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  1. Epic Spider-Man/Scarlet Spider cosplay
  2. Well, I think it's gotta be Vin, since her sister was stabbed to create her Hemalurgic earring... if I'm right I'll probably give it to someone else though... Edit - Or not, since I just thought of a (hopefully) good one.
  3. A bit of a meta one... - "Our betrothal is an arranged one? Then it will definitely be true love!" "No, I'm not an emotionspren, but I'm drawn to you by love regardless." "You must have been painted by someone of an incredible Heightening, because hundreds of men could look at you, and fail to grasp or describe your beauty." "Did you use a Reverse Lashing? Then why am I so attracted to you?" "You must carry lots of Silver, since other women are but Shades compared to you." "Are you a Kandra? No? Oh good, I can talk about boning and only be rude, and not insensitive." "So, you're a noble? Should I kill your fiance, sibling or father first in our courtship? I can never remember the order." "You're like half of Taldain. The sun never seems to set when you're around." "Are you an Awakener? You've taken my Breath away." "We should make a Nahel Bond, because together we'd be Radiant." "You've made me an Allomancer, I can feel a warmth in my belly when I see you."
  4. Random question that just popped into my head... What happens if you try and tap Connection while in space or at sea? Does it automatically connect to the nearest planet/landmass/country?
  5. I originally thought that this meant what Radiant currently in the books we would be/are most similar to xD My answer for that was going to be Kaladin, since depression is a slontze I know well... If we're going by the orders, however, I would most likely be a Dustbringer, (especially considering the test in another thread, haha!)
  6. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan
  7. The whole Darkeyes thing isn't something I actually thought of with my response... I have emerald green eyes, but they're rather deep, would I be considered a darkeyes on Roshar? Most of the Darkeyes eye colours we hear about are grays and deep browns etc, and a very dark green if I recall correctly... Are Lighteyes eye colours specifically bright, or would someone with simply green/blue eyes pass for one? We know Hoid passes for one, but let's be honest, Hoid is an exception, plus he has a ton of Breaths, enough for Perfect Pitch, so colours should be more vibrant around him and Vasher anyway, and yet aren't noted as such, so I suspect there's a trick to supressing the colour bubble, and the leap from that to enhancing only specific colours, like eye colour...
  8. Nope and nope. This will probably be the last clue since someone should get it from this.... This is a character we first see on Era 1 Scadrial.
  9. Still nope! ^^ Alright, this character is a worldhopper.
  10. Granted. "NO MATING." becomes the new Sandermeme. I wish for Pattern and Syl to have a loud, public argument over the virtues and taboos of mating, with suggestions from each on positions etc.
  11. Nope! Nobody has it yet ^^ This character is male.
  12. Also, the 'cracks in the soul' method of altering one's SpiritWeb has only been confirmed as the in-world explanation, if I recall correctly.