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  1. I've got a feeling too. Not a lot of evidence, but it wasn't the Stormfather or Honor by extension, it doesn't feel like something Odium would send. Maybe Cultivation? I don't know, but my money is on Nohadon's Cognitive Shadow.
  2. On voidbinding being a cousin to the old magic, if we look at what both do, there's a pretty clear connection. If I understand correctly, the Nightwatcher meddles with the spiritweb of the person asking her for a boon, presumably adding (her own or Cultivation's) investiture into the mix. What Sja-anat does is similar in that she adds (again presumably) her own investiture, or Odium's, to the spiritweb of the spren in question, changing them and the way their magic works. In both cases investiture is being added to the spirit web to change the person in some way.
  3. Could be. I just checked and that WoB is from 2012, so he could have even been referring to unsealed metalminds from Era 2. Just wanted to put it out as a possibility anyway. Personally I like the idea that it's dragonsteel the most. We know we'll eventually get to see it, and with stuff like Aethers getting name dropped in Stormlight I think it's not too far fetched to see items from unpublished works show up.
  4. How about this?
  5. I wonder if it's a physical vs. cognitive thing. To Soulcast Jasnah needs to convince the Cognitive aspect of a thing or person to change, the way Tension and cohesion seem to work is that they directly alter molecules in the physical. Not sure about gravitation. On another note, why do surges work in Shadesmar? Once you enter you and everything on your person is converted into investiture. You'd think that's the last place you could lash something. Unless investiture resistance is a thing purely (or at least primarily) of the PR.
  6. So do you believe the Heralds, were they holding their honor blade would still be able to draw on Investiture directly from splintered Honor? I can't remember if we've seen Nale drain spheres himself, but I always assumed he would have to get his stormlight like everyone else.
  7. On human Fused, there are those yellow spren with Shin appearance. We don't know what happens when a CS crosses into the physical without a vessel to inhabit, but a CS is essentially the same as any other spren and we know that they can cross over fairly easily. We have odious spren like Ulim and Yixli, I think there's a good chance they may be the first cognitive shadows created by Odium. Both of those spren mention that they are millennia old. I wouldn't be upset if we saw a tiny floating golden Amaram pop up in the next book.
  8. Autonomy might be an interesting shard to throw in the mix. We think that with the right interpretation of the intent autonomy can pretty much do what she wants, but who knows what that particular mix might do. Maybe Sazed might interpret autonomy as not intervening at all and giving everyone else, and not him, complete autonomy. Ambition or Dominion might get him to do something, but they don't really feel like shards the Sazed pre harmony would be very interested in. Those might warp his personality in ways he probably wouldn't want.
  9. Minor Secret history spoiler
  10. Ah my mistake, I thought it was more recent than that. I agree, I wasn't referring to the shattering, or the Radiants that presumably shattered them, only that other humans may have lived there in between who had shards with gems. Or am I misunderstanding and you're saying the Radiants may have left the shards at stormseat? I explained poorly I think. I was trying to say that maybe some of the Radiants, after seeing what they had done, looked at the docile yet self sufficient dullform listeners and thought "Hey, let's not just let our bestfriend-murderblades lying around for anyone to grab, let's give them to these guys who look like they might not start murdering each other with them, to keep them safe and cause minimal harm." But I was only brainstorming ideas and I don't know how likely this really is. Wouldn't there be lighteyed listeners then? Do we know Eshonai's eyecolor? @Yata I agree that Radiants must have broken oaths before the Recreance, but can we be sure that those dead spend would have become shardblades? It's as good a possibility as I've seen, but do we know for certain that that's how it worked?
  11. Kinda late but this is an interesting question. OB spoilers:
  12. Wow yeah scary. I like it. Those guards in Kholinar do act very differently from all the other revelers... I do also wonder about the carrier. No spren we know is inhibited from moving on its own in the physical, unless they are trapped in a gemstone. Why would Sja-anats spy need a piggyback at all? Agreed, there should be more to him too. What I think is that as people die he looks through their minds to look for information. I say this because in the Kaza interlude the Sleepless refuses to tell Kaza if there is a cure because there are things that can take secrets from her even after death. The death rattles would be a side effect that where Moelach connects with the dying person so rifle through what they know, but in return the dying person gets to know some of what Moelach knows. Kinda like when Shallan touches Re-shephir both of their souls are exposed to one another.
  13. Hmm I don't know... Sah's group wasn't executed, they were treated poorly and sent to the front lines... The kids really can't be held responsible for bringing a spy to Revolar (not that the adults can either really). The Fused whole deal is to win this Desolation and give Roshar to the new singers and then go to sleep or pass beyond or whatever. Those kids are the first to grow up in a world of free singers. Plus killing random kids won't get them their armies' trust or loyalty. I don't know, I think we might see Vai again, but maybe when we do, her head is full of Fused propaganda.
  14. A lot of the unmade serve a specific purpose, useful in times of war. But Sja-anat's role is a little more unclear. She corrupts lesser spren, but how was that helpful to Odium during Desolations?We've been told the Radiants feared Sja-anat the most of all the unmade, yet we also know that corruptions like in the cases of Glys and the Oathgate spren are something new and were considered to be impossible in the past. So how do Odiums forces benefit from corrupting lesser spren? So seeing how she is called the taker of secrets, and that she is able to see and communicate with Shallan through a corrupted gloryspren, I could imagine that she was something of a spy master. Humans draw corrupted spren, Sja-anat sees what's going on and reports it. Could she have another purpose, and what does it mean for the Radiants and the outcome of the Desolation if Sja-anat defects? Why did Radiants use to fear her so if she couldn't change their spren?
  15. Rereading Oathbringer again it really stood out to me how many new children are introduced to the story. Oroden, Gavinor, Rock's children Gift, Chord, Rock Jr., Star, Kuma'tiki and Song, Sah's daughter Vai... Even Mr. T's grandchildren are mentioned. There's Lift and Yanagawn as well, who aren't new but still get a good bit of development. With the back 5 books set at a time where most of these characters are at least approaching adulthood, can we speculate what will become of them? Obviously some will be more important than others, some might not be relevant at all, but I can't help feeling Brandon has introduced as many kids as he has specifically so they can play a larger role in the second arc. Lift, Oroden and Gavinor are the ones I feel like will have the greatest impact on the narrative, but I think Yanagawn is well on his way to becoming a more prominent character as well. He's had a lot of screen time and even a point of view chapter in OB. I think he has a lot of potential. I'd also love to see Vai and other singer children featured more. They are growing up in a very different world than their parents knew. I think it would be great to see how they get along growing up during a Desolation. Ditto with the missing listener children, lots of good stuff there. Is there anybody I missed? Gavinor and Oroden will probably be especially important in the back 5, but I couldn't say how specifically. I realize this is all very far in the future still, but I think the seeds are there, and speculation is what we do best. So how does everybody else feel about all the children?