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  1. @Drake Marshall I haven't put the order in yet, because my proposal took so much flak. I only want to have to draft up one massive rule proposition. Edit: I've sent in my rule, and I think I've closed all the loopholes. Voting is public, one vote per player, voting cannot be affected by DMs, Elementalists, or any other manipulation. Actions are suspended before voting, and after voting only the actions that remained in the game resolve their effects. Players already dead can still vote.
  2. Were they open WiFis so that anyone could connect to them?
  3. It really depends on your definition of "best", because Sebarial's would be more than a little bit edgy. Who would be the best Rosharan safehand glove model, Siri or Vin?
  4. No, because Reckoners is on an alternate Earth, and there are no alternate Earths in the Cosmere. It's the same reason why Rithmatist is out.
  5. So it seems like we're all in agreement about a few things: -The game needs a fix but not a total wipe -Bunny rule definitely needs to be changed or removed -96 votes is just a wee bit much for a single player to command But now we're at another conundrum: the Brotherhood and the WorldSmiths now know the exact size and member list of the other faction. Ideas on how to fix that?
  6. @Arinian I will confess to attempting to attack you last night, but it wasn't my idea. One of the factions suspected you of being the Gunsmith (not related to Road's PM to you, funny enough, although I can only assume he thought you were Gunsmith as well because of the items comment), and because Drake and I were the only active WorldSmiths at the time and turnover was approaching I put in the kill. I didn't have personal suspicions of you. As for Arin vs SteelDancer, I think Arin is in the right. He's not mad that somebody put bunnies in the game, but that the bunnies that were put in the game broke the game, and the simplest way to unbreak them would be to remove them. @Aonar Faileas I'm disheartened to think that you would legitimately suspect me of putting in a broken rule on purpose. When I wrote those rules my intent was that each ability could only be used once, so the player could only get 2 votes. I was just as surprised as you are when Drake told me that Sheep had ruled that that ability could be used in the way Drake just described. To further prove that I didn't break the rule on purpose, ask Drake: he realized the votes were broken without a bit of help from me.
  7. After reading Arin's proposed hotfixes, I think they'll fix the game pretty well. Drake's and my motivation in proposing our silver bullet idea was to fix the game, not take it over, so we're for any reasonable hotfix plan that will solve the game's problems. One thing I'd like to add that was part of our silver bullet plan and HH brings it up again just now is that we should limit or completely block new rules after we restructure the game. Also, Drake and I don't want to just take over the lynch, but if you insist on attempting to lynch us for outing ourselves to make the game balanced then we will preserve ourselves. We weren't forced to claim; we did so to show exactly what was wrong with the game.
  8. The goal of any eliminator is to kill all of the village, that's how the game goes. Since I'm playing on what's widely considered the elim team, and what Wilson has already painted at the elim team, I have no qualms about saying that I want to either kill (or better, convert) the vanillas. That's SE. I'm going to go to bed and sleep this off. @little wilson I know you're off, but I'm interested in carrying on our discussion about whether voting on another player counts as targeting them.
  9. (no quotes in edits per the glitch) Of course it would be stupid and illogical. I never said we were packing 4 lives each, I said that between the 2 of us we had 4 lives, which is true. At least to me, this crosses the boundary between pointed debate and outright incivility.
  10. To quote from the SE lexicon: In SE, a vote does not "target" another player. Boring players are only immune to targeting, not to votes.
  11. As I said before, Boring occurs originally when "a player receives no votes". Now at minimum, by this sentence alone, Drake's votes will prevent any players that were Interesting last cycle from being boring for this cycle. Boring players are untargetable, can make no actions, and can't vote except on themselves. If you remove the appositive phrase from the last sentence, you get "no one plays attention to their votes... unless they vote on themselves, which makes them interesting". This phrase describes how a Boring player can have their vote count if they vote on themself. It says nothing about a player voting on another to make the second player interesting, which is covered in the first sentence. @little wilson To address your second point.
  12. From the rules: Drake has enough votes to affect all of these players per Sheep's clarification. Since each of these players has no longer received no votes, therefore they are not boring. Please read the rules a little closer yourself before you accuse me of being not actually able to do this "dumb thing". We have a plan for a dual victory, and it involves reducing the game to only WorldSmiths and Brotherhood (a non-aggression pact, if you will), and then passing a rule that ends the game with a cooperative win. Possible, plausible, and no backstabbing of any of our factionmates. Again, no backstabbing would be necessary per our plan. I would not stoop to that just for a small game of SE. Wrong. Per Sheep's clarifications we can field 51 this cycle, and 96 the next. Incorrect and addressed above. No. Per the rules: We are two players with 2 lives each, therefore 4 lives. You are likely interpreting the phrase in the rules that says: However, I believe this only applies to the previous sentence, or at least that's how it sounds when I read it. @AliasSheep clarification please. No comment here. I addressed this above: we can pass a rule to modify the win cons once there are only Brotherhood and WorldSmiths left.
  13. Wilson, we weren't trying to put rules into play that would break the game. For one, I haven't voted for a single rule all game since I put my starting rule in. I can't explain what rules are interacting because of roleclaim restrictions, but the majority of them aren't ours or even our allies'. They just apply to us, and we're trying to fix that.
  14. @little wilson Please don't be so condescending with us. Drake and I between us are completely overpowered. Based on role and rule interactions never meant to happen, we're on both warring teams, have a private communication, 4 lives, basically infinite votes, and a win con to ensure that the Brotherhood and WorldSmiths both win. If one of us is killed the other can remarry, gain another role, and the next duo would be even stronger. This won't be a fun game for the non-EDrakeion players if we don't rebalance the game, so we're trying to show everyone that a rebalance needs to happen.