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  1. Entering the Cognitive Realm is actually your physical body just breaking down into investiture, so yeah, the Oathgates probably work in a similar way where both your Physical and Cognitive selves are converting to investiture and shunted through the Spiritual Realm to instantaneously change your Realmatic location.
  2. Based on what Syl said, it sounds like it's something to do with connecting the together, though I don't know what the exact details are.
  3. Yes, I'm aware of your theory which is why I worded things the way I did.
  4. @Corax You've done nothing that needs apologizing for. Don't worry about it, and you've been very clear with your arguments.
  5. I think this is doubtful. From the first OB letter: Based on the info we've been given, this letter is from Endowment. From it, we can tell that she has a very low tolerance for shards interfering with each other. I feel like with sentiments like that, should wouldn't allow Autonomy to create an extension of her power in her world. As such, I doubt Nightblood is the result of a shard's direct influence other than possibly Endowment.
  6. Old Magic seems to basically be just the Nightwatcher or Cultivation directly tampering with people. Not a magic system at all, just a demonstration of what can be done when an entity has sufficient power in the Cosmere, akin to Rashek reshaping Scadrial and its inhabitants or Sazed healing Spook.
  7. It was also pointed out that Honor was not in his right mind at that point in time. He could've been focusing on the end result without any mention of other factor involved.
  8. If it's not a fact, then please don't straight-up say it's a fact.
  9. Interesting thought. I wasn't on board the idea of the Dawnshards being spren or the Unmade being the Dawnshards, but this is presented in a lot more convincing manner. A thought I had while discussion on Discord which could at to this idea. From OB: What if the Unmade were made long ago, and they were used to destroy Ashyn as well. Their influence was applied there, and it was a part of its downfall.
  10. I usually suspend any sort of disbelief about the science presented in superheroes stories. In any case, I don't watch, but I've seen Flash run up and down walls in comic books and it doesn't make any more sense.
  11. As far as I'm aware that's not fact, just speculation. Do you have a source to back that up?
  12. I find that unlikely since then the dragon just killed itself in the explosion since they're just unaging, not truly immortal.
  13. Storing time seems likely, but at the same time, Sazed doesn't appear to have some change in temporal perception when he stores steel.
  14. Assuming the way the shards fell and were taken by the original vessels is in any way similar to what happened at the end of HoA, then they should've known. Sazed could see the shards sort of in the physical and when he tried to touch them he could intuit the nature of the shard.