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  1. @Clanky Ecth is out right now, but I'm 95% sure that there is no vote minimum. He'll correct me if I'm wrong. General Bulletin: Please ensure that your name is in the "Player Name" field at the top of your action spreadsheet. Three anonymous players still have not done this, and we can't distinguish their actions from each other. They are using spreadsheets 5, 6, and 16.
  2. Reserved for rule clarifications and other businessy stuff.
  3. We know (well, I know), that Aster is lying about my alignment, so one of two things happened: 1. Aster scanned me, knows I'm vanilla Parsh, and lied anyway in order to get me lynched. 2. Aster scanned someone else (let's say Drake or Alv), and lied about my alignment to clean me up with the lynch and because he believed I was likely a Voidbringer. (and I guess, 3, Aster isn't even a scanner, but that's actually very similar to number 2) If Aster went with option one, he would have known that what he was doing was suicide, a 1 for 1 trade that benefits the Alethi and therefore is a good early-game move. If Aster went with option two, he wouldn't know my true alignment, and so he was making a gamble. If he was wrong, he would die and create a 1 for 1 trade like before. But if by luck I had actually been a Voidbringer, he would be widely-trusted, alive, and with an extra turn's worth of scan results. Now if I was Aster, and I had contemplated doing this before putting in my action, I would have considered the two options, and I would have taken option 2 because of the potential for a great victory and turning point. We're assuming that he had known or suspected beforehand--by gut read, logic, or Ghostblood contacts--that I would survive the lynch and that he was planning today's events in advance, but given that assumption he would have had no reason to choose option 1 and actually scan me.
  4. Okay, so this one? I didn't answer that one because I know that Asterion didn't scan me, because if he had he wouldn't have wanted to lie and kill himself, so therefore I know that that wasn't going through Asterion's mind.
  5. Which point exactly is that? You made a bunch of points either to me personally and in reference to me.
  6. Staying silent -- I'm saying that if the Voidbringers had claimed in the Parshendi doc, I probably wouldn't have announced that fact to the thread. I would have stayed silent, because of my doubts about the Alethi-Parsh alliance being workable. But Drake and those more optimistic about the alliance would likely have put the claimers' names into the thread to get the Voidbringers lynched, leaving only the Sons and the Ghostbloods. Therefore, even if you believe that I personally am a Voidbringer, you can know that the Voidbringers have not claimed in the doc. @Elbereth
  7. @Elbereth I was protected because the Alethi have us by the throat with the lynch as it is, without us losing a Parshendi voter. And you're also basing my analysis off of my guilt, making it flawed because I'm not guilty. I smelled a double-tap (and even announced that in thread), asked for protection to keep me alive and protect our voting interests, I got it, and the double-tap happened as I predicted. Also, there's a problem in your Voidbringer claiming to the Parshendi theory, in that it didn't happen. I probably would have stayed silent had that happened, because I really doubt the Alethi-Parsh alliance has much of a chance of sticking around, but Drake and probably others would have promptly put the claimers' names directly into the thread.
  8. There have been Feruchemical games in the past, and they've all used variants of the same sort of system. PM me if you want more details on that. @StrikerEZ
  9. It happened in the Parsh doc, so any Parshendi that comes around can easily verify that right after I called Orlok out for underestimating his faction numbers, I asked for a protector and received a yes a few minutes later.
  10. (Keeping my post short as it has not been the best of nights for me. I will return when I'm feeling more amiable, probably tomorrow. I'm going to go eat something to take my mind off of this.) I already called foul on last lynch, with Orlok purposely misrepresenting the strength of his faction in terms of kills by omitting the Shardblade (and also extra lives, but I didn't catch that at the time). The lynch then happens on me anyway, and a rogue Shardbearer then rubs salt in the wound, then Asterion lies about my alignment. I'm surprised so many people have fallen for it: do you really think that Asterion would have scanned the guy slated to be lynched and also scanned by Drake? It doesn't make logical sense. What probably happened is Aster is a Son of Honor trying to clean up the mess when Operation Murder Len failed due to a certain Parshendi protecting me after I verifiably asked for protection in our doc. Aster.
  11. So basically you're admitting that all of the other Alethi reasons for lynching me are just cover-ups for your us-vs-them lynch to even the numbers? Edit: you're also strategically failing to mention your Shardbearer. Is there a plan to double-tap me?
  12. I think the bandwagon on me right now is unwise and unhelpful. I chipped in a couple of comments about how the Alethi vote supremacy is a threat to the Parshendi, then went to bed and slept for a while, and suddenly this bandwagon shows up for no good reason. Any Parshendi has a motivation to not want a Parshendi to be lynched. The only reason for lynching me that seems to hold water is to ensure that I don't change forms, but because of the order of actions that won't work, because the lynch happens before Parshendi change forms. Lynching me will tell you nothing about what form I choose to enter, and give you no proof that I'm not a Voidbringer. It accomplishes nothing except to take away my extra life.
  13. I concur that Yitzi is a good lynch option right now. We could wait for the Ghostbloods to kill him, as it is in their interests to remove all members of other secret factions, but it'll probably be more reliable to just lynch him ourselves.
  14. @OrlokTsubodai What makes me concerned about the lynch is that you Alethi outnumber us in addition to having vote manipulation. This means that the Alethi can just direct the lynch onto whatever Parshendi they choose, and that's a barrel of a gun that I don't like staring down, so of course I'm going to seek a lynch compromise, no secret factions about it.