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  1. Just got to Azure fighting with Elhokar and Adolin, and she's wrapped a cloak around her arm, and her sword is cutting through people and making them gray.... CALLING IT NOW, AZURE IS VIVENNA. Or at least using Breath.
  2. ..... And I just finished part two. .................................................... .................................................................................................. HOLY FU-
  3. Addendum,,,, Read the next two epigraphs now....Yup, it's totally Sazed.
  4. Eeyup. And just now got to the epigraph of chapter 54 - "I can perhaps even be surprised, I think." Is.... Is Sazed replying to the letter from Hoid on Frost's behalf? The implicatons are boggling!
  5. Just got to Chapter 36 - Hero, and froze, my finger pointing with a dramatic quiver at the words "As white as a sun at night" IF THIS ISN'T VIVENNA THEN BRANDON IS JUST TROLLING US
  6. Hmmmm.... Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I'm wondering if the scout who fetched Shallan was actually Vivenna? She didn't seem TOO overawed by her, more awkward than anything else, she seems to be interested in the magic system and Shardblades, and the possibility of getting one (at least to me) and the fact she seemed disappointed by the fact having one doesn't give an excuse not to be feminine for some reason makes me suspect her. I dunno, am I being completely crazy and need my tinfoil hat on? Something about he just sticks in my head and makes me wonder....
  7. That... is a very good point and not one that I had considered. Though I suppose an argument COULD be made that Preservation technically didn't do it, as Kelsier quite literally forced his hand. .... Though then again the only thing stopping him WAS the overpowering Shardic Intent, so I guess that point of my rambletheory is a bust. Oh well o3o
  8. My current theory is that Dalinar asked the Nightwatcher to remove his feelings for the one he loved most to stop pining for Navani... only to have her remove the memories and feelings for Evie, who he had come to love more without realising. Unlikely, I know, but it came to me yesterday and I thought I'd post it ^^
  9. Here's mine 1 - Dalinar, when he visited the Nightwatcher, asked to be removed of his feelings for the one he loved, to no longer pine for Navani, but instead had his memories of his wife, who he had come to love more, removed. 2 - Kaladin is an idiot and spends far too long letting Rashone or other Lighteyes in his hometown treat him like crem, only summoning his Sprenblade and changing his eye colour when he has to fly off to fight and save them from something, rather than right at the start. 3 - Zahel/Vasher will meet up with Jasnah at some point, and have some ship-worthy or at least interesting interactions when she realises what a brilliant, if belligerantly gruff, scholar he is. And especially if she, the aethiest, finds out he's essentially a Demigod if he chooses to be. 4 - Kaladin, or another Radiant, progresses far enough in the ideals to be able to create their own Shardplate, and my prediction is that it'll be hardened/crystallised Stormlight, an upgrade of their ability to retain Stormlight escaping through their pores. 5 - Navani will have bonded the Honourblade Kaladin gave to Dalinar, to study it, have protection of her own when Dalinar isn't around, and because nobody will expect her, a woman, to have something so precious.
  10. Same! And I HOPED it was, I really hope to see some kind of interaction between the two scholars, shipping or not XD
  11. Heya everyone! So, with Oathbringer on the horizon at last, I thought I'd speculate on where and how Dalinar is going to hide the Honourblade he recieved from Kaladin at the end of Words of Radiance. My prediction is.... That he's going to give it to Navani to bond. I predict this for a few reasons. Jasnah and Shallan excluded, nobody will expect a woman to be a Shardbearer, and as we have seen with the assassin Jasnah paid, and Kaladin's suspicions of Shallan, they can use this to gain the element of surprise. Dalinar would also give it to Navani so she has a form of protection when he's not around, as he would naturally worry about her being protected, especially now that he's a Bondsmith and has even more things to focus on and occupy his time. And finally, because I predict Navani will henpeck/outright bully him into giving it to her, not only using my arguments above, but because she's the world's most renowned artifabrian, and if anyone can unlock the secrets of what she'll no doubt see as just a very advanced Fabrial, it'll be her. The prospect of her being able to figure out how to bestow surges on ordinary/deserving soldiers, and a Shardblade to boot, now that she'll find out Shardblades are made of Spren, will be too tempting for Dalinar to resist. Thoughts? Anyone have any better ideas?
  12. He does, he's one of the scouts Dalinar sends ahead in the Shattered Plains when Kaladin is with them, if I remember correctly. Either way I know it's been confirmed by Brandon.^^
  13. Have an upvote simply for that
  14. A question inspired by this thread ; Could a Shardbearer, with practice at mental commands, summon his blade with the tip pointing towards his hands, rather than having the hilt fall into it? It would be a very useful way of getting out of bonds if your hands were chained to a wall, for example, if you could summon the blade with enough precision to drop and slice through the chains.
  15. I think this is rather likely... Or possibly, given what we know now, I can't think of a better "wanderer" or "wild piece" than THAT!