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  1. Sorry for how late this is, last week was the first week back to school for me and I needed a week to get back into the swing of things. Things I liked: 1) The world feels lived in, it seems you have created a history and background for your world. 2) I like your description of the fight sequence in chapter two. Critiques: 1) I want more explenation of things, I feel like I can't connect to your world yet because I don't know what things are, for example I don't know what Sk*l is. Is it a humanoid creature, is it a class status, what is it exactly, same for A*ch*n. 2) I felt a bit of disconnect as to how I- arrived at the fight. She went out to get food and then suddenly a fight. How did it happen, was she stalked for a while, did they surprise her?
  2. I haven't read any of the other critiques so I apologize if I repeat anything that has already been previously said. First I want to start off with aspects that I liked: 1) I liked the way that you started off with a role-playing game, it got me interested. 2) I like the voice of Al, I thought that was good. Critiques: 1) It was hard to keep track of who was speaking when and who was who. Al is the narrator, Sam is on a dig in Germany. But the other characters I couldn't keep straight who they were and why they were important. More background might be necessary on them from Al's perspective. 2) I got interested in some of the anthropological things that were being said by the characters, and if I perceive them correctly they all have knowledge of anthropology and so that they are throwing around these terms are fine. But your regular reader including myself might not know of all the different species being thrown around and it will turn them off, it might be best if Al explains to the reader through his thoughts or background information what these different things are. 3) This is just slightly nit picky of me, but as a person who studies history I felt necessary to point it out. We have more than just a few centuries worth of written human records. Sumerians five thousand years ago began writing things down, numbers mostly, but they developed a written script. I don't mean to throw a loophole into anything you are trying to create in your story but I thought it was worth pointing out.
  3. Thank you for the information about publishing/publishers, I don't know a lot about them and publishing (if I ever did it) always seems to be something in a far distant future.
  4. I know I already said thank you in advanced, but thank you once again. When I first started writing (as a kid) I got the critism that I didn't put enough detail in, now I think I over compensate so I will definitely try to scale down the level of unnecessary detail. As for the narrative, I would say this somewhat follows farm girl prophesied savior narrative, A- was definitely inspired by Luke Skywalker and the likes. As for the Prelude, this is my first draft with this in it and I can definitely see how it is unnecessary.
  5. This is the prelude and first half of my first chapter of a book/story I have been working on for a while. Thank you in advance for all comments and edits you make/recommend. I look forward to them.
  6. I would like to submit this next week.
  7. Hi, I'm new to this too, so this won't be a very long critique. I really liked the use of voice in the first chapter and the prologue. Though I did feel that Ilse did sound a bit older than ten in her head. I think that is an easy fix though. Also there was one part that confused me in Pug's perspective, it was on pages 9-10, you tell the reader that he doesn't notice the little girl coming out of the shadows and then the next immeditate line is "Where did she come from" which tells the reader that he didn't notice her. A better word in the first sentence might be "hadn't noticed her" that way it lets the reader know that in the past he didn't notice her but now he does which would fit in with the next sentence. I really enjoyed it though, and I think you have some really great ideas.
  8. I'm not sure it would flesh out his motivations, cause we aren't quite sure what his goal is yet, but it could definitely be a motivating factor. We know he was there at the Shattering, what if Jerick died during the Shattering trying to prevent it and if Hoid had intervened, or by Hoid's intervention he caused Jerick's death.... I think it would be more the first rather than the latter because the writer of Letter 2 (Frost?) is advocating for nonintervention, and what if one of the reasons he is intervening is because he didn't during the Shattering?
  9. I'm hoping to buy it as an e-book and read it on the train going to school.
  10. Cry because law school leaves me with little time to read and I desperately want to read this book immediately.
  11. I like it. I wish there was a bit more evidence then just the letter in WoR, but there's not a lot of information out there so I won't fault you for that. If Hoid didn't directly help with the Shattering, I think it likely he helped provide information that could help or something.
  12. I chose Surgebinding, I like the idea of spren, and having somebody listen when I talk. Also the powers are cool but I chose Surgebinding for the Nahel Bond with a spren. I would say I would want to be a Windrunner, but I hate heights. Maybe an Edgedancer, I like the idea of remembering those who have been forgotten.
  13. I picked Hoid and Jasnah, but I'm hoping magically Shallan joins them so that Hoid and Shallan can be witty together and then you have Jasnah in the back seat of the car being her snarky self.
  14. To be honest, I don't like Mr T, Amaram, Saedas, or Sazeth, though out of all of them I like Sezth the best, so full disclosure before I start. This whole discussion is about whether or not there are characters in the Stormlight Archive are truly evil. My answer to that is no. But I am also of the belief that the ends do not justify the means. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. And words don't prove sincerity, actions do. I've heard enough empty words in my lifetime to watch people's actions and not their intents or words. Mr. T believing that the diagram is real and will stop the end of the world does not justify the bloodletting in his hospitals or him ordering the death of the world's leaders. Believing that you have to kill everyone who knows that you rightfully didn't earn a shardblade, despite the fact that they gave it to you willingly, and feeling sorry about it after the fact does not justify your actions. Leaving 8000 men out on a field of battle and removing all ways of escaping is unjustifiable in my books and out of all of them I would considered Saedas the most evil, loving your wife shouldn't make you redeemable. Hitler loved dogs, Stalin had children and a wife, doesn't make them any less horrible people. Sazeth uses religion as a means to protect himself, maybe being a bit religious myself I find that the least condemnable, but at the same time I think who use religion as a shield to discriminate against other people. In the end, maybe your intent will stop people from seeing you as an evil person, but that doesn't stop your actions from being morally reprehensible. I guess its as Obi-wan once said "What I told you was the truth, from a certain point of view." I view these characters (maybe minus Sazeth depending on what happens in Oathbringer) as evil not because of their intentions, but because of their actions.
  15. I agree with your analysis on Charisma, I don't think it quite fits in with the Abrahamic God, but I'm not sure I like the Guidance as a Shard. It seems to passive and too much like wisdom or enlightenment which is already a proposed Shard. I think that just because Brandon based Andolsium on the Abrahamic God doesn't mean that they have all the same qualities. Charisma I think would just make for a better Shard name and perhaps for a better story element. Though personally I wouldn't think Endowment to be the best name for a Shard and that worked pretty well so what do I know. But I do agree with you on Chaos, I don't think that would be a good shard. I don't think that Forgiveness would be within Devotion's area, but I really like the idea of Hope being a Shard name. Kind of reminds me of Pandora's box, you spilled out all the awful things in the Cosmere like Odium and kept Hope hidden. Hope could be the Shard that is hiding from Odium as well, maybe because Hope is the best thing that could fight Odium.... I don't know.