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  1. They were offering a free digital copy at tor.com if you signed up for their blog earlier in the year. Here is the link for the page: http://torforgeblog.com/2016/08/01/download-the-stormlight-archive-pocket-companion/?utm_source=torwebsite&utm_medium=orgpost&utm_term=na-tordotcom&utm_content=na-signup-bonuscontent&utm_campaign=9780765393043&et=26560-n19595941 I am not sure if it will still work though, it won't hurt to try it. Edit: I just tried it. It still works.
  2. Maybe the term "gnat" could be used. Gnats are aluminum or duralumin mistings. From what I understand they are not that useful since burning either aluminum or duralumin by themselves doesn't really yield any useful effects
  3. Kandra-in-disguise quoted WoB that said: Q: Someone who has Breath Investiture, can they give the Breath to someone who doesn’t, solike somebody from Scadrial, or…A: Yes.Q: Would the Scadrian be able to use it.A: Yes. You have seen people from off-planet who have Breath before.Moderator: Or… perfect pitch?A: Yes. [laughter] And are making use of it in variety of ways. From this quote and the quote from The One Who Connects If someone was given a breath, they would be able to use it. I also agree with The One Who Connects that only Nalthians are born with breaths. ZAS After several more signings, I asked my other question. "Do people in the Comsere, besides Nalthis, have Breaths?" BRANDON SANDERSON "No." He then signed a person's books, then said "To elaborate a little more, that's not to say they don't have a life force, because they do. But if someone not from Nalthis were to suddenly gain the ability to become an Awakener, they could not use what they have to Awaken something. That's not to say that they can't receive breaths though."
  4. In the annotations for the Warbreaker chapter14, Brandon says "[Returned] tend to wear black, since it’s the most powerful color for draining to Awaken things." To me, it seems that VenDell is Awakening things using breaths and powering the Awakenings with the color of his suit, since it is progressively getting lighter for the duration. I like Kingsdaughter613's point about pointillism. Though I don't think that VenDell's Awakening abilities prove that he has been to Nalthis. Someone from Nalthis could have given him breaths to use.
  5. That was me, I asked him if Kelsier had died on Roshar would he be able to communicate with people using death rattles. I don't remember exactly what he said, but he said it would be difficult to do, but that the source of the death rattles were something different. I am sorry, I should have recorded it, but someone in line had told me that the rattles were coming from the unmade and what Brandon had said seemed to confirm it somewhat.
  6. I wonder if Hoid will be in "Edgedancer"
  7. You are right with the phone number being different, but both the Brandon Sanderson's website (http://brandonsanderson.com/upcoming-events/#10166) and the bookstore's website (http://www.kingsenglish.com/event) says that the address is 1511 South 1500 East in Salt Lake City. When I look the published address up on google maps, it looks like it's correct. I have never been there myself to say for sure though.
  8. Next month (Sept. 6) Brandon is also signing his 5th Alcatraz book in a bookstore in Salt Lake City. It might be a bit crowded since there is another author releasing a book at the store on the same day.
  9. I appreciate the replies. I wasn't sure if the Nightwatcher would have told the person what curse she is going to give before the boon is given to help him/her understand the true value of the boon given. If this was the case, and Dalinar did know about the curse before he received his boon, it makes the boon he asked for all that more important.
  10. Do we know if Nightwatcher tells the person receiving a boon what the curse she places on them is going to be?