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  1. Elenion was tiring. He hadn't had time to brace himself for the impact into the ground, and as the adrenaline wore off he found an ache in his back. It wasn't incredibly painful, but it did slow him down, making him an easier target. Added to that, the demons appeared to have caught on to his strategy: they either targeted their slashes at his sword, attempting to disarm him, or abandoned their weapons altogether in favor of teeth and claws that, like the fallen demon, could somehow touch him even when he willed himself insubstantial. Elenion's fellow guards were no better off. Of those that had entered the melee, three were severely wounded, one was dead, and only about half of them did not have at least minor injuries. They were giving ground slowly, working their way backwards towards the entrance as superior strength pressed against them relentlessly and formed them into a defensive line that continued to slowly give ground. At least three of the demons had wings, and they used them to shoot across the room to press the defense where it was weakest. "How much longer do we need to hold them?" Rodel said, slashing his claws across the shield of a bulky, elephantine demon. They cut through it like it was tinfoil. "I don't know. It all depends on--hyah!" The massive sword of the demon that Elenion had killed shot into the enemy ranks, accompanied by a gust of wind. It failed to hit anything solid. A guard fell, hands clasping his abdomen. The bulky demon that had slugged him there hefted its sword, but a crossbow bolt to the shoulder caused it to drop the heavy weapon. A crossbow bolt? You can't use a crossbow at that close of range! And there, in the entrance, was a fresh group of guards, about ten in number. Each had unslung a crossbow from their back, and they provided a covering fire as more guards poured into the room. It was then that Queen Elsa herself entered the room, clad in armor the color of pure ice and carrying a sword longer than a man was tall. She showed no signs of the injuries that had been paining her just that morning, as she charged, a one-woman blizzard freezing her opponents with fear. Demons ran, flew, or slithered away as she passed through her own ranks and entered those of her enemies. Her sword cut through metal, claw, bone, without hesitation, like a force of nature that had been bridled into an instrument of measured death. She was not hasty or reckless in her strokes, but measured, confident. This was her kingdom, and no twisted animal-demon was going to invade it or abduct her subjects without facing her icy wrath. Unfortunately, not all of the guards were as disciplined as the Queen. A few lowered their weapons to watch the Queen's wrath unfold, giving a demon a window to act. It was the panther-demon that Elenion had tossed into the wall earlier, and it went for Elenion in the blink of an eye, grabbing him so quickly that his sword clattered out of his hand. The demon put a black, razor-sharp claw to Elenion's neck. "Stop!" It said in a voice that was disturbingly human, "Or this one dies!"
  2. Boris heard a crash from the next room over. He looked up, pondering, and slowly made his way over to the door. He was curious, sure, but he wasn't in any particular hurry. He never was. When he finally reached the door, he opened it slowly, the door hinges squeaking with a lack of oil. "Who might you be?" he said to Argyle, but he was drowned out by the latter tripping on another chair. Argyle rushed out of the room without hearing. Boris could have followed, but he didn't think it would have accomplished much, so he wandered back to his post.
  3. C1 is the best cycle to miss. Generally all that comes out of it is who voted for who, who defended who, and if anyone figured out how to exploit a game mechanic.
  4. SE Strategy 101: 1. Stay active. Even for experienced players, getting behind on the game can be crazy hard to recover from. 2. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. PMs can be a powerful tool for getting reads on players, if you have the time and motivation to keep them active. (I often lack the latter.) 3. Either be open about your role with everyone, or with nobody. If one elim knows about your role, they'll tell all of the others, but if one villager knows they can't share it except with one or two widely-trusted players. Many players with power roles die because they tell a few players what they are, so the elims know who to hit but the village protection doesn't know who to protect. 4. Establish backup plans. If you've got information that might prove vital, tell it to someone you can trust, because that way the elims can't kill you to deprive the village of your info. This is especially true with scan results.
  5. I'm not sure exactly what you're asking. If you just need to get your hands on the equations, Google works fine but you will need to sort through it a bit. If you need to get the equations by proof, here's a site with an (albeit sloppily-written) proof using calculus and variable substitution that you can use as a guide. That site also has the equations themselves, but I can't verify their authenticity because I haven't gone much into capacitors beyond calculating capacitance.
  6. DHMO is so acidic, it's got a higher pH than any other acid! (I'll just show myself out.)
  7. *Hug* English classes can be a pain because some teachers are just a butt with grading. It's why I prefer math. Your grade does not necessarily reflect on the quality of your writing.
