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  1. Signing up as D. Senfalo, a very nice man who hates to kill (or die, for that matter) (Rejoice, for I have returned! It seems that I have been only mostly on hiatus for the past few months, and have been revived by miracle steel's miracle game, and the fact that I am free of the pits of college!) Since the invention of the Long Game, there have been many games that have been rated the most bloody, the most exhilarating, and of course, the most hilarious. Here's to one that could conceivably leave them all behind!
  2. ketek

    Death comes, darkness blanketing, the embrace. Rest. Embrace the blanketing darkness. Come, Death!
  3. ketek

    Inspired by a breakup. Stealing time, our lives entwining, our shattered souls telling lies, hoping... until hopeful, lie telling souls shattered our entwined lives, our time stealing. I'm sorry.
  4. ketek

    Here's one about the idea of keteks themselves, and how they are inspired by Vorin teachings and are holy. Though I suppose you could apply it to writing in general. Divine touches creating beauty, men inspiring to write to inspire men - beauty creating, touching divinity.
  5. Divine touches creating beauty, men inspiring to write to inspire men - beauty creating, touching divinity.
  6. Kieran Aurette sat by the doorway of an empty warehouse, waiting. Waiting. A figure slinked in, a cloak drawn tightly around its body, hood drawn, its face and body hidden from the world. Slowly, sighing, thinking it was safe, it took off the hood. No wonder. The girl’s face was now all over town, the news of Rhiannon Aurette’s death and the theft of her body still so fresh. Galen and Rhiannon Aurette. Both dead. The news of his uncle’s death had brought him from the county he had been residing in, and he had arrived just in time to hear about the death of his aunt. He waited until the creature had crept to the middle of the warehouse, until he had moved between it and the door, before speaking. “What’s wrong, no body to go out with?” The kandra started, whirling around in shock. “None fresh enough for your taste, perhaps? I would have thought you would’ve found a new face by now.” His aunt’s face stared at him in shock, before she smoothed her features and gave him a wry smile. “Ah Hell, I’d hoped to keep this face for a while, you know? So innocent and trustable.” “That face will no longer serve you, not with your ‘death’ and the posters I’ve placed all around the city.” Kieran stood, throwing the kandra a small sack which rattled. It regarded it wryly, using a foot to kick the bag open. Bones spilled out, small ones. The kandra looked back up at him. “A cat. You can’t be serious.” “You will leave my aunt’s bones, and take the form of the cat. I’m sure you’ll find a way to carry your atium anyway. If you do not, my guards have orders to barricade the door and burn this warehouse to the ground, letting nothing besides me leave in one piece.” Kieran allowed himself a small smile as the Kandra’s face grew uncertain. “It’s not acid, but I think fire will hurt.” It looked appropriately aghast. “Hey, I was only doing what I was paid to do!” “Which is why you have the option of leaving peacefully with your atium, and hoping never to cross paths with an Aurette again.” “In that? Can I at least have a day to find a new body that’s not an animal?” “Still wearing a dead woman’s face? A face that’s in posters on all the walls?” “Look man, you can’t make me do this. My brain’s too large to be stuffed into that tiny skull!” Kieran touched the hilt of his sword. “I’m sorry, shall I help you reduce the size of that brain?” “You’re crazy, aren’t you?” Kieran just smiled. The kandra looked at him resentfully, before it finally shrugged, melting off his aunt’s skeleton, flowing around the cat’s skeleton. A small grey tabby cat trotted out of the warehouse, its nose and tail defiantly held high. =o= I have no idea when I’m going to die, but with all this killing going on… It’s always best to be prepared, isn’t it? This is all wrong. I don’t want to be in charge. Tekiel already notices my facade cracking… Gah. Okay. The hopefully not last will and testament of Galen Aurette. If I pass before Tekiel, may the leadership of the First House pass to him. He’s capable, and even if I do not know if he is skaa, he has the strength to drive our House forward. Oh Lord Ruler let him not be a traitor. Everything that House Aurette possesses will pass to my sister Rhiannon Aurette. Riri… she has to be protected. I would give everything I have to protect her. If she passes… Avenge her. By the Lord Ruler, avenge her, and bury her besides me. If she passes, recall Kieran from the outer counties and give him the stupid leadership of House Aurette. He won’t like it, but he’ll have to find someone else to pass it off on. Faron, Darquez and Manu can have their pick of Aurette’s clothing line, I guess? I don’t know what to give them, but they deserve an honorable mention. Well. that’s it. Let’s hope I don’t die tonight. To whoever’s reading this, protect Riri. May the First stand Tall. Galen Aurette =o= Kieran watched as his Rhiannon’s bones were at last laid to rest beside Galen’s in the small Aurette burial ground. “Your wishes are fulfilled, Galen. Your sister is laid to rest, and the First now stands tall.” He sighed. “Be at peace. I will take care of the House.” He bowed to them, paying his last respects, before returning to the Aurette mansion. His new home. I thoroughly enjoyed this game, Drought, so thank you very much for running it! I haven't been this invested