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  1. Looks like I'm getting lynched. I'll be saying "I told you so" from the dead doc in three hours
  2. I wake up and find like five votes on myself. Can't say it wasn't expected >> PK: because Lopen defended me Orinstein: agreed with PK Frozen Mint: *summarises my posts and says they're suspicion worthy Joe: because lynching me would give helpful info Len: because I shouldn't have escaped the lynch last cycle like I did. Also, bandwagon. Bleh. @Amanuensis AG3, I think The way I see it, last cycle was the perfect scenario for the elims to insure that the lynch only targets villagers for C1 and 2. As I had only one or two more votes than Straw did, it couldn't have been hard to them to just swing the lynch on Straw, painting a picture that suggested that 'my elim teammates' did that to save me. Only, it was pretty obvious that if Straw turned out to be a villager (which the elims knew he would), I'd be targeted next. If I were really an elim, the straw lynch would be nothing more than delaying my own death from C1 to C2. Not to mention the person (i.e Joe) who voted on Straw and broke the tie in my favour would be kept an eye on if that were the case. The elims wouldn't risk all that only to have their teammate get lynched the next cycle. That being said, HH(this new colour thing is annoying. Took me three tries to get they right). You were the one who tied the votes in the first place, allowing this to fall into motion. The elims knew the village wasn't likely to let C1 pass with a no-lynch, so whoever broke the tie would earn suspicion from the village. So now they have three possible cycles of village-only lynches(including C1)! Yay. Also, to the people who said they'd get helpful info from the Straw lynch, what helpful info did you get?
  3. @Amanuensis sorry, I have a habit of speaking like that...In an earlier game, I did something similar, assuming that the elims certainly didn't have a scanner on their team and it almost got me lynched >> That would mean all the Forgotten used Rithmatics instead of a kill. I don't think that's likely
  4. <-- random ninja emoji that won't go away Clearly, the elims were aware of DA's role. They couldn't have been that lucky, getting a Non-Rithmatist on the first hit. If they had the ability to choose who to convert, they'd obviously target a Non-Rithmatist. But since they don't, the only other option was to kill the non rithmatist, so that the villagers dont benefit from them. To anybody else who contacted DA: if DA mentioned his other contacts, please share. We'll lynch them :]
  5. The bolded section is is a subtle defense of the players who posted before this. If Stick was an elim, it might be her trying to give credibility to an elim teammate who posted before her, and at the same time start a line of suspicion that would result in the lynch of the first villager who proposed a substandard plan. While it's not a whole lot, it's the biggest gut read I've got so far. Stick That's (bolded for reference) just me failing to see futile/evil motives in the suggested plans. Can't really say anything in defence to a gut read. [email protected] King I understand that there's never much reasoning to give on C1, but I'd rather you give a better one than me being moderately active. Also, no one has refuted my claim that this has always been my normal activity level. So why does your vote remain on me? Oh, and if I were an elim, I'd come at the last minute and change my vote from PK to Straw to prevent myself from getting lynched. So I recommend y'all people who're still thinking to settle on a lynch target and not leave the margins too close for the eliminators to control the lynch. That is, of course, only of concern if you happen to settle on a lynch target that's an elim. Unlikely, but still.
  6. Oh jeez, a bandwagon on me. I can't reply to the votes on me and stuff as I'm in school, but I'll say that I'm fine with getting lynched if it gives helpful information (I don't think it will). If not me, it's likely to be another villager so... I won't post in the next eight hours or so because school. oh and can someone post a countdown?
  7. This is how my activity level goes, eliminator or not. :-P oh and you've accidentally typed my name in green I should clarify what I meant, I'm not saying that all plans aren't as beneficial as they seem, what I meant was that players that seem generally helpful are the ones I tend to keep my eye on the most. So if someone comes up with a good plan, I can't help but feel a speck of suspicion. Also, you in MR18 (was it MR18? I forget). You were the most trusted player yet you turned out to be an elim. Makes me paranoid.
  8. Yeah, from what I've noticed, elims try to suggest (or sometimes just strongly support) ideas that may seem helpful to the village but actually aren't. Of the ideas proposed in the game uptil now, I don't see it yet, but I think that we should keep out eyes open for them is all.
  9. A Kingkiller game! :-D I'm not signing up yet, I'll see if I have time for this
  10. I'm cool with the coin flip suggestion (unless something better comes up) if everyone else is up for it. We also have a Sentry to rely on Also, regarding the Special Roles (i.e. Non-Rithmatist and Acid-Specialist), is there only one of each? Judging by this bit from the rules: Emphasis mine ^ seems to suggest there's only one non-rithmatist and, presumably, one acid specialist. Would be a shame to lose one of these peeps to the wild chalkings. Oh, and out of all the people making helpful improvements to/coming up with plans, I expect at least one of them to be a Forgotten. Just sayin
  11. Yup, whoever feels like they could manage their time and are up for it.
  12. Ooh, a Rithmatist game! :-D (I've been meaning to sign up for this game, but completely forgot about it until it was brought up on discord.) Stick got discharged after that one night when she was boasting to some non-rithmatists about the time she heroically spends fighting at Nebrask when her tongue slipped and let out quite a few important details about the events taking place in Nebrask, which were to be kept confidential. Oops. The word quickly got around, and she was soon discharged. But now that these people where letting her in on the front lines again, to defend the Circle, she was determined not to mess up this time.
  13. @Amanuensis I was viewing the spec doc PM XD
  14. In my first game, I died and lost and my body was set on fire.