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  1. @hoiditthroughthegrapevine Perhaps Esslemont just isn't for you or perhaps *puts on white coat and stethoscope* you are suffering acutely from Malazan burnout. I recommend taking a break from Malazan for awhile and read something different. Perhaps something lighter or from a completely different genre. Also sometimes I will revisit a book that wasn't working for me at first and after time has passed and a couple of tries I end up really liking it. Another route to go is completely scrapping his original six books and diving into his prequel books. Dancers Lament has the simple prose you are looking for and writes in a way that best fits the authors talents. I know people are probably sick of me saying it on this page, but Dancers Lament and its sequel feels like it was written by the "third" malazan author. The prose is completely different.
  2. The Poppy War by Kuang (although it takes a little while for her to become a anti-hero). Its set in a Chinese like atmosphere though and not the Middle ages. Also Best Served Cold and Red Country (both by Joe Abercrombie). The Darkwar trilogy by Glen Cook is great. The Daughter of the Empire trilogy by Feist and Wurts. None of the recommendations has your preference for a Middle Age like atmosphere, but meet your other requests.
  3. I felt the same way about it. I know the author wants to do some spinoffs and I gave the first of these a try. I feel like the series has kind of run its course and I'm not really interested in other books set in that world. The trilogy was fun but its time to move on. I would love for the author to try a new series in a completely different fantasy world though.
  4. I would love to go to Australia! Unfortunately I am not in a financial position to do so and I have seen a few nature shows about the various spiders that live there...frankly they terrify me. Some of them look as big as Shelob!
  5. Every time I want to reread a malazan book I think about it being over 800 pgs and the commitment that takes. I balance that with the list of books I have never read before, along with some awesome books I have read over five years ago and deserve another reread. Also there are continuing series that need to have the previous book reread in order to prepare for the new release. *Sigh* The trials of a Malazan fan...the third full reread will happen one of these days! At the very least I will reread Deadhouse Landing to prepare for Kellaved's reach in the early part of 2019.
  6. Finished the Otherland series by Williams. It takes him a while to get to his series endings, but I think he writes some of the best that the fantasy genre can offer. He strikes a really good much happiness and some sadness as well. Very bittersweet. But I think it gives meaning to the happy endings knowing the price that was payed to achieve it. I think Tad Williams writes in such a way that you will either love or hate and to be honest I don't think I would be able to appreciate his books ten years ago. I've now read his Shadowmarch and his original three Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn and have enjoyed all three series. I will probably read the new Osten Ard books in the early part of next year.
  7. I just hope The Lost Metal will not join the Rithmatist sequel (The Azlatian? I think) as a book that is consistently being put on the back burner for more "important" books and series. That he will not jump to era 2 (I guess its era 3 right now since people couldn't wrap their minds around era 1.5) and say I will get to Lost Metal someday. I keep telling myself at least Brandon isn't a Rothfuss (approaching a decade and still not even able to write one book) but I digress...
  8. There are some incredible aspects to this series and moments. This series really needs some serious editing though to eliminate the problems you mentioned and some plot lines. Really I think the entire series, if done how I envision it, could be six books. Never marry your editor! Or if you do find a new editor! It has always been denied, but I think that part of the problem with this series goes with his wife allowing a lot of the fluff in the series to remain. I also think Tor milking this series was also a factor. Still, I feel this time I will finally finish this series. Currently halfway through Crown of Swords.
  9. High Hopes by Panic at the Disco
  10. How can you not feel a little happier after hearing this song? I love it!
  11. I just finished reading all three and thought they were light, breezy, and fun. It was a really unique idea and glad I read it. I think I enjoyed Snapshot a little more though. On a side note (I assume it was the publisher that made this decision) but I thought it was a real slimeball move to have the original two books come out as ebooks and instead of having the third one come out release day in the same format, they then force people to pay for the previous two stories all over again by purchasing the omnibus if they want to read the new story right away. I just came to the series a few days ago so if I have any information wrong about that than please correct me. Also I'm surprised there isn't more discussion about these stories. I would of thought more people would be on this thread. I thought the first story was the best.
  12. Someone made a Malazan globe based on all the information we have. You have to click on the "there are pictures" comment a few down on the reddit page to see them all.
  13. I've been making my way through the Otherland series (currently on the last one). I've been taking some occasional breaks reading Port of Shadows (Glen Cook) and Bloody Rose (Eames); they were both good, but not as good as their predecessor(s). Currently reading the library book The Traitor God (Johnston) its ok; not the best, but not the worst book I've read. I also recently reread one of my favorite CAS short stories (The Colossus of Ylourgne) that anyone can read, legally, for free. I've been meaning to give the Stonewielder audiobook another listen, but am currently on a Wheel of Time audio read. This is seriously my third attempt and this time I started with the fourth book. I feel like Tad Williams has finally prepared me for Robert Jordan by focusing on Worldbuilding and characters rather than anything happening. There are still a ton of things that annoy me about WoT but I am listening at a blistering 1.8 speed so I can get through the annoying stuff rather quickly.
  14. Have you read everything by Daniel Abraham (one of the writers of that series)? I especially liked his Dagger and Coin five book series. If you like Science Fiction I recommend The Culture Series by Banks. I would recommend reading the second book in the series (The Player of Games) first. I should of included these in my original post, but they just occurred to me.