in this game for a while, and it was truly a pleasure to be engrossed in playing a game, fleshing out my character, bantering in doc and messaging different people. I had several very fun interactions with people, and I want to give a shoutout to @ShaneysRus for being a new player I very much enjoyed interacting with. To my Housemates, I was sorry that @Ookla The Red died so quickly, as we had a lot of fun in doc. To Arinian, good call on killing Rae I knew you could do it, and thanks for trusting me. Manukos, you got fooled by Rae, but you did your best @randuir, You did a pretty good job. I was suspicious of you, but I really wanted to trust you . @TheMightyLopen, good job killing Rand, someone I wanted to save til the end @Ookla the Rae, I got seriously protective over your character I never suspected you, which you certainly used to your advantage. You had us all fooled until the very end, and still I don't regret dying saving Riri... I had a lot of fun Rping with you, so thanks @BrightnessRadiant too bad nothing came of our plans (Also, I'm kind of amused at how we completely wiped out the Third House :P) Thank you everyone for a fantastic game, and once again, thank you very much, Droughtbringer.
  7. Bugs had it right Give Drought all the upvotes for running a game I truly enjoyed and was invested in, even though I died. Hey, nobles, make my death mean something, okay?
  8. Song: Deliver us, from Prince of Egypt Sung by: the Bridgemen Bridge up!! Run! Drop!! Push!!! Faster!!! Cross! And lift Run! And Drop! Push! And cross! Lift! (Die) Faster! With the weight of the bridge on my shoulder With my blood and my sweat on my brow Talanelat'Elin Will you bear our agonies? Take us now In this hour... Deliver us! Take us now - Deliver us! Almighty, Remember us, have you abandoned us? Deliver us! There’s a rest that is promised us!!! Deliver us – free us from…this…life!!!
  9. Galen nearly died three times in trying to reach the door alone. Lord Ruler take these RUSTING soldiers and feed them to the mistwraiths!! They didn't seem like Hazekillers. There were at least ten men stationed around the perimeter of the building, perhaps with more inside. The armor was different, all black, and they wielded an assortment of weapons from clubs to canes to bows and arrows. Most of them carried shields, and one or two even had shields of iron. Presumably they didn't get sent to fight mistings a lot. Not that that would help him. What had saved him was the fact that they had clearly not been expecting a noble fop to charge straight at them, doing his best imitation of what he thought a mistwraith would sound like. Something like "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIEIEEIEEEEEEEEEAAAAARGH". No time to feel embarrassed, though he fervently hoped Riri hadn't heard that. If they survived, she'd never let him live it down. The soldier he attacked had just enough time to raise his wooden shield before he swung his sword as hard as he could, the blade embedding itself deeply in to the wood and getting stuck. Galen swore. Fortunately, the soldier was still too stunned by the ferocity of his attack to take advantage of the pause, so Galen kicked him as hard as he could between the legs, causing the man to collapse, howling in pain and causing the other soldiers to flinch. Even Galen couldn't stop himself from wincing in sympathy. Thank you Riri, for bringing up this trick literally every time we talk about your suitors. The man down, he frantically tried to extricate his sword from the shield, just as the soldiers began to come to their senses and the nearest one started to charge him. He wielded a very nasty-looking club with nails in it. Ohhh to be a lurcher or a coinshot... It seemed no use, he couldn't pull out his rusting sword. I definitely should have paid more attention to my physical strength... The man was almost upon him, and taking a gamble, Galen swung his sword as hard as he could, and the shield swung along with it. Club collided with shield and the wooden shield shattered, freeing his sword, yet causing it have a very noticible bent. That was my only sword... He yelped as the club swished over his head, throwing himself to the ground. The soldier towered over Galen, raising his club high. Galen's sword cut deeply into the man's knee. The man gasped and fell. Briefly, he considered picking up the club, but decided that he probably wouldn't be able to lift it. He'd be sticking with the bent sword then. Oh Lord Ruler. Now two of them were charging him, carrying swords. He was so dead. They charged, and were between him and the door. Then he heard a very familiar scream. Glancing up, his heart stopped yet again. Riri. Riri, by the window, arms around her. She fell. Galen screamed. He didn't know what happened. He ran. He swung his sword. He ducked beneath a blade. He felt blood spray on his face. A line of fire was cut across his left arm. His sword cut through something and bounced off bone. He didn't know what happened, but he was beneath the window, his arms were spread, he was praying. Riri fell into his arms, making his left arm scream in agony, but he held on. He fell backwards, absorbing the force of her fall. His back seemed to come alight in pain as it hit the ground and skidded over it. He felt his consciousness slipping. But Riri was here. She was in his arms. Her chest was rising and falling. She was alive. And even as he saw the other soldiers beginning to approach from the edge of his vision, his vision blurred and faded to black. @Ookla the Rae @Anyone who wants to come to my defense @First House!!
