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  1. @Seonid could Preservation have picked Survival's Vessel?:P
  2. Oohh about that Bard write up, I almost asked if the Stick shirt meant anything in-thread but then shrugged it off as nothing more than a cosmere reference and decided against asking about it. I wouldn't have gotten a straight answer to that anyway but still As for Auto's win con, I was pretty sure he had been corrupted but for some reason I didn't think it would be a game ending win con... I kind of just assumed lynching them was an option because an Elim!Auto could've had a lot of control over the lynch with their aspects and not being able to somehow take aspects out would be OP for Auto. And because I was certain that HH wasn't on team Hoid/Khriss, lynching the aspects just wasnt high on my priority list
  3. Congratulations to Pyro and HH for being the only winners Ha, reading that player list at the end of the SoH doc made me laugh. XD Props to Joe and Arinian for trying. Also to Drake and Devotary and the converts. Though if one of you (Hoid/Khriss) had died in like any way, the village would have certainly noticed how similar the roles were shaping out to be to the former role distribution, and would have killed the other one of you via lynch just to see if the roles changed:P, but you did a good job anyway. @Devotary of Spontaneity I had a feeling you were lying about not having a Shard, so I was going to 'scan' you tonight to see whether you had a Shard. Too bad it couldn't happen.
  4. This list is right hey @A Joe in the Bush do you still have that Odium I gave to you at the end of LG29?
  5. Came to vote on what would've been a night turn?:P
  6. Everything and nothing
  7. Given that Bard had Devotion, we know that he was already converted during D3 since the shard was released the night before. So I'm only analysing his posts from D3 onwards, in order to keep the reliability of these to a maximum. He talks about his suspicions in his first post, which can be very useful in figuring out who his teammate(s) could be. Below are his reads. Elims reads on: Arinian, Devotary, LL, HH, Straw (he said he's 'mildly suspicious' of Straw but also said that believes his Preseration claim) Neutral reads on: rand, Orlok/Joe, Pyro, Drake Village reads on: Mage, El No reads on: Eternum, Fifth, Jondesu, Drought, Monster/Ripple, Megasif, Sart, Stick, shane Here's the post. Ok so turns out these reads of his are actually quite useless judging by the amount of people he gave no real reads on and basically said nothing about while somehow using many words. He has categorised two players as villagers, and I think both of them might actually be villagers instead of Adonalsium'sChosen that Bard was trying to somehow defend. His neutral reads are basically people that he said were hard to read. Apart from Pyro, whose claim he seemed to believe. At the end of his post here's the list of people he said he wanted to 'examine in more detail': Fifth ScholarDevotary of SpontanaeityLivingLegendMonsterMetroid I reckon that list is fairly likely contain at least one player from his own faction. Because distancing. He voted for LL in his next post, and then for Monster later in his next post. Of course, he later removed his vote from Monster as well and switched to Straw. So I don't know. I could see vote on LL as distancing, considering nobody else had a vote on LL and he wasn't really in danger of getting lynched, whereas Monster had at least one other vote on them at the time Bard voted for him. He also blatantly suspected Fifth of being Ruin in his next post, so I doubt Fifth is part of Hoid's faction. Though that doesn't clear Fifth of being Ruin or part of the other elim faction. In his next post, he voted for Eternum for being the 'most likely candidate for Ruin'. (Based on this being Bard hopping on the Eternum bandwagon and attempting to break a tie, I doubt Eternum is part of Hoid's team.) Bard seems to have entirely forgotten about his Fifth suspicion in this post. Interestingly enough, he next talks about how he thinks that Ruin being on Hoid's team is not plausible, because Ruin decided to blow Barize up. I think I probably believe him on this though. So FOR NOW I'm going to throw my vote on LL
  8. @Arinian Joe said that Orlok went for Ruin's investiture on N0 in the Taldain doc last cycle.
  9. Ahem. Okay. I forgot to talk about this stuff I said I was supposed to talk about last turn. So here's the stuff. Orlok's posts (my comments are in italics): spoilered for length Joe's posts (till last cycle): N2: 1. Got a new PM with El, so no records of whatever Orlok and El spoke of. Agrees that Straw is Ruin, and Pyro Survival. Would support a Pyro lynch because he hasn't offered to help the village. This one makes me wonder whether Joe is Ruin and wanted to throw shade on Straw. 2. Admits that if he were Survival, he'd keep Ruin and Odium to himself instead of passing them if he got them, as that would make him virtually unkillable. Questions Pyro's offer's authenticity, but says that he's less suspicious of him now that he knows that Pyro offered to help the village, and adds that he would like to leave Straw alive as well. This one gives me a village read. D3: 3. Says that Honour hasn't been released as there aren't many kills going around that would require protection from. Asks Straw why he invested in Mage. Says that they would have a strong village read on Fifth because of this post, but there are two elim teams so not sure how reliable the reads are. 4. Votes for HH because Straw used his Shardic ability on Joe and he doesn't think Straw is evil. N3: 5. Says he's going to go for Honour's investiture, and that he is disappointed in the Straw lynch but doesn't think the HH lynch would've been much different. A public announcement that he's going for Honour and explanation for why he's on Silverlight again makes me wonder if he really was Ruin just saying this so that people don't suspect him of blowing up the planet later on. D4: 6. Asks about Honour, votes Ripple, will vote for Eternum if Ripple defends themself. Says that he's not Ruin. Overall, while these posts are a bit hard to read into (particularly Orlok's), I think they might be Ruin. Though I'm going to refrain from casting a vote on them, as I don't want to go after Ruin unless they decide to blow another Shardworld up. And if they do, we can hopefully narrow down our list of suspects even more, depending on what world they blow up and which players are on it. I would instead like to use today's lynch by using it to kill an elim. Which i shall think on ...tomorrow. It's 1 AM and I'm sleepy. (In other news, I just finished reading Oathbringer! For the first time, that is. It's awesome.) I believe the counter is missing 24 hours, so we still have plenty of time. Hopefully we can come up with a solid lynch target till then.
