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  1. One of the Five Scholars. Denth's sister and Vasher's wife. She's the one who made Nightblood, with Vasher's assistance.
  2. Copper feruchemy, allowing him to view the memory within the coppermind.
  3. Flaring Cadmium and Bendalloy change the time scale. I think flaring copper increases the strength of the cloud though, so it's harder for enhanced bronze to pierce it, and vice versa with bronze.
  4. Adding on to what Calderis. All visions were for all intents and purposes, events which happened. The only one which wasn't based on reality, wasn't really anything at all, the vision where Honor showed Dalinar what he expected to come, and told what he thought of how he could defeat Odium. That was a vision without anything, because Honor can't really create visions, he can only adapt his memories, and make them a bit more interactable.
  5. Pattern implies in WoR that the Stormfather was wounded by the Recreance. However, he was powerful enough to survive the effects, unlike most other spren.
  6. @Shallan's Ward @Oversleep You guys should probably remove any spoilers from your posts.
  7. For one, it feels kind of weird that there would be exactly nine sapient spren varieties plus the three higher order ones. What makes it so fundamental that only nine varieties could achieve sapience? Secondly, as I said, it doesn't feel like the mistspren are the Truthwatcher spren. They don't reassemble either form of the spren that we see in the PR at all. Ym's spren looks like the light reflected through a crystal, while Glys looks like a reddish crystal snowflake. Therefore, I think it's likely that the CR version if them should look like a living crystal being, and the mistspren are just another sapient spren variety.
  8. Yeah, because what's happening is that elsecalling creates a perpendicularity which allows you to convert your body to investiture and shift your awareness into the cognitive realm. Trying to move just one part would probably just turn your hand into investiture, or physical matter, but leave your awareness still in the other realm so you wouldn't be able to do anything with the part there.
  9. Elsecalling doesn't work like that. It's an all or nothing transfer between realms.
  10. His finding of Szeth isn't that altogether impressive. He could've just been following them with lashings, following Szeth as well, waiting for the perfect opportunity. As for tracking people, that is a bit funny. It has appeared to be that he has some sort of ability to detect stormlight in people, as he could tell the moment when Lift became awesome again. The tracking though, may be perhaps explained through the use of spren spies, highspren, and others affiliated with them, following other spren. Alternatively, maybe he has a fabrial with something of that function. I'd have to reread the prologue to see Eshonai's exact wording, but from what you described, I don't think he would be able to speak to the rhythms. Nor would he condone the assassination of Gavilar, as that would be illegal by Alethi law.
  11. Correct. Nale, we know for certain because of his appearance. Kalak, we suspect because he talks about " a creature holding his lord's blade." As Szeth was there with Jezerien's honorblade, that fits. He also talks about getting worse, which could somewhat fit what we know about what is happening to the Heralds.
  12. The rock structure the pits occupied still exist, but the WoB seems to be implying that the crystals and pits which grew atium no longer exist.
  13. How does your definition of a canon term work for the WoB that Identity can be used to make it harder for somewhere to work SoulForgery on you? Actually, OB told us that Surges destroyed the previous world, not necessarily surgebinding. A WoB later confirmed that it's a different magic. [Source]
  14. Yes, I think it's more likely that the Interlude was pointed more about informing us about Cusicesh. Either way, it's not entirely true that they're written for story purposes. There's a strong worldbuilding aspect in them as well.