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  1. He mentioned the release on Reddit, and confirmed Allomancer Jak in one of the responses. It's listed on the site — it's the 4th bullet point in the link, I guess you missed it?
  2. Thank you, @WayneSpren! You are, unfortunately, a little too late for that advice. However, they were really good; are you sure you don't want some?
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Oops, I didn't see your post @Ecthelion III - Thanks for the explanation. Also, TWK was supposed to be TWG (which I'm assuming is the old forum? but I'm not too sure about that) and thanks to @cloudjumper for throwing me into the game section (and clarifying some other abbreviations)
  5. Thanks @cloudjumper! TWK, WoB, RAFO, and PAFO are a few that I find confusing
  6. Hey! I've been trying to sign up on the forum for a while, but the confirmation email never arrived. It never did turn up — I ended up using an old email and a different username. It worked, thankfully. I had a blast reading the terms of use. Though I recently discovered Brandon Sanderson's work (half a year ago), I hope that I can get to know the community better. Also, would anyone mind explaining the abbreviations?