  10. It goes to a random non-vessel player regardless of which world they're on, right? I don't think the rules specify this. I think Seonid did clarify this at one point but I don't remember. Also, I'm assuming Drought lost his Dakhor Monk role when he gained Honour?
  11. Why, thank you, Odium.
  12. There's...nowhere else they can be, assuming the player lists provided by Ripple and Joe are correct.
  13. I was wondering if we necessarily need a Ruin lynch right now? Can't we monitor everybody's locations like we have done this cycle till Ruin decides to blow up another planet? That would narrow down our list of suspects. Though I guess it's too late to change votes now, but I just wanted to throw it out there. We could've used this lynch on our elim suspects...
  14. It's okay.:P I agree that we should focus on Ruin, but could you tell us all why you think it is Fifth; it could go a long way to helping us. Was mostly just going off Bard's post TBH XD Analysis of Eternum's posts: 1. Starts by asking question about whether the elims start with teams. Seems pretty village to me. I could see an elim asking this too, but something about it makes me lean village. 2. Says that it's good that they don't bc we'll have more time to catch them. Disagree slightly with this - conversions make everything harder and mess your reads up. But I don't think this post is alignment indicative. 3. Promises analysis and to catch up on the thread. NAI. 4. Promises analysis again, and says that it may be outdated since conversions may have already happened. NAI 5. Votes on Sandlord as they're unsure of what else to do. NAI 6. Questions Straw's vote on Sandlord and its intentions. Weird, considering they had voted on the Aspect themselves as well. 7. Changes vote to Straw and says that keeping Auto's aspects alive will help keep Ruin at bay. Valid point, but I don't know if it warranted a vote against Straw. There were already two votes on Straw. Slight elim read for advocating the Straw lynch. 8. Thinks that both Straw and Pyro are elims (different factions) and says that Sart is possibly elims with Pyro (because he voted for Straw). Votes for Pyro because they'd 'rather have a successful lynch'. Thought process seems village. And the fact that he removed his vote from Straw and solidified the Pyro lynch seems kinda village, seeing as Straw flipped village. Though with two elim teams I don't know how much water that holds. 9. Face. 10. Realises they didn't remove vote from Straw, but doesn't seem to be bothered about it as it doesn't change the lynch. NAI 11. Says that the only way Pyro could've survived the lynch was by Preservation's investiture, which Pyro claimed not to take, making it clear that Pyro is Hoid. A misunderstanding regarding the rules. NAI. 12. Clarifies said rule with Seonid. NAI. 13 & 14. Says that they think Ambition is with an elim, as they had voted for Straw. This matches with what they said in post 8. Seems village. 15. Notes that this is just a possibility and they need to be prepared in case Ambition really is an elim. NAI. 16. Votes on HH. Nothing else to say. Too blatant for an elim, I'd say. HH already had 6 votes on them so Eternum had just joined the bandwagon. Village lean. 17. Votes Straw, still adhering to their theory in post 8. He didn't retract his vote from HH but whatevs. But it indicates inconsistency, which makes me believe that they haven't really been following the game all that much like they've admitted due to RL reasons. NAI. That's all their posts, excluding the ones from this turn. Overall, I'm pretty certain that they're village and that what they're saying here is true. And while it wouldn't take much time or thought to put in an order and get Ruin, I'm inclined to believe that they're not Ruin based on how much invested they've been in the game. By this, do you mean a successful action, or are you implying that you haven't put in an action order in your GM PM at all? Because I kind of find the latter hard to believe. I've done the same kinda post-by-post analysis for Orlok/Joe (It. Is. Very. Long. Basically took forever. Orlok has 35+ posts and Joe has about 6) but I've yet to draw and draft a proper conclusion and all from it so it'll come tomorrow morning, after rollover. About Fifth, after thinking on it, I don't think they are likely to hold Ruin. They were perfectly fine with getting lynched on D1 and I imagine that a player holding Ruin would be more reluctant to getting lynched one turn after they got it. I do not know who to vote for. >>