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  1. Haha, Yes. For some reason, people were assuming it meant involving. Dirty misleading elims.
  2. Okay, notice how you won't technically get any solid piece of information from my death [because I'm a villager], when you would get solid leads from Steph's and BR's death, whether they're elims or not. Kill me if you want tho I have my protection and you have your kills.
  3. Suppose I'm dead, and I'm village. What's your next move?
  4. Look, I'd be cool with dying except I know it'll be fruitless. It won't even give the village useful info. Nope. I'm already expelled
  5. I'll be very amused if you turn out to be an elim, putting in your lodging orders every term, but making it look like you're on the streets #SinceWe'reThrowingSuspicionsAtEveryone
  6. It's okay, really. I analysed all my posts and found nothing suspicious, so its alright. But seriously, village, we're getting no where with this who-to-kill-first thing. At the end, I'm positive the ones with the kills will make their own choice anyway :-P
  7. Lo and behold
  8. I did Cluny's a master
  9. But I know that it's not a 50/50 chance bc I'm a townie D: I don't understand why you trust Steph so much lel. I mean, you didn't even include her in this thingy: This is how it should be:
  10. The problem is, if you do kill me, and I turn out to be a villager, it would still mean either you or BR is an elim. Here's how I see this: 1) You're lying about the Omen Recognition thing, in which case you're the evil one 2) You're not lying and BR is the evil one. (I'd guess the other elims are either Cluny or Burnt) It still comes down to either you or BR. If possibility 1 is correct, I'd say you're stalling the game with killing me first. If possibility 2 is correct, then we need to kill BR this turn. I don't see how killing me would prove more useful? ^ and I have protection. I don't want the village to waste a turn on trying to kill me.
  11. Dat be the problem. Right now, all we can do is kill BR. Unless the Namer decides to help. But killing BR would still give us some info. Though if BR turns out to be the elim, all the better. Even if Burnt is a skindancer, I'd still think one of Steph and BR is, too. But lol, if you think burnt is 'the namer' why are you suspicious of her?
  12. Right. But @The Flash don't get your hopes up Sometimes newbies die horrible deaths too. Welcome to SE.