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  1. soulcasting

    Respectfully disagree all you want, but Brandon has stated how he feels the magic works and has attempted to portray it the best that he can. He doesn't have a high-level science background and most definitely isn't a physicist by any stretch so it's likely that most of the nuances that you are presenting here weren't kept in mind when he wrote those scenes. If you do feel like those scenes inadequately present what he has stated is happening, perhaps contact Peter his assistant with suggestions for better to portray it. You do make good points and it would be nice to have a better tie-in to science since that is what Brandon has expressed wanting.
  2. soulcasting

    Generally the usage of soulcasting in Stormlight Archive preserves mass, with a few exception. While it's likely that Brandon has not done the full math on the specifics, the way it has acted in the series indicates this. As you indicated with Jasnah in WoK, soulcasting the stone boulder into smoke resulted in the same mass of smoke in the same volume. If it wasn't the same mass and just volume, then there would be no reason for the expansion which saw. Likewise, in WoR when the ardents soulcast a stone windbreak, the suction of air inwards was because of the lower density of air requiring a greater volume to make the volume of stone in the windbreak. There are definitely some weird points of course, such as the formation of statues from people. It's possible then that either it's an exception as Brandon is possible, or they're just drawing extra mass from air. However, generally speaking the text does support Brandon's direct statement that it's a conservation of mass, loosely speaking.
  3. I don't think Nightblood permanently holds onto the investiture though. That black liquid/smoke he emits is investiture after all, and Brandon has described him as leaky, so it seems likely that he's maintaining a constant power as all investiture he consumes is eventually emitted back into the world. Either way, Vivienna's sword wasn't shown to act in the same way where it consumed investiture like Nightblood, so even if Nightblood does grow stronger from consuming investiture, we don't even know if Vivienna's sword is consuming investiture.
  4. Two questions, with preference on the first: How is Ascension defined, since what happened to Dalinar seems a lot different than what happened to previous who Ascended like Rashek or Vin. How is it possible for aluminum to be invested by feruchemy and hemalurgy, since it seems to otherwise prevent magic from affecting it or its surroundings?
  5. Well, I don't doubt the sword is dangerous, but I don't think that's enough of a qualifier to say that it can permanently kill them.
  6. Vivienna's sword probably can't permanently kill Fused, since unlike Nightblood it doesn't seem to be annihilating entities. Best not to make that assumption.
  7. Relevant
  8. Making Dalinar into Odium's champion probably would've sundered Dalinar's connection to the Stormfather, therefore no longer giving him the power to release Odium.
  9. Note though that Ruin and Preservation didn't create the matter which constitutes Scadrial, they likely just gathered and shaped what was in the ambient system.
  10. Relevant Though you can't really use it on outside stuff, a feruchemist tapping Identity would probably far more resistant to forgery and soulcasting.
  11. Yeah, I think there's a good chance that that's the case.
  12. I don't think they consciously designed it, any more than any shard could. The magic systems arose as a result of the shards investing into Scadrial, a natural expression of the Cosmere between the world and their powers. Either way, I agree with the idea that Metallic Arts basically touch the ideals of metal, and have created their own exception into aluminum allowing investiture to permeate it through them.
  13. Different speed. A parachute would apply an upward force while downward force would be the force of gravity applying on the person and the parachute, which would then result in downward acceleration based on the difference between the two forces. As someone with have the effective mass through iron feruchemy would have a lower force of gravity, the net acceleration of them with the parachute would be lower.
  14. Supposedly, but I was pretty sure he had died. I guess not.
  15. No, it seems that previously when a Fused died during a Desolation. it was sent to Braize. Then the Heralds returned to Braize at the end of the Desolation to keep them there. There was also no Everstorm, it seems, in previous Desolations.