, but I think I'm going to live with that for now. Perhaps I'll come up with a way to justify it better, but for now nothing comes to my mind =.= No need to be sorry, I was asking for an extra anyway Thanks for reading and feedback!
  9. But see, you make it sound as if all that black people say was just about not shooting at them, and this just isn't the case. For instance, should I not react when they say that white people are subhuman? Just because my skin color is white? Honestly, there's been one guy who claimed that certain groups of people are subhuman, including Poles, and it didn't end well. Why is that a Nazi gets punched in the face, but a person who claims the very same thing, just aiming at another group of people, should be approved of? Just because their skin color differs, them claiming that some people are subhuman is OK?
  10. OK, so this bugs me a lot when I go through discussions on racism, and like, on many many sites. This is basically lumping all white people together, and, as if by birth, racist. Please, don't use we, in this regard, if you mean yourself and me. Yes, I'm white, but I'm also a Pole. At the time slave trade and colonialism happened, Poles were being Germanized and Russified. We never took part in the slave trade, we didn't have colonies, and I don't see why I should take blame for those things just because of my skin color. We - the Poles as a nation - didn't oppress black people, period. The thing with punching the Nazi is that they won't stop being a Nazi from that. They will be a punched Nazi. This isn't about debating them, it's about explaining things to them, and if they are a Nazi, they certainly need that. Also, saying that someone should be killed is punishable, I believe - but what is wrong with discussing if certain statistics are correct or not? If they are correct, then it should be provable; if the other side claims that they can debunk it, then perhaps it's worth listening to them, because well, maybe they have evidence. The problem I see is that every so often the sides just don't exchange information, they exchange insults, and this right there is counterproductive.
  11. But @kais, the whole point of this video - or the way I read it, anyways - wasn't to ignore the problems that exist, but to be civilized about solving them, and to listen to the other side (whichever side you're on). The video points out that being overeager to spread your worldview, or faith, or whatever, is actually counterproductive and only alienates people. Note that it's aimed at Christians as well, and likely for the stuff you pointed out - pastor telling the student not to think about another verse from the Holy Bible, and that his opinions didn't align with the doctrine well enough. It's not aimed at you in any aspect, I respect you a lot for your great posts and arguments (and patience!), it was aimed at hashtags like "it's OK to punch a Nazi". Because now, this may sound wrong, but I don't think it's OK to punch a Nazi, unless they are trying to beat somebody up. It's OK to call crap on their words, but unless they use violence, you shouldn't use violence either - it sends the wrong message.
  12. Well, so there's been a lot on social issues recently, and I decided to add something on my own. I wonder if I'm going to bring a calamity upon my head, but hell, I really think that this video is good and addresses the two-side war we witness lately (at least in Poland it's a big thing, but from what I read or hear, it seems to be even worse in USA). So, yeah, YOLO
  13. This week I'm going to crit along with my cousin, who's more into linguistics and stuff. It's holiday, and we kinda sit in the same room... p.1 "Sathssn" - Am I supposed to know how to pronounce that? O.o is there really only just one vowel? is it supposed to reflect the characteristics of the race's native language? "but that information is long lost in the destruction of the Aridori war and is largely considered apocryphal." - The information was long lost, but is also considered apocryphal? If it's long lost, how is it still there? =.= "The thing restricted her from a full range of motion," - calling a dress "the thing" threw me off for a few seconds; I had to go back to the previous sentence to realize what it was all about. the cloth? p.2 "Jhina bent her long neck close to the Effature, probably complaining about the time to start this meeting." - the information here seems too specific, how does R. J. is complaining, and furthermore, how she know it's specifically complaining about time? "His voice was like melted chocolate, rich and warm and much deeper than anyone of his size had a right to." - what does his voice sound like? soothing? i don't know if melted chocolate is a good analogy for a voice. and why are people his size not supposed to have deep and soothing (i guess that's what the metaphor is referring to?) voices? “Thank you Effature.” - lacking comma before "Effature" p.3 "It was often hard to tell who was who with Sathssn." - It might be WRS, but you give a whole paragraph to tell us that members of this species look like each other, without actually describing how they look like in the first place. They are covered in clothes, I understand, but are they big, small, wide? Anything? Can you say if it's a Sathss underneath there, and not a human? p.5 "Where the Sathssn were generally speciest the Sureriaj were just plain xenophobic." - lacking a comma. p.7 I hardly felt that it was R.'s POV in this whole piece, TBH. I understand that she's there as an observer, but most of the meeting is still written from what seems like third omnipresent - we don't get any reaction from R., no interjection of her thoughts or feelings, and the way she describes every speaker and species sounds as if she was seeing for the first time, which I think should not be the case? It just screams third omnipresent to me. p.9 "You know them." - "them" is supposed to mean R. and I., or the species? I took it as the former, so I was surprised at S.'s proceeding musing. p.10-12 It's definitely better than the first part. I like S.'s nervousness when he realizes he doesn't know how to place the order. p.15 "Earth receded, in his mind." - outside of the POV. We're supposed to be in S.'s head already. Generally the part is better - we get S.'s reactions, at least - but there are moments like this that really make it sound like thirds omniscient. p.18 The end of the chapter doesn't work for me, likely because we already know that Aridori are supposedly extinct, so this doesn't bring anything new to the table. Overall -Is the political stuff understandable/interesting? In my opinion the political stuff is understandable, but i would not call it interesting. the council scene really didnt have anything new or surprising - it's just like all the council scene ever written. I didn't like the narration - sometimes it wasn't detailed enough, other times it focused on things that weren't really relevant and that disrupted the reading flow. Agreed completely. -How do the Sam/group dynamics work? It was OK, but I don't really have a strong sense of the characters involved, other than Sam, so it didn't give me much of an impression. It was still a better read than the council part. Yeap.
  14. Chapter 3 is the last world-building one - I try to hint at K.'s past here, and also a couple of rules of wizardry. Let me know if anything is confusing/disjointed from the rest of the text. As always, comments on linguistic are welcome. I know that for you they often seem like minor problems that can be easily solved in a revision, but the thing is, I always revise a chapter before submitting it, so whatever grammatical problems there are, they went through my mind unnoticed at least once already. My English will hopefully get better in a few months, before I revise the book again, but there's no guarantee, either. I mean... I understand that this is not exactly what a writing group is for, and I will welcome any feedback you give me, but if you could also take time to point out lines that are problematic linguistically - even just a couple of them - then it would be a huge help Summary in mail. Since one can't be too careful, may I ask you to abbreviate names of the characters, please?
  15. Oh, I see. It sounds like fun indeed, maybe I'll give it a look