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  1. Haha what Cloud I've been voting on cloud since like the last three cycles Can he die already
  2. Yes, that's agreement. :-P
  3. Cloudbringer heh Well I'm voting Cloud for the same reasons given last cycle.
  4. Sorry for your unfair death
  5. Here's the elim doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xkep95yTrFFtX7XamrM_2ZBXBMaYMvYFh1izaUV-CTw/edit?usp=drivesdk
  6. That's right
  7. Yay we won! Good job @Araris Valerian @Paranoid King @Arinian @Yitzi2 hah I'm honoured but can't really say I fooled everyone Lopen was kinda suspicious of me before we killed him [yeah, we convinced ourselves that he was the ringleader :P] and Drake heavily suspected me near the end, oh, and Len as well, and many others that i cant recall XD I was hoping to be village this game but yeah, I really enjoyed. Kudos to hael for running it Oh, and thanks @A Joe in the Bush for unexpectedly saving yitzi from possibly getting lynched D1 XD I'm pretty sure I wouldve voted on Rand if the CFD hadnt happened because losing a teammate on D1 sucks and that probably wouldve gotten me lynched the next cycle or the one after XD And yay for the neutrals! Congrats on winning and thanks for helping! Your trolling last turn was fun :-P
  9. Like why would you want to do that tho
  10. (Crimsn is neutral :P) I agree with your reasoning and vote on dalinar, but I'd sooner get rid of the more active elims, if they are any, and flash is my best bet right now.
  11. . . . I'm going to bed.
  12. um. ? i am conf00z