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  1. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    Hm. Len votes on HH and says Lopen would be soft cleared if HH turns out to be evil. Then, Jondesu also votes on HH and says that he'd go after Len if HH turns out to be innocent. So I have simple logic- HH's C1 posts that Len came across do seem odd and suspicious. If he gets lynched now, the lynch results would tell us a lot: if he's an elim (an elim caught! Yay) Len would pretty much be cleared, though it could be a bus. And if he's a villager, my C4 vote would go on either Len or Jon. Since I really don't know who to be more suspicious of out of y'all, I suppose the HH lynch is my best option right now.
  2. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    The bandwagon has suddenly made the stick suspicious. I know the lynch can't be steered away from Sart now, but @Magestar you sound suspiciously neutral in all your posts. Guess I don't have a better reason. Not like this vote's gonna effect the lynch anyway Mage ooo ninjad by Sart. Those are quite the few words, El :-P In my defence, Dalinar took an annoyingly long time to die, so I forgot. And the rest of those games I wasn't there for, except for LG26. :-P @Elenion Mage said he'd consider it in his post earlier
  3. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    white text! Can't remember the last time I use white text in my posts sorry, yesterday was a busy day and I didn't get time to read the thread I was about to counter that with the fact that Drake hasn't posted yet too >> Speaking of which, was last night's kill random? I don't think they'd have known who her partner was, so let's just take a look at all of Rae's posts: Post1: Nothing to say about this, I guess Post2: She PM'ed Aman. Don't see a threat to the elims in that. Unless Aman's evil and she revealed something important, but I don't think that's likely. Post3: Lightly defended Bart, and talked about RP. Post4: Um..maybe the elims really liked the idea of partnerclaiming? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I mean, it would be easier for them to target day players that way, as many have already pointed out. Then again, they might want us to think that partnerclaiming isn't a good idea when it actually is, because lots of people think confirmed good=confirmed right. Though the former logic obviously makes more sense. Also from last night: Orlok: I don't recall, from any of the games I've played, a C1 lynch target being anything other than a villager :-P Straw: This makes me suspicious ^ Assuming we all reveal our roles, and keeping in mind that all of us share our roles with our partners, I think it'd be pretty easy for a night player to stalk another night player, get their partner's identity and check their role from the day thread. And if that stalker is an elim, revealing our roles simply isn't wise. And I don't believe that everyone would be honest with their roles were we to role-claim anyway :-P I'll vote before the day turn ends. I haven't thought on who to vote on yet
  4. LG31: Day Three - Aftermath

    Huh. I knew Joe was evil... Well, this was fun. Even if I didn't get to use my tin. Thank you, GMs, for running it. I really liked all the different write-ups :-D
  5. Long Game 31: A World Without Vin

    I is not Ruin! Just another faithful Kandra to the Nobles Edit: not that ruin isn't faithful. No offense, ruin
  6. Long Game 31: A World Without Vin

    Can confirm that ^ Rand did not tell me Mage's role Well, I know for a fact that there are other Kandra who haven't revealed themselves to the thread yet. Jondesu revealing his role doesn't seem like anything suspicion-worthy to me. And yes, I do think that the Skaa began the game with a Kandra. The living Kandra: Me, Joe, Jondesu & [Redacted] --> they can reveal themselves if they want to. I'm not really suspicious enough of any of them, though I'm almost certain that the skaa have a Kandra among them - it makes sense. Why wouldn't they? *ninja'd by arinian *starts typing response *ninja'd by Aman *stops typing response I'm not a GM, but I'm pretty sure the title doesn't prove anything. I don't see why I'd not put Kandra in the title and pretend to be Ruin. That'd just make te real Ruin super suspicious of me if we were to meet in a PM
  7. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    Well, I don't really have an elim read on Bart. I mean, if he were an elim, wouldn't everyone be getting in the way of his and his partner's business? Why Len specifically? Though that part about letting Aman explain the vote is odd. @Bartimaeus you'd probably have lesser votes on you if explain it yourself :-P Tied means no lynch, right? I'm not voting now, but if, by the end of the day, someone's up for the lynch, I'll tie the votes. I agree with not lynching anyone this cycle because 1)the elim kill will kill two villagers anyway, and even if we lynch someone to get a lead for the next lynch, I don't think it's worth it because 2)the lynch target's partner needs a chance to post, like Arinian said. Yes. Yes, we are.
  8. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    Why, thank you. I really do try :]
  9. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    Whoop! Im a day player! :-D Fair, and I doubt that both players in a pair would go inactive I don't really have anything to say :/
  10. Long Game 31: A World Without Vin

    What Orlok said here is true but missing out stuff. Post1, where Joe said he was suspicious of me and Phatt being elims together, was in D1. Post2, the one in which he said he's not all that suspicious of me anymore, took place in N1, after the lynch proved Phatt to be a villager. So my response to Post1 isn't relevant to Post2 at all. In Post2, Joe asked me if I were Ruin, true. He also asked me if he could reveal my role to the thread, since he'd already mentioned how he was in contact with a Kandra. Orlok left that part out, I think. Can't begin to guess why. I told Joe to keep it hidden for now, to which he replied with don't worry, I won't tell.
  11. Long Game 31: A World Without Vin

    It's a pity that Ecth made a grand total of three posts...I suppose there isn't much to decipher in those :[ *goes back to rereading C1
  12. Long Game 31: A World Without Vin

    (Quotes aren't working for me) Now, if do participate in the main lynches, does that mean I admit to being evil and am trying to avoid your suspicion? If I don't, your suspicions regarding me will increase. Trapped in a paradox, aren't I? :-P
  13. Long Game 31: A World Without Vin

    All the elimy stuff right there^ Though I'm also suspicious of everyone who participated in the Phatt lynch. More so of the ones who voted on him and then retracted their votes afterwards