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  1. I can't seem to access the rules doc at the moment, but I don't recall the generic protection being allowed to be used as a self-protect
  2. Woohoo village Nice play from the elims too. It was sorta surprising how little people were interested in making PMs this game. Speaking of actions it was very sad that only one of mine actually went through and turned out it was kinda useless because it did absolutely nothing. XD But I had loads of fun playing even though I couldn't devote nearly as much time to it as I would have liked. Nevertheless... Thanks to @Fifth Scholar and @Devotary of Spontaneity for making it happen! And not to mention the FANTASTIC write-ups. I may not be around for more SE games though I do plan to take revenge on the Synod for burning down the Tathingdwen Tautological Sciety of Tautology Ō_Ō However I will admit that your doc looks very pretty :>
  3. Bah truth is, I didn't really analyse any of Bort's posts so you might be right >> I got too lazy to analyse by the time I reached the last name on my player list ... I should probably read up now though
  4. I mean, if we're wrong about this, we can probably use the next cycle to lynch phattemer if everybody wants to
  5. Well it's certainly quiet today. Below are my thoughts regarding those of us that remain, in no particular order. Jondesu: He hasn't posted much, but Rand did try to start a lynch on him here. Plus, the fact that he supposedly chose to vote for Jond from either Kidpen or Jond speaks for itself. I don't think he'd list two of his teammates as his top suspects, especially when Jond didn't have any other votes on him already. CadCom: I was unsure about CadCom until like two minutes ago, but then I found this post. He pointed out something really useful here, something I'd never have brought up were I an elim. So I'm willing to put him under my village reads. Ark: I don't know why, but they're behaviour just doesn't seem elimy to me. Of course, they're new, so this might just be their general playstyle. Phatt: What he's been doing would be extremely bold play for an elim. Elim!Phatt would have absolutely no reason to reveal his place in the Synod doc, right? You could be going in the right direction with this, but from my experience, while it's not always good for elims to fly completely under the radar, they also try not to stand out too much. Straight up mayor-ing the Synod doc without staying anonymous doesn't sound like the best plan for an elim to me. /shrug Xino: The thing that stands out the most here is Xino's voting patterns. They always seem to cast their vote on bandwagons that have already formed. D1 Worldhopper from Yolen (0): Sart, Coop772Steeldancer (0): Araris ValerianKidpen (0): AlvronRathmaskal (0): Coop772Stick (0): Worldhopper from Yolenxineoph512 (0): ElanderaAraris Valerian (0): phattemerCoop772 (6): randuir, Snipexe, Worldhopper from Yolen, I think I am here, Kidpen, SteeldancerI think I am here (7): Sart, Araris Valerian, Elandera, Stick, xineoph512, Alvron, phattemer D2 Xineoph (1): Sart Worldhopper from Yolen (1): Ark1002 Kidpen (1): Stick Phattemer (2): Steeldancer, Alvron Snipexe (6): Araris, Rathmaskal, Worldhopper from Yolen, Xineoph, Kidpen, phattemer D3 Phattemer (1): SteeldancerRanduir (2): Cadmium Compounder, SartKidpen (6): Rathmaskal, Stick, Phattemer, Randuir, Xinoeph, BortCadmium Compounder (1): JondesuWorldhopper from Yolen (1): Ark/PrettySart (1): Kidpen D4 Jondesu(2): Sart, Steel Steel(4): Phattemer, Randuir, Bort, Xino He's kind of suspicious. He only seems to log in to come cast his vote, and it's always a vote for someone on whom Araris or Rand have cast their votes on. It's actually really suspicious now that I think about it. Bort: I think you're village. Xinoeph
  6. Wait really. I thought it was an every-night thing. My bad
  7. Fantastic. I knew the Araris/Rand interaction had to be important lol. Rand turns out to be a Full Feruchemist, so I highly doubt we have yet to kill two more elims. It seems that only one is left. Good job, whoever is was that killed Rand! It's a pity they killed Sart tho. He might've been the one that killed him. No Synod kill today, I see. Probably for the best, tho.