  10. Galen ran through the crowd, pushing people aside in his haste to get to the burning House. The Third House was burning. Burning. Lord Ruler, the skaa was mad. "Riri?" he called, frantically pushing aside the hands that sought to grab him. "Let go of me. My sister - My sister could be in there!!" At the top of the burning building, he saw Selina watching the crowd in contempt. The fool. Was she actually burning down her House to escape the lynch? Was... was that even possible? Someone please tell him the focus of the Third House. What was she hoping to achieve? What was she doing? What could she do? Questions could wait. He had to find Rhiannon. She couldn't still be in the House, could she? Frantically, he scanned the gathered crowd, desperately hoping to catch a glimpse of his sister. He turned back to the building, seeing the guards posted around the building, ready to kill. Lord Ruler, if only he had a misting ability besides being a rusting gnat. He glanced back up at the madwoman staring down at them. Just what did she hope to accomplish? Would she not just die amongst the flames? Rust rust rust. The books had never told him how to handle these situations. The fire was climbing further up the building. Casting one last desperate glance at the crowd and failing to spot his sister, Galen wrapped his cloak tightly around himself, drew his sword, and charged into the building. @Ookla the Rae
  11. "My lord... Lord Tekiel is dead." Galen looked up, startled. Dead? "No..." he whispered. "I'm afraid he is dead, my Lord. The evidence seems to be that he was killed by Hazekillers." Galen frowned. "The Second House. Lopen... He will pay for this insult." "He already has, my Lord. He was murdered last the skaa." "By the skaa? Odd. Ever since the coinshot started killing, the skaa have been quiet." "There is...another thing." "What is it?" "Dorvan Tekiel... was not who we thought he was." Galen stared at his servant for a few moments, before laughing bitterly. "Yes. Of course. Lopen suggested this. I did not want to believe him. It seems as if the First House owes the Second a great debt after all. I presume he was the one who sent the skaa against Lopen?" "He was." Galen stared out the window. Dorvan Tekiel... How he hated to be proved right. He remembered hearing about how Dorvan had pardoned a skaa impregnated by a noble when the laws would have called for her death. He remembered the letters back and forth, and how Dorvan had passionately called for the destruction of the skaa, even when Galen had thought of offering them amnesty in return for their loyalty. The nights spent planning and discussing the skaa problem... May the First stand Tall. Towards the end, Dorvan had begun slipping, unable to maintain the formal prose of a noble. Lopen had begun sharing his suspicions, and he had agreed. He just hated to acknowledge that the person he had wanted to trust the most was a traitor. Hadn't the skaa in the Fourth House posed as a noble too? Was that their stratagem now? Curtly, he gave the command for Tekiel's corpse to be burned and the ashes scattered. Goodbye, old friend. The First shall stand Tall. Without you. "The Skaa have been found and killed in three of the Four Houses." His latest address began. "Tekiel of the First House. Asterion of the Second. Belmark of the Fourth." He sighed. "I tire of the House War. I tire of the politics. Let us kill the skaa in the Third House and be done with this threat." "Selina (Lemonelon)... Rhiannon (Rae)..." His voice caught. "One of you is skaa. And...I choose to vote for Selina (Lemonelon)
  12. My own take at "Law" by Nale There, out in the darkness Spren are returning Returning to men Those fallen from grace The Law be my witness I never shall yield Till we come face to face With my Blade in their chests They learn the way of the oaths Mine is the way of the Law Those who trust in the law of the righteous Shall have their reward And if they cause the Voidbringer’s return, The screams The flames! Laws In their perfection Strengthening my mind Filling the darkness With order and light You are my sentinels For you are truth Keeping me on my path Keeping guilt from my heart We know our place in the sky We hold our course and our aim And for the Radiants Serve their sentence And its always the same For they have fell, as the Radiants fell Now fall by Blaaaaaaaaaaade! And so it must be, for so it is written By the Herald of Heralds That those who might cause mankind’s fall Must pay the price! Oh, let me find them That I may see them Lawfully deaaaaaaaaad I will never rest Till then This I swear This I swear by the Law!!!!!!!!!!!1