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  1. Well he could be faking it to gain trust but Lopen Ajfksgsosnqoamfldyabqockvs
  2. Maybe. Wilson was the scapegoat during cycle one, right? And she was elim killed at the end of the first cycle. If we're assuming that the elims want the scapegoat to have the doll, this could perhaps mean that the elim(s) had attempted to pass the doll thing to her but killed her instead by accident? Lopen was the only one who knew of her role then, as far as we know. This theory doesn't hold a lot of water but yeah. I can barely come to agree with it myself, as most of this is based off assumptions, but I sadly don't have a lot of time to go through the thread an analyse so this is all I've got.
  3. Okay, I take that part back about using it wisely. Can we just have a lynch? XD or at least discuss if we want a lynch?
  4. The kills are obviously happening, and I somewhat doubt an inactive is behind it. I will admit that I am slightly suspicious of Lopen. Which is in no way related to Lopen's suspicions towards myself. Also, how much time do we have? Is the goal of the elim(s?) outnumbering the rest of us like it is usually? Could it be something different? Maybe something like getting the doll passed around to a specific number of people? Anywho, let's use our lynch wisely this cycle heh
  5. Fair You have(had?) the Teacher role, right? Could someone explain that role to me? Is it passing among players or staying with one? Something about not being able to vote?
  6. Were you like waiting for me to start posting again just so you could say that? XD @Amanuensis do you have any clue why you're still alive? Do you know if you were protected last turn?
  7. Well. That was uneventful. Nothing
  8. Oops, sorry. I just skimmed the thread and saw alvs name on red and assumed you were going to for tie as well. My bad. I've already said that I don't think lynching you will solve the game so i am not voting for you.
  9. Thank you. I still think there's one specific owner of the doll that we need to lynch. By 'owner' i don't mean the players 'holding' the doll -lynching seonid didnt do anything. What I mean by that is someone who's controlling it, or 'triggering' it, I suppose. By the looks of how getting a tied lynch went, I'm a little suspicious of Hero. Alv died by accident. Or did he? Unless the requirement for a lynch is more than one vote or something, this is suspicious. Now we have hael dead but his apparent lover still lives which is odd. This makes people suspicious of hero. Buuttt he probably isnt the doll owner, assuming there is one, because I dont see why he'd make the doll kill hael and make players suspicious of him. It's probably the doll owner trying to frame him? Or maybe I'm reading too much into it and hero really is evil. As for why Aman isn't dead, i dunno...Maybe there's a protect role or something that we arent aware of? Cant think of any other explanations at the moment.
  10. I apologise for not being active this game ;_; School and stuff started and I barely get time to sleep nowadays. I'm going to try and read through the cycles I haven't read properly as soon as I can. Though I would appreciate it if someone could give me a short summary of everything that's happened in the past ~5 cycles. I'll try to be active now :]
  11. Ohhh hi I've actually gone to Saudi Arabia by road, once heh. But I doubt that's going to happen again since apparently going into the country by road isn't an option anymore? At least that a how I think it is. Anyway, I haven't read all the Alcatraz Books but I've read The Rithmatist and it's really good. So you should read that asap:P And yeah, you'll probably stumble into SE while exploring the forum so please do check it out it's fun XD
  12. I don't know anything that everyone else here doesn't
  13. This turn is over!
  14. Daniyah and Flash as well, iirc. Though Flash appears to have died. Speaking of which, has anyone claimed dead-players scanner in-thread or in PMs to anyone? I don't think anyone has claimed so in-thread but I haven't been giving this game as much attention as I'd like :[ And yeah, something about how my Role PM is phrased did make me think that there'd be a way to gain roles this way. Our scanner probably hasnt had their 'Moment of Clarity' yet.