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  1. On a whim I decided to watch one of the big Starcraft tournament finals they have in Korea. The winner, this year, was a Terran player called "Maru". Back when I played starcraft I always found Terran to be kind of tricky and hard to maneuver with; but this guy was absolutely brilliant with them. Evidently he started out as a child protégé, but could never finish and always ended up going out on the semifinals or so. This year he evidently figured it out and destroyed all competition leaving behind a wake of broken (usually protoss) armies. Anyways it was kind of a fun way to spend a couple of hours...don't think I will do it again anytime soon.
  2. I say good riddance to downvotes. The 17th shard, while usually a friendly happy bunch, has enough drama, anger, and tears without adding that molotov cocktail to the mix. I think it became a happier place without that particular feature.
  3. I don't know, but one user awhile back wanted it to be his thing to give him downvotes instead of upvotes; I think his profile picture was of a downvote button. The administrators thought it was a big problem a shut it down before he got more than ten. Perhaps the person with over 100 downvotes got them at a time where they were more lenient about such hijinks? That would be my guess.
  4. I'll give a update when I am through with it (if anyone is interested), but City of the Golden Shadow feels like a malazan book in one respect; he keeps on introducing new plot line after new plotline (I think I am at five right now) and I have no idea how they are going to relate to one another! They are all more or less interesting. The opening section was a surprise for me it follows a WW1 soldier in the middle of a battle before things start getting really strange. It looks like a typical Tad Williams novel with a very, very slow plot advancement but nice prose, and solid world building. It's just interesting how the author explores the world he creates. Perhaps my random thoughts belong in the What You are Currently Reading section of the website so let me know if you want to keep it strictly malazan. Personally I think small tangents are ok within reason...
  5. If there are differences they would be small ones to make it more familiar to the region such as "trunk" vs "boot" and chips vs fries; just really small stuff. The odds are though, since almost all of the books take place in a fantasy world, the text remains unchanged.
  6. Ok thanks! I like fantasy books that are on the grim side so I will probably end up liking it more. Rothfuss might be going down the Virgil path in all seriousness. Virgil worked for years on the Aeneid constantly fine tuning it, changing it, and trying to make it meet it satisfaction. At his death he ordered the manuscript burned...of couse, luckily, his orders were not followed. It's a shame that such a promising author has so little clue of how to handle the situation. If he could give even two updates a year explaining the situation I feel he would be greeted with understanding and sympathy. Instead he gives no updates, except to brag about the hours he spends on videogames and other things and gets his feelings hurt when fans get upset. I feel that I am a average fan that is pretty understanding about the need for balance in a persons life, but I do not feel like he is handling the situation well.
  7. Did you ever get to this book? If you have what did you like and dislike about it?
  8. Its a tough choice for me Orbit has the most with a lot of 4 to 4.5 out of five star reads for me. Saga press though is currently publishing my top two ongoing fantasy series though: Liu's Dandelion Dynasy and Durfee's Five Warrior Angels. Since Sanderson is published by Tor it will probably be a landslide, but I feel Tor has been surpased as the Gold Standard; although they obviously still publish high quality books (Sanderson, Malazan, and Black Company to name a few)
  9. As usual the U.K cover is way cooler than the U.S. cover...
  10. @officiumdefunctorum I listened to a sample and think I will go that route! I know you have a reputation for devouring audiobooks so maybe you will eventually give it a chance. I think it was more of the small print being a barrier than anything else...I got vertigo just reading a couple of paragraphs! I may of gotten spoiled with large kindle print size... @Who Sharded?According to this list I read awhile back it is 5th longest!
  11. I feel a little ridiculous (since I have read all ten malazan books twice) but I am looking at Tad Williams Otherland series, which is only four books, and I feel intimidated! All the books are such massive tombs and I heard there is a lot going on and stuff to keep track of. If I want to go the free route, through the library, they only have the mass market paperback versions and you would need a magnifying glass to read the print. Its not on overdrive, but I might spring for the audiobooks as its currently cheaper than it usually is. Has anyone read or listened to these and have a preference for ebooks vs audio? Is this series even worth the effort?
  12. Maybe its just more noticeable in WoT because it happens almost every page lol. I don't remember that Mallet Hedge scene, but I'm sure there are lots of scenes I dont remember buried beneath the 25k thousand or so pages of Malazan
  13. Welcome @rkae610! Your profile picture looks landscape and type of house looks exactly like the type that are found throughout the area I just moved to....Owasso, Ok. You don't have to answer if it makes you uncomfortable, but I think it would be cool to have another sharder in the area. Anyways thanks for joining!
  14. Speaking of audiobooks I have a question about one. I have all of Esslemonts first six books except for Return of the Crimson Guard. In the review section a couple of people mentioned there is a flaw with one sequence in the audiobook being switched with another. Has that been fixed? Did you notice anything like that when you listened to it? Also on a WoT note, since I now know you are female, do you or know anyone that yanks their braids/hair when they are upset? I have never come across any females who do that and yet I think they all do in that series.
  15. I recently wrote a author (Adrian Selby) telling him how much I appreciated his book and he sent me a message in return. Perhaps I get star struck too easily, but I think its really cool when a author replies to you. He seems like a nice chap and recommend his book Snakewood if anyone is looking for something gritty, avant-garde, and a really cool magic system.