  8. Drat. This may sound stupid but I accidentally fell asleep before I could actually vote. ._.
  9. Sorry I'm late, but first things first. I was going through the thread, and I stumbled across this: Buttered seal. How did I not see this before. Anyway I'm not sure how I feel about this lynch going on here. Early in C2, the whole thing with Steel gut voting for Rand and Araris jokingly following him suddenly seems important now. I could see it being a sort of distancing technique between elim!Araris and elim!Rand (and I believe somebody has already brought this up in the past), but it's nothing more than a possibility bc I would rather believe Rand's village due to his posts and vote on Kidpen. Speaking of which I'd like to note that somewhere during C1 Rand said something about at least one of Kidpen and Steel being elims if Itiah flipped elim. Perhaps that should make me trust in Rand's villager-ness more bc of how he expressed suspicion of Kidpen, however it could also be seen as Rand subtly defending Kidpen in a way, knowing that itiah would flip village. Whatever though, I think I'm reading too much into it now that I type it out. Back to the three quick Rand votes on D2. Below is Steel's reaction to two other votes placed on Rand after his: Keeping Araris' alignment in mind, this specific post just doesn't seem like an elim's to me. Not superficially, at least. Though I will say that Steel declaring me as almost certainly village smells of pocketing to me. TLDR: I'm unsure about the Steel lynch Moving on to CadCom. Thing is, there was some clear suspicion on him from the thread. The elims shouldn't have felt the need to waste one of their actions sending a kill on him when there was already a chance he'd get lynched by us. So the Synod had one of its members roleblock Sart, and another to send a kill order on him? That's harsh.:P Anyhow, I find it very odd that you're just assuming (rather confidently) here that nobody from the village sent in the kill on CadCom. I know that nobody has claimed to have attacked him but this is quoted from your first post this turn. You couldn't have possibly known that it wasn't a villager that attacked him at this point in the turn. Don't take this the wrong way, I'm still reading you village. Just putting my thoughts out there. Yeah so I'm kinda puzzled rn cuz every lynch seems like a bad choice so I'm just gonna think for a little while longer
  10. Well, Kidpen's role explains his vote disappearing each lynch. First off Coop, and then off Snipexe on D2. I, like others, am willing to soft-clear every player that voted for Kidpen last cycle. That leaves Steel, CadCom, Jond, WfY, Ark, and Sart. My thoughts on these players mirror those of Sart's, however I'll give my own two cents on each regardless. As I said last cycle when I voted for Kidpen, his flip gave us a ton of info. Sart is now 90% village in my books, even though his behaviour the last couple of turns was very elimy. I may even say TWTBAW. I would like to lean village on Steel based on Kidpen's comments about him and his vote on Araris earlier in the game, but I'm somewhat sceptical still. Jond is a mystery - he hasn't posted much so I don't have a lot to go off of. He could honestly go either way. Ark has being going against WfY rather strongly, and that isn't something I'd expect an elim to normally do. So village lean here. I believe I've said it before, but I've been quite suspicious of WfY for some time and Kidpen's flip has only intensified that suspicion. Both Kidpen and WfY had been reading each other village... Lastly, CadCom. They've only voted once so far: for Rand, last cycle. Other than that, they expressed suspicion for Phatt and Rand in a previous post. And on Steel and Snip some time before that...for some reason I'm finding it difficult to come to a conclusion about CadCom. Though it's not a positive vibe that I'm getting, generally speaking. And now a couple of things from last turn: @randuir I agree that an ISO button would make all our lives a lot easier. XD @Rathmaskal Alv is dead.
  11. I'm sorry. Life's been getting in my way a bit more than I anticipated. I have been and will try to stop by and offer my views on things whenever I can though, so no worries, hopefully at some point here you'll catch hint of my alignment and won't be so unsure anymore Hm. Am I missing something? Why are they confirmed village? I think it's worth mentioning that we can't say for certain that Araris was lying about the number of elims in the Synod doc. It's entirely possible he was telling the truth just to throw us. I personally think it just might be one but Araris' comment has little to do with that. Well, anybody could come up and say they think you're village. After all, the elims *do* know everybody's alignments. They often village-read people in attempts of pocketing them. Kidpen, I apologise if it's starting to look like I'm tunnelling on you, but my last vote on you sort of carried no weight at all, being just a singular vote. Things do have the potential to go differently today though, I think. With your flip, we can get info regarding Sart's alignment among others like WfY.
  12. I think this is a good idea. We could use the protect on them during night turns so the elims won't target them.
  13. Sort of suspicious of WfY after reviewing all of her posts. A total of ten non-RP posts, and none of them offer any solid opinions. She's also been involved in both of the mislynch bandwagons.