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  1. Also a relevant passage from WoR when Shallan soulcasts the ship:
  2. Yeah, that's a fair analogy. Also just less instantaneous.
  3. As we saw in Secret History, holding the full power of Preservation prevented Kelsier from talking to people with damaged spiritwebs because the power of Preservation automatically tried to fill and repair the spiritwebs the moment he touched them, thereby removing the holes which he could use to talk to them. Probably with more control or practice he could avoid that from happening, but naturally, the power prevents his own efforts from talking to people. Another shard wouldn't have the power trying to do this automatically, so could speak or otherwise influence the person through the cracks.
  4. No, spikes create holes in souls, not fills them, and it is through those holes that Ruin, allomancers, or other entities could affect the hemalurgic creations. The reason why Leras could not speak to or control people was because of the nature of his power, where it would automatically attempt to fill the holes in the soul to sustain it, therefore preventing him from using those holes to influence them.
  5. Spikes open an entity to any influence, not just from one particular shard. That's how Kelsier could talk to spiked people as well. Bleeder only had one spike though, which didn't open her soul enough to make her controllable.
  6. I think the Rosharan general belief that everything has a spren is only technically correct, while their actual outlook is incorrect. Spren are essentially realmatic entities which embody certain concept due to their existence in the cognitive realm with little connection to the physical realm. Therefore, at the most basic level, they can just be considered souls. Hence, Rosharans are technically correct in that everything has a soul, and therefore everything essentially has a spren. However, generally speaking they are incorrect because what they think of as sprens aren't really entirely similar to the souls of everyday objects. As such, there would probably be effectively little difference between a steel sword made on Nalthis and a steel sword made on Roshar outside of a few weird investiture connection differences with probably insignificant effects. At the end of the day, the awakening of Nightblood amounted to binding investiture to the object and its soul and elevating to a a realmatic state which is similar to the state that the spren usually exist at.
  7. That's essentially what she did. Awakening to create an entity which is analogous to a spren, bound to the sword.
  8. True, but my point of the shape of the fabrial not causing stormlight from the gem to spread through the device still stands though.
  9. Keep in mind that fabrials don't work by manipulating stormlight to produce effects. They work by feeding the trapped spren stormlight, which then cause the effect. This means that there's a black box (the spren) in every fabrial doing the actual heavy lifting. It's not the design of the fabrial which is causing stormlight to spread out and doing things in the object, it's the spren which is affecting the fabrials and surroundings and causing the effects we see. Also, we can't really compare soulcaster fabrials since we don't know how those actually work.
  10. Possibly. However, what would be required is a fundamental change in the properties of stormlight, properties which fabrials are naturally utilizing. While knowledge of fabrials could help in understanding the properties of stormlight, they wouldn't inform much about how to get it to act how it needs to be for awakening.
  11. There are likely a whole other set of issues when attempting to awaken with stormlight instead of breath, once the issue of maintaining stormlight is solved. The main problem is linked to how awakening works on a base level, which I think is as follows. In awakening, the awakener formulates a command with appropriate visualization, which "imprints" into the breath. This breath then transfers to the target and shapes into an artificial soul which builds on top of the object's pre-existing soul. This artificial soul is what augments the object to have the capability to move, have awareness, etc. and is related to the properties of breath to be sticky, as the stickiness of breath is due to its nature of interfacing with the soul of the holder, and changing it in different ways. Stormlight would not possess the properties of breath which allow it to imprint the command made by the awakener, nor would it naturally possess the ability to interface with an object's soul that awakening requires. Therefore, even with a perfect gemstone containing ample amount of stormlight, awakening would not be easily possible, without processes which would essentially involve changing the properties of stormlight. If it were as easy as "using a perfect gemstone", it still would've been relatively simple to test that in the past, by awakening using a large amount of stormlight into a non-perfect gem, which still would've resulted in a limited awakening until the stormlight dissipated. You can't soulcast gems.
  12. Yeah, they definitely mine rock for metal in some places. Remember in the first Rysn interlude in WoK. They traded soulcast metal to the Shin, who specifically wanted metal which had not been mined from stone.
  13. It also really seems to exist only to highlight the differences between the Metallic Arts, not really as a general model for describing systems.
  14. That could work, except that it would hard to move at a significantly high mass. Tapping iron changes the body so it doesn't destroy itself under its own weight, but it won't give the body the same strength that it has without tapping. A different method of propelling him could work however.
  15. Bands of Mourning had Wax describe what was happening as a change in mass, due to him conserving momentum when he changed storing rate.