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  1. If Shallan were to pick out Adolin's license plate... It would say this.
  2. So I reread Sixth of Dusk, Shadows for Silence, and The Emperor's Soul before I started in on Words of Radiance. ...I'm so glad I did. I believe it's during Shallan's first meeting with Mraize of the Ghostbloods. Obviously the man's a Worldhopper. That aside, who else noticed his collection of items from the other worlds? "Other curiosities baffled her. A vial of pale sand. A couple of thick hairpins. A lock of golden hair. The branch of a tree with writing on it she couldn't read. A silver knife. An odd flower preserved in some kind of solution. There were no plaques to explain these mementos. That chunk of pale pink crystal looked like it might be some kind of gemstone, but why was it so delicate? Bits of it had flaked off in its case, as if simply setting it down had almost crushed it." -WoR, pg 493 (hardback) Anyway, that's my take. Feel free to discuss your theories.
  3. I just read Warbreaker about a month or so ago, so it's still pretty fresh. ^^
  4. Revelations and Chronicles are both amazing! I already have Age of Myth pre-ordered. I have read (and am currently re-reading) WoK (But not WoR, will read after), WB, Elantris, TES, MB, MB era 2, The Reckoners, The Rithmatist, and several of the Cosmere novellas, (though not Secret History yet. Waiting for Arcanum Unbounded, which is also pre-ordered).
  5. Hello, I guess? Figured I might as well make an account so I can ask/answer questions... Username based off of my two favorite series.