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  1. In the Feverstone Keep vision, the shards of the Radiants were still glowing until they dropped them, which seems to indicate that they (the spren) were still alive up until that very point when the glow faded.
  2. Not entirely. His spiritweb could've been completely detached and his soul gone to the Beyond. However, the soulstamp could've still changed the soul of the body that they had, which was "alive" as it would've still had connection to the spiritweb within the spiritual realm. Personally, I think his soul had gone on, which is why the Resealing didn't heal him properly, as they could only restore the physical to a living state, but his other realmatic parts had gone one, and the soul stamp did create an imitation of the cognitive and spiritual which had been lost.
  3. There is a magic on Darkside for sure, but we don't know anything about it. Personally, I don't think Khriss can use any manifestations of investiture.
  4. It's possible that Odium caused the creation of Svrakiss. However, as none of his power was left on Sel, that means that he somehow set up another process to do so, which has continued to work without his power to guide it. Personally, I don't think this is something he would care too much about, so I don't think he created them. WoB on Odium leaving none of his power behind on Sel. Spoilered for size. Regarding shades, I think that Odium is in part responsible for their existence, but once again, not because of his power being present. My opinion is that the development of cognitive shadows of some form is a phenomenon present on Threnody somewhat naturally, and that Ambition's investiture, strewn during their fight, acted upon this phenomenon and caused the formation of shades specifically.
  5. Someone else's? No, that would probably require chrominum. Any you're holding though could, and probably would, be destroyed.
  6. According Vorin theology, the Voidbringers they face are from Braize, which they know as Damnation. This is likely formed from the altered perception where the Singers became the Voidbringers, with the Fused coming from Braize after the Heralds release them. In the actual original usage where the humans were called Voidbringers by the Dawnsingers, their world was Ashyn.
  7. It's highly probable that the original vessels knew what they were taking. I imagine that the shards first dropped similar to how they dropped when Leras and Vin died in HoA, and Sazed could sense a general feeling of what concept they represented before taking them.
  8. Windrunners are able to bind the surges of Pressure and Gravitation. Skybreakers are able to bind the surges of Gravitation and Division. Now, the three lashings, as they're generally known, are as follows: Basic Lashing. which changes the gravitational vectors acting on an entity; Full Lashing, which holds objects together; Reverse Lashing, which converts an object into a gravitational center only able to act on airborne objects. So in all, Basic and Reverse Lashings use the surge of gravitation, while Full Lashing use the surge of pressure. As such, Windrunners are able to use all three lashings which cover the two surges they are able to bind, while Skybreakers can only use Basic and Reverse, while additionally being able to bind the surge of division
  9. 1.1 Earth years. 10 months of 50 days each.
  10. Keep in mind that the current plan is for there to be a one year gap in-world between OB and the next Stormlight Archive book. Therefore, by the time we get back, the wedding will have already been a done deal.
  11. My impression is that he was saying that it was foreshadowing for being able to gain glimpses or hints of the future in general, not just Fortune. Basically, the idea that prediction abilities can exist.
  12. @Ookla, the Incalculable What I described is what I think Fortune is in its entirety, not just chromium feruchemy. I do not think Atium allomancy or any sort of actual sight through the spiritual realm fall under what is considered to be Fortune.
  13. That's what I think yes. Storing it though would probably either suppress natural instinct of this nature, as well as potentially give you an instinct towards bad choices.
  14. To quote myself from another topic: So yes, I think Fortune is more instinctive, or passive, whereas true future sight like atium is more active, where you are given an actual awareness of what is to come.
  15. Yes, I'm well aware of this. However, as I still pointed out in my post, I don't think he was surgebinder at all, and the semantics surrounding him don't matter. Also, I don't think the establishment of the Knights Radiant had much impact on the progression on the Nahel Bond. I think the different tiers were always though.