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  1. The Art of Game Creation

    If anyone is interested in an SE version of The Bachelor, I'm working on a ruleset.
  2. Dalinar...(spoilers)

    @Rubix Please move to Stormlight Archive discussion forum.
  3. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    Actually, neither Bart's nor Aman's death was necessary for my argument. My partner's plan was rendered ineffective the second that Sart was lynched as village, because it provided no confirmation of Bart/Aman's alignment. Were I an elim, I could have revealed the plan with Bart/Aman still living, and have taken no less flak from it. The kill on Bart/Aman has actually proved detrimental to my credibility, as it has shown that my suspicions for the first two cycles were unfounded. Elim!Len would have made a kill that strengthened his credibility or left it unaffected, not one that made him a lynch target. I find it likely that last night's kill was meant not only to remove our best analyst from the game, but also to throw suspicion onto me for tunneling on him. Wasting today's lynch on me would, in effect, hand three consecutive kills to the elims: one on Aman last night, one on me today, and one tonight on another active player.
  4. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    Current vote tally: HH (2): Len, Jon Len (2): Lopen, HH Drought (1): Arin @TheMightyLopen Was my explanation of my partner's plan enough to convince you to take your vote off of me, or, better yet, change it to HH? @ArinianNone of the rest of us appear to be too suspicious of Drought at this point. Would you consider voting your other suspicion?
  5. Hurt and Heal - Cosmere Stories

    Heal HoA, hurt WoK 6. The Hero of Ages -- 10 13. The Way of Kings --14
  6. Long Game (3)2: Pulling on Strings

    Ising the being of a signups countdown?
  7. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    You aren't the only player who's suspicious of me every game. Mage and Aonar have said the same thing. If HH does turn out village, you would have every reason to suspect me. I would have tunneled on Bart, helped lynch Sart, and started a bandwagon on HH. For that reason, I really hope HH turns out elim. Lopen is being quite the enigma right now. Half of me wants to trust him because he called HH out D1, but the other half of me wants to distrust him because he's kept his vote on me despite my points about HH, which Lopen concedes are good.
  8. Can't recover password via hotmail

    Did you try resending the recovery email? Sometimes the Web is finnicky like that. Whatever the case, it might just be easier to use your new account and have the mods delete your old one. Would you rather get your old account recovered, so you can stop using the new one, or just deleted?
  9. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    Okay, here's what happened with that whole mess: @TheMightyLopen 1. My partner PMs Aman, asking for his reads on various things. Standard procedure. 2. Aman and my partner talk a bit. Aman expresses an evil read on Sart/El in PM to my partner. 3. My partner PMs me with Aman's suspicion, plus a couple gut reads of their own. 4. Earlier I made a comment that a bus would be highly unlikely in this game, and so my partner and I come to the conclusion that if Sart ends up guilty, Aman and Bart are innocent. 5. Because nobody wants to lynch Bart with me (and now we know that was a good thing), I agree that if the lynch tips toward Sart I would change my vote to solidify it, but until then I would keep my vote on Bart. 6. The votes start piling on Sart. My read on Bart gets no more support. I shift my vote, in order to see if we can clear Aman. 7. Sart was village. No information about Aman's alignment gained. 8. Aman gets killed and there goes the plan anyway.
  10. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    I've explained myself a myriad of times already. Bart voted on me with some very sketchy logic, so I voted back. No lynch, so no new information. D2 comes around, votes aren't hitting the table, and so I vote Bart again because of the old suspicion. Votes start going to Sart, my alter ego gets an idea, and so I join the Sart lynch. Sart is killed and village. While scanning the previous days for suspicious stuff, I think I hit something: Back on C1, HH said... Lopen called him on it a few posts down: HH says that neither me nor Bart is likely an elim, but then throws suspicion on Bart. Now we know that Bart was village, and I know that I'm village, so this post is suddenly ringing very elim to me. Why? Because if HH was an elim, he would have access to the alignments of Bart and I. He sees the conflict between us, and calls our alignments to try to establish credibility. However, he sees the perks of using the lynch to get village!Aman out of the way, and so he throws suspicion on Bart to try to tip the lynch toward him without actually committing his vote. HH If HH turns out evil I think Lopen is soft-cleared, because without Lopen commenting on it I wouldn't have caught that post.
  11. Reputation

    That doesn't sound like the upvote limit message; it sounds more like the message I got when I tried to upvote someone on Chaos' Members2 list, which apparently is the rep restriction list.
  12. Cosmere University

    Students looking for extra credit in their Criminal Justice courses may sign up for Professor Nale's Skybreaking club. Weekend activities include breaking up frat parties, keeping a close eye on Professor Wayne, and ensuring the safety of the dining room pancakes. Debate and Politics Club is looking for a new professor due to the prolonged absence of Professor Sadeas. Professor Dalinar was offered the position, but he wasn't Thrilled with the offer. Rumor has it that he responded with, "That office still reeks of chull."
  13. Long Game (3)2: Pulling on Strings

    Since Cassius the Casanova has been killed, buried, exhumed, and grave-robbed, I think I'll let him rest in peace for a few more games before I use him again. Ising the signing up as Roger Elariel. Hasing the studying of many languages. Ising the speaking of High Imperial and the believing of socialism.
  14. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    Conquestor in MR15 as well, although he was on the non-primary elim team. So, who exactly is for claiming roles and who is opposed? I'm for it. Jon was indecisive. Lopen and Stick are against it. @Hemalurgic_Headshot @Magestar @DroughtBringer @Sart @Bartimaeus @Arinian what are your thoughts on whether or not everyone role-claiming is a good idea?