  8. Sorry, I had AP tests and friends who needed emotional support and... yeah. I'm back now. The door shattered under the combined weight of the two guards, and Elenion burst into the room with the rest of the squad. And quite a room it was: a stone chamber, arrayed like an amphitheater with the center of the room sinking down gradually. In the very center, the lowest part of the room, was a coffin. And swarming around the coffin were demons. Each was slightly taller than a man, and had the general shape of one, but the features were twisted into the features of animals. One was spindly, snakelike, with scaly skin. Another was covered in fur and had savage claws on the end of dextrous fingers. A third had wings, feathers, and a vulture-like beak. There were more, too, each hideous and deformed, circling the coffin at the center of the room. It was obvious where Rodel was. Behind Elenion, the crowd of guards stalled, caught on the edge of a wave of fear emanating from the center of the room. At step later, Elenion froze as well. And then, from the center of the room, came a shrill, inhuman scream. One of the demons staggered back away from the coffin, a wicked slash across its hand and arm. It stumbled, and as it did so it turned and saw Elenion and the guards standing next to the opened door. It screamed again, and the rest of the demons spun. And still, Elenion and the guards remained paralyzed by fear. The first demon to charge was reptilian in form, with a massive body the color of a stagnant pond and covered in scales and a massive sword of grim, grey iron. As it steamrolled forward, Elenion's muscles finally unlocked, and he sidestepped, as a hundred pounds of metal whooshed past his side. Elenion kicked the beast in the shoulder as he spun, reinforced boot making contact with a satisfying thud, but the demon appeared unfazed. It came at him again, but this time Elenion stood his ground as it brought its sword down in a two-handed arc. Elenion brought his sword down to his side so that it wouldn't block the oncoming blow, and then concentrated. The sword whooshed toward him, and Elenion smiled as it whistled right through his body, smashing into the ground below him and pulverizing rock. He brought his sword up as the blow hit the ground, and slammed it forward into the surprised demon's neck. The sword hesitated for a second when it hit the scaly skin, but then penetrated deep into the neck. The demon pitched forward, hitting Elenion with hundreds of pounds of dead weight that he was unprepared for. Apparently these things can still touch me when I'm insubstantial, even though their swords can't. Just great. Elenion heaved the corpse off of himself and surveyed the battlefield. Although the demons were fewer in number than the guards, they were larger, stronger, and faster. Already three of his guards had fallen. Elenion had killed one demon, and it looked like Rodel was about to finish off another, but he doubted whether he could kill another, and Rodel must be in a lot of pain from his wounds. This wasn't going well. Elenion sprinted across the room back towards the entrance, where the bulk of the combat was happening, while along the way focusing himself. He didn't have time to meditate here, but he needed what focus he could get. Reaching the knot of combatants, he seized the opportunity to slash a few of the demons in the back, not inflicting any major wounds but distracting them and sowing confusion. A panther-like demon detached itself from the melee and leaped at Elenion, hitting him in the chest and digging in its claws. As he fell backwards, however, Elenion used his stored focus to push the demon away, launching it into a wall. He didn't see if it got up, because Elenion hit the ground at the same moment. This wasn't working. Elenion ran to one of his guards, a young man with a slash down the length of his fighting arm. The guard looked petrified, and Elenion couldn't blame him; he was a veteran himself, and he still had nearly frozen up with fear. Elenion hauled the petrified guard to attention, looking him in the face and making eye contact. "Get to the Queen as quick as you can. Without her, we can't survive this fight. Anyone else you can find, too. Go!" The guard said nothing, but his eyes snapped into focus, and he sprinted out of the room, somehow getting through the wall of demons, guards, and weapons that stood between him and the exit. Elenion turned back to the combat. He didn't need to win. He only needed to last as long as he could.
  9. @Mestiv 16 for mere mortals... Do semi-divine entities like the admins get more?
  10. 666 rep: Torturer of Heralds! Edit: Aaaand... it's gone. That didn't last long.
  11. *awakes from AP-test-induced hibernation* It's probably about time I signed up for another game. My character will be Boris, a guard who's known for his general apathy and laziness. The only reason he hasn't been released from his post is--actually, I don't even know why he hasn't been fired yet. Huh.
  12. Just kidding, Len. Ah, the days back when I had that playstyle. To be fair, I've been backstabbed myself; Lopen in LG24 killed me despite me being in his faction and him being immune to all of my actions if I was evil.
  13. Novels: The Final Empire Words of Radiance Alloy of Law The Way of Kings Bands of Mourning Warbreaker Hero of Ages Well of Ascension Elantris Shadows of Self Novellas: Secret History Emperor's Soul Sixth of the Dusk Edgedancer Shadows for Silence
  14. What misspelling?